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Curuan Zamboanga City Philippines

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Barangays of Zamboanga City, Philippines
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Image:Zamboanga seal-1-.gif

Mt. Palingpin Curuan/Quiniput

Picture taken by Frank Maletsky in April of 2007. Planting Rice in Curuan

Curuan Public Health Center

Catholic Church of Curuan

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Curuan, Zamboanga City, Philippines Curuan is the largest Barangay in Zamboanga City. It covers over 7,216 hectares or 72.16 square kilometers or 6 kilometers by 12 kilometers in dimension. It is also a school district seat. It manages over 19 other barangays. The elementary school of Curuan itself has an enrollment of about 1200 students.

As you drive down the highway and you come to the curuan border, you will see rice fields on both sides of the highway. Curuan is a farming community but steadily modernizing its commercial center.

Curuan has a large fishpond industry. Most of the fishponds are located by the estuary where most of the mangroves used to be. Curuan must learn to take care of its mangroves or it will lose a major part of its natural resources(2005). People continually cut the mangrove trees to sell them as fence posts. This practice must stop.

The curuan river provides irrigation to hundreds of hectares of ricefields to both curuan and quiniput areas.



Location of Curuan, Zamboanga City

Located on the east coast of Zamboanga City. Distance from CITY PROPER is about 50 Kilometers. Borders the barangay of Quiniput to the south and Buenavista to the north.


History of Curuan, Zamboanga City

Long before the Spaniards came to Zamboanga City, Curuan was already a well-established settlement. The inhabitants were the Samals along the river banks towards the interior, while the Yakans lived along the coast beside the mouth of the Curuan River. Majority of the early settlers were Mohammedans. Fishing was the main source of living.

It is said that these early inhabitants were very religious and often pass away their time reading the Koran. When the Spaniards arrived at this place, the first man they saw was reading the Koran. When asked what the name of the place was, the man thought he was being asked the name of the book he was reading; therefore he answered “KORAN”. The Spaniards thought this to be the name of the place and so the place was henceforth was named “Curuan”, coming from the Muslim Bible “Koran”.


People of Curuan, Zamboanga City

2007 Census:
Total population: 5,920
Number of Household: 1,289


Local Government Unit LGU of Curuan, Zamboanga City

Elected Officers for the term of 2007 - 2010

Curuan has its own Police force extension. In addition to the Police force, there is also an army detachment in a place called "Sampaloc" for the security of the barangay.


Curuan Health Center

Curuan has its own public health center. The nursing students from the universities and colleges of Zamboanga City during their 3rd and 4th year of college with the supervision of a registered nurse, usually volunteer their time to the neighboring barangays with their own public health center. People can have their blood pressure checked, and pregnant women also get free pre-natal services.


Businesses in Curuan, Zamboanga City

There are businesses in Curuan. Most of the shopping needs of the community are met right in Curuan. Except for specialty items, most of the stuff that you need are all available in Curuan. Cururan has textile stores, hardware stores, department stores, supermarket, open market, copra and seaweed dealerships, rice mills and corn mills, fish ponds, piggery, poultry, and several types of small farms.


Religions in Curuan, Zamboanga City

There are several religions in Curuan. The dominant one is Christianity. Patron Saint of the Catholic Church is Saint Stanislaus Kostka.


Schools in Curuan, Zamboanga City


Curuan Elementary School

The curuan Elementary school still has a lot room for the children to be involved in sports or simply run around and enjoy life being children. Most of the Elementary schools in Zamboaga City due to lack of planning and forsight gave up the greenery for more buildings. Curuan has the option now to expand their school land area because some of the neighbors are still willing to negotiate.


Curuan High School

The Curuan National High School has about 1000 students. The curuan high school has a great potential. However, the development of the school needs the suport from the Alumni of the Curuan High School. Curuan high school has produced many succesful businessmen and women and other successful professionals. The Curuan High School Alumni/Alumnae Association must find the ways and means to be able to utilize this resource to better improve the High School. Can't wait for the government to do the improvements. The graduates must show the way.


Curuan Auditorium

The project to build this auditorium started in 2004. The pictures below were taken in June of 2007. That's how they left the auditorium building in 2004.


Economy of Curuan, Zamboanga City

The economy of Curuan is growing very fast. The copra dealership business is booming and so is the agar-agar (Seaweeds). Improvements were made to the local public supermarket. Palay is still king in Curuan.


Natural Resources of Curuan, Zamboanga City

There is gold and silver in Curuan. People pan for gold in the hills of Curuan.

In Zamboanga City, Curuan is only a barangay, but if you compare the GDP of Curuan with some of the municipalities of Sibugay or Zamboanga del Sur, Curuan is ahead of them by a mile.

The river of Curuan has been dammed at the location called "Presa". The dam is about 50 feet wide and the river runs over it. The dam was basically built to divert water for irrigation. Next to the Dam is a new steel bridge that's about 30 feet wide.

The diverted water from the dam irrigates most of the ricefields in Curuan and Quiniput. This same river runs through the "poblacion" of barangay Curuan. The "poblacion" is like the municipality proper where most of the Curuan commerce is transacted. This river running through Curuan-Main is a great resource for tourism in Curuan for the future. However, lack of planning is devasting this beautiful river. The buildings and houses near the banks of the Curuan River dump their garbage and sewer into the river. There is no law in Curuan against the abuse of this beautiful natural resource.

It will be a sad day in Curuan when the future generation will see the Curuan river just like the current Sucabon River in downtown Zamboanga City. The Sucabon River is the Sewer River of Zamboanga City.


Curuan Water District

Office Location: The Curuan Parish Water System operates it's ofice within the ZamboSpring Water Purifier Building.

The name of the water servicing the barangay is Curuan Parish Water System. The water source comes sitio Campo Dos. There is a huge reservoir in Ranch Narra.

THE CURUAN PARISH WATER SYSTEM...The first time I heard this name, I said to myself, why not "The Curuan Barangay Water System"?. After all it is managed by Curuan Barangay Officials. But after a few explanations and fact finding, I agreed with present name.

I was informed that there was once a Water System by the name of CURWASA. Financed by some government agency, manage by Curuan Barangay Officials and some important local people but it did not last long it went bankrupt for some complicated and mysterious reasons. This was the time when the Parish Priest of Curuan, Fr.Cris Manongas was encouraged to build another Water System entirely independent from the "Curwasa".

Fr. Cris Manongas, who is a Monsignor now, wrote a letter to a non-profit organization called MANOS UNIDAS-SPAIN to seek for financial help. With the help of God the funds was alloted to build this Curuan Parish Water System. At first not all Curuanos were excited and optimistic this will succeed especially with the amount of just more or less of 16 million pesos to build. Yet with the strong leadrship and faith of Msgr. Cris Manongas and the loyalty of Architech Hativen Red Silven and the few Curuanos who influence the rest of the populace they started to build in 1996.

In two years time there was running water in every house of Curuan. What a WATER SYSTEM. The water is coming out from the mountain spring, constant water pressure 24/7, no rationing. It even provide free water for the whole Quiniput Barangay Water System. It extended its services to most part of Buenavista Barangay too. Three Barangay for 16million pesos. UNBELIEVABLE!, but AMAZINGLY TRUE. This is the best thing that ever happened to Curuan Barangay, a pure blessing from above as the Curuanos contaminated and destroyed their River, their main supply of fresh water.

The water source of Curuan Parish Water System comes from Campo Dos, Masaba, Quiniput. It is more or less 325 meters above sea level. The force of Gravity is the only force that distribute the water all over the three Barangays. A very simple but very brilliant idea that Quiniput, Curuan, and Buenavista Barangays has SPRING WATER in their home.

But this great water system is getting old,12 years old to be exact. Most of the tubings are wearing out and pretty soon they will start to break down and eventually the end will come...unless...the people of Curuan, Quiniput and Buenavista will have to come together to support the management of Msgr.Cris Manongas, assist and cooperate with him in any ways they could in the MAINTENANCE of this great water system. Appreciate and be proud, take good care of this water system as they take care of their own life because this is their life.


Tourists Attractions of Curuan, Zamboanga City

Write Story here


Fiestas and Traditions of Curuan, Zamboanga City

Barangay Fiesta: November 13
Patron Saint of the Catholic Church is Saint Stanislaus Kostka


Your Story about Curuan, Zamboanga City

Submitted_by: Rizza Rebollos
email: rizzatrace@yahoo.com

Curuan may be far from the city but not that far to deprive contituents of this barangay to be aware of what is happening in the city... It comprises of people from different races - pure zamboangueño, bisaya, muslims but they are united. There is no racial descrimination in fact there is nothing to descriminate to, for everyone is equal no one is above the other or below the rest...

Curuan is a barangay which starts to boom. It is rich in gold that some people earn their living form gold mining. Ricefields are not just good sites but they are as well productive that they can feed million sof people all over the world.

The agricultural status of Curuan is good, good land for planting, to raise a farm... We have enough water supply...

From what I have heard, it has already celsite there..both globe and smart... The time i left zamboanga it has only smart telecom there./.. good to hear there is globe already... (it is favorable in my part too, coz the network in the country where I am in does not permit to send sms thru smart only globe telecom)

Anyway!! I miss Curuan..... Keep up the good spirit curuanians>>>>>>>

Submitted_by: Canty Muñoz
email: cantimuoz@yahoo.com

Patron Saint of the Catholic Church is Saint Stanislaus Kostka. Parish priest is Fr William Quiamjot. Two schools in the barangay are Curuan Central School and Curuan National High School. The name of the water servicing the barangay is Curuan Parish Water System. The water source comes sitio Campo Dos. There is a huge reservoir in Ranch Narra. In addition to the Police force, there is also an army detachment in a place called Sampaloc for the security of the barangay.

amado dagalea ledesma jr
Friday, 5. October 2007

My name is Nony ledesma,second batch of Curuan Barrangay HS(1969-70) married to Norwesa Marsonia Paragas of Presa,Curuan. We have 3 daugthers, Amplenor, Aleanor, Analea.

Amplyn still lives in curuan, married with one son. Badiding is a nurse here in St.Joseph Hospital in Stockton, California. An-an is a student nurse here in Delta College in Stockton. Norwie is our house commander. I am semi-retired and dreaming to go home to Curuan, well until Badiding & An-an settles down.No place like home.

I am so happy to see a site that deals specifically about Curuan. How I hope we can do something to Curuan for which I believe is not growing as it should be.I left Curuan in 1983 and came back 2001.It was not the Curuan I envisioned in my mind after 18 years out. Curuan should be better than what it is today.

With all the energetic, resourcefull, intelligent people of Curuan, I do not see why not. But then maybe it should come from people who left Curuan to do the job to make Curuan a better place. Like YOU. With your SITE, you can start leading people of Curuan descend to group together and brainstorm to do something for Curuan, I will be one of your followers...WILL YOU DO IT? please...

Miguel Delos Reyes Enriquez Jr
Wednesday, 23. May 2007

This place remains a wonderful memmories in my life. I spent the great time during my childhood with my Aunt's and Uncle, cousins and friends specially in Presa Curuan. My mother grew up here. I'm from the clan of Delos Reyes Family. Our Lolo Porfirio & Hacoba Delos Reyes. Eroll Delos Reyes is one of my cousins. I really miss the place of Curuan. I hope someday I could meet you all my cousins again like the old times. I miss you all.


Families of Curuan, Zamboanga City

List of Families whose names are deeply rooted in Curuan.
Amado, Angeles, Bucoy, Carroz, Dagalea, De los Reyes, Garcia, Gallardo, Guevarra, Heresilles, Ledesma, Manalo, Muñoz, Paragas, Perez, Quintos, Rarugal, Rebollos, Tabamo, Tabar

  • Curuan, Zamboanga City