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Lanzones, Zamboanga City, Philippines

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Lanzones, Zamboanga City, Philippines
Barangay Lanzones was founded in the year 1910. Accordingly, the Subanen tribe was the first people who inhabited this place. This group of people does not have a permanent address. The people around call themselves “Casador”, meaning “hunters”.

 info: from LGU Lanzones



Location of Lanzones, Zamboanga City

  • Distance from CITY PROPER: 16.40 Km.
  • Location: East Coast

History of Lanzones, Zamboanga City

There were three young friends by the name of Rolando, Lorenzo and Ines. One day, the three decided to go for a hunt and as they went on their journey, one requested for a rest. Soon they saw a big and tall tree. The story went on when Rolando hand off his knife and engraved his nick name LAN on the bark of the said tree and so with the two other friends flowed after him, ZO and NES. Time has passed and the group left the place.

Later on, another group came to this place for a hunt. As they walked on, it so happened the group also made their rest on the same tree. With much curiosity, one of the group suggested that a name shall be born so that the place will be identified and remembered. Engraved on the said tree, they connected it, the words came out to be LANZONES.

 article from: LGU Lanzones

People of Lanzones, Zamboanga City

  • (2007 Census)
    • Total Population: 3,343
    • Number of Household: 477

Local Government Unit LGU of Lanzones, Zamboanga City

Elected Officers for the term of 2007 - 2010

Businesses in Lanzones, Zamboanga City

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Religions in Lanzones, Zamboanga City

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Schools in Lanzones, Zamboanga City

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Economy of Lanzones, Zamboanga City

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Natural Resources of Lanzones, Zamboanga City

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Tourists Attractions of Lanzones, Zamboanga City

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Fiestas and Traditions of Lanzones, Zamboanga City

Barangay Fiesta: May 24


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Families of Lanzones, Zamboanga City

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Photo Gallery of Lanzones

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  • Lanzones, Zamboanga City