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Putik Zamboanga City Philippines

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Image:Zamboanga seal-1-.gif
Yubenco Star Mall - Putik Zamboanga City

Putik, Zamboanga City, Philippines
Putik is about 279 hectares in land area. It is a very fast growing.

  • The headquarters of the Zamboanga City Electric Coop (ZAMCELCO) is located in Putik.
  • One of the biggest cock-pits is located close to the border of Guiwan in Putik.
  • Putik borders 4 other barangays; Guiwan, Divisoria, Lunzuran, & Tumaga.
  • Putik also has a private High School: SANTO NIŅO VILLAGE HS,

Location of Putik, Zamboanga City

Distance from CITY PROPER: 4.65 Km. Location: East Coast


History of Putik, Zamboanga City

The lowlands of Putik is mostly marshland during the rainy season. The folks from Luzon used to refer to the area as the "muddy place" or Putik which means mud in tagalog. The nickname "putik" stuck.


People of Putik, Zamboanga City

(2007 Census)

  • Total Population: 17,350
  • Number of Household: 2,542

Local Government Unit LGU of Putik, Zamboanga City

Elected Officers for the term of 2007 - 2010

Businesses in Putik, Zamboanga City

  • Yubenco Mall is located in Putik.
  • Saftety Enterprises moved to Putik

Religions in Putik, Zamboanga City

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Schools in Putik, Zamboanga City

  • Private High School: SANTO NIŅO VILLAGE HS,

Economy of Putik, Zamboanga City

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Natural Resources of Putik, Zamboanga City

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Tourists Attractions of Putik, Zamboanga City

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Fiestas and Traditions of Putik, Zamboanga City

Every 11th of June in honor the Patrion Saint: San Antonio de Padua


Your Story about Putik, Zamboanga City

Submitted_by: Edjam
email: Pointset_22081@yahoo.com
Putik is one of the developing barangays in Zamboanga City. Situated 8 km east of the city proper. The name "putik" is ironic to the bustling economic situation of the barangay. It has, one of the most number of subdivisions and a number (of) public and private offices in that place. A residential, commercial and agricultural area. so to speak.

Submitted_by: Doods
email: Matchpoint202000@yahoo.com
Putik is also considered as a pilot school for English by DECS. and it is a recipient of different awards in Education.


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