Just Listed - San Roque (SouthCom Village),  Zamboanga City, Philippines
Charming 2 storey 3 bedroom home in a quiet neighborhood and less than 300 meters to the elementary school. Pastries, pharmaceutical products, and stuff for the kitchen all within 500 meters of this lovely home.
  • House is selling for 2,200,000.00 philippine-pesos. Seller is motivated. Present your offer.
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The side of the house has approximately 25 feet by 40 feet of space. Lots of room for parking or to work on your car, or simply to relax for BBQ.  
The front door of the house is about 14 feet from the security wall of the house. There is a 14 ft steel security gate. With a standard 36" side access door.  
From the left side outside of the house you can see the 2 gables which represent the windows of the two bedrooms on the second floor.  
View from the right side outside of the house.  

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