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Selling Houses or Commercial Properties in Valencia City, Philippines
  • We can list your house or commercial property in Valencia City, Philippines for free. Your real estate properties or businesses for sale can be listed in our realty page for FREE!

  • We will help create the web pages for your listings, with photos and details of the property for sale!

  • We will also do properties for rent or lease anywhere in the Philippines.

  • If you are a listing agent and you have properties for sale in Valencia City but no way to advertise; then why not list with

    • as an advertiser gets 10% of the 5% commission.
    • Listing agent gets 40% of the 5% commission.
    • Selling agent gets 50% of the 5% commission.
    • If you are the listing agent and also the selling agent, of course, you get 90% of the 5% commission.
    • We are not greedy we only get 10% of the 5% commission fee. That's all!

Buying Houses or Commercial Properties in Valencia City, Philippines

  • As your realty agent, We can provide you with information on all the listings in the Cities of the Philippines that are within your buying parameters. We can also show you or walk you through the available listings of houses or properties in Valencia City. When you deal with you do not get cheated because we do not overprice. We have a flat 5% commission.

Renting or Leasing Houses or Commercial Properties in Valencia City, Philippines

  • Whether you are a property owner  or renter, we can help you. If you are a renter, we can help you because we have various contacts with owners of homes, apartments and commercial buildings in Valencia City. We can make your search for a new dwelling quite simple. As the owner of the property for rent in Valencia City you will get full exposure and we will bring renters to your door.

Relocating to Valencia City, Philippines

  • We can help you get relocated to the Philippines. We know the area, the government and the people. Our job is to get you situated in this beautiful island paradise in Asia.

 Real Estate Property for Sale or Rent in Valencia City
Investing in Real Estate is still the best form of investment hands down no matter where you live or how old you are. Of course it makes it easier if you have the money to actually invest or put as a down payment on the property you want to buy. However, not everybody has a nest egg just waiting to be hatched into real property investments. Most of us are just hard working stiffs who are trying hard to make a living. So, "How can I invest in real estate?" you ask. You can and with the determination you will!
First and foremost become knowledgeable. Start asking questions about what other people know about real estate. Find out about real estate from the people you think or from the people who think that they made money in real estate. Read books, read the paper or any article you find about real estate. This way you will get to know a little bit about truths and lies.
Learn from the mistakes of others so you may not have to repeat them. Avoid trying to correct mistakes of others. That's what strange about human beings, we love to repeat mistakes made by others. We think it's a challenge that we could possibly correct those mistakes. Remember, you are not trying to correct mistakes. You are trying to make money doing real estate.
Do some research. Look for the "hot" areas to invest in. Remember in real estate it's "LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION". It's tricky though, because a bad location for one investor may be a goldmine for another. The idea is to always find the good location. Even within the poor sector of a community, there is always a good location. It may be a bad location for the rich guy but for the person who lives in a poor community it may be the best! There is always a better place within the community, a place where others look up to. Even in a small room where brothers or sisters share the room, there is always the good spot. Are you beginning to get the picture?
It is good to let your money do most of the work for you. However, that would only work if you have lots of it in the first place. Most of you only have a little bit of money, with a little bit of savvy, plenty of elbow grease, and astronomical amount of desire, determination, and focus; but don't worry, that's all you need to get started!
No matter what, do not forget to focus. You got to have the focus. Because focus will determine your reality. If you want to make money, you need focus. If you want to be successful, you need focus.
You can't do real estate alone. Real estate transactions involve different people from different walks of life. Real estate involves the government! You are not alone in this business. So you need friends, associates, life lines, and lots of free stuff and advice. You need to network. Get to know people. Surround yourself with those who are successful. Later on when you yourself become successful, the beginners will surround themselves with you.
by: Franklin Harry Maletsky

Published December 31, 2009
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