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Cagayan de Oro - Archived News

Cagayan de oro city river.jpg
Aerial View of Cagayan de Oro City
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San Agustin Cathedral: A testament of the Kagay-anon character

By Riain Alfonso

THE San Augustine Metropolitan Cathedral is one of Cagayan de Oro’s foremost recognizable buildings. From the scattered and few sources of history, we know that the first church built in the vicinity of Cagayan de Oro was located in Himologan or Huluga, a part of Tagwanao, situated by the bank of the Cagayan River. It was built as a result of the toils of Fray Agustin de San Pedro, an Augustinian Recollect, in 1624.

No one can say for sure but it is assumed that it is also Fray Pedro who counseled Datu Salangsang, the local tribe chieftain, to move out of the ancient site and transfer to where the Cathedral is now located. The transfer was due to the fact that it was easier to defend the new spot in the event of an enemy attack. There is no record as to what materials were used for the original church that was built there but it is believed that it was made of wood, bamboo, and cogon grass.


This church was destroyed by an attack from the Sultan of Maguindanao, Cachil Qudrat or Sultan Kudarat, whose soldiers razed the church to the ground. Frey Agustin, now called Padre Capitan by the village folk, rebuilt the church and convent immediately after and, during a second attack, he and the rest of the tribesmen successfully defended this new church.

Since then, the church has been scorched down a total of four times. It was destroyed a second time in 1649 after a Manobo tribe, under the headship of Dabao, revolted against Spain.

A new church was constructed made of nipa and wood which stood one hundred and twenty-nine years. It was torched a third time in 1778. The reconstruction began a year later and a new church was inaugurated 1780. By that time, perhaps as recompense for everything that Fray Agustin has done for the settlement, the town folks have started to call the church ‘The Church of San Agustin’ and have chosen Saint Augustine of Hippo as their patron saint. This fourth church was again built using combustible material and, fire being its vilest enemy, this building was also struck down to ashes in 1831.

It was not until 1841, 10 years later, that planning for a new church began. This church was to be made of molave wood, marine stones from China, burnt shell powder mixed with resin juice as cement, and galvanized iron or zinc for the roof. This fifth version of the church was grander than its four predecessors. Its interior and ceiling were painted and it even had a pipe organ and four framed paintings of the Four Evangelists, all imported from Manila.

Described as being beautiful and lofty, the construction of the church took around eight years to finish, from 1843 to 1851 when Cagayan was named capital of the Province of Misamis. This served as the house of worship for the Catholics of Cagayan until 1942 when it was bombed and destroyed, antique pipe organ and all, by the Americans during World War II.


In July of 1946 saw the rebuilding, once again, of the church, this time through the efforts of Monsignor James T.G. Hayes, S.J., D.D., the first bishop of Cagayan. This renewed version is wider than its immediate predecessor and now included stained glass windows brought all the way from New York.

The bells that were hung in the belfry in 1950, however, were not entirely new. These bells were fashioned from the original ancient bells that were shattered during the war: San Agustin, made in 1807; Santa Ana, 1813; and, El Salvador, 1857. The three shattered bells were brought to Cebu and, under strict supervision, were melted and created anew.

Over the years, there have been various improvements, renovations, and additions done to the original building that was finished in 1951, culminating into the version seen right now by Kagay-anons.

Despite its long history of devastation, misfortune, and heartbreak, the Cathedral has, time after time, been rebuilt and restored to what it now is. This is a revealing proof of the Kagay-anons’ strength of character, aptitude for picking up the pieces, and capacity to rise up from the ashes.

Fluvial procession

The Cathedral sits on the promontory near the Carmen Bridge, always vigilant over its flock of religious and watchful over the Cagayan de Oro river which, just like the church, has been an iconic symbol of the city.

As part of Higalaay Festival 2015, the Higalaay fluvial procession this year will start from Macajalar Bay then to move up to the point along Duaw Kagayan Park.

The fluvial is a community effort led by the Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro to continually promote the protection of the river that has, from time immemorial, been a source of food and wealth of the people living in the area.

“If ang river maayo, maka-enrich siya sa tao. If mag flood, makadaot pod sa tao,” said Msgr. Perseus Cabunoc, “So, isuroy jud ang Patron para mu-petition ta na i-bless ang river and para pud dili na mag cause ug destruction but rather help the people.”

(Dates, names, and facts were taken from the archives of St. Augustine Metropolitan Cathedral curtesy of Monsignor Perseus Cabunoc)

TIEZA invests Php 40 M for upgrades of tourism infra in Mindanao


CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, Aug. 29 (PNA) - The national government has allocated about Php 40 million for the upgrading of various tourism infrastructures in Mindanao, an official said Saturday.

Mark Lapid, chief operating officer of the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA), made the disclosure during a stopover here on a three-day visit of the various tourist spots in Northern Mindanao last Thursday.

Lapid said that the TIEZA is supervising the ongoing facelift of the “Lasang (Forest) Park” in Initao, a coastal town west of Misamis Oriental and the tourism information centers in the Laguindingan Airport, also in Misamis Oriental.

He said that another tourism information center is also being constructed in the Maria Cristina Falls, another tourist spot in the adjacent City of Iligan in Lanao Del Norte.

According to Lapid, TIEZA has just completed two White-water rafting stations in Cagayan de Oro City while another huge project was on the drawing board for the creation of an eco-tourism park in Ozamiz City and the facelift of the historic “Cotta Park” there.

Lapid said that he was inspecting all the tourism projects of the TIEZA around the country in preparation for his exit as head of the agency after deciding to run for the Senate in 2016 next year.

Elsewhere in Mindanao, Tieza is closely monitoring the facelift of the Lake Sebu cultural village, the conversion of an old terminal in Davao City into a museum and some projects in Siargao Island, Lapid said.

He said that he wanted to make sure that all the TIEZA projects would be in place before leaving the agency and expressed the optimism that his successor would continue the projects.

IP entrepreneurs join Northern Mindanao trade fair

  • Source:
  • Friday, August 28, 2015 6:31:00 pm
By Irene Joy B. Dayo

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY -- Entrepreneurs from indigenous people (IP) communities in the Northern Mindanao region have joined for the first time the Kahimunan Regional Trade Fair, an event now on its seventh year that is named after an IP word meaning “gathering”.

Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) Regional Director Linda O. Boniao said the Kahimunan is intended to provide IPs, who are mostly based in remote areas, a venue to sell their unique goods.

“This is a way of bringing their products from their places to the market,” Ms. Boniao said in an interview.

The participating IP groups include the Manobo and Higaonon of Misamis Oriental and Lanao del Norte, and others from Bukidnon.

The nine-day Kahimunan Regional Trade Fair, set to run until Aug. 30, is conducted as part of the city’s annual Higalaay Cagayan de Oro Fiesta.

Ms. Boniao said last year’s Kahimunan brought in about P1 million in sales for the participating micro, small and medium-scale enterprises (MSMEs).

She said the DTI is expecting higher sales this year for its 56 participating exhibitors.

“We monitor the sales not for anything else but to see that they have sales, and when they go back to their provinces, they would be grateful about participating in the Kahimunan,” she said.

The MSMEs are asked at the beginning of the fair to set a sales goal and those who miss the target are given assistance by the DTI on product assessment and development.

Ms. Boniao said the weaknesses could be lack of promotional tools, poor labeling or packaging.

The products are categorized into processed food, crafts and fashion accessories, sugar, coffee and other beverages, nuts and cashew, spices and condiments, health and organic products, furniture and furnishings, and home style and living.

The Kahimuan Trade Fair was also previously brought by the DTI Region 10 office to national events in the capital Metro Manila as part of the “One-Town-One-Product” program.

University team shares experiences in ecological conservation in Indonesia

By Stephen J Pedroso(XU/PIA)

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, August 27 -- Aside from being tropical and archipelagic countries, both the Philippines and Indonesia possess diverse ecological resources that need multisectoral and sustainable management.

It is with this pursuit that the Valuing Ecosystem Services Together (VEST) team of Xavier University embarked on a knowledge-sharing trip with the Indonesian Conservation Community - WARSI earlier this month to share its challenges and milestones in sustaining green growth through an emerging market-based conservation mechanism and the use of a social marketing campaign.

Both in Indonesia and the Philippines, ecosystem services play an increasingly significant role in national discourse, as witnessed by the growing number of collaborative programs involving various stakeholders from the government, civil society organizations, and national and international research and development agencies.

Sharing of conservation efforts

“Due to climate change, there is all the more need to conserve and sustain our ecosystem services that help develop livelihoods, medicine and protection for the community against disasters,” said Emmy Primadona, project coordinator of WARSI’s Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+).

“Besides sharing our experiences, this learning visit enabled us to learn from the social marketing experience of VEST in environmental protection in the Philippines and how to address the challenges, especially in encouraging different sectors to pay for ecosystem services,” she said.

Established in 1991, WARSI is one of the local NGOs carrying out pilot “Payment for Ecosystem Services” (PES) schemes as early as 2004, focusing on “rewarding” rubber tappers for the ecosystem services provided by the agroforests in the Bungo district of the Batang Hari river catchment in Jambi, Indonesia.

On the other hand, the PES project in Northern Mindanao, built on research and community collaborations, has introduced to Region 10 a “rewarding mechanism” where there exists “the seller” who protects and provides ecosystem services to “the buyer” who benefits from these intangible products.

“The project implementers encouraged different sectors to ‘inVEST’ in a ridge-to-reef approach to forest restoration and at the same time fulfill the community development plan (CDP) of our partner indigenous group,” said Evans Yonson, social marketing supervisor of VEST.

Officially launched in November 2014, VEST is the offshoot campaign of PES aimed at promoting the importance of working together for a paradigm shift to the “new normal” and encouraging different sectors to invest in the cause of the project.

Since its inaugural year, VEST has built a network of student volunteers, conducted school orientations, produced two music albums on conservation, organized speaking engagements and film festivals about the PES project, and collaborated with different organizations for local and global environmental celebrations.

The VEST team considers the positive reception of the project as a “good start,” an indicator that different groups in Region 10 are becoming “environment-friendly and willing to dole out money for Mother Nature.”

“We have seen from the presentation that VEST as a social marketing campaign for Payment for Ecosystem Services in the Philippines has been effective especially in engaging the business sector and the youth. We are very impressed with the creative ways carried out by VEST,” Primadona commended.

‘Happy’ fiesta for Oro gov’t workers

By Pamela Jay F. Orias

IT WILL be a “gleeful” fiesta for Cagayan de Oro City Government employees after the City Council on Tuesday approved the P48,839,981 funds allocated for the Productivity Enhancement Incentive (PEI).

The 2,307 regular employees and 426 casual employees of the City Hall will receive an equivalent of their one month salary before the city fiesta on Friday, August 28.

However, the City Government will not include job order employees and consultants with the allocated bonus.

Vice Mayor Ian Acenas said they will find a way to give small amount to these employees.

“Kita manghinaut ug maningkamot na para pud lugar unta mahatagan ug gagmay na pahalipay ang atong mga job order na empleyado ug consultants sa umaabot na fiesta,” Acenas told Sun.Star Cagayan de Oro.

Meanwhile, City Treasurer Glenn C. Bañez said the budget for the PEI is ready. “Ang dami nating pera, walang problema,” Bañez said.

He added that they will make sure that the bonus will be released before the St. Augustine feast.

“Siyempre before fiesta talaga, ito ang regalo ni city Mayor Oscar Moreno para sa mga empleyado natin,” Bañez said.

The city council called for a special session on August 25 with the approval of PEI as the lone agenda.

DPWH bares PHP1.7-B infra projects in CDO


CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, Aug. 25 (PNA) –- The national government is set to build PHP1.7 billion worth of projects in the city in the next three years.

The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) on Tuesday said these projects include the construction of four bridges and four interchanges.

Leowald Pacore, an engineer at the regional office of the DPWH said that the ongoing project at the Bitan-ag Creek project has an allocation of PHP75 million.

Under the said project, the existing clogged up box culvert at the creek will be removed and replaced by a 14-meter long bridge with an elevation of 1.85 meters. This will pave the way for the efficient flow of water in the said creek.

In addition, another 12-meter long bridge at the Sapang Creek located along the national highway would be elevated by one meter in order to replace the old box culvert.

Pacore said other infrastructure projects in the city include the 10-kilometer, 30-meter wide roadway of the JR Borja Extension in the city’s east district.

The said road project has an initial cost of PHP70 million which will start from the junction of Galaxy and would pass through the front of Nestle Philippines toward the Sayre Highway going to Bukidnon.

Food Innovation Center to raise safety, quality standard - DTI

By Loraine C. Brillantes (DTI-MOR/PIA10)

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, August 24 -- The newly launched Northern Mindanao Food Innovation Center (NMFIC) at the Mindanao University of Science and Technology (MUST), Cagayan de Oro City on 21 August 2015 is hoped to raise standards in safety and quality of local food processors and be more competitive internationally.

According to DTI Misamis Oriental Provincial Director Ma. Eliza A. Pabillore, with NMFIC, DTI hopes that local food processors will raise their bar of standards in safety and quality; and that they will be more competitive than the rest of the world.

Local food processors can now avail of NMFIC, which was launched during the Science Nation Tour of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST).

This is a center for food research and development and packaging and labelling equipped with technologically competitive food processing and packaging facilities; with a pool of professional and technical experts, is open to all micro, small and medium enterprises who wants to improve their products or wants to execute a product idea.

They also accept label design, short run processing and toll-packing.

The following equipment can now be used for a minimal fee: Convection Drying Cabinet/Machine, Cabinet Steamer, Cold Extrusion Machine, Continuous Band Sealing Machine, Desktop Cup Sealing Machine, Flour Milling Machine, Foot Operated Impulse Sealer, Stainless Steel Grain Grinding Machine, Induction Sealing Machine, Octagonal Mixing Machine, Shrink Packaging Machine, Spray Dryer, Vacuum Fryer, Vacuum Packaging Machine and Vertical Granular Form Fill Packing Machine.

NMFIC is a collaboration of different agencies composed of MUST, DTI, DOST, Office of 2nd Congressional District of Cagayan de Oro and the Food Processors Association of Northern Mindanao. It is located at 2F NMFIC Building, Mindanao University of Science and Technology, National Highway, Lapasan, Cagayan de Oro City.

Tournament marks rise of rugby popularity in Northern Mindanao

By Erwin Mascariñas (MindaNews)

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY (MindaNews / 23 Aug) — Organizers of the upcoming rugby tournament here dubbed “Higalaay Challenge Cup” is confident that this year’s event will mark the rise of this sport not only in this city but also throughout Northern Mindanao.

“The sport of rugby has grown so much here in Cagayan de Oro in just a very short time since we started back in November 2013. In just two years we have popularized rugby in this part of the Philippines and we hope that this year’s Higalaay Challenge Cup will give rise to bigger competitions and hopefully a league of its own by next year,” said Noel Villa, team founder and playing coach of Cagayan de Oro Rafters Football Rugby Club. Villa, who played rugby in the United Kingdom before settling down in Cagayan de Oro revealed that an expat team from Manila will play against the Rafters in the tournament.

“The Manila Hapons, an all-Japanese team based in Manila will be coming here to play against us. This team has two players that qualified for the national team and they have been playing not only here in the Philippines but in other parts of Asia as well, so we expect a better game against them,” he said.

Villa added that 30 players from Cagayan de Oro City will be playing and hopefully be divided into two separate teams.

“We have several players and we even have two expats from Papua New Guinea who are studying here in Cagayan de Oro and the other in Malaybalay, Bukidnon. Another is a British expat from Singapore who is working here in Misamis Oriental and an Australian. A Filipino-American and a Filipino-Australian will also be playing with us during the games, all of these guys have played rugby in their own countries,” he said.

Murrey Wagi, a 23-year-old rugby player from Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea who is currently studying in Cagayan de Oro said he used to study in Ozamiz City but moved to a university here when he heard about the rugby tem.

“I joined the Rafters just this May and I can see that the sport has so much potential to grow in this part of the Philippines. Right now there are two of us from my country, the other one is in Bukidnon. I’m sure several of our countrymen would be interested in studying here; they have good universities, which are not that expensive and (they will have) a chance to continue playing rugby,” he said.

The Higalaay Challenge Cup will be played on August 29, 2015 as one of the games that is part of the Cagayan de Oro City’s annual Higalaay Festival, a festivity built around the city’s fiesta for St. Augustine.

According to the Rafters, during the event a sport clinic for juniors and girls Rugby will be held and there will be a chance for the juniors (under 15 years) and mini (under 10 years) to play against each other.

From ‘black sheep’ to father of Rafthon

By Jack Biantan

IT IS an open secret in the political circles of Cagayan de Oro that Sean Oliver Moreno has been a big headache to his father, Cagayan de Oro mayor Oscar Moreno.

He admits that he has had been with bad companions and was into substance abuse. “I have always been a headache to my family, call it “black sheep’’ definitely I was. I got into heavy substance abuse until 2013,” said the eldest son of the former Misamis Oriental governor.

Mayor Moreno never lost hope on his 39-year-old son. He sent him to rehab in Pampanga and after that advised him to try running. Sean followed his dad’s advise. He started running and has never stopped ever since. He has been sober for more than two years and runs every day. If you personally see him he looks very fit. Running has made him look ten years younger. I even thought he was only in his late 20’s.

“It was hard at the beginning but I was determined to fix my life. When I came to CdeO last year I fell in love with the community of runners. I started to train seriously and would join all the fun runs available until I made my first 42K marathon during the Pryce Gas Marathon organized by the Circles production,” he said.

He added that with all his achievements in running he wants to pay it forward by being an advocate for sports through which he has started getting invited by the different anti-drugs campaigns and any sports related events. “At first it was awkward sharing my past because it can or will affect my family specially my dad is the city mayor. But when I asked him, his exact words were “If your intention is sincere to help people you should not mind your reputation,” After hearing those words my heart was crying for joy because I felt he loves me and accepted my past over his career,” he said.

After driving away his demons, Sean has since become a sports and youth advocate of the city of Cagayan de Oro helping in its youth and sports development project. “Honestly I have so much opportunities in Manila but I chose to stay in Cagayan de Oro because I want to pay back my parents. Since they are getting older, I want to be with them and enjoy the companionship,’’ he said.

One of his project or probably his most important so far is his invention of the Rafthon event which will be held at the mountain village of Mambuaya (17 kms. from CdeO proper) on Aug. 29.

His inspiration for conceptualizing Rafthon came after he visited Dubai with his mom. “I wondered how tourism in Dubai gained popularity despite of it’s hot weather and it’s desert. How would they turn a void into something wondrous, exciting and renowned all over the world,’’ he said in an interview with an online magazine Endurance.

He added that he then realized that Cagayan de Oro has unequalled characteristics that define the city from other places. “If Dubai has deserts, CdeO has better because it has pristine waters, rivers, waterfalls, and mountains.”

It was there and then that he decided to do something to promote Cagayan de Oro to the world. He then talked to a friend when he came back from Dubai and devised a concept to utilize CdeO’s unique resource, the Cagayan River, which is known for rafting.

“As a sports advocate and runner, I incorporated running with rafting. That’s how the word “Rafthon” came about,” he added. Some athletes however, requested to add a third sport which is cycling.

The August 29 event will have two categories the, Raft and Run and the Raft, Bike and Run. The Raft and Run will be a six-man 14 km rafting along the eight rapids downstream along the Cagayan river. The three members will then do the three km race and the other three will run the 10 km race.

The Raft, Bike, and Run event will also have an eight rapids race downstream along the Cagayan river and will then have a 35 kms. cycling race and a 10 kms race for all the six members.

The race will blastoff at around 5 a.m. with the athletes rafting from upstream of the mountain village of Ugyaban at the town of Talakag, Bukidnon ending down stream at the Mambuaya. The remaining 35 km biking and the 10 kms. running races will also start then go around Mambuaya and will end at the Mambuaya public basketball court.

Sean also envisions that Rafthon will boost tourism not only for CdeO but also for the entire Mindanao. “Rafthon is a collaboration among people who pursue their passion through sports and are dedicated to supporting the city they call home,’’ he added.

He also added that their advocacy in boasting tourism through Rafthon is not only for CdeO and Mindanao but for the whole nation.

More than 100 teams from all over the country are expected to join the race. Registration is still ongoing. Interested participants can register at the events’ website at

The event is organized by the Circle Production in cooperation with the CDO city tourism office with the help of the CDO Triathlon Team, Oro Rafters Association, JCI Bailawanen, and Go Easy Events.

DSWD to review status of 251,000 4Ps beneficiaries in Northern Mindanao


CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, Aug. 21 (PNA) -– The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) would review the status of the beneficiaries of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) in Northern Mindanao, a welfare official said Friday.

Oliver Inodeo, a welfare official, said that the DSWD would soon start gathering data to determine the status of the well-being of the 251,727 4Ps beneficiaries in the region.

“The DSWD would want to record the changes of the lives of the 4Ps beneficiaries by using the Social Welfare and Development Indicators (SWDI),” Inodeo said.

The SWDI is a yearly monitoring scheme applied to 4Ps grantees and aims to assess the level of well-being of the family - from survival, subsistence, and self-sufficiency, he said.

Inodeo said that the SWDI also serves as the reference in the case management of these said beneficiaries – to help them gain their fighting chance against poverty.

Cagayan De Oro joins world’s famous environment-friendly buildings (Environment)

By Mark Francisco [(PNA), CTB/CD/MF]

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, Aug. 20 (PNA) – This trading hub of about 800,000 people in Northern Mindanao joins the ranks of the world’s famous metropolis that builds environmentally friendly buildings, an executive said Thursday.

The US Green Building Council has stamped a platinum certification in Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED) of the newly constructed seven-floor Pioneer House here, which opened on August 7 2015.

Sally Ong Pac, executive vice president and property administration head of the Pioneer Group of companies, said that the certification is important for LEED which is the world’s premier benchmark for high performance environmentally sound buildings.

“With the elevation of Pioneer House in Cagayan De Oro City into a LEED “platinum status,” the city joins the ranks of more than 100 such buildings in the world, including Bank of America Tower in New York, Taipei 101 and Asia Square in Singapore,” Ong Pac said.

Ong Pac said that Cagayan De Oro City now has the most number of LEED-certified buildings in the country. The 19-storey Limketkai Luxe Hotel garnered a LEED gold certification in 2012, a first in the country.

Thirty-one other structures elsewhere in the nation followed suit.

In 2013, the 33-level Zuellig Building in Makati City was able to snatch enough points to clinch a platinum certification, a level higher than gold.

Then Wells Fargo Center Philippines Building A, located in Taguig City, also grabbed a platinum a year later.

When Pioneer Group announced the construction of its new Cagayan de Oro home in 2013, company officials have already targeted in mind a LEED platinum certification. It would be the first outside Luzon.

According to Ms. Pac, Pioneer House CDO contributes 55 percent less drain of rainfall because of its treatment facility.

The trend for LEED certification in the Philippines is expected – Mandaluyong City passed an ordinance in 2014 providing incentives for green buildings.

Other notable LEED structures here are Pilipinas Shell Administration Building, Nuvali One Evotech and Forbes Media Center.

However, all of these received only silver status.

DTI opens ‘Kahimunan Regional Trade Fair 2015’

By Jasper Marie Oblina-Rucat (JMOR/PIA10)

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, August 19 (PIA) – The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) region 10 is set to open this year’s ‘Kahimunan (Creations of Northern Mindanao) Trade Fair 2015’ from 22-30 August 2015 at the Atrium SM City, Cagayan de Oro City.

As one of the core events of the Higalaay Festival Cagayan de Oro City Fiesta celebration, Kahimunan will showcase the best products of the five provinces of the region: Bukidnon, Camiguin, Lanao del Norte, Misamis Occidental and Misamis Oriental.

An annual event organized by DTI region 10, the trade fair will also feature processed food, crafts and fashion accessories, sugar, coffee and beverages, nuts and cashew, spices and condiments, health and organic products and home style and living items.

Further, Kahimunan 2015 will highlight the product launch of the recipients of the product development program, showcase the Shared Service Facility (SSF) and Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) program and products and the conduct of buyer-selling matching activity.

This fair will also assist the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) promote and access new markets for their products.

Security measures up for Oro fiesta

By Pamela Jay F. Orias

CAGAYAN de Oro City is ready for next week’s fiesta celebration.

Senior Superintendent Faro Antonio Olaguera, chief of the Cagayan de Oro Police Office (Cocpo), said security measures are now in place to ensure the safety of domestic and foreign tourists expected to begin arriving next week for the fiesta celebrations.

“The security in the city is always tight, we are on alert 24/7, and what we are doing now is rehashing the previous security plans that we have and try to improve them,” Olaguera said.

Olaguera said they have been having rounds of meetings with different organizations involved in major events for the feast of St. Augustine.

“Last week, we had a meeting with the Roman Catholic church for the fluvial procession, yung security setup natin dun, yung placement ng ating kapulisan, ug uban pang kinahanglan,” Olaguera said.

Two platoons will be provided by the Regional Public Safety Battalion (RPSB), Olaguera said, to bolster police visibility in the city.

He said Cocpo also sought the assistance of the 4th Mechanized Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Army for the manning of checkpoints.

“We hope they approve, we need more forces because days before the fiesta week, we will be intensifying our checkpoint operations,” he said.

Meanwhile, Lito Deloso, Roads and Traffic Administration (RTA) chief of operations, said they are studying and finalizing the rerouting of traffic for the upcoming fiesta.

“Karon, kamulo nami ug study kung asa na mga dalan ang mahimong busy gyud like sa parade para we can identify asa pud ang maigo gyud for deployment sa atong mga RTA,” he said.

Deloso said they are also busy handing out traffic re-routing advisories for public’s reference.

“Hinuon, normal naman gyud naay traffic congestion kay magka-daghan man ang tao, magka-daghan sad ang sakyanan pero amo lang hangyo is ang kooperasyon ng publiko,” he said adding that the RTA lacks manpower.

“Kulang gyud ang atng strength labina sa kadalanan, pero maningkamot gyud ta na hapsay ang dalan ani,” Deloso added.

The feast of St. Augustine on August 28 is the culmination of the month-long Higalaay Festival celebrations.

Industry-led 2015 Regional Skills Competition (RSC) kicks off

By Marigold Cherie R. Garrido (TESDA10/PIA10)

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, August 17 – A total of 40 well-trained Tech-Voc graduates and trainees from the five provinces of Northern Mindanao participate in skills competition based on world standards during the 2015 Regional Skills Competition from August 17-18, 2015 led by the R-10 Industry Skills Competition Foundation, Inc. (RISDCFI) and the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA-10).

The competition formally opens today 17 August 2015 with the ceremonial cutting of the competition chain and the raising of the banners by the provincial competitors graced by Irene Floro, vice chair of RISDCFI and Provincial Director Leo V. Velez, TESDA Misamis Oriental.

The skills competition serves as the venue in recognizing the skills excellence of workers and tech-voc graduates and at the same time increases the awareness of the Filipinos on technical vocational education as a viable career path.

It is one of TESDA’s most effective social marketing and advocacy strategies that raise the bar of the skilled workforce and continuously strengthen the link between the tech-voc sector and the industry.

The trade areas open for the competition are: Electronics, Graphic Design, Web Design/Mechatronics, Information Network Systems Administration, IT-Software Business Solutions, Information Network Cabling, Mechanical Engineering Design-CAD, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning, Electrical Installation and Maintenance, Welding, Automobile Technology, Cooking, Restaurant Services, Beauty Therapy, Plumbing and Heating and Fashion Technology.

“We will continue the conduct of the skills competitions on an annual basis to continually lead the way for the career path of our trainees and graduates,” according to the TESDA-X Regional Director Edgar A. Sales.

The winners of each trade area will earn the opportunity to represent the region at the Philippine National Skills Competition (PNSC) to be held in September 2015. They will receive trophies, cash gifts, and certificates of recognition.

The competition is sought to inspire the youth to start embarking on acquiring a skill that will pave the way to a successful career.

Oro artists exhibit works at Higala-art Festival

By Riain Alfonso

REPLIKA: Beyond Imagination, a group of artist from Cagayan de Oro and Bukidnon, showcased the signature artworks of their members during the Higala-art Festival at Lim Ket Kai mall’s West Concourse which ran from August 8 to 14.

Higala-art featured the artwork of fifteen artists: JayR Albia, Ligaya Aguilor, Ching Puray, Danny Quinlog, Greg Pelaez III, Leah Remolado, Rico Alabata, Jezrael Catacutan, Raul Busa, Danny Natimdim, Clark Cañete, Rogelio Detomal, Cocoy Paano, Serio Bagina, and Zeno.

Replika was founded by Zeno on October 22, 2014 after observing there was no platform for struggling artists in the city to showcase their artwork. The group’s goal is conduct at least five exhibits per year and provide the artists an opportunity to sell their works.

All artwork displayed at Higala-art was for sale with rates ranging from P5,000 to P40,000 for the paintings and as much as P100,000 for the wood carvings.

Austin Cordoba, 49 years old from Bulua, said, “As an amateur artist myself, I definitely relate to the artists who are a part of the exhibit. This exhibit showed the potential talents of the artists. It is a way for them to be able to earn from their art. You know, art is really saleable abroad. Unfortunately, there’s not much appreciation for art here in our country.”

The artwork included Hunter by Serio Bagina which is a hardwood carving of a hunter and the animals he conquered in his numerous hunts, several nudes including Unhidden Beauty by Ching Puray, and Lucky Horse, a painting of eight horses by Danny Quinlog.

The paintings were mixed-media, oils and acrylics, charcoal, watercolor, and latex. There was also a large variety of subject matter such as still life, portraits, landscapes, abstracts, nature, and nudes.

“Dili ko ganahan nga nay sanina kay murag modern na sya,” said Puray, “Gusto nako i-maintain ang sauna, kanang walay touch of technology.”

Several of the artworks showed the everyday life of the common people including an abstract titled Planting Rice by JayR Albia. This abstract is the favorite of Maria Braga, 26 from Patag, among all the paintings displayed. “It’s amazing because they are able to share their talents. It helps people visualize their thoughts on life. Even if it’s an abstract, you still see the people planting rice,” Braga said.

The city has a very limited avenue for artists, painters and woodcarvers alike to display their works of art and earn a living through their talent.

For some of the artists, selling their artwork is their only form of income. Quinlog proudly said, “Talent jud namo ni, maski atong elementary pa. Maski mu-eskwela ug lahi, diri jud mu padulong.”

Cagayan de Oro’s top drug dealer nabbed

By Pamela Jay F. Orias

A SUSPECTED top illegal drug personality was arrested in an operation Thursday at Yacapin-Burgos Streets, Cagayan de Oro City.

The joint operation of Philippine Drug Enforcement (PDEA)-Northern Mindanao and Cagayan de Oro City Police Office (Cocpo) led to the arrest of drug suspect Mark Anthony Roa, 34.

Seized from Roa were six sachets of suspected shabu (crystal meth) weighing 300 grams valued at about P700,000.

PDEA-Northern Mindanao Region Director Wilkins Villanueva said Roa is one of the biggest illegal drug dealers in the city.

“We received information from a concerned citizen that there is one big illegal drug dealer in the city and we immediately validated the report, and we found out that this person is at the top of the list,” Villanueva said.

Villanueva said Cagayan de Oro City has the highest incidence of cases involving illegal drugs recorded in the region even while the growing number of cases recorded in other areas such as Gingoog City and Tagoloan town.

Roa’s arrest was the second this week following the capture of two of the region’s most wanted drug personalities last Tuesday.

Roa is currently detained at PDEA jail facility pending the filing of charges for violations of Republic Act 9165 otherwise known as the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002.

Cagayan de Oro brownouts end

By Froilan Gallardo

THE rotational outages in Cagayan de Oro ended after the plant supplying the city with electricity came back on Tuesday.

The 105-megawatt plant operated by STEAG State Power Incorporated has resumed delivering 75 megawatts to the Cagayan Electric Power and Light Company (Cepalco).

Cepalco spokesperson Marilyn Chaves said the supply is enough for Cepalco to end the rotating brownouts.

“As of present, the peak demand of Cepalco is between 150MW to 160MW a day,” Chaves said.

The shortfall can be covered by Cepalco’s power supplier which runs three plants.

She said Cepalco can also turn to Independent Power Producers (IPP) for electricity supply if the situation worsens again.

The daily brownouts in Cagayan de Oro had been residents lasted for four to five hours.

NorMin entrepreneurs participate in International Food Exhibition 2015

By Loraine C. Brillantes (DTI-MOR)

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, August 13 -- The Linabu Agrarian Multi-Purpose Cooperative (LAMPCO) and Greenpastures Corporation, both home-grown entrepreneurs ventured into the vast market of export and braved their way to the International Food Exhibition (IFEX) 2015 in SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia, Pasay City on May 21-24, 2015.

The International Food Exhibition 2015 is a biennial event and the only government organized international exhibition focused on food. It has the most roster of buyers including exporters or export consolidators, international traders, internationally acclaimed supermarkets and others.

It has been a challenging journey for these two companies.

LAMPCO, a producer of coconut sugar from Balingasag, Misamis Oriental started from scratch being an agrarian cooperative. With the prodding of the Department of Trade and Industry Misamis Oriental Provincial Office, they were encouraged to obtain Food and Drug Administration License to Operate, invest in international trade fair participation and just recently obtain an OCCP Organic Certification. They have been regularly exporting up to now.

Meanwhile, GreenPastures Corporation has just started over two years and took every opportunity to promote their products thru participation of various DTI-organized fairs. Although they have not yet started exporting their products, but they have reached national scale in their distribution.

Both companies will take part in the upcoming Kahimunan Northern Mindanao Regional Trade Fair this coming August 22-30, 2015 at SM Cagayan de Oro.

Diskwento Caravan 2015 to serve Cagayan de Oro Fiesta

By Christine Laurente (DTI-MOR)

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, August 13 - As the “Higalaay Festival-Cagayan de Oro city fiesta” is fast approaching, the Department of Trade and Industry Misamis Oriental Provincial office- DTI-MOR, in cooperation with the Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board- RTWPB, and the local government of Cagayan de Oro, has set to launch a Pre-Fiesta Diskwento Caravan to cater to the fiesta needs of the locals.

Set to run on August 14-15, 2015, Friday and Saturday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. at Magsaysay Park, Divisoria, (near Dunkin, Greenwich) Cagayan de Oro City, this Pre Fiesta Diskwento Caravan holds the theme “Diskwento - Presyong Panalo Para sa Mamimiling Pilipino.”

This is expected to serve a bigger number of the consuming public especially the marginalized sectors.

Manufacturers and distributors have been invited to ensure that enough products are available to consumers during the caravan. Over 25 companies are to participate in the event offering a variety of basic goods and assorted-for-sale-products at discounted rates and prices.

The list includes: Beehive Distribution Inc., BFAR supported groups, Butuan Goodyear, (EQ) JS Unitrade/Golden Century Mktg., Gama Foods, Highland Fresh, Julie's Bakeshop, Manhu, Nature's Spring, NFA, Novo, Orogrande (Procted and Gamble), Ororama, Purefoods, Montosco/Romarck, Robinsons, Shopwise, SM, Suvisco (Unilever), Virginia, Wellamde, HNS Distribution Inc., Rustans, Slers, and Zest-o.

The public may enjoy unique premium offers on grocery items (buy one take one, freebie or give-away items) or deep discount slashes ranging from 10-50% off for dry goods and other basic and prime commodities such as RTWs: basic apparel (bags, shoes, slippers, towels, pants, shirts), dry goods: tissues, pads, diapers, bath and detergent soaps, groceries: canned goods, noodles, rice, bread, juice, coffee, cooking oil, processed fish and meat, condiments, milk, hotdogs, and water.

This flagship project of DTI is conducted in the different regions across the country to provide very affordable and quality goods and products to Filipino consumers.The consuming public is urged to avail themselves of the affordable quality items at the Diskwento Caravan.

Wanted: CDO team for the National League

By Jack Biantan

EXCITING times for Philippine football are here again as Philippine Football Federation (PFF) secretary general and lawyer Ed Gastanes recently announced that market research for the Philippine National League done by the internationally known research company Nielsen will be completed in three months time.

The PFF actually formed a National League task force headed by lawyer Bernie Villegas 18 months ago to find out the possibility of forming a professional football league in the country. The task force then recommended Nielsen from the three bidders to do the market research.

Fifa and the AFC were informed and Nielsen would confirm whether it is feasible to put up a national league.

There is a big chance that the findings of Nielsen would be positive and the PFF has targeted to start the league by early 2017.

It is very exciting for us football crazy fans. If it pushes through, which city from Mindanao would be ready to host a football club that would compete in the National League?

Mindanao is a hotbed of football. Just look at the UFL and the collegiate ranks in the men’s and women’s divisions and you could see countless of players from Mindanao.

But where can we put up a professional club in this big island of more than 20 million people?

Davao and Cagayan de Oro are ideal because economically these two cities are the fastest growing in this island.

But do these cities have the infrastructure or investors to put up competitive teams? As of the moment there are none.

The Davao city government of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has plans of building a stadium but while it has not been built then having a team there remains a dream.

Cagayan has no decent stadium and no plans of building one or renovating the Pelaez stadium.

There is however a glimmer of hope for the CDO football community as the city has one of the best football pitches in the island, at the Westridge Sports Park in barangay Carmen.

Westridge has enough space to expand and can become the home of a professional football club. It however, depends if the owner will invest in a professional football club.

The planned National League, according to Gastanes, will be community-based, meaning teams should be based in cities or provinces just like in the other popular leagues from other countries.

Football fans from Mindanao who have deep pockets should now start forming their own clubs and run it professionally.

In a few months, the PFF will come out with their survey and start inviting teams for the planned National League.

Football businessmen from Mindanao should start organizing now. Find a venue, organize the club and the team and ask the PFF for guidance.

If we do not start now we might end up with no team representing Mindanao in the National League.

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