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Cagayan de Oro - Archived News

Cagayan de oro city river.jpg
Aerial View of Cagayan de Oro City
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Gov't spends Php 4B to empower the poor through Sustainable Livelihood Program


CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, Aug. 3 (PNA) –- The government has spent Php 4.46 billion to empower the poor through the Sustainable Livelihood Program (SLP) from 2011 to this year, a welfare official said Monday.

Charmaine Tadlas, the regional DSWD spokesperson, said that the SLP is a community-based capacity building effort that seeks to improve the program participants’ socioeconomic status.

The program intends to equip the participants to contribute to production and labor market through the DSWD’s SLP tracks, she said.

She said that from January 2011 to March 2015, the SLP program has already served 773,796 families in Northern Mindanao.

The SLP has two tracks: The Micro-enterprise Development and the Employment Facilitation, Tadlas said.

She said that the Micro-enterprise Development track supports micro-enterprises in becoming organizationally and economically viable, while the Employment Facilitation track assists participants to access appropriate employment opportunities.

She said that of the 773,796 families-beneficiaries, 648,328 families availed of the Microenterprise Development track while 125,468 families gained under the Employment Facilitation track.

Busy days coming for Oro football

By Jack Biantan

CAGAYAN de Oro Misamis Oriental Football Association (CMOFA) president Percy Guarin is a busy man.

Aside from his livestock hauling business, he’s been actively with CMOFA trying to spread the gospel of football in the city of Golden Friendship and Northern Mindanao.

The former national team member is still fresh from Japan, learning how footie is being developed in the land of the rising sun.

Now, he has lined up several projects to keep the football playing children of CDO play the beautiful game.

First, Guarin has scheduled the Mindanaoanon CDO Fiesta Cup on Aug. 15, 16, 22 and 23. This tournament is a 7-aside inter school competition in different age group categories.

On September 12, 13, 19 and 20, another age group competition for club teams will also keep the children busy. The official title and the format of the tournament have not been finalized yet as negotiations for the sponsors are still going on.

Then in October, the CMOFA Open Senior tournament will kick off with five senior teams joining. The champion will represent CMOFA to the regional elimination tournament of the Smart Amateur National championship.

Aside from the tournaments being lined up, CMOFA has also set the National Qualification coaching course here during the semestral break in October. The course is a requirement for the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Class C coaching course.

After the semestral break, a school in the uptown area has also committed to host another age group tournament this time a 9-aside competition. The tournament will also be longer from October to December.

More tournaments the better for the sport to develop as it would encourage our children to practice harder and develop their skills.

Since he was elected as CMOFA head, Guarin has done lots of things for CDO football in just a short time. I just hope that he will not lose steam and continue his call to help develop the sport in CDO.

Rafthon to debut in Oro

By Jack Biantan

HAVE you been river rafting before? How about biking and running? Of course, everyone physically fit has done biking, running and possibly rafting.

But try combining the three and add the scenic views of mountain villages of Cagayan de Oro city and Bukidnon then voila, you have Rafthon.

The mountain barangay of Mambuaya (17.5 kms. from Cde0), will host this one of a kind race next month. I never thought CDO is that big. The city territory stretches into the mountains where the rapids of Cagayan river snakes through and extends into the boundaries of Bukidnon province and beyond.

These rapids are quite dangerous but have become an attraction to thousands of thrill seekers each year. Cagayan de Oro’s remote barangay of Mambuaya and Ugyaban in the town of Talakag, Bukidnon are two sites where there is a thriving tourism industry for the stomach churning adventure of river rafting.

Rafthon is a brainchild of its chief backer Sean Moreno, son of CdeO mayor Oscar Moreno. It is a 54 kms. of grueling rafting, cycling and running along white waters of Cagayan de Oro river.

According to organizer Gracielle Maribao of Circle Production, the younger Moreno envisions this race to promote the two things in which CdeO is famous, River Rafting and Friendship.

“It is a race full of adventure which uses the concept of the Triathlon. It creates activity for athletes right after the CdeO Fiesta activities,’’ Maribao said during the dry run activities held last Wednesday.

The race will start early morning of Aug. 29. Some 100 teams from all over the country are expected to join in the six person per team race. “So far 20 teams have already confirmed,’’ Maribao added.

The race will kick off with the athletes rafting from the upstream of Ugyaban’s mountain village down to Mambuaya. The remaining 35 kilometers. biking and the 10 kilometers. running races will start and end at Mambuaya’s basketball court.

Maribao added that although this project is the brainchild of the mayor’s son, Sean Moreno, the Cagayan de Oro City Government is not spending a single cent on this.

The City Government’s tourism department, however, shows its full support to the project as it will entice hundreds of tourists and participants alike.

A plus factor in the location of the race is that the road going to Mambuaya is well paved. Thanks to the efforts of mayor Moreno, the trip from CdeO to the mountain village used to take more than an hour. But with construction of the concrete road and the all year maintenance, a trip to the village takes less than half an hour.

I should know. We drove to the village during the dry run and the road was as smooth as ice. Workers were also constructing landslide preventive walls along the roadsides by the mountains.

Maribao also said that prizes will be at stake for the top teams and top runners and bikers in this activity supported by CdeO Triathlon Team, Oro Rafters Association, JCI Bailawanen, and Go Easy Events.

Registration for the event is still going on according to Sean Moreno. Interested participants can register at the events’ website at


DSWD focuses on overweight, obesity during Nutrition Month


CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, July 31 (PNA) -– The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) in Northern Mindanao has given impetus on overweight and obesity as the “Nutrition Month 2015” culminated Friday.

Charmaine Tadlas, spokesperson of the regional welfare office here, said today that the department has given importance to proper diet and nutrition to counter the growing cases of “obesity and overweight” in today’s younger generations.

A lecture on Basic Nutrition and Importance of Healthy Diet, Proper Hygiene and Sanitation became the focus of the month-long celebration, Tadlas said.

The DSWD also held cooking contests, outdoor activities for physical fitness, quiz bees and poster-making contests, she said.

Tadlas said that the DSWD in the region also distributed advocacy materials to the welfare staffs coupled with a lecture on Healthy Weight Management

She said that field office workers have to be wary that despite the pressures at work, they have to make positive decisions towards consumption of healthy food and be physically active to prevent communicable diseases inherent in cases of overweight and obesity.

Tadlas said that the DSWD carried out the month-long “Nutrition Month 2015” along with the Regional Haven for Women, Home for Girls, Regional Reception and Study Center for Children and the Rehabilitation Center for Youth with the theme: "Timbang Iwasto, sa Tamang Nutrisyon at Ehersisyo!” (Correct body weight through proper nutrition and exercise).

PMA holds entrance exam in Mindanao


CAMP EVANGELISTA, Cagayan De Oro City, July 30 (PNA) – The military on Thursday announced the holding of the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) entrance examinations in various testing centers in North and Northeastern Mindanao regions on August 2.

Capt. Patrick Martinez, spokesperson of the Army’s 4th Infantry Division here, said that the PMA exam would be in Camp Evangelista, Patag, Cagayan De Oro in Northern Mindanao while the examination in Northeastern Mindanao in the Caraga Region would be in Agusan National High School in Butuan City.

Walk-in applicants may start applying on August 1 (Saturday) at the Army Recruitment Office (ARO) in Camp Evangelista, Patag, Cagayan de Oro City from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

The applicants must bring any valid ID. The application form must be properly filled-up and submitted together with the applicant’s NSO copy of their birth certificate and two pieces 2x2 ID picture with white background for submission to the PMA Entrance Exam Proctor Team.

Applicants must be at least a high school graduate, at least 5 feet tall for both male and female, single, and must be 18 to 21 years old on April 1, 2016, the start of the school year at PMA.

The PMA Entrance Examination aims to measure the mental ability of the applicants in the subjects included in the package of the examination questioner, such as; Math (Algebra and Geometry), English (Grammar, Composition, and Reading Comprehension), Abstract Reasoning, (Verbal and Numerical Reasoning and Pattern Analysis.

The examinees should make sure that the requirements are complete before proceeding to their designated examination centers.

MGen. Oscar T. Lactao, commander of the Army’s 4ID, said that the examination would give patriotic youth who are willing to serve the country a chance to join the noble profession of arms.

Lactao said that passing the PMA exam would give the youth a chance to be a future leader and be part of the organization that advocates peace, serves the Filipino people and protects the sovereignty of the state.

CDO, DTI agrees to push labeling facilities, food packaging projects


CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, July 29 (PNA) – The city government and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) have agreed to push the implementation of food packaging and labeling facilities here.

The city government and the DTI signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA to implement the project under City Ordinance 12970-2015 which was approved last Monday .

Under the ordinance, the city government would appropriate Php 2 million to ensure that the program is implemented here.

The Food Packaging and Labeling Facilities of the Grassroots Participatory Budgeting (GBP) was the “Bottom–Up Budgeting” (BuB) program of the local government.

City Councilor Prexy Elipe, chair of the city council committee on finance, said that under the MOA, the DTI would be responsible for the release of the amount to make sure that the project succeeds.

He said that the DTI would also appoint the person tasked to carry out the program, submit liquidation reports according to the approved financial plan.

Elipe said that the city government would release the amount, supervise the project and provide necessary support personnel for the project.

NorMin exporters join Mindanao Exporters Congress 2015


CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, July 28 -- Eleven exporters from Misamis Oriental and Lanao del Norte participated in the recently concluded Mindanao Exporters Congress (MEC) 2015 held on 23-24 July 2015 at SMX Convention Center, Lanang, Davao City.

“Tara na, Maglayag na Kita (Let’s go and sail together),” a statement of invitation to all stakeholders during the opening ceremony of the congress to join hands and together sail towards a never ending horizon of opportunities in the sea of exports. The event had three simultaneous parts: Trade Exhibits - Galore of Mindanao Commodities; Business to Business matching between producers and buyers/exporters, or to investors for investments or joint financing; and Forum discussion.

At the exhibit hall, guests could see array of exportable goods from different parts of Mindanao. Among were from region 10, namely: the engineered bamboo products of New Central Woodcraft and Homebiz Crafts, lampakanay handicraft of Kapatagan Lampakanay Handicraft Association and SEED Mindanao, upcylcing paper products of Solid Waste Action Team Livelihood Association, shell crafts of Southern Philippines Shells and Crafts, food products of Ardiel’s Food, Heaven’s Bakehouse and Margeuries House of Goodies, stoneware products of The Stoneware Pottery and abaca products of Puyo Handicrafts. The exhibit hall was filled with influx of guests and buyers from all over the country.

It was the goal of the event to address the “missing gaps/links” in the Global Value Chain amid the current trade opportunities in the ASEAN Region, Generalized Scheme of Preferences+ (GSP+) in the Europe for the Philippines, and other parts/region in the world.

During the forum discussion, the congress undertook the following topics: Export Trade Facilitation and Assistance to Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) - Mastery in the flow of exports through the clear presentation of government and non-government office functions on Trade facilitation and Assistance to MSMEs; Taking Advantage of Global market Opportunities – Identification of more Global market Buyers and other Opportunities through the DTI-Foreign Trade Service Corps; and Learning from the Global Value Chain Models and Best Practices - Internalize the relevance of Global Value Chain through its Models and bet Practices in other countries and regions.

According to Mindanao Development Authority(MDA) chairperson, Luwalhati T. Antonino, ‘Mindanao’s horizon looks optimistic.”

The event was organized by the PhilExport Federation under the theme: “Integrating the Mindanao SMEs in the Global value Chain.”

Symbolic ‘100 million babies’ celebrate birthdays

By Ercel Maandig [(PNA), RMA/CD/ERCEL MAANDIG]

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, July 27 (PNA) – Seven babies known as the “100 million babies” in Northern Mindanao celebrated their first birthday anniversary on Monday, the Population Commission (POPCOM) said here.

Jeremiah Cabasan, head of POPCOM’s regional Technical Division, said that 2 of the 7 babies were born in Cagayan De Oro City about 12:27 in the morning of July 27 exactly a year ago.

Cabasan identified the 2 symbolic “100 million babies” in Cagayan De Oro City as Julianne Mahognay Cobayan, born in the city-run J.R.Borja Memorial Hospital, and Rundy Boy P. Dantes, Jr., born in the government-run Northern Mindanao Medical Center (NMMC) here.

Five other “100 million babies” were born in Ozamiz City, Misamis Occidental, Iligan City in Lanao Del Norte, and the provinces of Bukidnon, Camiguin and Misamis Oriental, he said.

Cabasan said that the babies got the moniker as the “100 million babies” because they figuratively symbolized when the country reached the 100 million, population mark after they were born.

He said that the parents and various government line agencies joined and offer “lifetime” gift during the birthday celebration of the 2 babies known as “100 million babies” at the POPCOM regional office here on Monday.

Cabasan said that the PhilHealth regional office extended birthday gift - a lifetime PhilHealth membership renewable annually.

He said that the 100 million babies are also entitled to free education in public schools until they would finish their college education.

The Nutrition Council of the Philippines and the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) would also provide a lifetime supply of vitamins and foods to the 100 million babies in Northern Mindanao.

“The POPCOM regional office also extends Php 10,000 cash assistance to each of the parents of the 2 “100 million babies” during the birthday celebration here,” Cabasan said.

Cabasan said that the national government would monitor the lifetime growth of the 100 million babies because the babies symbolized the country’s struggle against malnutrition and the desire of the government provide education to the country’s youth.

Oro brownouts lessened, thanks to rains

By Froilan Gallardo

AFTER several days of rotational brownouts, Cagayan de Oro residents heaved a sigh after the city was spared of brownouts last weekend, thanks to the rains that filled Pulangi River in Bukidnon.

Mindanao Authority Development (MinDA) director for Investment Promotions and Public Affairs Romeo Montenegro said heavy rains in Bukidnon in the past few days allowed the Pulangi hydroelectric plants to hike their power production up to 186 megawatts last weekend.

Montenegro said production from the Lanao hydro plants, source of Mindanao’s electricity, also increased, lowering the energy deficiency to just about 254 megawatts last weekend.

“So long as the deficiency is below the 300 megawatts, we will have no brownouts,” he said.

Montenegro said modular generating sets bought by Mindanao’s electric cooperatives will take up the slack in energy deficiency.

But Ralph Paguio, vice president of the Cagayan Electric Power and Light Company, said the city is still being threatened by sudden loss of available electricity and could experience rotational brownouts this week.

“So long as Steag is out of the grid, we are not out of the woods yet,” Paguio said.

Steag State power Inc. announced last week that it has put one of its 210-megawatt coal plants under preventive repair in the next few days or until August 16.

CdeO garbage woes may drive investors away

By Pamela Jay F. Orias

WITH the garbage situation in Cagayan de Oro city getting worst, the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI–Oro Chamber) fears the city may lose its prospective investments if this problem remains unattended.

Cerael Donggay, president of Oro Chamber, said the City Local Environment and Natural Resources (Clenro) has sought for the chamber's help regarding the waste disposal problem.

"Naa ta'y gipang-assign diha to manage and recommend solutions, we are working with them," said Donggay.

Donggay urged the City Council to approve appropriate budget for development projects saying, "If they have a problem or issue with themselves, people's welfare should not be at stake. Budget should be released for infrastructure, solid waste management, traffic congestion solutions and many other pressing issues sa city."

He added that these problems including garbage may eventually cause loss of investments for the city.

Meanwhile, environment advocates are dismayed with the City Government for its continuing neglect of the garbage problem in the city.

“Cagayan de Oro is very dirty, dirty talaga, nanghihinayang ako,” said lawyer Normita Batula, executive director of Balaod Mindanaw.

She said the situation does not reflect a developed and successful city.

"To be fair, there are areas na malinis naman pero pag dumaan ka sa areas na yun nang umaga, ang dumi talaga. There has to be a proper dumpsite here," Batula said.

Batula cited that Solid Waste Management must be enforced and make each citizen responsible to segregate waste. “But, the waste collection is the duty of the City Government.”

She urged the local officials lack the political will to implement policies on proper waste disposal adding that if these officials have it, “They can use it to develop other ways to lessen the garbage produced every day in the city.”

She also raised the non-observance of the city ordinance regulating the distribution of plastic bags and requiring establishments additional charge from customers asking for the plastic bags.

A penalty amounting to P5,000 and suspension or cancellation of business can be imposed by violators.

"LGUs clearly do not observe this ordinance obviously, daghan kaayo tay plastic sa palibot."

Batula added that strong coordination between residents and the local government will help lessen the problem.

"It's about time we move and really do something about this," she said.

Heroes, Villains clash in Subokin All-Star

By Lynde S. Salgados

THE Heroes goes up against the Villains in the First Subokin Expendables All-Star Game on Saturday at the Xavier University gym in Cagayan de Oro City.

“Gamba na `ta ini nga sked basta wala lay kabilinggan,” said Rocky Calingin, the club commissioner.

The so-called Expendable Heroes and Expendable Villains will clash in the 35 up and 35 under exhibition games.

All the teams competing in the Subokin Pangkoy Cup will be field their best players in the All-Star Game.

The Villains are made up of Boboy Sabal’s Gibson, Budo Raagas’ Rourke, Charome Marte’s Van Damme and Khass Navales’ Lundren.

The Heroes are Mel Ostria’s Statham, Angel Dollente’s Stallone, Thirdie Cui’s Willis and Entot Puertas’ Schwarzenegger.

“This is not just an all-star game kay dedicated kini in memory of Roldan `Pangkoy’ Lagbas. Until now, wala pa gihapoy hustisya iyang untimely death along with the other victims of the unsolved Oro bombing some years ago,” Marte told Sun.Star Cagayan de Oro.

Spicing up the event are the slam dunk, 3-point shootout and shooting expendables competition.

NorMin development council to hold meeting in Cambodia

By Froilan Gallardo

THE Regional Development Council (RDC) composed of 60 government officials and businessmen left Thursday night for the resort town of Siem Reap in Cambodia where they will hold their regular meeting.

All of their transportation, hotel and food will be shouldered by the government, said Cagayan de Oro second district Representative Rufus Rodriguez.

Rodriguez said regional directors of government agencies working for RDC-Northern Mindanao will return after three days and three nights stay in Siem Reap, the known gateway to the picturesque Angkor Wat temple.

He said the regional directors, including their staff, will leave via Cebu Pacific, which has a daily flight direct from Manila to Siem Reap.

“Me and Maxie gave P50,000 and P100,000 for the transportation, hotel and food of the regional directors,” Rodriguez told Sun.Star Cagayan de Oro.

Maxie is partylist Representative Maxie Rodriguez, younger brother of Rufus.

Besides him and Maxie, Rodriguez said all congressmen in Northern Mindanao also gave P50,000 to P100,000 to fund the trip.

Rodriguez said the RDC meeting in Siem Reap will tackle the different government infrastructure projects that are being implemented in Northern Mindanao.

He said the government executives will also want to know how Cambodia conducted its successful eco-tourism.

Rodriguez said the trip was approved during a recent RDC meeting.

Cerael Donggay, president of Cagayan de Oro Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Oro Chamber), said he was not invited to join the trip but learned of it from business colleagues.

“I would not go even if I were invited. I have so much work going on now,” Donggay said.

Eileen San Juan, City Government consultant on investments promotions, said she too was not invited and would not have joined even if she were invited.

San Juan said they are leaving for the United States today for the annual Tapok Cagayan de Oro activities there.

Oro 'Shelter Plan' gains broad support

By Lynyrd Alexsei N. Corrales

CAGAYAN DE ORO Mayor Oscar Moreno said the forward-looking eight-year city shelter plan will push through regardless of who

sits in City Hall.

Moreno made the statement at the sidelines of the Housing Summit Tuesday.

To secure commitment from stakeholders of the city’s shelter plan, a Manifesto of Support was signed for Moreno’s “Hapsay

Balay, Hapsay Panimalay, Hapsay Barangay” shelter program.

Key shelter agencies, such as the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC), Social Housing Finance

Corporation (SHFC), PAG-IBIG FUND, National Housing Authority (NHA), Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB) and Home

Owners Associations signed the manifesto.

Moreno said city planners have taken care to define, structure, and organize the shelter program.

“Regardless who sits in those offices, for as long as the program meets those standards, it will fly,” Moreno said.

City Shelter Plan consultant Ermin Pimentel said the summit, participated by some 500 individuals, ensures that the plan is

multi-stakeholder owned and not just crafted by city planners.

“Through these representations, when we say shelter initiative, we can call it a collective Kagay-anon initiative,” Pimentel


Pimentel said the continuity of the shelter plan can be best assured through a city ordinance but this needs the cooperation

of the city council.

“Pero ang problema lang, hangtud dili na siya aprobahan sa [City] council, dili gyud na siya mahimong ordinance,” Pimentel


Pimentel, however, said the city council cannot delay the shelter initiative which was crafted by the people themselves.

“This is empowerment that could cut across the political terms and hopefully, it will transcend from political partisan

politics which is happening now,” he said.

CIDG wants fugitive cops on most wanted list


THE inclusion of two Cagayan de Oro City policemen facing murder and attempted murder charges in the city’s list of most wanted criminals has been proposed by an official of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG).

PO1s Manuel Quipanes and Jun Reil Barrientos are among the accused in the December 2014 killing of three persons and the frustrated murder of another.

Chief Inspector Melgar Devaras, CIDG deputy chief for Northern Mindanao, said Quipanes and Barrientos should be placed in the list to compel all police units in the city to speed up efforts for their arrest.

“Isa sa pinakamabigat na kaso meron tayo dito ang kaso nila," Devaras said.

The two officers disappeared shortly after prosecutors implicated them in the killing of brothers Roland and Harold Jamaca, whose bodies were found cuffed and riddled with bullets in Barangay Mambuaya last December 11.

Two other city policemen, Senior Inspector Ludwig Charles Espera and Inspector Arnel Gighe, have been charged in the death of the Jamaca brothers’ companion, Ma. Erika Yabut, and the frustrated murder of Jim Jamaca.

Espera and Gighe turned themselves in and are detained at the Lumbia City Jail.

Retired policeman Rolando Jamaca Sr., the brothers’ father, welcomed Devaras’ suggestion.

The elder Jamaca, who used to be work in the warrants section of the city police, said he cannot understand why Quipanes and Barrientos remain at large.

“As an ex-policeman, I still have contacts on the ground who tell me that the two are still in the city,” Jamaca said while waiting outside the courtroom where the judge was hearing the bail petition of Espera and Gighe.

The Jamaca brothers, their cousin Jim Jamaca and Yabut were said to be police assets.

According to Jim Jamaca, the four of them were summoned to a meeting by Espera, Gighe and the other officers on December 10.

Jamaca said that when they showed up for the supposed meeting, the officers brought them instead to separate locations where they were shot and left to die.

DOST to recognize outstanding inventions, researches

By Teresita Baluyos (DOST10)

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, July 20 - The Department of Science and Technology in Region 10 is inviting inventors and researchers to join this year’s Regional Invention Contest and Exhibits (RICE).

Prizes are at stake and winners will represent the region in the National Invention Contest and Exhibits.

For region 10, RICE will be held on 21-23 August at the Event Center, 2nd Level, Limketkai Mall, Cagayan de Oro City.

With the theme, “Philippines: A Science Nation Innovating and Inventing for Global Competitiveness,” RICE 2015 aims to showcase the latest inventions and researchers in the Philippines. It is also part of the major event in the region, the SCIENCE NATION TOUR, of which a number of activities are lined up.

DOST Region 10 Director Alfonso Alamban said that those with research projects, inventions, prototypes, industrial designs and software applications related to science, technology, engineering, medicine, health and the environment are urged to join the contest.

Alamban added that the contestants will vie for the following categories, namely: Outstanding Invention (Tuklas Award), Outstanding Utility Model , Industrial Design, and Creative Research (Likha Award) , and Outstanding Student Creative Research for College and High School (Sibol Award).

For the Outstanding Invention, first prize winner will take home P50,000; second prize winner, P30,000; and third prize winner, P20,000. For the Outstanding Utility Model and Outstanding Industrial Design, first prize winners will get P25,000 each; second prize winners, P10,000 each, and third prize winners, P5,000 each. For the Outstanding Creative Research (Professional), Outstanding Student Creative Research for High School and College, first prize winners will get P20,000 each; second prize winner, P10,000 each; and third prize winners, P5,000 each.

DOST has already sent out the invitation letters to schools, inventors and researchers in the region. For those who have not received the invitation and are interested to join can send their entries and requirements to Ms. Mergebelle Dengal (, 09109745581 on or before August 8, 2015. Entry forms can also be downloaded at,,

The conduct of RICE is pursuant to Republic Act No. 7459 known as the “Inventors and Inventions Incentives Act of the Philippines.” It is designed to encourage Filipino inventors, researchers, and students to use their inventive capability by competing for cash rewards and recognitions both locally and internationally.

In Region 10, RICE is a partnership with the Technology Application and Promotion Institute/DOST, the Northern Mindanao Consortium for Industry and Energy Research and Development (NorminCIERD), PARASAT, and the Oro Chamber of Commerce. For more information you may contact Tess Superioridad Baluyos through her email adress at tsuperioridad.dost@yahoocom or call 09177908899.

Cagayan de Oro to have country’s 1st online Construction Permit Processing System


Cagayan de Oro City Mayor Oscar Moreno recently led the ‘soft launch’ of the Building Permit Management System (BPMS), the new online application and processing system in the City Building Office. It will be the first of its kind in the country.

One of the main features of BPMS is the use of electronic or digital signature of accredited practitioners who created the plan, including evaluators and CBO officials who reviewed and approved the building and occupancy permits.

The system was developed with the help of technical experts from Mindanao University of Science and Technology and professional groups of engineers, architects and others. It is a pride of Cagayan de Oro as the first city in the country to develop the online building permit application and processing system.

Among those present during the event were Dr. Nenita Palmes, the vice president of the Research and Extension Unit of MUST, Department of Science and Technology Regional Director Alfonso Alamban, Regional Director of the National Telecommunications Teodoro Buenavista and Architect Maria Concepcion Alvarez-Alcantara, the Officer-In-Charge of the OBO.

Engr. Alex Maureal, ICT director of MUST and program manager of BPMS said the goal of the new online system is to address the delay in the procurement process of building and occupancy permits also because of the many requirements and concerned government agencies through it.

Through the online application and processing, proponents need not visit the City Building Office to submit an application but together with the necessary plans and documents because they only need to upload them to the internet through the official website of Cagayan de Oro which is

The city’s website is currently being upgraded for the BPMS.

Cagayan de Oro needs CPAs

By Pamela Jay F. Orias

AN ORGANIZATION of certified public accountants (CPA) disclosed on Friday that CPAs in Cagayan de Oro city are running out.

Lindy Patriana, president of the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants-Misamis Oriental Chapter (PICPA-MIS OR) said that companies keep calling them, searching for public accountants to work for them.

She SAID that out of 10 accountancy graduates, only five of them decide to take the exam, and only two are likely to pass it.

“And that two, dili pa gyud ni mag-trabaho diri sa syudad, not even to other parts of the Philippines, instead they go overseas to work,” said Lino Buray, vice president for Professional Development of the PICPA.

Buray said that CPAs abroad are paid three times higher than the basic rate for accountants in the country.

Buray said there is already a community of CPAs in Dubai.

“Murag isa na sila ka-barangay, that’s their population gyud, because of their increasing number, naa na pud tay branch sa PICPA didto,” he said.

Meanwhile, Patriana said schools in the city offering accountancy courses have a strict policy in the admission of students to ensure quality.

The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) had directed schools offering accountancy courses to at least post a 5 percent passing rate, according to former PICPA president Ferdie Rodriguez.

Rodriguez said there are three review centers in the city which help in raising the passing rate of accountancy schools.

Rodriguez said the city is also considered as one of the major training hubs for accountants in the region.

Oro’s Shell Active chess underway


NEWLY-CROWNED 6th Carmen Open Class B champion Adrian Othniel Yulo of Xavier University High School and the Canino siblings lead the local bets’ quest for honors in the Northern Mindanao leg of the 23rd Shell National Youth Active Chess Championship.

The 14-year-old Yulo, who also made it to the top-10 list of the Carmen Open’s Class A level, vies for the national slot at stake in the junior division for 13 to 16 years old as well as brothers Romeo and Ronald Canino of Little Me Academy.

Their younger sister, Ruelle “Tawing” Canino of Kauswagan Elementary School is among the favorites of the talented girls competing in the 7 to 12 years old category.

“Tawing just won some medals in the Asean Chess Fest. This little girl is really good; we hope that she will excel again,” said trainer Jaime Joshua Frias II.

The Northern Mindanao leg serves as the first of two tournaments in the region as Pilipinas Shell recognizes the wide base of talents and chess enthusiasts in Mindanao that had Shell chess events drawing record number of participants in the past.

The Southern Mindanao leg is set from Aug. 8 to 9 at SM City in Davao.

Environment advocates remain optimistic

By Pamela Jay F. Orias

DESPITE the growing harm inflicted on the environment in Cagayan de Oro City, environment advocates remain optimistic that these continuing destruction could still be mitigated as interventions were discussed in a forum held at Liceo de Cagayan University on Tuesday, July 14.

Among the issues raised during the forum were dynamite fishing in bodies of water of the city, soil erosion, air pollution, illegal logging, mercury poisoning, illegal mining, and the open dump site in Zayas landfill that has been emitting foul smell to residents living nearby the dump.

Florencio Dominguez, of the Environment and Management Bureau (EMB) of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR)-Northern Mindanao, said they will do anything in its capacity to help address the multiplying dilemma to protect the natural resources.

"The focus on environmental issues is almost too late, but it has to happen," said Helen Kang, an environmental lawyer of the United States Embassy.

Although lacking in infrastructure, Kang pointed out the Philippines is a 'rich and beautiful country that needs to be “taken care of.”

"If you look at it from the plain, much of its part is still green, so I hope that it remains just like that," she said.

Jerlie Requerme, adviser of Liceo Legal Aid Center (LilLAC), said the public still has a long way to go in achieving a clean and green environment, “but as we say, ‘bring it on.'”

Requerme also encouraged future lawyers to consider becoming environmental attorneys to help combat the pressing environmental issues.

"We need brilliant minds and I think that we owe it to Mother Nature, we have to give back to her," she said.

Requerme cited Sendong and Pablo typhoons that destroyed many lives as the manifestation that people need to be attentive. "We need to refocus our attention into environment this time."

She also encouraged a spread of information dissemination to awaken people and be able to participate in mitigating illegal activities which damage the environment.

New generation job search kiosk now in Oro City Hall

Mildred E. Dablio (DOLE-10)

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, July 15 - The Department of Labor and Employment, Regional Office No. 10 (DOLE-10), through its Regional Director Raymundo G. Agravante turned-over the DOLE’s new generation of job search kiosk to Cagayan de Oro City Mayor Oscar Moreno on 13 July 2015 during its Monday Flag Raising.

The activity was attended by the 500 City Hall employees and its officers and other elected officials.

The launching was spearheaded by the Public Employment Service Office (PESO) or its Job Placement Bureau, through Rey Tagotongan.

The installation of the kiosk envisions assisting job seekers, at no-cost, to access relevant information on job openings, hiring requirements of employers or upgrade their skills through the Technical Education and Development Administration (TESDA) programs and the Bureau of Local Employment career guides.

Director Agravante believes, “Finding employment opportunities in the job market will become easier with the deployment of the 15 job search kiosks in the region’s five provinces.”

In fact, Agravante added, “This is one of DOLE’s strategies in facilitating job matching and placement of job seekers, as well as a very timely approach in this fast-paced aged of information and communication technology. It even provides free state-of-the-art employment service through easy navigation panels LED touch screen display.”

Prior to the launching was the signing of both parties on its Memorandum of Understanding.

OIC-Assistant Regional Director and Concurrent Head of the Western Misamis Oriental Albert E. Gutib, and Technical Support and Services Division Head Atheneus A. Vasallo witnessed the event.

The job search kiosk is an information portal housed in an ATM-type, stand-alone equipment, which provides local and abroad job opportunities and other employment related information (TESDA, CHED, PRC, POEA, OWWA and NWPC).

City gov’t sets online building permit processing’s soft launching


CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY (PIA) – The public can now experience speedy and more modern system in acquiring building permits and other documents in the City Building Office (CBO).

During the flag raising ceremony held on July 13, Mayor Oscar Moreno announced the soft launching of the Building Permit Management System (BPMS) this week.

A memorandum of agreement was signed by Moreno and Dr. Ricardo Rotoras, president of Mindanao University of Science and Technology, in lieu of the implementation of BPMS.

According to Architect Maria Concepcion Alvarez-Alcantara, officer-in-charge of the Office of the Building Official (OBO), it is the aim of the BPMS to upgrade the processing of documents in CBO such as the building, electrical and occupancy permits with the use of modern technology like the automation system that was developed by the experts from MUST.

Alcantara also added that a dry run will be conducted in the actual online building permit application by the experts from MUST and OBO during the soft launching to test the new system which is said to be the ‘first-of-its-kind’ in the country.

For his part, Moreno sent his gratitude for MUST’s support in sharing their technical expertise in the said project that will enhance the services of the OBO.

City launches Higalaay Festival Cagayan de Oro


CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, July 10 (PIA) – Cagayan de Oro City local government launched the expanded Higalaay Festival in celebration of the feast of St. Augustine in August.

The Higalaay Festival Cagayan de Oro Phillippines brand name will make the month-long festivities in Cagayan de Oro known not only in the country but the in whole world as well.

During the launching of the festival, other activities were also named such as Kumbira, Garden Show, Miss Cagayan de Oro, Higalas Parade of Floats and Icons, Carnival Parade, Fluvial Procession, and the newest Rafthon event and more.

The festival was launched two years ago with the aim to make the festivity globally known and now it is named as Higalaay Festival Cagayan de Oro Philippines.

20 tons of iron ore seized

By Lynyrd Alexsei N. Corrales

A CONTAINER loaded with 20 tons of iron ore concentrate was seized Saturday at a barangay in Cagayan de Oro City.

City Local Environment and Natural Resources Office (Clenro) chief Edwin Dael, who led a team that made the seizure in Barangay Canitoan, said they are still assessing the shipment's value but said iron ore concentrate contains magnetite, hematite, and other minerals used in making steel.

Gold can also be extracted from the ore, Dael said.

The truck driver has refused to reveal where the ore came from or where it is headed.

Moresco-1 wants additional power rate hike

By Pamela Jay F. Orias

MISAMIS Oriental Rural Electric Service Cooperative-1 (Moresco-1) customers, who already saddled with a 53-centavo increase since January, will soon have to pay seven centavos more before yearend.

Eugene Velasco, Moresco-1 finance services department manager, said the additional charges will take effect as soon as the rate hike petition is approved by the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC).

This means that a residential customer of Moresco-1 who paid around P800 last year for a monthly consumption of 100 kilowatt hours will have to pay P60 more for the same consumption before yearend.

Velasco said the ERC has already granted provisional approval for the rate increase last month.

The increase, Velasco said, is a result of the privatization of the Mt. Apo geothermal power plants.

FDC Misamis Power Corp., a subsidiary of developer Filinvest, submitted the highest bid for the right to manage the government's contracted output with the Mt. Apo 1 and 2 geothermal power plants in September last year.

Moresco-1 is currently sourcing its power requirements from the Power Sector Assets and Liabilities Management (PSALM).

PSALM is mandated with the privatization of the National Power Corporation’s (NPC) generating plants and to manage NPC’s liabilities in order to reduce the financial obligations of the State-run power firm.

“Our contract with PSALM expires this August, and the renewal is still in question,” Marebec Cagalawan, Moresco-1 communications officer, said.

Cagayan de Oro City councilor Teodolfu Lao Jr., said customers, through the City Council, can still question the rate hike.

“That is the time that the city council will intervene and definitely we will question Moresco on the rate hike,” Lao said.

Lao said the City Council will find a way to reduce the rate hike for the benefit of Moresco-1’s customers.

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