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Cebu City - Archived News

Cebucity-aerial view.jpg
Aerial View of Cebu City
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2.9T indigent kids treated to fun, games at gathering

By Razel V. Cuizon

JOHN Dale Sala, 10, went home with a bunch of goodies after he attended a Christmas party organized by the Cebu City Progressive Uptown Movement (CC-PUM).

“Naa nami pamasko. Malipay gyod akong mama ug mga igsuon ani (We’ll have something extra for our Noche Buena. My mother will be very pleased),” Salas told Sun.Star Cebu.

Sala was one of 2,900 “poorest of the poor” children from mountain barangays who were picked to participate in the feeding program and gift-giving event yesterday called the Pasko sa Uptown, said Veronica Jimenez, program coordinator of CC-PUM.


The event, which was held at Camp Lapu-Lapu, headquarters of the Central Command, in Barangay Apas, opened with a mass, followed by a program and several games for the children.

Aside from the goodies, Sala also got to eat food he would not normally get to eat on ordinary days.

In fact, he said he saved some of the food from his food pack for his younger sister.

“Ako lang sad siyang hatagan kay wa man siya kauban diri naa ra siya sa among balay (I’ll give it to her because she’s at home and couldn’t accompany me),” Salas said.


He said he is always happy when Christmas approaches. “We used to go out caroling inside jeepneys to earn some money but now that we’re not allowed to do that, we just go out caroling in the neighborhood,” he said in Cebuano.

Salas said yesterday’s party was only the second Christmas party he attended this year. The first was the party at school.

Jimenez said the program is on its seventh year, adding that they want to surprise the children so they can experience the essence of Christmas.

Sun.Star Cebu was among the close to 100 sponsors.

CITOM experimenting with the traffic lights

By Jean Marvette A. Demecillo /RHM(The Freeman)

CEBU, Philippines - If you noticed yesterday that all traffic lights in most intersections of Cebu City streets seem to be not working, it was on purpose.

Starting yesterday, traffic lights in 23 major intersections will not be made functional during peak hours as part of an experiment to improve synchronization.

Cebu City Traffic Operations Management Operations Chief Jonathan Tumulak said traffic lights will just be “flashing” from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

“Ang atoa ani is manual ang pag-control sa traffic, mag-base ta sa mga enforcers nga nag-man sa intersections,” he said.

He said that the main purpose of the experiment is for CITOM to calculate better when the traffic lights should turn green or red in relation to the volume of vehicles that should be accommodated within the span of a street from one traffic light to the next.

CITOM has noticed that the distance between traffic lights are not the same so that it is common for the tail end of a queue to block an intersection because all vehicles have not traveled through yet when the lights turned red.

This often results to a gridlock because motorists of the intersecting road would also close up the space even when the way is barred since their traffic light is already green.

“We can no longer predict accurately when a traffic light should turn red or green based on the volume of vehicles,” Tumulak said in Cebuano.

“Ang atong enforcers, through radio, agdon ang volume sa sakyanan nga gikan sa traffic light A. Naa poy modawat sa traffic light B and motan-aw pod ngadto sa traffic light C kon bakante na. Dili man gud pareha og sukod ang distansya sa traffic lights,” he added.

Tumulak said the experiment is in response to what Mayor Michael Rama referred to as “traffic crisis” during the holidays in the city, when the volume of vehicles in the streets are expected to rise.

He said the “flashing experiment” will only be applied in 23 of the 38 intersections in the city as they were identified as congested intersections during peak hours.

Tumulak said that he does not know yet how long it would take them to conduct the experiment.

“Wala pa ta kahibawo until when ni, basta kana sigurong ma-normal na ang atong traffic. Kani pod nga experiment maghatag og guide sa CITOM kon unsay buhaton namo sunod,” he said.

He assured there are enough traffic enforcers to man the affected intersections, and that CITOM needs there and the public’s participation for them to map out a better scheme on how to solve the traffic problem of the city.

CITOM is even deploying during the experiment hours those working at the traffic maintenance section and the traffic control office to ensure that the intersections are properly manned.

Meanwhile, Tumulak revealed Rama recently approved the purchase of 15 motorcycles amounting to P1.5 million for trained traffic enforcers.

The 15 motorcycles are just part of the 100 Rama wants to purchase for the enforcers to become effective and efficient in the control and management of the city’s traffic situation.

Tumulak said they are expecting the 15 motorcycles to be delivered before the third Sunday of January, adding that he was already processing the procurement papers of 75 more motorcycles.

Citom enforcers to get 15 motorbikes in Jan.

By Razel V. Cuizon

TO ENSURE prompt response to traffic concerns, the Cebu City Government will buy 15 new motorcycles for City Traffic Operations Management (Citom) enforcers.

Citom Operations Chief Jonathan Tumulak said Mayor Michael Rama made the decision after seeing the traffic situation in the city last Tuesday night.

The 15 motorcycles are expected to arrive early January 2015. The City spent P15 million for their purchase.

Tumulak said City Hall plans to buy more motorcycles for traffic enforcers.

At present, there are 23 serviceable motorcycles used by Citom traffic enforcers.

Tumulak said Rama realized that if enforcers use four-wheeled vehicles they would also get stuck in the traffic.

The move, he said, is part of Rama's initiative to address what he described as a “crisis.”

To address the traffic problem, Rama also disallowed pay parking on busy roads, like those around the Carbon Public Market.

Citom enforcers have been ordered to supervise traffic on intersections.

Tumulak said more than 30 traffic lights have been programmed to keep flashing the yellow light to caution drivers that an enforcer is supervising the traffic.

“We turned off the usual function of the traffic lights and deployed traffic enforcers because they can see if there’s a congestion and manage it accordingly” he said.

The enforcers, he added will communicate with each other through hand-held radios to synchronize the traffic flow.

S. Korea to set up consul office in Cebu

By Elias O. Baquero

THE Government of South Korea decided to put up a separate consulate in Cebu by the first quarter of 2015 to monitor and protect the increasing number of their citizens in the Visayas and Mindanao and at the same time promote business and tourism.

Consul General Lee Ki-seog told Sun.Star Cebu that there are about 400,000 Koreans visiting the Philippines every year and about 35,000 to 40,000 of them are in Cebu.

Aside from that, there are also thousands of Filipinos who go to South Korea every year and those who are from Cebu and the rest of the Visayas need not go to the Korean embassy in Manila to get a visa for their travel once the consulate in Cebu will open, Lee said.


With about six months of preparations, the Korean Cebu consulate may open either in February or March 2015 at the Cebu Business Park.

The consul general expects more of his fellow Koreans to come, considering the five direct flights every week between Mactan Cebu International Airport and Incheon, South Korea.

Lee was interviewed during the general assembly of the Cebu Korean Association Inc., which is chaired by businessman Charlie Choo, the son-in-law of Cordova Mayor Adelino Sitoy.

Choo said the opening of a consulate in Cebu proves that the relationship between the two countries in tourism, business and education is improving.

Lee said the Korean Government wants to retain the services of lawyer Augusto W. Go, the Philippine honorary consul general to South Korea, when the Cebu consulate will open.

However, Lee said the Philippine Government has rejected their request because under the Philippine law, there is no need for an honorary consul once a consulate is opened.

“Consul General Augusto Go is a great man. He has helped a lot in promoting the good relations between South Korea and the Philippines, especially in business, tourism and education. I admire him. I hope he can work with us in other capacities,” Lee said.


Cebu Korean Association Vice President Joseph Shin and Cebu Dream Show owner Paul Kim said more Koreans are coming to study English, invest and for rest-and recreation because Cebu is a nice place and Cebuanos are hospitable.

Tuburan, Cebu Mayor Democrito Diamante, the president of the League of Municipalities in the Philippines (LMP) Cebu Chapter, thanked the Cebu Korean Association for inviting Cebu mayors for an observation tour in South Korea.

“It was an unforgettable experience for the mayors. That is why we, at the LMP, want to help in creating a system to monitor the safety of about 35,000 Korean nationals in Cebu,” Diamante said.

Diamante said the LMP may adopt some Korean technologies and systems of governance that they’ve observed during their recent visit to South Korea.

Cebu City wins overall title in Batang Pinoy


CEBU CITY, Dec. 16 (PNA) -- Team Cebu City left for Bacolod City hoping to snag the overall title in the Batang Pinoy national finals.

And they did just that, taking a gold-silver-bronze medal haul of 52-41-45.

Team Cebu City added its final gold medals in dancesport and in Muay Thai--which are both part of the Cebu City Sports Commission grassroots program.

"It's a morale booster for CCSC since Muay Thai and mixed-martial arts are part of the Bakbakan sa Sugbu," said Muay Thai coach Mary Ann Durado.

Ken Caniga fought his way to two gold medals in Muay Thai, while Larah Jane Flores won a gold in the forms event. She also got a gold in the competition category.

"Now we know that even in the national level, we can win medals. Ken and Larah Jane did their best and were rewarded with medals," said Durardo.

In Dancesport, Hezekiah Sobrevega and Rydel Rowella Pat won the Juvenila A standard event, while Jake Corro and Andreah Capangpangan won two Junior C gold medals. Andrew Ysla and Noelyn Pedrano also added a gold in the Junior A division.

In boxing, brothers Eduardo and Jeffrei Jimenez got a gold medal each in the national finals.

Eduardo won the 26 to 28-kilogram division, while Jeffrei won the 30 to 32-kilogram division.

In the early days of the competition, Cebu City also got the gold medals in triathlon, athletics, futsal and weightlifting.

“We had spectacular stint because the team performed well despite the 14-horu trip to bacolod. Our weightlifters broke national records despite having only three months training, and our Muay Thai athletes from the grassroots program also delivered," said CCSC chairman Ed Hayco.

Cebu City parks body eyes ‘zero waste’ during Sinulog 2015


CEBU CITY, Dec. 15 (PNA) -- The Cebu City Parks and Playgrounds, Wildlife, Ecology and Environmental Management is proposing a “Zero Waste” scheme for next month’s Sinulog celebration.

The city has been collecting tons of wastes every Sinulog, which is attended by millions of people, despite its constant reminder on waste segregation and proper disposal of garbage.

This year, the city has collected 174 tons of garbage, which is 13 tons lesser than last year’s 187 tons.

But the waste collected in 2013 was higher by 113 percent or by 165 tons than the amount of garbage collected in 2012.

The Department of Environment and Natural Resouces (DENR) 7 said Cebu City has an estimated waste discharge of more than 500 tons or 0.7 kilogram per person per day.

Cebu City Councilor Nida Cabrera, chairman of the City Parks and Playground Commission, said the city has to observe zero waste every January as declared by President Benigno C. Aquino III by virtue of Proclamation No. 760 as “Zero Waste Month.”

She said the proclamation aims to establish ethical, economical and efficient tool to guide people in changing lifestyles and practices towards wastes.

“Also, to emulate sustainable natural cycles, where all discarded materials are designed to become resources for others to use,” she said.

Republic Act No. 9003 also prohibits littering, throwing, dumping of waste in public places, such as roads, sidewalks, canals, esteros or parks, and establishment, or causing or permitting the same.

The undertaking is in coordination with other environmental groups, SEED4COM, Let’s Do It Philippines, Sinulog Foundation Incorporated and city’s Department of Public Services.

These non-government organizations and local government departments would be conducting information drive as to the locations of trash bins, water stations, and medic and tourist help desks, among others. DPS, tasked to handle the city’s garbage disposal, has noted an increase in the amount of garbage collected.

Some 300 volunteers are expected to undertake the project.

Cabrera said the public including the revelers and travelers have to help eliminate, if not, reduce or minimize the discharge of wastes during Sinulog.

“While we don’t diminish the importance of the religious and cultural activities during the Sinulog celebration, every one of us should be equally mindful of the enormous piles of garbage likely to be generated,” she said.

Cebu City to Malacanang: Give us P1.5 billion to help rebuild hospital destroyed in 2013 quake

(Philippines News Agency,

CEBU CITY -- Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama has asked the City Development Council (CDC) to persuade Malacañang to extend financial help for the construction of the new P1.5-billion Cebu City Medical Center (CCMC).

Rama urged the CDC to adopt a resolution asking the Office of the President and the Department of Health to donate P1.5 billion for the project.

“The resolution will bring to the attention of the President and the health department that the city needs the hospital. It is the hospital for the poor. Hence, please give us the support,” he said.

Oscar Abordo of the CDC secretariat said the resolution requested by the mayor will be included and tackled in the council's next meeting on Feb. 20, 2015.

Rama asked the national government to help fund the construction of a new hospital on N. Bacalso Ave.

But he said his Oct. 20, 2013 letter to Malacañang did not get a response.

Rama said he sent a follow-up letter last month but this was also unanswered.

The old hospital building was demolished because it was declared unsafe after the magnitude 7.2 earthquake on Oct. 15 last year.

The Cebu City government launched last year the "Piso Mo, Hospital Ko" fund drive and raised only P16 million.

The Cebu City Council allotted P300 million this year for the construction of the new CCMC and proposed another P300 million under the 2015 annual budget.

The City Council is yet to approve the P18.9-billion 2015 budget proposed by the executive branch.

The new hospital building will have 10 stories and about 500 beds. The old one only had 200 beds.

DENR awards Cebu City for land titling

By Glenda B. Tapang, (USJ-R MassComm Intern/NSA, The Freeman)

CEBU, Philippines - Cebu City Mayor Michael Rama received a plaque of appreciation from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources — Land Management Bureau for the city’s remarkable efforts in public land titling.

The plaque was given “in grateful recognition and sincere appreciation of the remarkable support extended on the capacity building role out on the systematic adjudication approach in public land titling in partnership with local government units.”

The city created Task Force Land for the Landless that helps solve tenurial problems among residents, provide lands to qualified families, as well as accommodate informal settlers that need relocation.

Rama was proud of the recognition, considering that Cebu has been the first LGU to be awarded such.

He also acknowledged the efforts of the DENR and the Division for the Welfare of the Urban Poor to make the project successful that it gained national recognition.

“They have distributed what they have committed before the end of the year” the mayor said. Freeman ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch:

Under the Land for the Landless program, at least 260 land titles have been given to the beneficiaries this year.

Rama said they are still working to achieve their commitment of titling 1,000 more lots before the end of January next year.

After January, Rama said they will further provide land titles to residents in barangays Lorega and Tejero, and in 93–1 lot in Barangay Apas since the provincial government is considering donating the lot to the city residents.

“They are the recipient of true empowerment when people can claim that they have a land on their own,” the mayor stated, as he challenged Bureau to achieve its target to turn over 2,500 titles before his term ends on 2016.

Cebu City sends team to help E. Samar

By Razel V. Cuizon

A TEAM of 58 people from the Cebu City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (CCDRRMC) arrived in Catbalogan, Eastern Samar yesterday to help the area get up after typhoon Ruby damaged it.

Ruby, which hit Eastern Samar last Dec. 6 and other parts of the Visayas and Luzon after, damaged at least P1.04 billion worth of crops and farmlands, according to the National Disaster Risk and Reduction Management Council.

Ruby affected 492,700 families or 2,243,479 people, according to the NDRRMC’s assessment as of 3 p.m. Tuesday.

The NDRRMC said a total of 1,523 passengers, 38 vessels, 379 rolling cargoes and two bancas were still stranded in several ports because of bad weather.

Cebu City Councilor Dave Tumulak said the team began work right after their briefing by by the local disaster team there.

Tumulak who also chairs CCDRRMC, said the team is composed of electricians, carpenters, tree cutters, traffic enforcers and other personnel from the disaster office.

They will help repair Ruby-damaged classrooms.

They will also help clear the roads of fallen trees and debris, and help give out relief goods.

The team will also show films and hold discussions on disaster preparedness.

Cebu City Hall also sent two dump trucks, two generator sets, chainsaws and other tools.

In case more hands are needed, Tumulak said, the City is willing to send more people there.

The initiative, Tumulak said, is part of the agreement they had with other local disaster officers from other places hit by Ruby. That commitment was given during a meeting they had at the Office of the Civil Defense 7.

Mayor Michael Rama earlier said that the City Government will help those affected by the typhoon, by sending relief and financial help as what the City did after typhoon Yolanda last year.

City to give P3,000 cash aid to PWDs tomorrow

By Jean Marvette A. Demecillo/NSA (The Freeman)

CEBU, Philippines - The Cebu City government will be dispensing over P28 million for the cash assistance to persons with disabilities in the city.

At least 9,000 registered PWDs will receive P3,000 each tomorrow.

City Treasurer Diwa Cuevas said that tomorrow’s distribution would be the second and last tranche of cash aid from the city government to PWDs for this year.

Mayor Michael Rama has vowed to give P5,000 cash assistance to registered PWDs. The first tranche was given last July wherein P2,000 were given to each PWD.

Tomorrow’s distribution will start at 8 a.m. in the respective barangay halls or barangay sports complex and will be manned by the Department of Social Welfare and Services.

Those who will fail to get their share tomorrow can still claim their aid at the City Treasurer’s Office not later than 15 days.

The Cebu City Federation of PWDs has 12,000 to 13,000 members. Federation President Danny Omayan earlier asked the city government to grant cash aid to the members.

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