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This is a public service and utility wiki website. My goal is to create and maintain a webpage for every province, city, municipality, and barangay in the Philippines. Yes a page for all the 42,027 registered barangays in the Philippines. Ultimately to make a non-profit foundation for the betterment of the Philippines and to make the name Zamboanga synonymous to The Philippines. When people hear the name Zamboanga they will think of The Philippines.

Every barangay site is editable by any registered user. Since the internet is an "equalizer", this site provides the tool for every barangay in the Philippines to be known and "visited". We allow the posting of the businesses in the barangays in the webpage, thereby promoting the barangay. I invite every business owner to create his own webpage within We will help you. It is free. No strings attached and you or your designated editor can edit your webpage anytime and anywhere.

I am also trying to work in conjunction with the COMELEC, so the current elected provincial, city, municipal, and barangay officers can be listed within their respective website. The goal is also to create a simple webpage for each elected government official. To allow the general public to get to know their elected officers.

On (March 23, 2012) the DILG - Department of the Interior and Local Government (Virgilio A. Castro - Director IV) provided with the list of elected barangay officials in the Philippines. Kudos to the DILG. The people of the Philippines appreciates the gesture. However, this has not worked very well for the year of 2014.

All these work cost money. However, I do not ask for monetary contributions or donations. I only ask for your collaboration to improve the webpage of your beloved barangay.

The minimal ads that you see are our only way to earn the funds to pay for the costs of the servers, bandwidth, and bare bones staff.

This website is uniquely designed. The site is based on NAVIGATION. There are other wiki sites about the Philippines but you won't be able to navigate from barangay to barangay, to municipalities, provinces, cities and regions as you can within This wiki has a link to each province of the Philippines within the sidebar. You can't get lost!

So my plea to you is not for money. My plea to you is for information collaboration. Information enhances education and education empowers the people and this will ultimately boost the economy of our nation. This can start with you, the barangay officials. You are the custodians of the barangay. Your information contributions about your barangay will be greatly appreciated by all.

Specifically, I am inviting the SK Chairman of each barangay to adopt his/her barangay webpage.

I am looking for volunteer editors. Editors who are willing adopt a province, city, municipality or barangay. Even if you are not wiki savvy, it makes no difference, as long as you are willing to provide valuable information. I will work with you.

  • Note:I am looking forward to when advanced technology will be in the hands of most Filipinos in every barangay. The barangay folks will not just have a "cellphone". It will be "THE" cellphone. A cellphone that is camera, video, and internet ready. Pictures can be taken from any barangay and uploaded to within the palm of the user. Each barangay can then be showcased to the world.

Thank you.
Frank Maletsky Founder

My Philosophy in Life:

  • As humans, it is our nature to be on a quest.
    • Our origin is our past and we are heading for the future with multitudes of stopovers.
    • There is no destination, just stopovers in our journey to discover ourselves.
    • It is the journey that makes us who we are.
    • The more emotion we pour into our journey the more we improve.
    • Without emotion, we are nothing.
    • Positive or Negative, we have to give it our all.
    • We have the freedom of choice and the power to reason.
    • The "Positive" or the "Negative" are simply the tools of our journey.
    • Explore your surroundings.
    • Experience the journey.
    • Discover yourself.
    • Be balanced, share, and try to Love.
  • Love but never deprive, share and be balanced and you will be ENLIGHTENED.

  • Only 5 things to do or follow:
  1. Love
    • Love transcends all. Express your love in thought or feeling, in words, in gestures, in deeds or in your conduct. Love does not just apply towards others, it applies to yourself as the individual. You must love yourself too.
  2. Share
    • Humans are born selfish! Parents and Adults must teach children to share. As you chip away at your "rock of selfishness", sharing becomes easier. Conversation is less difficult.
  3. Do not Cheat
    • One of the hardest thing to do. Almost instinctively we try to cheat when trying to have, attain or crave something that we don't have..
  4. Do not Deprive
    • To take away, remove, deny, keep away, withhold from the enjoyment or possession. Deprivation of life, education, food, shelter, etc....
  5. Do not Insult
    • We learn to tease (insult) as children. When teased, children get very angry and they emotionally get hurt. As we grow to be adults we become experts at insulting each other. Battles, wars, and killings are started by simple insults.
    • Do not make a mockery of the shortcomings of others.

I am old now, yet I can't master these 5 things that I came up with in 1969. I continue to hurt the people I love. But this does not mean that I have given up.

Remember me by these words:

  • Love but never deprive, share and be balanced and you will be ENLIGHTENED.

Frank Maletsky

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