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DepEd, humanitarian agencies join hands for IDP children’s education

By Dominic I. Sanchez

ZAMBOANGA CITY – Education for the hundreds of children affected by last year’s siege has regained a sense of normalcy two months after the opening of classes last June, as the Department of Education (DepEd) and humanitarian agencies have appropriated classrooms and provided interventions for this purpose.

In a report, Acting City Schools Superintendent Pedro Natividad shared, “the pupils coming from displaced families are now attending classes in temporary school sites and in composite schools in the transitory sites.”

Hundreds of schoolchildren were displaced last year, and now they are attending school in Baliwasan Central School and in the Zamboanga East and West Central Schools, and in Taluksangay and Tulungatung transit sites. Classes have also resumed in Rio Hondo and Talon-Talon elementary schools.

In addition to the existing classrooms, Natividad bared that 13 makeshift rooms and temporary learning spaces (TLS) were provided by UNICEF and the Tzu Chi Foundation. “More help for the students came from various civil society groups and non-government organizations in the form of feeding programs, child protection and counseling, provision of school kits and teachers’ kits, WASH facilities and water supply,” he added.

Teachers for Taluksangay and Tulungatung were already appropriated with daily traveling expenses, considering that the areas are far from the original campuses that were destroyed during the siege.

Meanwhile, some teachers are worried over the presence of several IDP families in the campuses, particularly in the Zamboanga West Central School. They noted that some adults are smoking inside the campuses. Moreover, IDPs dispose of garbage and waste improperly, and water pipes were destroyed.

Electric bills remain unsettled particularly in Talon-Talon, now amounting to over a hundred thousand pesos.

The DepEd has already sought the assistance of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), the local government and other agencies to help resolve the problems confronting the schools and pupils.

Five-day Philippine Scouting Centennial Jamboree set in Zamboanga City


ZAMBOANGA CITY, Aug. 28 (PNA) – Preparations are underway for the holding of the five-day Philippine Scouting Centennial Jamboree in this city.

Boy Scouts of the Philippines (BSP) Scout Executive Arthur Griño said Thursday they have already met with Zamboanga City police director Senior Supt. Angelito Casimiro and discussed matters pertaining to security.

However, Griño emphasized they are not concerned about the security of the participants citing “as far as security is concern, it is well coordinated.”

The centennial jamboree will be held from November 9-13 inside the compound of the Zamboanga City Special Economic Zone Authority and Freeport in Sitio San Ramon, Barangay Talisayan, west of this city.

Griño said they expect more or less 5,000 BSP members from Luzon, the Visayas and other parts of Mindanao to attend the centennial jamboree.

Griño said among the top national government official expected to attend the jamboree is Vice-President Jejomar Binay, the BSP national president.

He said the holding of the centennial jamboree here is a very significant occasion since this city is the birthplace of scouting, which was on November 16, 1914.

According to the Wikipedia, the history of Scouting in the Philippines can be traced back to the American occupation.

The earliest documented formation of a Scout troop in the islands was that of the Lorillard Spencer Troop of Zamboanga formed in 1914 by a United States Navy Lieutenant named Sherman Kiser.

Zamboanga Lung Month observance to culminate with fun run


ZAMBOANGA CITY, Aug. 27 (PNA) -– The Zamboanga Hermosa Tuberculosis (TB) Council is finalizing the preparations for the holding of TB Fun Run to drum up awareness on tuberculosis prevention and control.

The TB Council is a multi-sectoral group tasked to undertake strategies and approaches to control and prevent the spread of TB.

City Health Officer Dr. Rodelin Agbulos, co-chair of the TB Council, said Wednesday the TB Fun Run is scheduled to be held on Sunday, August 31, in partnership with the Rotary Club of Zamboanga.

Agbulos said the TB Fun Run will serve as the culminating activity in the observance of the Lung Month, which is observed every August.

The Lung Month is aimed to promote awareness about different pulmonary diseases in order to encourage the public to contribute to a better and healthier environment.

Agbulos said the Fun Run will kick off at 5 a.m. at the scenic Paseo del Mar with a Zumba warm up and will end at the Mayor Vitaliano Agan Coliseum in Barangay Tetuan where the commemorative program will be held. Special awards will be given to deserving participants.

Agbulos said expected to attend the Fun Run are the different high schools and colleges, hospitals, regional and local government offices and agencies, as well as members of the military and security groups.

Meanwhile, the other activities in the observance of the Lung Month included the conduct of TB summit, case detection in the different Directly Observed Treatment Short-Course (DOTS)-Health Centers in the different barangays.

Agbulos enjoins TB Fun Run participation

By Sheila Covarrubias

The Zamboanga Hermosa Tuberculosis Council, a multi-sectoral group tasked to undertake strategies and approaches to control and prevent the spread of TB is now finalizing preparations for the conduct of the TB Fun Run on August 31 that will culminate the city’s observance of Lung Month.

Held in partnership with the Rotary Club of Zamboanga, the annual TB Fun Run is aimed to drum up awareness on TB prevention and control.

City Health Officer Rodel Agbulos, who co-chairs the Hermosa TB Council with Mayor Beng Climaco appeals to the different agencies both in government and non-government including private institutions and well-meaning individuals to join in the fun run activity and help support the campaign to prevent and control if not eradicate the TB disease in n zamboanga.

The activity will kick off at 5am at the Paseo del Mar with a Zumba warm up and will proceed to the City Coliseum in Tetuan where the commemorative program will be held. Special awards will be given to deserving participants.

The Fun Run is open to all individuals and groups who are interested. Assembly and registration time will be at 5:00 am at Paseo del Mar. T-shirts will be given to the first 20 runners to be registered.

Expected to attend the Fun Run are the different high schools and colleges, hospitals, regional and local government offices and agencies, as well as members of the armed forces and security groups.

The National Lung Month is celebrated in the Philippines every August to promote awareness about different pulmonary diseases in order to encourage the public to contribute to a better and healthier environment.

Other activities in observance of the Lung Month included the conduct of TB summit, case detection in the different Directly Observed Treatment Short-Course (DOTS)-Health Centers in the different barangays.

Revents related to the month-long celebration are the Lung Cancer Awareness Month, the National Tuberculosis Awarness Month, the National Tuberculosis Day, and Asthma Week, among others.

CAAP-Zambo gets boost in firefighting capability


ZAMBOANGA CITY, Aug. 25 (PNA) -- The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) is providing a boost to the capability of its Aerodrome Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) unit in this city.

CAAP-Zamboanga ARFF Fire Marshall Michael Dela Cruz said they are set to receive by the first quarter of 2015 two units of American-made Oshkosh fire trucks worth P77 million.

Dela Cruz said the two fire trucks were among the 41 units Oshkosh fire trucks CAAP has purchased from the United States for the different airports in the country.

Dela Cruz said the arrival of the two new fire trucks will further boost the firefighting capability of the local ARFF since they will have a total of four firefighting apparatus.

However, he disclosed that one of the two fire trucks they have is under rehabilitation.

He said it is expected also that they will send personnel to the U.S. to train on how to operate properly the Oshkosh fire trucks.

Last week, they held a five-day rescue and firefighting training in this city.

The training was participated in by 35 CAAP personnel detailed at the Zamboanga International Airport (ZIA).

Free DOST-SEI online reviewer

(DOST IX/Jeane Dagoy)

Secondary senior students who have qualified for the college scholarship exam of the Science Education Institute (SEI) may now access a free online reviewer in preparation for the 2015 S&T Undergraduate Scholarship Examination on September 21, this year.

Brenda L. Nazareth-Manzano, Regional Director of Department of Science and Technology (DOST) IX, said that this opportunity is made possible through the department’s latest initiative called the Syensiya-Bilidad Online Reviewer.

The free reviewer is designed to help aspiring scholars to better prepare for the DOST-SEI Undergraduate scholarship exam. It can be accessed at

“It is free and accessible through the Internet. Even students who live in the provinces can experience and learn from the exam simulation,” said Dir. Nazareth-Manzano.

Based on the “Primer for the DOST-SEI Aptitude Test Battery for Science and Technology Courses”, the reviewer contains questions on Biological Science, Physical Science, Mathematics and Linguistics further grouped to measure a student’s Intellective Speed, Intellective Power and Linguistic Ability.

Dir. Nazareth-Manzano also emphasizes the online reviewer as a practice test environment simulating the actual exam. The question grouping, time constraints, and format following the actual examination with questions formulated by a pool of experts. At the same time, the online reviewer can enhance test-taking strategies giving the students greater chances of passing the exam.

The DOST- Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology (PCIEERD) is the monitoring agency for the development of the software programs, including online reviewer for Philippine Science High School (PSHS) accessible through

Make S&T your Future!

For more information, you may visit DOST IX office at Pettit Barracks, Zamboanga City or contact us thru telephone nos. (062) 991-1024/992-1114 and email address You can also visit our official website at

Saudi Arabia to hire 1,600 medical professionals in Zamboanga City

By R.G. Antonet A. Go [(PNA), CTB/TPGJR/RGAAG/PJN]

ZAMBOANGA CITY, Aug 23 (PNA) -- The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) through its Ministry of Health is hiring some 1,600 Filipino medical professionals from this city.

Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) Regional Officer-in-Charge Marrieta Bellotindos said officials of KSA’s Ministry of Health are arriving here next week to screen applicants.

Bellotindos said that written examination and interview of applicants will be held from August 26-28 at a local hotel here.

The results of the examination will be released on the same day the applicants take the test.

Bellotindos said among the medical professionals to be hired are 1,000 staff nurses, 500 respiratory therapists, and 100 x-ray specialists.

Bellotindos said her office has so far registered around 718 medical professional-applicants. They include 646 nurses, 47 x-ray specialists, 19 respiratory therapists, and six pharmacists.

She said medical professionals who are interested to apply may still register with the POEA until Monday as the office will be opened although it is a non-working holiday.

She said they can also register on-line at but they have to submit their requirements at POEA on or before Monday.

The applicants are also advised to bring with them valid identification cards (IDs).

Meanwhile, Bellotindos said that walk-in applicants will be entertained on August 28.

Japanese firm set to invest in Zamboecozone

By R.G. Antonet A. Go [(PNA), CTB/TPGJR/RGAAG/UTB]

ZAMBOANGA CITY, Aug. 22 (PNA) -- A Japanese firm named Tokyo Tec Corp that is engaged in the processing of coconut by-products is set to pour in millions of pesos of investment at the Zamboanga City Special Economic Zone Authority and Freeport (Zamboecozone).

Zamboecozone Chairman and Administrator Christopher Lawrence Arnuco said Friday the Japanese firm is putting up two factories in a four-hectare area of Zamboecozone’s 1st Industrial Park.

Arnuco said one of the factories is for food production and the other is for energy.

He said the entry of the Tokyo Tec Corp will open a big livelihood opportunity to farmers, citing the firm would buy at least 100,000 coconuts daily to be processed.

Arnuco said the coconuts will be processed into coco water and virgin coconut oil while the waste materials will be converted into energy such as activated carbon and bio-diesel.

He said Tokyo Tec Corp is set to forge a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the leaders and members of coconut farmer cooperatives in Barangay Dulian-Upper Bungiao for the supply of the needed raw materials.

“The investors (Tokyo Tec Corp) have already met with the leaders and members of the cooperative in Barangay Dulian-Upper Bungiao to discuss the contents of their MOA. This involves the supply of 100,000 coconuts per day to Tokyo Tec Corp., which the conpany will process into coco water, 100 percent virgin coconut oil and the waste into energy such as activated carbon and bio-diesel,” he added.

He said the Tokyo Tec Corp is set to complete next month the needed documents including Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) registration and the feasibility study to start the construction of its factories at Zamboecozone.

Arnuco said the entry of the Tokyo Tec Corp will be the second Japanese firm to invest at Zamboecozone. The first is the Art Nature, a company that produces wig.

Meanwhile, Arnuco said the Zamboecozone has a total of 17 registered investors with 27 applications pending approval.

UN urges Zambo youth to join humanitarian work

By Dominic I. Sanchez (FPG/DIS/PIA9-ZBST)

ZAMBOANGA CITY, Aug. 21 (PIA) – “The world needs more humanitarian heroes,” emphasized Al Hashim of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN-OCHA) during a forum participated in by college students at the Garden Orchid Hotel on Wednesday, Aug. 19, in commemoration of the World Humanitarian Day.

“We want to raise awareness and spur interest among students in humanitarian work hoping that they will consider heeding the call,” Hashim told students of Ateneo de Zamboanga University, Universidad de Zamboanga and Western Mindanao State University.

In a video clip presented to the audience, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon said that World Humanitarian Day looks to “honor those who have fallen and those who continue to help those who need it anywhere.”

While there are numerous people who have made humanitarian work a career, many are volunteers.

“Everyone can be a humanitarian hero,” said Safia Taulani, also from UN-OCHA.

In an earlier interview, UN-OCHA Zamboanga hub head Ben Pickering explained that humanitarian workers are subjected to difficult situations since they work in areas of conflict and disaster. “Many are subjected to violence themselves,” Pickering pointed out.

“The need for humanitarians continues to increase,” Pickering explained. Statistics show that six million more people were displaced due to violence and disasters in 2013, compared to the previous year’s data. An approximated fifty million people all over the world were displaced last year, including internally-displaced persons (IDPs) in Zamboanga City.

Meanwhile, Mayor Beng Climaco cited the efforts of the numerous humanitarians, both local and foreign who have been serving Zamboanga IDPs since last year. “Unlike us politicians, you are not pressured by voters to serve, nevertheless, you still are here,” said Mayor Climaco.

“Humanitarian workers are those whose hearts, heads, minds and the totality of their persons are dedicated to their passion and zeal to help humanity,” she added.

“Miles de gracias con vos otros,” (a thousand thanks to you) Mayor Climaco said, citing each of the foreign humanitarian agencies here.

Meanwhile, the mayor called on the public to never forget the countless number of Zamboanguenos who went out of their way during the siege in helping those that were displaced.

“They never hugged the limelight, but they still helped those who were in need,” she added.

NFA-Zamboanga receives 156,000 sacks of rice imported from Vietnam


ZAMBOANGA CITY, Aug. 20 (PNA) – The National Food Authority (NFA) has received a shipment of 156,000 bags of 50 kilos each of imported rice from Vietnam, an NFA official announced Wednesday.

NFA Provincial Manager Gaudencio Nuega said the shipment of rice arrived Tuesday at the local port aboard a Vietnamese cargo vessel, M/V Bimaru Pearl.

“Maganda ang quality ng bigas dahil 15 percent broken lang. We will sell this at P32 per kilo,” Nuega said.

Nuega said 30,000 of the 156,000 sacks of rice will be shipped to the provinces of Basilan, Sulu and Tawi-Tawi (BaSulTa) while the remaining 126,000 will be for this city.

“The rice allocation for BaSulTa is 90,000 sacks for this year and we already distributed 60,000 sacks of rice,” he added.

He said the rice that arrived Tuesday is the second to the last shipment of rice for his office for this year.

H said the last batch of rice shipment consisting of 54,000 sacks will arrived next month.

Meanwhile, he said they will flood the market with NFA rice to cushion the effect of the continued increase in the prices of rice of commercial varieties.

He also warned unscrupulous rice merchants to refrain from selling NFA rice as commercial rice by mixing it with another variety.

He said those who will be caught engaged in such nefarious activities will be slapped with appropriate charges and sanctions.

Nuega said they have activated a monitoring team to closely watch the sale of NFA rice in the market.

BSP-Zamboanga sets credit card awareness, financial empowerment seminar


ZAMBOANGA CITY, Aug. 19 (PNA) -- The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) is scheduled to conduct a three-day seminar on credit card awareness and financial empowerment in this city.

BSP-Zamboanga Acting Branch Head Vicente Celestial said Tuesday the seminar will be held next week from August 27 to 29, the venue of which has yet to be announced.

Celestial said the seminar on credit card awareness will scheduled to be held on August 27 and financial empowerment on August 28 and 29 for the youth and other sectors.

Celestial said the resource speakers of the three-day seminar are from the BSP-central office particularly from the Financial Affairs Group comprising of Divira Salve Labitad, Gilda Ramirez, and Laurence Vicencio.

Celestial said those interested to attend the seminar may visit BSP-Zamboanga Branch or may call through telephone number (062)991-28-64 for more information about the three-day activity.

Zamboanga City inaugurates P51.7-M public market building


ZAMBOANGA CITY, Aug. 18 (PNA) -– Mayor Ma. Isabelle Climaco-Salazar and City Administrator Antonio Orendain, Jr. spearheaded Monday the inauguration of the P51.7 million newly rehabilitated market complex at the waterfront public market.

Known as the Ping’s Commercial Building, it houses a total of 240 stalls and nine new buildings with complete comfort room facilities and other amenities.

Salazar said rehabilitation of the market complex is aimed to provide comfort to the occupants as well as to the market goers.

The occupants of the stalls are engaged in various business that include groceries, dry goods, barter trade goods, dried fish, rice and grains and eateries.

The turnover takes place after water connection to the complex has completed making the edifice ready for occupancy by the original concessionaires.

The delay in the turnover of the complex was caused by the changes in the specifications for the water pipes, valves and other fittings.

The concessionaires had been temporarily occupying the market alleys to sell their wares since the start of the construction of the so-called Ping’s Commercial Building.

The main public market facing the waterfront is one of this city’s economic enterprises aside from the Sta. Cruz Commercial Complex, Bagsakan Center, Cold Storage and the Slaughterhouse.

Zamboanga City readies for Hermosa Festival in October

By Joel Locsin/BM, (GMA News)

Nearly a year after surviving a three-week attack by followers of Moro National Liberation Front founder Nur Misuari, residents of Zamboanga City have started preparations for the Hermosa Festival, to be held in October.

Zamboangeño Romeo Abarro, a professional trainer from the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP), is training teachers for the street dance, the city government said.

“This year, the street dance is going to be distinctively Zamboangueño because it’s going to be a representation of the evolution of Subanon, the Maria Clara concept of the Zamboanga Spanish influence as a Latin as well as the Badjaos and Samals,” said Mayor Isabelle Climaco-Salazar in a post on her Facebook account.

Subanons are considered among the first inhabitants of Zamboanga, the center of Subanen tribe and culture during the pre-Hispanic times.

The Hermosa festival, also known as Fiesta Pilar, is a month-long celebration honoring the Nuestra Señora del Pilar, the patroness of the city, on October 12.

DSWD set to build additional 30 bunkhouses for Zambo IDPs


ZAMBOANGA CITY, Aug. 16 (PNA) -- The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) has pledged to construct additional 30 bunkhouses for internally displaced persons (IDPs) in this city.

City Information Officer Sheila Belen Covarrubias said the pledge was relayed to Mayor Ma. Isabelle Climaco-Salazar by DSWD Assistant Secretary Vilma Cabrera in a recent meeting at City Hall.

Covarrubias said the additional bunkhouses will be constructed at the transitory site in Sitio Masepla, Barangay Mampang, east of this city.

The additional 30 bunkhouses can accommodate more than 700 families.

At present, there are 30 bunkhouses at Sitio Masepla, Barangay Mampang which house 518 families comprising of 2,653 individuals.

The bunkhouses were built by the DSWD and the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

Covarrubias said there is still wide space available for the construction of the additional 30 bunkhouses since only five hectares of the 22.5 hectares Masepla property have been developed.

She said the city government can start the decongestion of the Mayor Joaquin Enriquez Memorial Sports Complex once these additional bunkhouses are completed.

Assistant City Administrator Dr. Elmeir Apolinario, head of the temporary shelter cluster, said DSWD wants to develop the remaining area of the Masepla property to accommodate the IDPs from the sports complex and to eventually clear the area.

The sports complex served as the biggest evacuation center since the 20-day siege broke out in September 2013.

The siege started on September 9 when hundreds of Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) members loyal to MNLF founding-chair Nur Misuari infiltrated some of the coastal barangays in this city.

LGU, partners explore livelihood projects for IDPs

By Claudine Uniana

The City government and its humanitarian partners continue to explore permanent livelihood opportunities for affected families.

City Agriculturist and Livelihood Cluster head Diosdado Palacat disclosed that the local government is awaiting further development on the seaweed farming proposal submitted for possible funding.

The proposal called for an estimated budget of P21M to cover the training of beneficiaries, the purchase of necessary equipment, and the construction of required facility, including of fishing materials, gears and pump boats.

Palacat further shared that several other proposals are also being considered in the hope of providing IDPs a more permanent means of livelihood, such as the production of high value crops, to support their families.

So far, select internally displaced persons (IDPs) have undergone trainings in plumbing, carpentry, food processing and/or wellness/cosmetology as well as received starter kits that they can use to rebuild their lives.

In addition, IDPs who are members of the city’s Livestock and Poultry Raisers Association also benefited from the Office of the City Veterinarian’s (OCVet) Animal Dispersal Program after the office received four heads of female cattle and four heads of female carabao from the Department of Agriculture (DAR) Regional Field Office 9.

The distribution is part of Livelihood Cluster’s efforts to provide livelihood assistance to displaced families who are temporarily staying at evacuation centers and transitory sites.

Zambo City allocates P 21-M for indigent's PhilHealth program


ZAMBOANGA CITY, Aug. 14 (PNA) -– The local government has allocated P21 million for the renewal of Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) cards of 8,857 indigent beneficiaries from the different barangays in this city.

The beneficiaries of the city government-sponsored PhilHealth program aside from indigents, include barangay officials, tanods, barangay intelligence network, persons with disabilities, barangay nutrition scholars, senior citizens, Rural Improvement Club members, militiamen, urban poor groups’ members, Tuberculosis Task Force members, and job-order employees of the local government.

Mayor Ma. Isabelle Climaco-Salazar said the program is an affirmation that the barangay folk are given importance by the city government.

Salazar said the distribution of the PhilHealth cards to the beneficiaries is done through the barangay councils concerned.

Salazar motored Wednesday to the barangays of Labuan, Limpapa and Sinubong and distributed PhilHealth cards.

The distribution Wednesday of PhiliHealth cards coincided with the distribution of school bags to high school students, which is a personal advocacy of Salazar.

Salazar said the PhilHealth program falls under her health advocacy, which is one of the three top priorities of her administration.

She said that each member’s contribution to PhilHealth is P 2,400 for a period of one year through the city government’s sponsorship.

She said that the people are assured of discounts and other benefits under the program in times of hospitalization including laboratory tests.

DOT sets community guiding seminar in Zambo City


ZAMBOANGA CITY, Aug. 13 (PNA) -– The Department of Tourism (DOT) is set to conduct a seven-day Community Guiding Seminar in this city.

DOT Regional Director Mary June Bugante said Wednesday the seminar will be held next month in time for the upcoming Zamboanga Hermosa Festival, which is expected to draw in an influx of tourists into this city.

The Zamboanga Hermosa Festival is being celebrated every October and the highlight this year will be on October 12, the Feast of Our Lady of the Pillar--the most revered patron of this city.

Bugante said the seminar is part of DOT’s efforts to promote and develop tourism in this city to help create opportunities, generate jobs and provide quality service to tourists in the unique Zamboangueño way.

Bugante said the seminar will also equip the participants with the knowledge and ability to assist, facilitate, entertain and guide tourists.

She said the seminar is open to tourism practitioners, professionals, students who have reached at least two years in college and those seeking for employment opportunities in the tourism industry.

She advised interested applicants to submit resume with photograph at the DOT regional office in this city or through email at on or before August 22.

She said they will be entertained on a first come, first served basis and prequalified applicants will be contacted by DOT Regional Training Officer Wenz Galeza.

Bugante said applicants may call telephone numbers (062)993-00-30, (062)955-24-77 and +63917-710-52-19 for more information about the seminar.

DepEd, DSWD set to conduct school-based feeding program in Zambo


ZAMBOANGA CITY, Aug. 12 (PNA) -- The Department of Education (DepEd) and the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) are set to start anytime the conduct of school-based feeding program for School Year 2014-2015 aimed to reduce if not eradicate malnutrition among school children.

Department of Education’s (DepEd) City Division of Schools Nurse Leida Ramirez said Tuesday that P12.1 million has been allocated for the school-based feeding program.

Ramirez said 6,322 pupils in 102 elementary schools in this city are set to benefit to the school-based feeding program of DepEd and DSWD.

Ramirez disclosed that the identified beneficiaries of the feeding program were found to be malnourished and severely malnourished school children.

She said the feeding program will last for a period of 120 days wherein the identified beneficiaries will be fed with nutritious rice and viand.

She said the children will be examined again after the feeding program implementation to determine whether or not their health condition improved.

Zambo Int’l Peace Walk kicks off today

By Sheila Covarrubias

Youth organizations and multi-sectoral groups in Zamboanga City will walk hand in hand today, Aug. 11, with the Korean-based International Peace Youth Group (IPYG) in an event intended to send the loudest message of peace and compassion to the world.

Dubbed as International Peace Walk, the activity is a joint undertaking of the IPYG under the organization Heavenly Culture, World Peace”, City Government through the City Interfaith Council and the Western Mindanao State University (WMSU)- Peace and Human Security Institute.

Main objective of the international event is to demonstrate the city’s desire for peace to reign not only in Zamboanga, in Mindanao, the Philippines but global-wide.

The participants are expected to converge at 2pm at the City Hall grounds where the 612 meter walk will kick off all the way to Paseo del Mar where a program highlighted by the signing of a peace pact will take place at the open stage.

Mayor Beng Climaco will spearhead the signing ceremony along with leaders of different faiths in the city, governors and or political leaders from Basilan, Sulu and Tawi-tawi (BASULTA) and the Korean-based Heavenly Culture, World Peace Restoration of Light Chairman Man Hee Lee.

The International Peace Walk marks the start of a month-long activity leading up to the September 9 siege commemoration. Other activities lined up include healing and confidence building activities, medical outreach missions and numerous others—all intended to heal the wounds of the past and for all people to work in unison in building back a better Zamboanga.

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