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Zamboanga City War September 09, 2013

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Zamboanga City attacked by MNLF September 09, 2013 to Sept. 28, 2013

This section will document the full story about this war. Currently there are several bantering back and forth from politicians, media reporters, internet editors and the mnlf support websites. The only truth that is coming out is the suffering of the people.

  • The plan
  • The Attack: On Septermber 9, 2013 between the hours of 4am and 5am, The rebel group of Nur Misuari attacked the barangays of Talon- Talon and Sta. Catalina and proceeded to hostage the other barangays of Arena Blanco, Mampang, Sta. Barbara, Rio Hondo and Mariki.
  • The Philippine Armed Forces (Military) and PNP response.
  • The response of the Zamboanga City Leaders
    • September 9, 2013: Before noon time on the 9th of September while the war was still escalating, The Sangguniang Panlungsod (City Council) of Zamboanga City had an emergency meeting and declared the City of Zamboanga to be in a "State of Calamity".
  • The media's report
  • The delay
  • The politics
  • The subterfuge
  • The suffering.
  • The USA, UN Aid
  • The bottom line.
    • If the ARMM and the NCMF remains (per 1987 constitution) politicians will continue to poke at Non-Muslims and Muslims to be at war. There is a built-in national budget for this. The people will continue to suffer. Solution: Amend the constitution.
    • As long as the Philippine Government continues to favor the Muslim Religion by financing it through the ARMM and the NCMF with a yearly national budget, there will always be jealousy and disgruntlement among the non-muslims.
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