Population of Zamboanga City, Philippines Realistically at a staggering


Not 700,000 as they claim.

The official website of the Commission on Elections (ComElec) of the Republic of the Philippines claims that there are 357,054 registered voters in Zamboanga City for the year 2007. ( http://www.comelec.gov.ph )

Now let us do a little calculation based on the facts given by the ComElec.

The year 2007, the number of registered voters for Zamboanga City are 357,054. Now that is more than half the population of Zamboanga City! That is if Zamboanga city is only at 700,000 as our government officials claim.

Isn’t that just ridiculous!!

They are telling us that more than half of the population of Zamboanga City are registered voters in the year 2007? Really!!!

In the Philippines if you are 18 years of age you can register to vote, but in the Philippines only about 30% of the people who are qualified to register do register to vote. Now just for the heck of it, let's raise it up to 50%.

Doing a little arithmetic and using the 2007 figure of 357,054 registered voters as the base; this puts the population of the people 18 years and older at (357,054 x 2) = 714,108. WOW!! That is if amazingly 50% of the 18 years and older registered to vote.

Now we all know that in the Philippines there are more people at the age of (17 years and under) than there are (18 years and over). But for the sake of simplicity, let us say that it's 50/50. This puts the population of the 17yrs and under the same as that of the 18 years and over which is 714,108.

Doing a little arithmetic again:

Age Group


17 years & under


18 years & over


Total Population


So officially the Comelec is telling us that the 2007 registered voters in Zamboanga City is 357,054.

But unofficially the Comelec is also telling us that the the population of Zamboanga City is really 1,428,216.

According to these figures, Zamboanga City deserves 5 Congressional Districts! Meaning, 5 Representatives in Congress! We are entitled to a congressional representative for every 250,000 people.

Zamboanga.com has more faith in the ComElec than in the official population census takers.


All Zamboangueños must stand up and be counted in the 2007 Census!!!

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