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Articles concerning Zamboanga's Arts & Culture scene as researched and presented by our contributing writer & local artist: Icelle G. Borja


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Icelle G. Borja is one of Zamboanga City's premiere artist, a true painter and sculptor, with a style that is as varied as her other talents.  She is currently working as an executive assistant in the Office of The City Mayor, and is overlooking the City Hall restoration.  She also writes a weekly arts column, and does extensive research in the arts & culture of Zamboanga. (click for more details)

Z-Galleria of Art



We want to start featuring the works of local artists who deserve to showcase their works of art to an eagerly awaiting world.  Your artwork will be representative of your connection to our city.

We will serve as your Virtual Art Gallery, providing exposure of your works of art to a global audience, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Expose yourself, and your art!


Musicians, Writers, Poets, Sculptors, Actors, Designers, and many more to be exposed.

Marc VelascoMarc Velasco - a recording artist from Zamboanga City who performs under the Sony Music Philippines recording label.


Song For A Rainy Day


DNA Project - an all Zamboangueño band going global! DNA Project - The band was formed last May 2000. We are an all Zamboangueño band playing music that covers hits from the '70's (classic rock) to the Generation X music of today.  We've been travelling around the HardRock Cafe chains in Asia  for 3 years now.

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It is the intention of to put forward an avenue for the local citizenry and the world to experience our City's special storied history.  We will showcase any and all relevant materials that reflect our unique Arts and Culture.  It is also our vision, as a result of this noteworthy topic and web page, to promote a grounds up movement to the people of our City of Flowers, near and far, to participate in this important development of preserving our frail collection of artifacts and written evidence of what is our own characteristic style of artistic and social expression.  We will help bring the world to Zamboanga City, and in return, the City will give back to the world its proper place in history.  Your effort, our effort.  Together, we can make it happen.  

A people's worth is only as good as its capacity to preserve its past, and vision to pave the future.

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April Ross Perez - Miss Philippines-Earth 2002

Zamboangueña beauty wins Miss Philippines-Earth 2002!


Zamboanga City's Art history spans a period of over 500 years, with heavy influence coming from the Malay and Spanish culture early on, and the West more recently.  Countless, and quite priceless, artifacts dating back to over a thousand years have been excavated in the early 1900s by American archaeologists during their occupation of the Philippines in the vicinities of Zamboanga and Mindanao.  Many of these artifacts are currently housed in "vaults" of some major U.S. universities, inaccessible to the general public.  Just recently, a few Filipino scholars stumbled upon some of these extracted art works at a U.S. university, and have been trying to gain more access and possible return of the pieces.  Although that wish may be futile, we can start with what we have today.  Let us not allow history to repeat itself.  Each and everyone of us has the means to make a difference, no matter how small the contribution.  We will present all relative entries we receive and others that we discover.  Please contact us at:



The gong is a percussion instrument found in music throughout Southeast Asia. In Mindanao, the second largest island in the Philippines, and Zamboanga City particularly, the gong is used in many folk dance routines reflecting the international flavor of its ancestry.


When played, it is suspended from the rim and struck on the center piece, called a "boss," with a wooden beater that has a cork head. Changes in pitch are achieved by shaving down either the boss or the rim of the instrument.


CULTURE: ( CHAVACANO - The spoken Word )

CHAVACANO (ZAMBOANGUEÑO, CHABAKANO) [CBK] 280,000 (1981 SIL), including 155,000 Zamboangueño (1989 J. Holm), 27,841 Caviteño, 3,750 Ternateño (1975 census), 5,473 Cotabato Chavacano (1981 Wurm and Hattori). Zamboanga, Basilan, Kabasalan, Siay, Margosatubig, Ipil, Malangas, Lapuyan, Buug, Tungawa, Alicia, Isabela, Lamitan, Maluso, Malamawi, Cotabato city, Mindanao; Cavite, Ternate, and Ermita near Manila. The 1970 census listed speakers in 60 of the 66 provinces. Also one village in Sabah, Malaysia. Creole, Spanish based. Dialects: CAVITEÑO, TERNATEÑO (TERNATEÑO CHAVACANO), ERMITAÑO (ERMITEÑO), DAVAWENYO ZAMBOANGUENYO (ABAKAY SPANISH, DAVAO CHAVACANO, DAVAOEÑO, DAVAWEÑO), COTOBATO CHAVACANO, ZAMBOANGUEÑO (CHAVACANO). A creole with predominantly Spanish vocabulary and Philippine-type grammatical structure. Ermiteño is extinct, and Davaweño Zamboangueño may be. Nearly all Caviteño speak Tagalog, but many still speak Caviteño. The major language of Zamboanga city; used in radio, newspapers, and primary education. 80% literate. NT 1981. Bible portions 1977.

Source: Ethnologue, 13th Edition, Barbara F. Grimes, Editor.   Copyright © 1996, Summer Institute of Linguistics, Inc.


Samboangan village c1789.jpg (167400 bytes)Zamboanga Architecture


View of a tower and part of the village of ancient "Jambangan" by Fernando Brambila, from collection of drawings and engravings made on the Malaspina Expedition. The native Philippine house was characterized by a pitched roof with two or four angles, supported on a framework resting on four or more wooden pillars. It raised above the ground on a platform of earth.

Source: CEDEX ( Centro de Estudios y Experimentacion de Obras Publicas)

Zamboanga City, Philippines
October 9th -14th

Amidst the backdrop of its lush and colorful environment, vivid sunsets, temperate climate, colorful vintas, and an eclectic culture, the enchantment of Zamboanga City is especially showcased by its people with the weeklong celebration of their beloved Virgin Mary as the Nuestra Señora del Pilar, who has been bestowed the unifying cultural and historical symbol of “The City of Flowers.”  The festival features daily regattas; flower, variety, musical, and other cultural shows; a Miss Zamboanga beauty pageant and parade; a city fair; an ethnic carnival parade; various games; and the grand fireworks display.

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Situated within the historic structures of Fort Pilar, this museum was established by virtue of P.D. 260, declaring Fort Pilar a National Cultural Treasure. After the restoration of Structure II that was completed in 1985, the museum opened its doors to the public when it  conducted special exhibitions one after the other.

The giant dioramas at the second floor depict approximately 400 species of marine life specimens collected from the vicinities of Zamboanga, Basilan, and Sulu archipelago.  Structure IV displays the material culture of three distinct ethnic groups in the country: the Sama Dilaut of Tawi-tawi; the Subanon of Zamboanga del Sur and Norte and the Yakan of Basilan.  A special feature in this building is the collection of traditional boats of the Sama Dilaut, with an actual Lepa, or houseboat. Another structure that has just been completely restored will showcase the Chavacano culture.  This museum has been the city's favorite venue for art exhibition.  It has a staff of eight (8).

National Museum, Fort Pilar Branch

FM Radio Stations in Zamboanga City Call ID
Baycomms Broadcasting Corp. PA 89.9
Philippine Broadcasting Corp.   90.7
U.M. Broadcasting Network DXKZ 91.5
Audiovisual Communicators, Inc DXRX 93.1
Consolidated Broadcasting Systems, Inc. DXCB 93.9
Advanced Media Broadcasting System   94.7
Golden Broadcasting Specialist DXEL 95.5
Radio Mindanao Network DXWR 96.3
Republic Broadcasting System DXMJ 97.1
Manila Broadcasting Company DXTZ 97.9
ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp. DXFH 98.7
First United Broadcasting Corp. DXLA 99.5
Rajah Broadcasting Network P/PU 100.3
Nation Broadcasting Corp. DXTY 101.1
Southern Broadcasting Network DXJP 101.9
Cebu Broadcasting Company DXRM 102.7
Swara Sug Media Corp. DXUE 103.5

AM Radio Stations in Zamboanga City Call ID
Southern Philippines Mass Communication DXSC 819
Cebu Broadcasting Company DXZH 855
Radio Mindanao Network DXRZ 900
Nation Broadcasting Corp. DXYZ 963
Radio Philippines Network DXXX 1008
R.T. Broadcast Specialists Phil. DXLL 1044
First United Broadcasting Corp. DXRH 1080
Far East Broadcasting Company DXAS 1116
Philippine Broadcasting Service DXMR 1170
DXZB/TV13 Cooperative, Inc. DXZB 1242
Republic Broadcasting System DXRC 1287

HAM Radio Stations in Zamboanga City

Callsign ID
Alfredo C. Sarau, CPA


Albert Sarau, MD (USA) W2QS  

TV Stations in Zamboanga City



PW (Kw)

RT Broadcasting Specialist

DXLL 3 1
Radio Philippines Network DXXX 5 12.5
People’s TV Network DXVC 7 5

Republic Broadcasting System



1 (10)

Golden Broadcast Specialist




DXZB TV 13 Cooperative Service, Inc.




GMA Network



10 (120)

Amcara Broadcasting Network




ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp.



0.1 (2.16)

Southern Broadcasting Network




ABC Development Corp.



1 (11.3)

Rajah Broadcasting Corp.




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