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Featured Beach: Bolong Beach


Zamboanga City's Bolong Beach... nice!It is hard to imagine that the City of Zamboanga has many beautiful beaches within its city limits, but nevertheless many people, including native Zamboangueños themselves, are amazed that there are that many additional beaches within their reach that they have not heard or seen before, or may have heard of but not seen before.  We at are working hard to enlighten all our readers about the many wondrous beaches that beckons their discovery or re-discovery, in hopes that you will get a chance to enjoy the numerous natural attractions the city has to offer its visitors.


One such Zamboanga natural beauty is Bolong Beach.  It is an unassuming beach that just lets its natural splendor make its impression on the unknowing visitor.  The end result usually becomes a personal choice.  Whatever that choice is, we will leave it up to the photographs below to tell you the story.  We shall however provide you additional tourist information about one of Zamboanga City's area beaches that is fast becoming a destination spot, regardless of it distance, because the city is trying to quickly finish the 4-lane concrete highway from downtown to barrio Licomo.  This makes transport access to the likes of Bolong Beach faster and more convenient.  As usual, please try to keep the local beaches clean.


Satellite view of beautiful Bolong Beach and Zamboanga from the East, over the Moro Gulf.If you like to jog or just simply walk in the early morning and see the sunrise, Bolong Beach is the place to be. It is a good 1.5 kilometers long. There are several huts with tables that are available for rent at 50 pesos per day. There are BBQ grills available so you may cook your own meal. You can also rent canoes from the nearby fishermen or late in the afternoon you can participate in the pulling of the wide net that covers about 800 square meters. This is fun because if the catch is plentiful, you can get a little share.  Bolong is about 33 kilometers from downtown Zamboanga City (about 45 minutes to 1 hour from downtown, depending on traffic). If you do not have your own transportation, you may rent a Jeepney. They are readily available for about 600 to 700 pesos per day.  Tip: Stop by the barrio of Sangali (the fishing capital of Zamboanga City) to get your fresh fish.  Also, when you hire the local fishermen and their vintas, make sure to take a side trip to the gloriously beautiful Eleven Islands just a lit bit to the north and even do some scuba or snorkeling.  The beaches around these islands are of pure white sand and the waters crystal clean and teaming with marine life that is unlike any place else in the world. 


Zamboanga's twenty-nine (29) islands are surrounded and fed by two of the most productive bodies of water in the entire planet, Sulu Sea and Moro Gulf in the Celebes Sea, that have historically accounted for over one-third of the entire known living or extinct marine species on Earth!  This fact is simply astounding when you relate it to being right in your "backyard"!!!  This is why Zamboanga is the fishing and seafood capital of the country.  Wow, Zamboanga!



Bolong Beach map and surrounding area, Zamboanga City.



Zamboanga City's Bolong Beach - enjoy!

Zamboanga City's Bolong Beach - peekaboo!

Zamboanga City's Bolong Beach. In the visible distance is the port of Sangali.

Zamboanga City's Bolong Beach. Sacol Island is visible in the distance.

Zamboanga City's Bolong Beach. Pitas Island is visible in the distance.

Zamboanga City's friendly people of Bolong

Zamboanga City's Bolong Beach, with Sacol Island visible in the distance.

Bolong Beach Hill and local fisherman/guide - Sacol Island in background.

Zamboanga City's Bolong Beach.  Faintly visible in the distance is Tumalutap (L), Sinunug (M), and Sacol (R) Islands.

Azure water view off Bolong Beach, with Sacol Island in the distance.


Zamboanga City's tropical living down Bolong Beach Hill way

Zamboanga City's Bolong Beach and its resident mermaid.

Bolong's Beach and Countryside view


  Zamboanga City's Barrio Bolong countryside Flowers of barrio Bolong, Zamboanga City. Zamboanga City's Barrio Bolong countryside  
    Recent visitor to Bolong Beach and its Hilltop, overlooking some of 11 islands and the waters of Moro Gulf.    


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