Featured Beach: Santa Cruz Island's

"Pink Sand Beach"



The rare red Organ-pipe Coral ( Tubipora musica ) of Santa Cruz Island's "Pink Sand Beach":


This is what it looks like when alive, and available, for scuba dive viewing.

The rare red Organ-pipe Coral is an endangered species, and buying, using, gathering, possessing and/or transporting of these species are prohibited under Philippine laws (Republic Act No. 8550, Sec. 91, 92 and 97; Fisheries Administrative Order 202 and 208) and international treaty (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, CITES).

This is what it looks like when dead and dried, and available for purchase in the black market for exotic fish tank viewing.  For a more environmentally friendly close-up look at this species, just take a trip to the beautiful pink-sand beach of Zamboanga's Great Santa Cruz Island, and admire its abundance in the sand.

Locally, the rare and endangered red Organ-pipe Coral species can be bought, used, gathered, and possessed under the laws of supply and demand of Zamboanga City's watchful and environmentally-friendly governance!

This photo shows where illegal coral harvesters love to show off their coral booty - at the perennial favorite Lantaka Hotel by-the-sea!!

You can also catch a boat ride there to see the total damage done to Santa Cruz Island's coral reef system!!!  All aboard, please.


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