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Economic History of the Philippines, An
   O. D. Corpuz / Paperback Textbook / 324 pages / 1999

Philippines' 2 Millennium History
   Luzano Pancho Canlas / Paperback / 149 pages / 2000

Guide to the Philippines (Bradt Guides Series)
   Hilary Bradt / Paperback / 304 pages /

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371 Years



* Portraits of Samboangan life, circa 1873

Lutao girl and boy, dancing, at Samboangan.Bisayan houses, Samboangan.Pile dwellings of Lutaon, Samboangan.Spear dance of two Lutaos at Samboangan.

Stay tuned - more to come later... detailed description of life in 1873 "Samboangan."

H.M.S. Challenger Expedition Volumes

"This website is making available digitized versions of some of the volumes of H.M.S Challenger expedition that was the first round the world oceanographic voyage in 1872-1875."  source:

The pages below are specific to the expedition in Samboangan (the spelling of Zamboanga used by the writers), and are presented in the actual scanned pages of the original narrative volumes, from the Dartmouth College Library collection, lending an air of authenticity and a special historical trip down the unknown scientific and historic contributions of a little town at the tip of an island peninsula we call Zamboanga. 

The detailed descriptions in these pages are the first known close-up evidence into the endemic human, flora, fauna, and geographic makeup of Zamboanga in this time period.  It helps to dispel any myth, and reinforces the belief and the proud identity its residents feel for this exotic and storied land.  Sadly, much of this ancient scenery is long gone, but the story remains.  It might lend to some enlightened reintroduction of a lost world.

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