Our featured House Member
from March 31, 2003 to April 06, 2003

Hon. Lobregat, Celso L.
Zamboanga City, Lone District
Term: 2
Party: LDP


about our member

Congressman Celso L. Lobregat was first elected in 1998 to represent the Lone District of Zamboanga City in the House of Representatives. He comes from an illustrious family of leaders from Mindanao. His grandfather Pablo Lorenzo, was once Mayor of Zamboanga City and a delegate to the Constitutional Assembly of 1935. In the Quirino administration, Don Pablo Lorenzo held several cabinet positions, which included Secretary of Education and Secretary of Public Works. During the Macapagal administration, he was the Chairman of the Development Bank of the Philippines.

Celso's mother, Maria Clara L. Lobregat, was a Delegate to the 1971 Constitutional Convention and was a three-term Congresswoman of Zamboanga City, starting 1987. She was elected City Mayor in 1998 and reelected in 2001.

Celso finished his grade school and high school at De La Salle, Manila. Thereafter, he enrolled at the Ateneo de Manila, where he graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Economics with honors. He took up his post graduate studies at the Asian Institute of Management graduating in 1972 with a Masters in Business Management.

During his school days, Celso was both an athlete and a scholar. He was named "All Around Athlete" in 1966 at La Salle High School and "Athlete of the Year" at Ateneo in 1970. He was a member of the NCAA basketball, football, track & field, volleyball, and softball teams of both schools.

Before entering public service, agriculture and business had been Celso's field of concentration and expertise. He worked for the Elizalde group of companies for eleven years and held several key executive positions such as Marketing Manager for Elizalde International, and Managing Director and General Manager of Tanduay Distillery. It was during Celso’s watch that the firm exported its products for the first time to the US market and won several medals and awards in various international competitions of wines and spirits.

Since 1984, Celso has concentrated on agriculture, establishing his own agricultural enterprise, dealing in the growing and marketing of cutflowers and managing the family's agricultural companies dealing in cassava and coconut production.

Notwithstanding, the fact that during the 11th Congress, Congressman Lobregat was only in his first term, because of his dedication, sincerity, honesty and hard work, coupled with his experience and expertise in the field of agriculture, economics and business, and his strong advocacy for Mindanao, his activities as a public servant and positions and committee memberships has been extensive and impressive.

Celso's legislative record has likewise been impressive of national and local application.

In terms of projects, Congressman Lobregat's performance has been marked with a sterling record, unprecedented and unequalled in the history of Zamboanga City. During his first term 1998 - 2001, national projects worth over P2.2 billion were initiated and/or implemented.

Cong. Lobregat has always been a defender of the City's interest in the ARRM, Cabatangan and plebiscite issues, starting from his active participation in the No SPCPD Campaign in 1996 up to the present.

Celso, a fearless fighter of good government. Even before he joined the government via his election in 1998, he had been a strong advocate of good government and accountability in public office. His belief was founded on the Constitutional tenet that Public Office is a Public Trust.

As a private citizen he spearheaded the move against the former mayor to spend P434 million of city funds to improve the Quiniput-Licomo Road, a national road which the Development Bank has already agreed to finance, together with the national government, without cost to the city. And in the 11th Congress delivered a privilege speech which led to the investigation of the rampant smuggling in the Port of Zamboanga including the controversial smuggling of 39 drums of Toxic Chemicals, which not only violated Customs laws but also RA 6969, "The Toxic Substance and Nuclear Waste Control Act."

Right after reelection, Cong. Lobregat continued his relentless effort of securing funds for projects in Zamboanga City. His close working relationship with the national offices, city government and with the electric cooperative has resulted to the energization of Sacol Island and other island barangays. His continued sterling performance is anchored on his commitment towards the delivery of basic needs such as food, water, electricity, roads and education, with emphasis on upgrading the quality of life especially for those who have less in life.

Presently, because of his record performance and advocacy, Cong. Lobregat has again been elected to the COCAFM and to the Committee on Anti-Money Laundering. Recently, he has accepted Chairmanship of the Mindanao Telecommunications Task Force (MTTF). He has also been elected as Vice President of the Mindanao Legislators Association and is now a member of more than 25 House Committees. He is considered a stalwart of the opposition.

His accomplishments has not gone unrecorded. He was voted "Outstanding Congressman" by several reputable organizations.

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