#1. Original Wiki-Map version in their representation attempt of the Chartered City of Zamboanga!

Terrorism Attack on Zamboanga City!!!


The lowly, cyber-terrorist province of Zamboanga del sur, who is so desperate to have ownership of our Ciudad de Flores, has declared a war of internet  terrorism against the chartered City of Zamboanga by making the city a part of it in their sponsored internet map of Zamboanga in Wikipedia - click to see their lies!


Zamboanga del sur is also attacking the sovereign border lines of Zamboanga del Norte & Zamboanga Sibugay by tracing their stupid line connecting to the City of  Zamboanga along the 2 Zamboanga provinces' borders.  They are actually  attacking 3 sovereign governments with their stupid map line!  How desperate can they be?


(NOTE: No matter how clever the map terrorist tries to camouflage his intentions, the old adage applies:  If it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck, smells like a duck, it is a duck!!!)  So, duck!  The terrorism attack as can be clearly seen in this first terror map, and the other subsequent "correction maps" they made below, still does not change their errors!  Their Zambosur map to left is indicating Zamboanga City is a part of them.


Zamboanga del sur's cyber terrorist goons are indeed very desperate in OWNING Zamboanga City, no matter what!  They are probably behind the drive to convert our prosperous City into a lowly province like theirs, to match their sorry state!!!  The Zamboanga City government must do something to stop this pervasive terror attack!


Take cover!  The Wiki terrorist is CLEARLY making the ancient City of Zamboanga an unwilling hostage of Zambosur, and brazen enough to think Zamboangueños are too stupid to understand its terror attack on our La Bella Ciudad!  Just look at the map!!!  Dugh!  Caught again in their own vendetta against Zamboanga.  Wiki's map has been changed three times, and they still refuse to get it!!!  It is not up to you wiki-man, to decide whether or not Zamboanga's constitutional city is up for your stupid representation in Wiki-Farce-pedia!  You don't matter!  Your terror attack does!  Until you get it in your stupid understanding, along with all your friends in government and wherever, we will not stop protecting our city's sovereignty!


The ancient town of Zamboanga has been around for over 300 years, and the other name-sake provinces never even existed as such until the Americans used the prominent ancient Zamboanga town's name to identify ALL the other areas of the Mindanao Island Peninsula as Zamboanga!  The ancient town of Zamboanga thus gave birth to the largest city in the world.  Basilan was made Zamboanga, and when it was given a chance to revert, it proudly changed its name back to Basilan!  Hurray!!!  Basilan regained its freedom and couldn't wait to remove that "Zamboanga" name bestowed to it by the Americans!  We're very proud of our Basilan neighbors for doing so.  They have a spine to stand on, proudly!


There is no such thing as a "Zamboanga" Peninsula!!!  The "Peninsula" belongs to the Island of Mindanao and its protrusion, a long projection of land into water, connected with the mainland by an isthmus, is geographically called the Mindanao Peninsula because it belongs to the Island of Mindanao, and not the "Political Island" of "Zamboanga Peninsula" terrorists!  You cannot fool the intellectuals who are not hostage to Wikipedia's terrorists editors who are attempting to change Zamboanga history by making their own terrorist version of our city's transparent and very old history!  Zambosur was created from the bosom of ancient Zamboanga City in the 1950s.  What was it called before it was forcibly made a part of the ancient town of Zamboanga?  Who knows?  Do they?  Apparently NOT!!!  At least Basilan had the pride to revert back to its ancient name, but Zambosur???  They kept the slave name that was given to them by the Americans, and then are wanting to conquer the ancient city that gave birth to them and are using terrorists' tactics to own Zamboanga City by recruiting their cohorts from Wikipedia to do their dirty deeds!!!  Que horror!  They have no backbone to revert back to their "ancient" name, before the Americans forcibly changed it!!!  Follow Basilan's footsteps and regain your own ancient identity - it surely wasn't called the ancient town of Zamboanga!  We hope Zamboanga Sibugay, who finally divorced themselves from the above Zambosur's embrace, would drop their slave name "Zamboanga" and just keep their old name of "Sibugay" to represent their province - the proud and ancient Province of Sibugay!!!  Yes!  We salute you!!!


Wiki Map Class 101:

Zamboanga City's Map is NOT an image of Zamboanga Peninsula, and vice-versa!  The Zamboanga Peninsula "map" belongs to the article that exactly denotes it!  You don't put our city map to represent the peninsula as a "locator map" do you?  Whatever you have against our city needs to stay in you and not in your Wiki portrayal of our Chartered "City of Flowers."  May your heart be at peace...

Critical Note:  Terror Map of Zamboanga City has been corrected thanks to the rapid response and heroism of many Zamboangueños and their friends.  The Zamboanga del sur terrorist map herein will remain posted here for many more to see and be educated by it.  This illegal map depiction of Zamboanga City by Zamboanga del sur has been going on for decades!  We will not rest until the country and the world knows about this crime of cyber-terror against a peaceful sovereign city and its proud people!


Terror Attacks Again!

Zamboanga del sur's terror map attack on Zamboanga City continues! click here!


*You can reciprocate in kind right here!


#2. Wiki-Map of Zamboanga del Sur showing it erroneously belonging to the Chartered City of Zamboanga!

#3. Corrected Wiki-Map of #1 & #2 in their representation attempt of the Chartered City of Zamboanga!

Exact Map Detail of the Chartered City of Zamboanga! This exact representation map of Zamboanga City was intentionally removed by this map terrorist who controls our city's history in Wiki pedia and placed in a non-descript section like a terrorist captured hostage, with no details!  The topic is our City and NOT the Peninsula!  Make it so you heartless terrorist!!!

    Wiki... here's how you draw a correctly accurate map of YOUR concept of the Zamboanga Peninsula (Mindanao):

[CAVEAT: We give you our expressed written permission here to use this map on Wikipedia immediately!]

    Zamboanga City detailed map link


Wiki-map maker, here's how you do a proper "locator map" that you so insist on using to satisfy your sense of righteousness in misrepresenting our city!

Step #1:

You Wiki-man, place the actual Zamboanga City map as the main detailed map, like other global cartographers would do so that people can find out details of the city, and then,

Step #2:

You Wiki-man, place a "regional map" that would show the exact location of the city within a broad birds-eye view of the region that surrounds it, and not the other way around because you are describing a city first, then its surrounding area.  If need help, click here: MAP101

We understand your amateur learning curve & we don't expect much progress in your fixing a long standing error!  There are only a handful of you self-righteous wikis versus the voice of over 700,000 Zamboangueños!  Your true colors will always be part of our website to show what a joke Wikipedia is!  If you make the changes we want in order to depict the truth and not your interpretation of it, then we will back down.  OBSERVATION NOTE:  We keep very close track of daily search results for our Zamboanga in Google and other major engines, and Google has an affinity in putting Wiki results at the very top.  But we're sure you're oblivious to this as you are to ours.  So, since this whole thing started, your Wiki results have dropped from #1 or #2 to all the way down to #9-#10, and that is unprecedented especially with Google!  Do you have a clue as to what that means?... The people have spoken!  We will make sure that your self-righteous behavior will cause your rankings to drop much further down until your insistent map depictions will be inconsequential and your wiki motto a disgrace to your founder.  Have a great life!  Zamboanga City will move on without wikis.  Gracias con ustedes, compoblanos.


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