Zamboanga City's Eleven Islands cluster

Satellite photo of the cluster of islands referred to as Eleven Islands off Barrios Lubigan and Panubigan, and just north of Bolong Beach, with the backdrop of Zamboanga's mountain range and the Sulu Sea beyond.  This area located on the Moro Gulf Coast of Zamboanga is ripe for tourism development with special emphasis on eco-tourism to protect the fragile natural resources.  There is carigeenan farming going on in the nearby vicinity and tourism projects will need to be mindful of the impact they will have on the local marine farmers.  Zamboanga City is extremely blessed to have these many world-class islands and their beautiful white and pink sand beaches as part of the city proper, and they are all within a very short distance from the mainland peninsula.  Not too many cities in the world can claim to have this type of natural tourist Mecca capacity!  City planners and developers need to view their blessings closely and lay down a foundation for maximizing the city's potential to be the #1 tourist destination Mecca in the Philippines and Asia!