San Ramon, Zamboanga City, Philippines
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San Ramon Prison and Penal Farm

This picture of the San Ramon Prison and Penal Farm was taken from about 100 meters out to sea. Click on picture to have better view.

San Ramon became a barangay because of this penal farm. The prison personnel established their residence outside the walls of this prison. Four generations later San Ramon became an established community with its own school system.

About 100 meters in front of the main prison gate lies a beautiful beach. This is not an open beach but with the right permission the public is granted passage. There is no cover charge. Everyone can enjoy the beautiful San Ramon Beach.

Distance from City Hall
23 kilometers
Location from Downtown
Approximate Population
in 2007 about
Area Size in Hectares
Fiesta Date
Patron Saint
Families of the 70's & Before Church & Mosque High School Reunion  

San Ramon Beach :

Above pictures of San Ramon Beach was taken on Sunday, April 8, 2007 (Easter Sunday)



Barangay Officers:    information gathered from Comelec


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