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Home of Zeta Pi
Alpha Phi Omega
Marian College
Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay, Philippines
APO Fraternity Recognition date: 3-Dec-83, APO Sorority Recognition date: 7-Dec-83

History of Zeta Pi


Zeta Pi is an Alpha Pi Omega chapter of Marian College, Ipil, Zamboanga del Sur. Peclarito Tobias and Grace Ancheta were the chapter’s defenders who fought for its birthing pangs in Cabatangan, Zamboanga City on December 3, 1982. One the same day, during the National Executive Board Meeting, the fraternity was recognized by the National Executive Office and declared as the youngest chapter in the entire Philippines. One year and seven months in the making.

A year later, on December 7, 1983, Grace Ancheta defended the sorority at the Teacher’s Convention Center in Dipolog City. After a grueling hardship, the defendant finally surpassed the defense and the chapter for Zeta Pi sorority was recognized.

It was in a beautiful summer of 1981 when members of Alpha Phi Omega, residing in Ipil and coming from different chapters, convened and decided to recruit potential and active students of Marian College- a catholic school, run by the Jesuit Priests. The recruitment was put into clandestine for the reason that existence of fraternity/sorority organizations were not allowed by the school’s administration. About twenty (20) students attended the orientation but only nine (9) were determined to succeed, namely: Peclarito Tobias, Lorenzo Duque, Nestor Abada, Grace Ancheta, Sheila Suyat, Elsie Duque, Elvie Malmis, Marilene Bajo, and Josephine Balana who were known as the SUMMER ZEAL Batch '81.

The recruits were baptized; and had passed rigid trainings on May 16, 1981 initiated by the organizers Abdulkadil Manick (Gama Zeta '73), Jovita Delos Santos-Manick (GammaGamma '72), Sheila Navalta (Gamma '79), Raul Magbanua (Eta Beta '77), Samuel Piala (Eta Beta '77), Mamasaranao Cabusaran (Gamma Upsilon '74) and Edwin Pamunag (Gamma Gamma ‘80).

From the day Summer Zeal ‘81 was conceived, members of Alpha Phi Omega have undergone various hardships but continued unswervingly its journey with the help of Bro. Lt. Noe Lumantas of the Philippine Marines who showed to the community of Ipil what Alpha Phi Omega is all about and elaborately explained the three (3) Guiding Principles: Leadership, Friendship, and Service. As the years passed by, slowly the community understood the organization’s importance. That was the time when Alpha Phi Omega gained wide acceptance and recognition by Marian College, the community of Ipil and its neighboring towns.

Activities of Zeta Pi

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APO Zeta Pi members

ID NumberNameBaptismal NameBatch Yr
# ????? Abada, NestorBaptismalSUMMER ZEAL Batch 1981
# ????? Ancheta, GraceBaptismalSUMMER ZEAL Batch 1981
# 46682 Alam, Galelie BallingBlackrainPioneer Application 2011-A
# ????? Bajo, MarileneBaptismalSUMMER ZEAL Batch 1981
# ????? Balana, JosephineBaptismalSUMMER ZEAL Batch 1981
# ????? Duque, ElsieBaptismalSUMMER ZEAL Batch 1981
# ????? Duque, LorenzoBaptismalSUMMER ZEAL Batch 1981
# ????? Malmis, ElvieBaptismalSUMMER ZEAL Batch 1981
# numberJoseph Altar Paltingca1984-B
# ????? Suyat, SheilaBaptismalSUMMER ZEAL Batch 1981
# ????? Tobias, PeclaritoBaptismalSUMMER ZEAL Batch 1981

APO Zeta Pi Random comments

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