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Ayala National High School
Ayala national high school zamboanga city 1.jpg
Ayala National High School

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Ayala National High School
Also known as ANHS

  • VISION of Ayala National High School - where quality education is a rule.
    1. Highly and quality performing students
    2. Technically trained students
    3. Physically and mentally fit
    4. Channel of values, virtues and excellence
    5. Committed and dedicated to serve with faith in God and country.
    1. To become the efficient vehicle for rebuilding and shaping the social environment through environment.
    2. To be deeply aware that the school is the seedbed and channel of virtues, values and excellence.
    3. To create innovative strategies for the school to become the nerve c enters of noble and workable ideas for the continuing progress of neighborhood and country as a whole.
    4. To facilitate the utmost in service and source of inspiration to develop palpable concern for the alleviation of poverty in all its form.
    5. To facilitate the harmonizing of family and work productivity, professionalism, spirit of service, home- school collaboration and community outreach.
    We beleive in...
    The human dignity of every child and youth. Every child and youth of Ayala should be given the opportunity to be:
    ACADEMICALLY COMPETENT: be proficient in learning their own quality performance in:
    1. Reading and Comprehension
    2. Listening and Speaking
    3. Writing and Communicating in all learning areas
    4. Computing and Analyzing numerical problems
    5. Critical Thinking, Analyzing, Synthesizing,Generalizing and Reasoning
    6. Transferring of technology
    1. To live uprightly what they learn from school
    2. To give their best for the good of the country, politically, socially, economically and spiritually
    3. To be citizens of God and the World
    4. To strengthen and develop Ayala National High School as a member of Zamboanga City Division Secondary Schools Center for Acadenic Excellence.

History of Ayala National High School

Foundation day: September 5, 1966

Ayala High School was created in ..

Location of Ayala High School

Ayala National High School is located along the main west coast national highway, between the barangays of Recodo and Talisayan

Links to the Alumni/Alumnae Pages

Ayala National High School Alumni Association
Batches Graduated on the following years
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Administrators, Officers and Staff of Ayala High School

  • Administrator
    1. Arlita Tubongbanua - 1998 - Present 2011
    2. Lucila Martinez - 1977-1998
    3. Raimunda Banico - 1969-1974
    4. Reynaldo Artesano - 1966-1969

Honor Students of each Graduating year

Ayala High School Photo Album