BPLO eyes changes in business permit requirements

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ILOILO CITY, Jan 4 (PNA) -- The Iloilo City Business Permit and Licensing Office (BPLO) is considering some changes in the requirements for business permits given the redundancy of some qualifications.

BPLO chief Norman Tabud, however, said this move is being considered only after this year's national and local elections.

The current requirements for business permit application include barangay clearance, fire safety clearance and CCTV clearance for high risk businesses.

Tabud, however, noted that small and medium enterprises (SMEs), especially those located in malls, public markets and the variety stores, need not submit fire safety and CCTV clearances.

He said these are not necessary for mall locators because the mall and market managements are the ones required to submit these.

He also pointed out that SMEs are not high risk businesses.

Thus, he stressed the need for the City Council to take a serious look on this to facilitate more business-friendly processing.

Meanwhile, Tabud said his office would be open even on weekends until January 20 to cater to business permit renewal applications.

He said business owners who will not be able to meet the January 20, 2016 deadline will have to pay a surcharge and a 25 percent penalty.

Tabud is optimistic on the increase of business permits and licenses this year after noting the big jump of applications, at about 2,000, over the 13,000 permits issued in 2015.

Processing of permits for new businesses will start in February 2016.