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Basic needs of humanity

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✅ 1. Sustenance: the air we breath, food, water, a source of strength, nourishment and universal energy.
✅ 2. Shelter: A sanctuary. Protection from the elements and from danger.
✅ 3. Energy: resource for the maintenance of warmth, comfort, activities for continued progress and prosperity.
✅ 4. Unity: Man needs to belong. Man has a need for companionship, community, cooperation and camaraderie. Man has a need to bond and stay connected, we need relationships. We are happier when we are in a good relationship. We are healthier when we are in a good relationship. Humans deteriorate when we do not communicate, we fall apart when we are not united, we easily get sick when we are not in a prosperous relationship. Unity demands love. Most of all humanity needs unity with God.
✅ 5. Propagation: Sexual Pleasure and Continuity of humanity.
✅ 6. Security: Protecting oneself. Method of guarding the community and its assets. Protection from predators, from plunderers, from thieves, from bullies and those who deprive. Security guarantees survival. There is no security in weakness.
✅ 7. Exploration: We are instinctively curious of the unknown. We pursue it. At the end of every quest, we embark on another. For every answer, we tinker with another question.
✅ 8. Healthcare: The weak, the sick, and the elderly must be cared for.
✅ 9. Education: The sharing of knowledge is a must for the continuity of prosperity. To acquire and maintain sustenance, shelter, energy, security, healthcare, and unity, the community must share its knowledge through INFORMATION dissemination or education.
✅ 10. Pleasure: The need for enjoyment, amusement, entertainment, self-gratification, fun, happiness and contentment will always be sought for by humans.
✅ 11. Leadership: As humans we always look for direction, guidance, control and management. As a group or a community we may all agree on something, but we always look up to someone to be incharge, someone to be the leader.
✅ 12. Communication: We need interaction. We need cooperation. In order for us to interact, we need to communicate. In order for us to cooperate, we need to communicate. In order for humans to achieve any of the above, we must communicate.