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Beta Nu
Alpha Phi Omega

Ateneo de Zamboanga University
Zamboanga City, Philippines
APO Fraternity Recognized: 15-Sept-73
Absolutely NO Hazing
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Beta Nu list of Members

History of Beta Nu, Alpha Phi Omega, Philippines

Taken in 1969

On October 5, 1969 Lord Ferdinand G. Florendo (SN#2306) from Siliman University (Gamma Chapter) officially established Alpha Phi Omega in the campus of Ateneo de Zamboanga.

January 24, 1970 - First ritual of the first chartered members of the Ateneo chapter and formal existence of the chapter.

March 6, 1970 - Completion of the Ateneo chapter and first ritual of the sorority members.

APO Fraternity Recognized: September 15, 1973

Chartered Members of APO Beta Nu

Jose Abrajano, Jr..jpg
Jose Abrajano Passed: 3/14/1970 Ritualized: 3/14/1970 Initiation Name: Mangkukulam ID# 4409
Contact: Facebook
Apo crest.gif
Laureano Agduma Passed: 10/05/1969 Ritualized: 1/24/1970 Initiation Name: Ezekiel ID# 4410 Profession:
Aquino efigenio.jpg
Efigenio D. Aquino Jr.
Passed: 2/14/1970 Ritualized: 3/14/1970 Initiation Name: Valentino ID# 4411
Contact: Facebook
Carpenter Arpa III Passed: 10/11/1969 Ritualized: 1/24/1970 Initiation Name: Tamerlane ID# 4412
Contact: Facebook
Apo crest.gif
Leonardo Barrios Passed: 10/01/1969 Ritualized: 1/24/1970 Initiation Name: Artemedorus ID# 4413
✞ Died ?
Buenvenida beatnu 062108.jpg
Rogelio G. Buenvenida Passed: 10/11/1969 Ritualized: 01/24/1970 Initiation Name: Bulilit ID# 4414 Profession: Sports Director AdeZU,Judo director/Instructor
Contact: Facebook
Cartagena claro2007.jpg
Claro F. Cartagena Passed: 10/05/1969 Ritualized: 1/24/1970 Initiation Name: Aralco Cartage ID# 4415 Profession: Contact:
Apo crest.gif
Jesus D. Cases
Passed: 10/06/1969
Ritualized: 1/24/1970
Initiation Name: Lonely Bull ID# 4416
Apo crest.gif
Rogelio M. Epistola Passed: 2/14/1970 Ritualized: 3/14/1970 Initiation Name: Socrates ID# 4417 Profession: Accountant - Brent Hospital, Z.C.
Facebook Profile
Faisal malande.JPG
Faisal Malande
Passed: 10/01/1969 Ritualized: 01/24/1970 Initiation Name: Octavius ID# 4418
Facebook profile
Maletsky al betanu 2005.jpg
Alvin Norman Maletsky Passed: 10/11/1969 Ritualized: 01/24/1970 Initiation Name: Polack ID# 4419 Profession: Elec. Engineer
contact: Facebook
Frank 0509.JPG
Franklin Harry Maletsky Passed: 3/14/1970 Ritualized: 3/14/1970 Initiation Name: Phantom ID# 4420 Profession: Farmer
contact: Facebook
Manlangit pic08.jpg
Wilfredo T. Manlangit Passed: 10/11/1969 Ritualized: 01/24/1970 Initiation Name: Skyhawk ID# 4421 Profession: Retired Colonel - Now owns: Wedgewood Security Agency Specialist Services
Contact: Facebook ✞ Died: 3/23/2020
Apo crest.gif
Albino A. Perez Passed: 10/01/1969 Ritualized: 01/24/1970 Initiation Name: La Saint (Mark Anthony) ID# 4423
Roger mijares 0508.jpg
Roger Mijares Passed: 08/30/1970 Ritualized: 09/20/1970 Initiation Name: Billy the Kid ID# 4422 Profession: Retired Army Colonel - Pastor
Contact: Facebook
✞ Died: 6/30/18
Note: Roger Mijares was included in the chartered member list as of February 28, 1972.
He replaced Ernesto Wee who was expelled from the brotherhood on February 28, 1972.

The first officers of the APO Beta Nu chapter were:

Grand Chancellor: Bro. Ferdinand Florendo
Prime Chancellor: Bro. Jesus D. Cases
Brother Scribe: Bro. Ernesto Wee
Treasure: Bro. Alvin Maletsky
Brother Historian: Bro. Carpenter Arpa III
Chairman on Campus Activities: Bro. Faisal Malande

Current Beta Nu Officers - Collegiate

The new set of officers for Beta Nu Collegiate Chapter for the year 2016

  • Grand Chancellor:
    • Brod. Carlo Reynaldo Argana II
  • Prime Chancellor:
    • Brod. Sean Kristoffer Galo
  • Auxiliary Chancellor:
    • Brod. Gerald E.J. Sipe
  • Grand Lady Chancellor:
    • Sis. Arriane Louise Marie Nova
  • Prime Lady Chancellor:
    • Sis. Rowena Dominique Nanquil
  • Scribe:
    • Brod. Keanu Hailidani
  • Historian:
    • Brod. Gerald E.J Sipe
  • Keeper of the treasure:
    • Sis. Arriane Louise Marie Nova

Beta Nu Alumni Association Officers

Elected Officers for 2011-2013
  • President: Bro. Eddie A. Cruz
  • VP Internal: Bro. Antonio G. Enriquez
  • VP External: Bro. Aderito B. Lacerna Jr.
  • Secretary: Sis. Visitacion L. Buenvenida
  • Treasurer: Sis. Ma. Victoria V. Paalisbo
  • PRO: Bro. Jerry A. Solis
  • Publication Officer: Bro. Rogelio G. Buenvenida
  • Sgt. at Arms: Bro. Rhowel B. Delos Reyes & Bro. Ryan George L. Aquino
  • Fellowship Chairman: Bro. Rommel S. Agan

Olden days of Beta Nu

Gallery of Pictures from the 70's - Some of the pictures below don't have the proper identification of the people in the picture. If you have the names, please go ahead and edit. Better yet, if you remember what happened then, tell your story. It is part of history. Click on the picture then edit. Thanks.

Beta Nu - Picture Album, go here to view more new pictures.

New Beta Nu uploaded pictures

Beta Nu - Comments

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Beta Nu list of members

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