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Wars of ancient history were about possessions, territory, power, control, family, betrayal, lover's quarrel, politics and sometimes religion.

But we are in the Modern era and supposedly more educated and enlightened .

Think about this. Don't just brush off these questions.

  • Why is RELIGION still involved in WARS? Isn't religion supposed to be about PEACE?
  • Ask yourself; What religion always campaign to have its religious laws be accepted as government laws, always involved in wars and consistently causing WARS, yet insists that it's a religion of peace?


There are only two kinds of people who teach tolerance:
  1. The Bullies. They want you to tolerate them so they can continue to maliciously deprive you. Do not believe these bullies teaching tolerance, saying that it’s the path to prevent hatred and prejudice.
  2. The victims who are waiting for the right moment to retaliate. They can’t win yet, so they tolerate.
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Aerial View of Cagayan de Oro City

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Halal food highlights CDO's 'Kumbira'

By Ercel Maandig (PNA)

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY -- Organizers of this year's "Kumbira" food showcase highlighted the significance of "halal" cuisine in the Filipino and Southeast Asian culinary landscape.

Cagayan de Oro Hotel and Restaurant Association (Cohara) led Kumbira's opening Wednesday with the unveiling of the Masters’ category, where cooks and chefs vie to prepare dishes that pork-free.

Halal is a general term for the "permissible" way of life in Islam. Halal food follows a strict religious process of cooking and consuming, most notably by not eating pork meat and its derivatives.

Organized by Cohara for 23 years now, Kumbira is one of the major events of the annual Higalaay Festival here.

Cohara president Bong Pelaez said Kumbira Masters’ competition this year is intended for professional chefs in Northern Mindanao, while other food competitions are open for culinary students.

Pelaez also said that the promotion of halal food categories would equip local cooks and chefs for them to be able to compete in the Southeast Asian market.

"We should be ready for our Asian tourists to take Filipino style halal food," Pelaez said.

In his welcome message, Mayor Oscar Moreno praised Cohara for organizing Kumbira for over two decades now, saying local food is a major component of Higalaay Festival.

"It's appreciative in a way that Cohara has the spirit to pursue and to continue in a bigger way year after year and now introducing the foods of our Muslim community," Moreno said.

CDO summit aims to jumpstart PH 'industrial revolution'

By Nef Luczon (PR/PNA)

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY -- This city will host the country's first-ever industrial summit that aims to gather industry leaders to "jumpstart of an industrial revolution that will set the nation forward on a global economic platform".

Slated on November 25-27 this year, the summit is organized by the Phividec Industrial Estate in Misamis Oriental (PIE-MO) Industries Association, Inc. in partnership with the Phividec Industrial Authority.

“As neighboring Asean countries integrate advancements, the lack of it must keep our country in an Industrial Dark Age and may prevent local industries from successfully penetrating the global market,” Phividec Administrator and Chief Executive Officer Franklin M. Quijano said.

Quijano noted that the Philippines has several major industries including manufacturing, agriculture, and electronics.

Many of these industries, he added, may have failed to appreciate and innovate in recent years and are unable to keep up with the latest standards in technology.

It is on this context, he said, that Phividec and PIE-MO Industries Association, Inc. decided to organize the summit as a catalyst to the needed "industrial revolution" in the country.

“We have so much potential industry-wise to meet consumer demands on a global scale. But we’re caught by outdated practices. Through the acquisition of advanced technologies and the adoption of innovative practices, the country can achieve socio-economic development and become globally competitive. The upcoming PIS 2019 makes us prepare for the future,” Quijano said.

According to Quijano, the Philippine Industrial Summit in Mindanao promises to be a gathering of industry champions and tycoons from various industries, as well as leaders from private and public sectors, government agencies, and policymakers.

Members of the academe, the general public, and the media will also be invited to join the talks, according to the Facebook page dedicated for the summit.

Organizers said the summit also seeks to engage participants in relevant discussions so they can establish networks, create a cohesive vision of modern industry, and share ideas on courses of action.

Ultimately, they hope the summit will serve as a "gateway to revolutionizing the Philippine industrial ecosystem."

Organizers said they envision the integration of “smart” technologies in accordance with the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

They said that under the standards of Industry 4.0, machines are equipped with data exchange functionality and be able to connect to a system via the internet. This system will be capable of visualizing production chains and making decisions on its own, thus resulting in a more efficient process overall, they added.

The 2019 Philippine Industrial Summit in Mindanao is organized by PIE-MO Industries Association, Inc. in partnership with PHIVIDEC Industrial Authority.

Phividec Industrial Authority is a government-owned and controlled corporation responsible for industrial estate development throughout the Philippines.

Since its establishment in 1974, PIA has been involved in various projects and programs aimed at socio-economic recovery and industrialization.

PIE-MO is a 3,000-hectare Special Economic Zone that encompasses 13 barangays within the Municipalities of Tagoloan and Villanueva. PIE-MO Industries Association, Inc. is comprised of a group of private companies and stakeholders based at the industrial estate.

Krispy Kreme’s bittersweet taste flavor

By Jo Ann Sablad

KRISPY Kreme joins this year’s celebration of Cagayan de Oro City’s Higalaay Festival with its launching of new limited edition flavor: the Dark Chocolate Glitz doughnuts.

“For this launch, we’ll be highlighting the Dark Chocolate Glitz which is made from the Malagos chocolate,” Princes Angelic Waban, the general manager of Krispy Kreme Limketkai, said.

“This is actually our treat for those people who are looking for not so sweet donuts and this is our answer to them ‘cause its absolutely not really that sweet and it has a bittersweet taste. Probably this will be a very good deal for those people na siguro who will be looking not so sweet na sweets,” she added.

This premium creation of the Home of the Original Glazed Doughnuts is dipped in chocolate ganache made with Malagos chocolate, drizzled with gold glitz and topped with chocolate chips.

The Dark Chocolate Glitz will be available from August 10 to 31.

In time for the celebration of the city fiesta, Krispy Kreme offers a promo of pre-assorted box of six doughnuts for P149. The box includes three original glazed doughnuts and three Dark Chocolate Glitz doughnuts.

The offer is available in all Krispy Kreme stores in Cagayan de Oro City, such as in Limketkai, Centrio Ayala Mall, SM CDO Downtown Premier and SM City Cagayan de Oro branches.

“Kagay-anons they always welcome us like yung expectation nila is so high and we always meet their expectation. And also they are always so warm na talagang wine-welcome kung ano yung bagong product,” Waban said.

“We really do appreciate it kay from their voices, like through our surveys, mag-istorya sila what they want, and then we always try our very best to produce something from their craving. So, I hope you like this one,” she added.

CDO needs modern equipment, firetrucks: BFP

By Jigger Jerusalem and Ercel Maandig (PNA)

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY – This city needs more firetrucks and other fire-fighting equipment in keeping with rapid urbanization, an official of the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) said.

Superintendent Alan Cabot, the city fire marshal, said Wednesday the needed upgrade would enable this city to respond to conflagrations that occur in high-rise buildings such as condominiums and hotels that have sprouted in recent years.

For instance, Cabot said the city must have firetrucks equipped with an aerial ladder that can respond to fires in skyscrapers.

Cabot said President Rodrigo Duterte has recently committed PHP15 billion for the BFP modernization.

Presently, Cagayan de Oro has 12 fire stations with 16 fire trucks from the BFP and 13 from the private fire volunteer brigades.

Cabot said this is not enough based on the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) guidelines that require a firetruck for every 25,000 population.

He said Mayor Oscar Moreno has already committed to help the local BFP office establish four more four fire stations, especially in villages far from the city center.

Cabot said they are also targeting to organize Community Fire Auxiliary Group (CFAG) in all of the city’s 80 villages.

“The CFAGs play a vital role in firefighting as we consider them our force multiplier,” he said during the 4th Fire Olympics held Wednesday here.

Chief Superintendent Lindy Lauzon, BFP-10 director, underscored the importance of community volunteer groups such as CFAG in immediately responding to fires.

“With the presence of the CFAGs, we expect them to do the necessary initial action against the destruction fire. That’s how important their role is,” Lauzon said.

During their Olympics, 13 barangays participated in various competitions aimed at enhancing firefighting skills.

The village of Bayabas fire volunteer brigade emerged as the grand winner of this year's city-level Olympics that will compete in the regional level on the 4th quarter of this year, while Miss Jamie Aster Mirah Durano of Barangay Bayabas is this year's Miss Cagayan de Oro Fire Olympics 2019.

Andanar says P49-M for stratcomms approved

By Ercel Maandig (PNA)

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY -- Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) Secretary Martin Andanar bared Thursday the Department of Budget Management's (DBM) approval of the PHP49-million budget for the government communications strategic training facility.

Andanar, who is also the Cabinet Officer for Regional Development and Security (Cords) for Region 10, said the facility will establish a Government Communications Academy, and will be equipped with modern information facilities.

Andanar said the facility would be erected at a two-hectare area in Manolo Fortich town, Bukidnon province. He said the facility will house a government TV and radio center, and has a modern dormitory for personnel.

He said the PHP49-million allocation will only cover the building construction, and that another PHP50 million will be allocated for equipment and fixtures.

Meanwhile, Andanar said PCOO is lobbying for Congress to institutionalize the mandatory installation of Barangay Information Officer (BIO) in all villages in the country.

The BIOs, he said, can be trained by the planned Government Communications Academy.

In a phone interview Friday, the city's Association of Barangay Councils president, City Councilor Yan Lam Lim, expressed support for the creation of BIOs, noting that the barangays currently lack information officers as the position is not mandated by law.

Even barangay officials, Lim said, lack media literacy and many have no basic understanding of public communications.

Dagyaw reg'l dialogue set in Cagayan de Oro

By Apipa P. Bagumbaran (APB/PIA10)

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY (PIA) -- A regional town hall meeting dubbed "Dagyaw" will be held in Brgy. Nazareth gymnasium on Aug. 8 as part of the Duterte administration’s continuing efforts to bring government closer to the people.

The "Dagyaw 2019: Open Government and Participatory Governance Regional Town Hall Meeting" aims to provide a platform for citizens to raise local concerns through direct interfacing with senior government officials.

It is also intended to communicate the good governance reforms of the Duterte administration.

The word “Dagyaw” is a Hiligaynon term for “Bayanihan,” which exemplifies the concept of “togetherness.”

It seeks to provide an avenue for productive, valuable, sincere, and visible engagement between government and the people at the local level.

The event is also designed to provide a one-stop shop of frontline government services and national programs as booths of government agencies will be set-up in the same venue.

Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG-10) Regional Director Arnel Agabe said this is in line with the directive of Pres. Rodrigo Duterte to see to it that local concerns are heard and given attention to not just by regional line agencies but also the national government.

He said around 800 stakeholders from civil society organizations academe, business groups, public sector unions, people’s organizations, and media are expected to attend the activity.

As a platform for engagement and convergence, each regional meeting will focus on area-specific topics to address the issues and problems experienced in the locality.

For Region 10, the discussion will focus on violent extremism, health, and general development.

Dagyaw is spearheaded by DILG, Department of Budget and Management, and the Presidential Communications Operations Office.

400 slots available for scholarship grants


CAGAYAN de Oro City Second District Representative Rufus Rodriguez has announced early this week that his office is now open to receive application for scholarship grants in tertiary level, including technical-vocational studies.

Rodriguez said he already talked with the officials of the Commission on Higher Education (Ched) in Northern Mindanao and Technical Education Schools and Development Authority (Tesda) regarding the scholarship program.

He said around 400 slots are available for Ched scholarship under the program Tulong Dunong.

Rodriguez said those who wish to apply must come to his office and file their application. The application will then be forwarded to CHED for the final approval.

“We are immensely thankful to Ched-10 for the partnership in providing additional Tulong Dunong grants for the students in the 2nd district. Through this program, the grantees shall be given financial assistance per semester to any private tertiary schools in the city,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez said grantees will receive P7,500 per semester or P15,000 a year to help them pay their tuition and other school needs.

He said the fund of more than P6 million will come from the budget of former congressman Maximo Rodriguez while Senator Sonny Angara also gave P1.5 million.

“Kana nga pondo is from Cong. Maxi pa sa approved budget sa 2019 unya karon ang implementation,” Rodriguez said.

“Kani regardless of what course ang kuhaon basta undergraduate courses. Pwede sad maka-apply tong third year or fourth year na. I will also ask for additional slots,” he added.

The lawmaker said his office will also receive applications for those who want to apply for scholarship under the Tesda.

He said the former second district congressman also allocated P5 million for Tesda scholarship. The national office also gave around P2 million which is good for 700 scholars.

Rodriguez said grantees can choose the Tesda courses they want to pursue.

“We selected the courses which we feel are needed abroad so those who can finish can work there,” Rodriguez said.

“For scholarship eligibility and requirement information, please visit our office in 12th-20th Nazareth Gym, Nazareth,” he added.

RDRRMC-10 confers awards to Reg'l Gawad KALASAG winners

By Apipa Bagumbaran (APB/PIA10)

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY (PIA) -- The Regional Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (RDRRMC) in Northern Mindanao conferred awards to the winners of the 21st Regional Gawad KALASAG on Aug. 2 at N Hotel, this city.

RDRRMC-10 Chairperson and Office of Civil Defense (OCD) Regional Director Rosauro Arnel Gonzales Jr. said the Gawad KALASAG award is given to local government units (LGUs), civil society organizations (CSOs), schools, and other sectors who exemplified excellence in disaster risk reduction and management (DRRM) and humanitarian assistance.

He said winners were recognized for their exemplary performance in DRRM covering four thematic areas: prevention and mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery and rehabilitation.

Thirty entries were submitted to OCD and evaluated and validated by the regional selection committee through a series of meetings and field visits.

Out of the 30, a total of 13 were awarded in different categories namely: Best Local DRRMC, Public Elementary School, Public High School, Private High School, Best Child Development Center, Best Civil Society Organization, Best National Government Hospital, Best Local Government Unit Hospital, Best Government Emergency Management and Response Team, and special recognition for Heroic Act of Humanitarian Assistance.

Winners under the Local DRRMC category were Bukidnon (province); Valencia City, Bukidnon (component city); Tubod, Lanao del Norte (1st-3rdclass municipality); and Bacolod, Lanao del Norte (4th-6thclass municipality).

Winners for the school category were Talisay Central School (public elementary); Bukidnon National High School (public high school); and Sacred Heart Jesus Montessori School (private high school category).

For the hospital category, Mayor Hilarion A. Ramiro, Sr. Medical Hospital
bagged the Best National Government Hospital while J.R. Borja Hospital in Cagayan de Oro City won the Best Local Government Unit Hospital category.

Other awardees were Barangay 18 Child Development Center in Gingoog City for Best Child Development Center, ECOWEB for Best Civil Society Organization, ORO Rescue for Best Government Emergency Management and Response Team, and Bureau of Fire Protection Region 10 Special Rescue Unit for Heroic Act of Humanitarian Assistance.

Meanwhile, Gonzales urged local DRRM and other organizations to join the Gawad KALASAG next year.

By joining, they can have a template that will enable them to gauge their performance in disaster management and identify gaps and areas of improvement.

Gusa is outstanding barangay for local peace, order initiatives

By PJ Orias

CAGAYAN de Oro City's Barangay Gusa snatched the Outstanding Lupon Tagapamayapa Award from hall of famer Barangay Kauswagan with only a .08 difference for this year's city level search.

The City Department of the Interior and Local Government named the top 12 barangays with the outstanding lupon: Bayabas (11th), Tablon (10th), Agusan (9th), Balulang, (8th), Bonbon (7th), Bayanga (6th), Patag (5th), Nazareth (4th), Camaman-an (3rd), Canitoan (2nd), Kauswagan (1st), and the champion, Gusa.

The barangays each received a plaque and an incentive, but for besting the other 11 villages, Gusa received P110,000.

Mayor Oscar Moreno lauded the barangays' efforts in resolving conflict in the local level. He said this helps the already crowded courts.

Moreno also said Barangay Bayanga's win is significant, because although it is in the hinterlands, it is recognizing the importance of the lupon tagapamayapa.

The mayor also hinted at raising the prizes for next year's search, as well as expanding the awardees from only 12 to 20 barangays.

He said he plans to make the budget of the search to P1 million to attract more participants and "raise the bar of excellence" among the barangays.

CDO's 'Higala-ay Festival' kicks off

By Ercel Maandig (PNA)

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY -- The local government has formally launched the month-long celebration of "Higalaa-y Festival" on Sunday.

Higala-ay, which means "friendship," is an annual celebration that coincides with the city's religious fiesta, in honor of Catholic patron saint, Augustine.

Mayor Oscar Moreno led the opening, along with local stakeholders, government officials and partners from the business sector.

Moreno underscored the significance of the festival, not only to attract tourists, but also to foster partnerships and investments.

The festival's highights include Kumbira, a food exhibition; Kahimunan, a showcase of local handicrafts; Search for Miss Cagayan de Oro; Higala-ay Dragon Boat race.

Most of the major events, such as the float and street parade, usually happen on the last week of the month, aligned to the city's fiesta on August 28.

Late CDO Archbishop to be laid to rest Aug. 7

By Ercel Maandig (PNA)

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY - The remains of the late Archbishop in this city's Archdiocese will be laid to rest on Wednesday, August 7, inside the city's main cathedral following Catholic tradition.

Archbishop Antonio Ledesma said this on Friday referring to the wake and interment rites of the late Archbishop Emeritus Jesus Tuquib.

Ledesma said Tuquib died on August 1 after a "long, lingering illness."

Tuquib was the first Filipino to be heralded as the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Cagayan de Oro, and is known for his stance against the construction of a casino in the city.

He was also known to be one of the active personalities in the city to lead the call for the ouster of then-president Joseph Estrada, complementing the Edsa-2 events in Manila.

The late prelate served as Archdiocese for 18 years between 1988 and 2006. Before that, he was appointed as the first bishop in Pagadian City in 1973 until 1984.

Tuquib was ordained as a priest for the diocese of Tagbilaran in Bohol in 1959.

Foton opens modern showroom

By Jo Ann Sablad

FOTON Philippines has opened its grander and newly renovated two-story state-of-the-art showroom in Cagayan de Oro City located along the Gusa highway.

The showroom building of Foton Cagayan de Oro dealership is situated on a 2,000-square-meter lot and is capable of housing 30 vehicles for display, and a total of 10 bays in its service area.

It also houses parts and accessories counters and a contemporary customer lounge where clients can sit back and relax while waiting for their vehicles to be serviced.

The showroom also boasted its lifter that is said to be the first in its dealerships.

“As our brand grows, we also want our customers to experience how great Foton is when they purchase their vehicles and during the aftersales processes. We want them to feel Foton's welcoming ambiance, and have a hassle-free ownership experience as soon as they enter our dealership,” Foton Cagyaan de Oro Dealership principal Roger Chiu said.

“In terms of building size, this is much bigger than before; in terms of facility, we have the state-of-the-art facility now; and this is the only Foton dealership that is multi-level. This is the first in the Philippines,” said Levy Santos, vice president for sales and marketing of Foton Philippines.

First inaugurated in 2008, Foton Cagayan de Oro serves as the first Foton dealership to be established outside Metro Manila.

It reopened and inaugurated its newly-renovated showroom Wednesday, July 31.

“The inauguration of Foton Cagayan de Oro marks yet another milestone in our persistent commitment to establish fruitful and everlasting relationships with our patrons. We continuously strive to reach our customers in different areas around the Philippines, and deliver world-class Foton products and services by providing an extraordinary customer experience with us,” Foton Philippines president Rommel Sytin said.

The company announced that it is set to open dealerships across the country by the end of the year. The outlets will be offering passenger vehicles including vans, pick-up trucks, and SUV, light-duty trucks, medium-duty trucks, heavy-duty trucks, and heavy machinery, all of which are designed for the increasing demands of various businesses in the region.

“People have confidence in buying our brands because they see facilities like this that we are not a fly-by-night company that you see on the side of the road and then tomorrow they're gone,” Santos said.

“This is one way of saying to the buying public that we are here for the long haul, we are committed in serving you and committed in giving you the right product at the right price,” he added.

In 2018, Foton broke in the top 10 of the whole automotive industry, besting other known brands that have been in the Philippines for more than 20 years.

Foton is the only China brand to enter the top 10. And in terms of truck sales, it is number three in the Philippines.

Students chessfest set

By Lynde Salgados

THE Metro Cagayan Eagles Club, in cooperation with the Parents Chess Club of Cagayan de Oro, will have its first ever Rapid Chess Tournament on August 10 at the Green Lane, 2nd floor of Limketkai Mall.

The day-long rapid chessfest has categories for elementary division (Grade 1-6, mixed boys and girls) and high school division (Grade 7-12, mixed boys and girls).

Prizes up for grabs in each category are P1,500 for the champion, P1,000 for 1st runner-up, P800 for second runner-up, P600 for third runner-up, P400 for fourth runner-up, and P200 (plus medals) each for the rest of the top 10 finishers.

The seven-round Swiss system tourney will also offer special awards for the top 3 players belonging to the under 10 and under 8 age brackets.

"We're inviting all the chess enthusiasts, ilabina sa mga supportive parents nga ipadula ilang mga anak," said tournament director Glenn Escarda.

For more details, the following tournament officials can be contacted in their respective mobile phone numbers: Escarda (0917-3171630), Emmanuel Carrasco (0917-8577166), Joel Hoy (0977-8066226), Jun Cuizon (0905-1166326) and Leah Magluyoan (0935-1632798).

Blood drive continues with WeLoveU and PRC


FULFILLING its major aim to save people whose lives are threatened by blood shortages, an international welfare organization from Korea organized a worldwide blood drive to enhance the community's awareness of the value and need of blood donations.

The International WeLoveU Foundation, in partnership with the United Nations and the Philippine Red Cross, held its 305th Worldwide Blood Drive last Sunday, July 28, at the second floor of Limketkai Mall, Cagayan de Oro City.

The blood drive was done simultaneously throughout the nation through the different branches of the foundation all over the Philippines.

According to Yoo Rae Kyun, branch manager of the International WeLoveU Foundation in Cagayan de Oro, the organization has 22 branches with almost 10,000 members nationwide.

In Mindanao, apart from Cagayan de Oro, they also have branches in Davao, General Santos, Pagadian, and Butuan.

The International WeLoveU Foundation aims to achieve the voluntary, non-remunerated blood donation and takes multifaceted approaches to conduct life-saving efforts.

"The International WeLoveU Foundation, we share the true love to our neighbor by giving our precious blood so we can save many people. It is the purpose to have this event," Yoo Rae Kyun said.

"I want to give thanks to our members who voluntarily give their precious blood to save many people. Really, I encourage this to our whole members," he added.

Aside from the people who voluntarily participated in the blood drive, some of the 200 members of the International WeLoveU Foundation in Cagayan de Oro, who passed the screening test, also donated their blood.

Hazel Veloz, member of the International WeLoveU Foundation in Cagayan de Oro, said the total number of blood drive participants reached more than a hundred.

Apart from blood drives, the foundation also conducts clean-up drives as part of its Save the Earth campaign.

Last June 25, the organization had its clean-up drive in Cogon, Cagayan de Oro City.

The International WeLoveU Foundation, officially launched in Korea in 2001, carries out global charitable activities so that people in neighboring countries who are facing difficulties due to disasters and poverty, among others, may live in peace, being respected without discrimination beyond nationality, race, language, and culture.

"The WeLoveU Foundation carries out volunteer services with a heart of a mother," Veloz said.

As an international non-government organization, the WeLoveU Foundation is associated with the United Nations Department of Global Communications and helps achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Passenger terminal at CDO port opens

By Daphne Galvez (Reporter,

MANILA, Philippines — The passenger terminal at the Port of Cagayan de Oro, considered as the country’s biggest, was inaugurated on Monday, July 15, the Department of Transportation (DOTr) announced.

The building, which is within the Passenger Terminal Complex of the port, is a massive two-storey building with a total floor area of 5,597 square meters, the department said.

The new terminal has a capacity of 3,000 passengers, which is triple its previous capacity.

Transport Secretary Arthur Tugade led the inauguration, along with Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) General Manager Jay Santiago and PPA Port Manager for Misamis Oriental/Cagayan de Oro Isidro Butaslac Jr.

“I have inaugurated many terminals during our term, and the truth is, this is the biggest passenger terminal building in the Republic of the Philippines,” Tugade said in a statement.

“This project will fulfill the President’s wish of achieving mobility and connectivity between the Visayas and Mindanao,” Tugade said in Filipino. “With this terminal, you will have a convergence of people for mobility that will lead to economic growth.”

For his part, Santiago said: “As the PPA welcomed its 45th founding anniversary, we have this huge PTB to stand as the emblem of our service and dedication… We hope that this new PTB will contribute to the socio-economic growth, not just of Cagayan de Oro, but of the entire Northern Mindanao region,” Santiago said in the same statement.

How one recital brings to life Oro’s classical music scene


IT TOOK two of the finest voices in Cagayan de Oro City’s music scene to mesmerize guests invited to an exclusive recital at N Hotel on Sunday, July 7. In the evening, internationally recognized baritone Cipriano Mercado de Guzman, Jr. and graceful soprano Carmina Lourdes Atienza sang the iconic Cebuano song, “Usahay” after the audience requested for an encore performance.

This was one of the classical songs they covered in the recital. It was an initiative to introduce the type of music to the local community. Brought to life by philanthropist and music enthusiast Marinela Neri Velez, the recital featured songs that have continued to flourish in an age of pop culture and mainstream techno beats. Some of these masterpiece go way back to the era when opera emerged and influenced Western composers.

Accompanist Consuelo Escudero orchestrated the keys over the piano beside the singers on stage. The seamless tune became basis to de Guzman’s remarkable rendition of George Bizet’s “Toreador, En Garde!” (from the opera, Carmen), Eduardo di Capua’s “‘O Sole Mio”, Teodoro Cottrau’s “Santa Lucia” and Ernani Joson Cuenco’s “Balikbayan”, among his setlist. Within the hotel’s Lambago Hall, his vibrato and pitches filled the enclosed space the same way that world-renowned tenors could fill the air in an entire auditorium with their range.

The 17-year-old Atienza, on the other hand, playfully mastered Victor August Herbet’s “Art Is Calling for Me.” This song followed after she was introduced by de Guzman as one of the youngest and most promising sopranos in the city. She came to the stage from behind the backdrop with a regal bearing that resembled Christine Daae in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical adaption of Gaston Leroux’s The Phantom of the Opera. She even sang a duet with de Guzman with the musical’s iconic “All I Ask of You”.

The recital proved to the audience that there is no other universal language as understandable and relatable as music and voices.

Despite the shift from English to German and then to Filipino and Cebuano, the songs performed during the recital depicted emotions with vocal prowess mirrored by the singers’ expressions. While the duo swayed to the melodramatic rhythm of “Usahay”, they took an upbeat set of steps with Franz Lehar’s “Lippen Schweigen” from the operatta, The Merry Widow.

It may seem that classical songs are not as popular in CDO these days, but Velez hopes for this trend to return. Her boundless passion for the arts and culture have inspired her to organize recitals and spearhead music programs. This recital is one among the many initiatives that would introduce classical music in the West to the local community.

P135-M ecopark to rise in old dumpsite in Cagayan de Oro

By Bobby Lagsa (

Mayor Oscar Moreno says he 'wanted to make something of the old dumpsite' in Barangay Carmen, in explaining why he wanted an ecopark in that area

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, Philippines – City officials on Thursday, July 11, finally got the ball rolling on an ecopark project in an old dumpsite.

Mayor Oscar Moreno led the groundbreaking ceremony for the 18-hectare ecopark inside the old city dumpsite in Zayas, Barangay Carmen, in the city's western district.

The development of the ecopark will cost P135 million. Of this amount, P100 million will come from the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) while the city government will shoulder the balance.

"We were looking at developing a city park. We look at Gaston Park, the Divisoria, but I wanted to make something of the old dumpsite where no one would want to visit because it stinks; the smell is unbearable," Moreno said, in explaining why he pushed for an ecopark in that area.

The mayor said scavengers who used to operate in the old dumpsite would be prioritized for employment at the ecopark.

"They will be the one doing maintenance in this park," Moreno said.

Ecopark features

The City Ecopark, which will be managed by the City Tourism Office, is expected to be fully operational by 2022.

Architect Catherine Ramuso, the project design lead, said that phase one of the project will include the construction of a function hall, boat dock, food court, pond/water catchment, ampitheater, and a children's playground.

The planned lush, tree-filled ecopark will also have an administration building, an adult play area, a walkway, lanes for jogging and biking, a butterfly garden, fruit garden, research facilities, a plant nursery, access roads, a parking area, and a transport hub,

The city is already home to 4 parks: Gaston Park, Plaza Divisoria, the provincial government-owned forested Vicente de Lara Park, and the Department of Tourism-owned watershed Malasag Ecopark which is situated at the east district of the city.

Other plans

The old dumpsite became one of the city government's problems as it continued to be filled with trash in violation of Republic Act No. 9003 or the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000.

When Moreno was first elected as city mayor in 2013, he ordered the closure of the dumpsite which should have been done as early as 2005 in compliance with the law.

He said a "hostile" City Council thumbed down the closure of the dumpsite each time he allocated budget for it during his first term.

Following the election of new city officials in 2016, the new City Council finally approved the closure of the dumpsite, and city garbage was brought to a landfill in Barangay Pagalungan.

Engineer Armen Cuenca of the City Local Environment and Natural Resources Office said that in 2018, the Environment Management Bureau of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources in Region 10 issued a certification for the complete closure of the old dumpsite.

Moreno said on Thursday that the city government will also shut down the illegal dumpsite that scavengers who used to operate in the old dumpsite created across the road.

The illegal dumpsite was inside a private property were scavengers dumped, sorted and sold their collected garbage. Moreno indicated that 50 informal settler families lived there.

"We need to relocate some 50 families from across the road, and close that dumpsite. The city has resources to relocate these families into our housing projects," Moreno said.

Moreno tasked CIty Social Welfare Deparment head Teddy Sabuga-a to identify the families for relocation, and the City Housing and Urban Development Department to begin work on providing housing for the displaced families.

Oro braces for pre-fiesta ‘Kumbira Masters’


CUISINES from Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines will take center stage this year as the longest-running annual culinary arts show and competitions presents “Kumbira Masters.”

Having its grand launching on July 3 by the Cagayan de Oro Hotel and Restaurant Association (Cohara) together with the City Government of Cagayan de Oro, the 23rd edition of Kumbira is set to be held on August 14 to 16 at the Atrium of Limketkai Center, Cagayan de Oro City, Kumbira Masters: The Food Baskets of Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines (BIMP) aims to showcase and promote cuisines of the aforementioned countries apart from the flavors and regional recipes of Mindanao.

It is to exhibit the appreciation and application of indigenous ingredients in local recipes, to hone culinary skills and new techniques and technologies in developing local cuisine, and to promote skills certification to professionalize the hospitality industry.

Kumbira Masters will also feature exhibits and cooking demonstrations by country and the different regions of Mindanao in the Philippines; promote local products, ingredients, and other produce through food tasting; culinary and skills competitions with teams representing each region; and series of seminar lecture/demo by chef experts and judges of Kumbira, food-related technology and skills certification and requirements of the different countries.

“We’re highlighting ang developing the skills as well as ilang recipes and ang atong master classes,” City Fiesta Executive Committee Head Eileen San Juan said.

“It’s something like we want to know how we would connect to these countries in terms of our cuisine,” she added.

This year’s Kumbira also brings into attention on who will be the first Kumbira Chef Master, Bar Master and Latte Art Master, the titles given to the champion of the specific competitions.

Kumbira Masters consists of six culinary skills competition categories with its sub-categories, namely:

- Professional Division: Culinary Challenge, Pastry and Desserts, and Dining Service

- Student Division: Culinary Challenge, Pastry and Desserts, Dining Service, and Beverage Service

- Junior Division: Culinary Challenge and Beverage Service

- Kiddie Division: Culinary Challenge, Pastry and Desserts, and Beverage Service

- Open Competition

- Brand Competition

Kumbira is the flagship project of COHARA and an annual event during the Higalaay Festival celebration.

It promotes healthy competition and camaraderie among the different hotels and restaurants, schools, as well as, elevate the standards of the culinary industry in the Region. The event also showcases renowned chefs and industry practitioners as judges who will help hone the various skills, artistry and creativeness of the food and beverage practitioners and students in the competitions.

NorMin command, control center site breaks ground


CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY -- Construction of the Government Command and Control Center at Lumbia Airport here will soon kick off after the groundbreaking ceremony and laying of time capsule was done on July 4, 2019.

The event was attended by National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Chairman Secretary Delfin Lorenzana together with other involved agencies.

The facility worth P77 million is seen to effectively coordinate disaster preparedness and response measures and monitor disasters that will occur in Northern Mindanao as well as control equipment and manpower sources that will be deployed during calamities.

It is designed to effectively and efficiently carry out communications, warning signals, emergency transportation, evacuation, rescue, health and rehabilitation, public education, and other auxiliary services.

This is to ensure the protection and welfare of the people during disasters and emergencies.

Office of Civil Defense 10 Regional Director Rosauro Arnel Q. Gonzales and Department of the Interior and Local Government 10 Regional Director Arnel M. Agabe said partner agencies are stepping up their efforts when it comes to disaster preparedness measures.

“We place our focus to the most vulnerable barangays in our local government units, which we consider as high-risk areas,” said Agabe.

With this, we gear up in being more proactive in our approaches to strategically come up with appropriate mitigation, preparedness, response, actions and plans, he added.

Construction of the alternate Government Command and Control Center for Mindanao is funded under General Appropriation Act (GAA) 2019.

It involves the construction of three-storey multi-purpose building, including the state-of-the-art operational center and situational analysis and communication virtual room, and conference room that can accommodate up to 30 persons.

With a lot area of 1,284.122 sq.m., said project is one of the slated significant projects of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH).

Alternate gov’t command center to rise in CDO

By Apipa P. Bagumbaran (APB/PIA10)

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY (PIA) -- A three-storey multi-purpose building designed to be an alternate Government Command and Control Center (GCCC) of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC) is soon to rise in Northern Mindanao.

The GCCC will have a state-of-the-art operational center, communication virtual room, conference room, breakout rooms, and office facilities and equipment.

The project is funded by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) under its FY 2019 General Appropriations Act with an allocation of P77 million.

Director Rosauro Arnel Gonzalez, Jr. of the Office of Civil Defense (OCD-10) said the project signals a new era in disaster risk and management.

The GCCC will become a major link between the official, response cluster, incident management team and all those involved in the disaster response during disaster management operations.

Gonzalez said the Regional DRRMC is happy that the national government has decided to establish a facility of such capability in the city, saying that it will beef up the efforts of the RDRRMC.

Secretary of National Defense Delfin Lorenzana and OCD Administrator Ricardo Jalad led the groundbreaking rites and laying of time capsule of the GCCC project on July 4 at Lumbia Airport compound.

CDO convention center now at 88% completion


CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY (PIA)--After several years of abandonment from its suspension in year 2012, the Cagayan de Oro Civic/Convention Center located at Taguanao, Indahag, here, nears completion of its main building at 88 percent accomplishment based on the total released budget.

The project was left abandoned due to questions about land ownership, which was finally resolved in the last quarter of 2016, thus, its resumption.

From the year 2000 to 2011, the total fund release amounted to P534,937,500. For CY 2017 to 2018, a total of P450,000,000 has been allocated for the project.

An additional P463,294,108.49 for CY 2019 will be added for the completion of the main building, site development plan, and support facilities while P85,080,891.51 is proposed for CY 2020 under the DPWH-DOT Convergence Program.

The project is now at 56 percent completion based on the total estimated project cost of 1.5 Billion pesos.

In a site visit, June 30, Mayor Oscar Moreno expressed his gratitude to the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) and Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA) for the cooperation in fulfilling this long-time dream.

Former Senator Aquilino “Nene” Pimentel, Jr., who initiated the project in 2001, also graced the event and said he wanted to name the convention center in honor of the late former City Mayor Pablo Magtajas.

Representing DPWH X is Acting Assistant Regional Director Rey Peter B. Gille, Construction Chief Virgie G. Nayve, and Project Engineer Leowald L. Pecore, who discussed the components of the project.

The building complex can accommodate up to 7,700 people, in which its components include the Main Building, Carpark Building, Restaurant, Pavilion, Administrative Building, TIEZA Office Building, Power House, Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) Facility, Material Recovery Facility (MRF), Guard House, and Pump House.

The completion of the CDO Civic/Convention Center will support various events like sports, concerts, conventions, exhibits, seminars, conferences, and trade shows that will be held in the city.

It has also been envisioned to ignite further economic development with the emphasis on investment, infrastructure improvements and tourism, hence providing more job opportunities for the whole populace of Cagayan de Oro City and neighboring areas.

Oro's disaster reduction office, hospital get 'Kalasag' awards

By PJ Orias

THE Cagayan de Oro City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Department (CDRRMD) and the JR Borja General Hospital (JRBGH) are hailed as regional awardees of the 21st Gawad Kalasag Award.

The CDRRMD is recognized as the Best Local Government Emergency Management by the Regional Risk Reduction and Management Council and the Department of National Defense.

Meanwhile, the city hospital is also awarded as the Best Local Government Hospital.

The CDRRMD is cited for its quick response to emergencies, through its Oro Rescue.

Recently, the department has also acquired modern equipment for rescue operations.

Also, the JRBGH is currently undergoing an upgrade to provide better health services to Kagayanons.

The Gawad Kalasag Award was established as the country’s premier recognition scheme to various stakeholders that design and implement Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) programs that protect and shield high risk communities against hazards and render them more capable of addressing their vulnerabilities and coping from disasters.

PSA-10 to hold survey on labor force, poverty indicators


CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY (PIA)--The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) in Northern Mindanao is set to conduct the July 2019 Labor Force Survey (LFS) and the 2019 Annual Poverty Indicators Survey (APIS), July 8-31 across the region.

Around 37 hired statistical researchers will be deployed across the region to conduct the interviews to 2,568 systematically and randomly selected sample households identified as respondents.

The LFS is a quarterly nationwide survey of households which aims to gather data on the demographics and socio-economic characteristics of the population and provide a quantitative framework for the preparation of plans and formulation of policies affecting the labor market.

Specifically, the LFS serves as a tool in measuring the distribution of household population 15 years old and over by employment status - employed, unemployed or underemployed.

It is also used to determine various employment characteristics such as industry, class of workers, nature of employment, and basis of payment.

The APIS, on the other hand, is a rider survey to the July round of LFS. It is the 13th in a series of poverty indicators survey conducted nationwide since 1998.

Such is designed to provide estimates for non-income poverty indicators and gather data on the socio-economic profile of families and other information related to their living conditions which serve as inputs to the Multidimensional Poverty Index.

The PSA appeals to the public to cooperate and support the conduct of these surveys. It also assures that all information gathered will be held strictly confidential and shall not be used as evidence in court for purposes of taxation, regulation or investigation as provided for in RA 10625.

Data generated from this survey will be disseminated in statistical summaries without reference to any individual person or household. (PSA10/PIA10)

PPA ready to open new Cagayan de Oro passenger terminal on July 15

By Lorenz S. Marasigan

THE Department of Transportation (DOTr) and the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) will inaugurate the passenger terminal building of the Port of Cagayan de Oro on July 15 with a ranking official saying the new facility will help boost economic and tourism opportunities for the province.

With a floor area of 5,597 square meters and a capacity of almost 3,000 passengers per day, the new passenger terminal building is touted to be the “biggest seaport” terminal in the Philippines.

“The construction of this brand-new building will greatly strengthen the region as the global gateway to Mindanao. Once we inaugurate this on July 15, we are opening Cagayan de Oro to the nation and to the rest of the world as we pursue progress for our seaports,” PPA General Manager Jay Daniel R. Santiago said.

Before the new terminal, the old facility can only accommodate up to 1,000 passengers per day.

The terminal is also equipped with the following facilities and amenities: security checkpoints with x-ray scanners for luggage, body scanners, security cameras, passenger boarding stations, assistance desks, designated green areas, play area for children and a child-care station.

“This is a huge step toward giving the people of Cagayan de Oro a comfortable life through enhanced connectivity,” Transportation Secretary Arthur P. Tugade said.

Oro council renames, creates committees

By PJ Orias

ON THE inaugural session of the 19th City Council, councilors moved to create new committees, rename them, and tried to set a dress code.

City Councilor Teodulfo Lao Jr., moved to rename the committee on police, fire, and public safety to the committee on public order and safety.

Lao said this is to put emphasis that every law enforcement agency, not just the police and the fire department, should be included to maintain the peace and order of the city.

Lao also pushed for the creation of committee on disaster risk reduction which will focus the city's programs on disaster preparedness.

Lao also pushed for a more strict implementation of a proper dress code for city councilors. He said councilors should not arrive at the session hall wearing a "maong."

Councilor Roger Abaday for his part, want to create a committee that will focus on addressing the illegal drugs problem of the city.

Meanwhile, Councilor Ian Mark Nacaya remains the majority floor leader, and retained his committee chairmanships: economic enterprise, laws and rules, and planning and development. Lao was picked as the assistant majority floor leader and also heads the committees on energy and public utilities.

Councilor Edna Dahino was chosen as the Presiding Officer Pro tempore and still heads the committee on finance, budget, and appropriations and the women and family relations committee.

Councilor Zaldy Ocon is chairperson of the committee on fisheries and the public works committee.

Councilor Jay Pascual now holds the committee on agriculture as well as the tourism committee. Councilor Alam Lim is chairperson of the barangay affairs committee.

The committees on cultural committee and health is chaired by Councilor Ma. Lourdes Gaane, while the environment and cooperatives committees are headed by Councilor Eric Salcedo.

Councilor Reuben Daba meanwhile vacated the social services committee and now heads the ethics and blue ribbon committee. The committee on social services was given to new councilor Girlie Balaba, who also heads the labor and employment committee.

Councilor Roger Abaday now heads the committees of games and amusement and senior citizens.

Councilor Romeo Calizo remains the chair of the police, fire, and public safety committee and roads and traffic management committee.

The committee on subdivision and landed estate and urban and rural poor committee are chaired by City Councilor Edgar Cabanlas. The education committee and the new sister relations committee are chaired by Councilor Suzette Magtajas-Daba.

Councilor George Goking is still the chair of the ways and means committee and the trade and commerce. Councilor John Michael Seno holds the sports and youth development committee.

Councilor Bebot Rodriguez meanwhile is vice-chair of the committee on labor and employment while Councilor Lordan Suan, who formerly heads the ethics and blue ribbon committee, is now its vice-chairperson.

Mayor: Evacuees welcome to stay in Oro


CAGAYAN de Oro City Mayor Oscar Moreno said Lagonglong evacuees are welcome to stay in the city as long as they follow the laws.

"Dili man ta mangabog, ang ato is we honor the freedom of the abode," Moreno said in an interview.

Moreno said freedom of the abode is guaranteed under the Constitution, therefore any person has the right to shelter.

"Dili lang pud musupak sa balaod, dili lang pud musupak sa katungod sa uban," he said, adding: "Katungod kana sa tao, the freedom of abode."

The 30 displaced families from Sitio Camansi, Banglay, in Lagonglong town in Misamis Oriental have found new refuge at the United Church of Christ in the Philippines (UCCP) in Barangay Macasandig after they were driven away from their encampment at the Capitol grounds on June 18.

The UCCP and Iglesia Filipina Independiente (IFI) churches have vowed to support the needs of the evacuees.

The evacuees were furious and disappointed with the Provincial Government of Misamis Oriental that promised to accommodate and attend to their needs while they are in the city. They refuse to go back to Lagonglong for fear of being caught in the crossfire between government troops and the New People's Army since last year.

Some families already returned to their communities, while military officials said their villages are now habitable.

Convention center to be renamed before ex-mayor


THE City Government is set to rename the Cagayan de Oro Convention Center to Pablo "Ambing" Magtajas Convention Center, a former mayor of the city.

Former senator Aquilino Pimentel Jr. urged the incoming 19th City Council to give credit to the late mayor who served as city mayor from 1984 to 1998.

"Magtajas is a low key mayor who did much for Cagayan de Oro and it is high time to give him credit for his service to Kagayanons," he said.

For the first time in almost 20 years, the City Government and Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) opened the Cagayan de Oro Convention Center in Barangay Indahag to the public eye for a site visitation last Sunday, June 30.

Still 56 percent complete, the convention center was visited by the DPWH-Northern Mindanao personnel to allow Pimentel to see the development.

The convention center is Pimentel's pet project when he was then a senator.

Mayor Oscar Moreno said the reason why the convention center was opened -- at least, briefly -- was due to Pimentel's request.

"Hangyo lang, human ikaw modaog, kita nalang mag-inaugurate sa convention center, city nalang, never mind the other agencies. Declaring whatever part of the center is now available, mao ra gahulatan pa nila wala na ako dinhi sa kalibotan, ayha pa mag inaugurate," Moreno said, quoting a text message from Pimentel.

Pimentel for his part, thanked the officials for answering his calls, and proposed that the convention center be named after the late mayor Magtajas.

Magtajas owns the five-hectare land where the convention center stands.

DPWH project engineer Leowald Pecore pointed out that the construction started in 2001 but it was stalled in 2012 over land acquisition issues. It was only resolved in 2016.

So far, the government has released over P984 million for the project.

The convention center has complete facilities that can hold events such as sports, concerts, conventions, exhibits, seminars, conferences, trade shows, among others.

The building complex can accommodate up to 7,700 people. Its components include the main building, carpark building, restaurant, administration building, among others. When finished, it will be managed by the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority.

NorMin’s customs collection swells to P6B in 1st quarter


NORTHERN Mindanao’s customs collections in the first quarter of 2019 has increased by 35 percent to P6.405 billion from P4.753 billion during the same period last year.

According to the data shown by the National Economic and Development Authority (Neda) in Northern Mindanao, the rise in the customs collections was attributed to the increase in the volume and value of importation of goods.

The strict implementation of the Custom Modernization and Tariff Act (CMTA) and the proper description of goods in tariff terms also contributed to the growth of collections for the said quarter.

The data further showed that the bulk of the collections was generated from the Mindanao Container Terminal Sub-port amounting to P4.329 billion or 68 percent of the total customs collections in the region.

This was followed by the Cagayan de Oro port with P1.284 billion or 20 percent of the total customs collections during the reference period.

The port of Ozamiz, meanwhile, posted a huge increase of 1,504 percent during the said period due to the entry of Sea Oil Philippines in the Ozamiz City, Misamis Occidental.

The Mindanao Container Terminal Sub-port (MCT-SP) also recorded higher than average increase of about 50 percent with the entry of Petron Corporation in Tagoloan, Misamis Oriental, according to Neda.

Last March, the Bureau of Customs-Northern Mindanao recorded 42 percent of the total collections for the quarter amounting to P2.645 billion of which 69 percent or P1.841 billion was generated from MCT-SP.

The MCT-SP exceeded their first quarter 2019 target by 25 percent with total collections of P4.329 billion. The rest of the ports in the region reported negative slippages in their actual collections vis-a-vis their respective targets for their quarter, Neda said.

Environmental awakening through music


AS PART of the aim to spread awareness on their environmental advocacy and promote local artists of Cagayan de Oro, the Local Initiative for Holistic Upbringing of Knowledge (Lihuk) invited several local bands and entrepreneurs to perform and showcase their organic and eco-friendly products last June 23 at the Rotunda Limketkai Mall.

Together with Limketkai Center and Dire Husi, Lihuk's Kina-iyahan ug Kalinaw: a World Music Mini Concert event featured local bands such as Dodu Abrio, Pangoy, Dhassig, TakeYou, EliRockj featuring Headturn and Cyber Band who performed environmental-related and original songs to support the group's advocacy on maintaining an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle in order to preserve and protect the environment's natural resources.

"This is just a start. We want to stir up mga local talents, everybody is gusto nato ma-involve, to be aware, this is an awareness nga activity para gyud ma-push ang advocacy sa environment," said Rhyan Casiño, Lihuk co-founder and chairman of Dire Husi Initiative.

"We really believe that artists play a big role in communicating advocacies. We have a lot of talents like there's never a shortage of talents in our place and in the whole Philippines," he added.

Casiño said they believe that with the help of the local artists, they will be able to reach out and spread awareness to everyone, particularly the millennials, adding that music and art in general are a "powerful tool in communication awareness."

Apart from the mini concert, entrepreneurs and businesses such as Keentoy's Spicy Peanuts with Dilis, Seanong's Heaven on Earth Gourmet Tuyo, Sammi's Holemade Palapa, Dora's Frappe, Spikes, and Tableya ni Mommy Sha also displayed their organic and eco-friendly products in their booths located near the stage.

Casiño said they are also planning on doing a bigger event soon, where they can invite more artists and more audiences to participate in several different activities.

"I believe nga doing this kind of activity, ang community mismo will stand up, will rise up, will participate and get educated," Casiño said.

PCOO head to oversee Northern Mindanao

By Jo Ann Sablad

PRESIDENTIAL Communications Operation Office (PCOO) Secretary Martin Andanar was named by President Rodrigo Duterte as Cabinet officer, as part of the revival of Regional Development and Security (Cords) for Northern Mindanao.

Andanar was one of the 16 Cabinet secretaries named by Duterte during the Cabinet meeting in May.

"I am very certain that with the activation of the Cabinet Officers for Regional Development and Security all over the country, mas makatabang pa gyud nga mapaabot sa atong presidente ang mga reports sa mga regions," Andanar said during his visit to the regional office of the National Economic and Development Authority (Neda) on Thursday, June 27.

Cords was created under the administration of former President Fidel V. Ramos.

Andanar said the first joint meeting of the Regional Development Council and the Regional Peace and Order Council will be in Malaybalay City, Bukidnon on Friday, June 28, and it will be presided over by Cords.

They will be discussing the peace agenda of the Duterte administration, he added.

Andanar also lauded the regional directors of Neda and the Department of the Interior and Local Government, as the co-national chairman of the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict and Security Adviser Hermogenes Esperon Jr. said that Northern Mindanao is "the most active" and the first to meet after Duterte assigned the Cabinet secretaries as Cords.

Esperon will also be present during the joint meeting Friday, June 28, together with the Department of Social Welfare and Development Secretary Rolando Joselito Bautista, Andanar said.

City Government beefs up move vs trafficking

By PJ Orias

THE Cagayan de Oro City Government is stepping up its campaign against child trafficking, implementing stricter security in seaports in the city.

City Administrator Teodoro Sabuga-a Jr. said help desks for the protection of children will be installed in Macabalan port.

Sabuga-a said persons accompanying minors will be required to stop at the help desk and shall be asked to present travel documents to prove that they are related.

"Para naa kay klarong clearance kung kinsa ka, imo ba ning anak ning gi-transport para maiwasan ang child trafficking (so that there will be clearance on your identity, whether this is your children that you travel along with, in order to curb child trafficking)," he said.

He said ports are strategic places, since they are the exit and entry points of certain areas.

Sabuga-a said he hopes that other local government units will also copy with this undertaking for a unified effort against human trafficking.

The initiative is the result of an ordinance authored by City Councilor Edna Dahino barring the travel of unaccompanied minors to and from Cagayan de Oro City without proper documentation and providing penalties for its violation.

Dahino said the ordinance is a local version of the national law to address the growing child trafficking problem in Cagayan de Oro City.

She said the ordinance will also identify the responsibilities of the parents or guardians of the children.

Misamis Oriental bares landmark legislation


A MEMBER of the Misamis Oriental Provincial Board cited Monday, June 24, some of the landmark legislation the Capitol's legislative body has passed and approved before the new crop of board members will assume post next week.

Re-elected Board Member Wayne Militante said some of the landmark legislative measures the 17th Provincial Board has approved were the investment incentive code, new tax and investment code of Misamis Oriental, including the tax amnesty for real property owners who have delinquent tax obligations from 2013 and prior years.

Militante said the revenue and investment code of Misamis Oriental has been existing for more than 12 years.

"Gitan-aw nato nga ang mga revision mohaom sa panginahanglanon ug aron maka-invite pa og dugang mga negosyante," Militante said.

Board member Nancy Madjos, who will serve her last term in the next three years, said while the 17th Provincial Board has done its best efforts to serve the people of the province through legislation, it also has a lot to improve to be more efficient and effective.

Madjos said there is a need to expedite documents, proposals, and other communications from the executive branch which needs legislative actions so that services are remain unhampered.

But Madjos has seen positive results with the partnership of the legislative and executive branches in delivering basic social services and implementation of programs and projects for the people.

"Daghan angayan i-improve kay usahay gikan sa executive, it took time nga moabot sa SP (Provincial Board) busa hinaot sa sunod term kung naay concerns from executive, moabot unta diretso nga dili na malangan para dili pud malangan ang paghimo sa balaodnon alang sa pagpatuman sa mga proyekto," Madjos said.

Another reelected board member, Gerardo Sabal III, said there will also be changes in the house rules and committee composition in the next Provincial Board.

Sabal said they are still finalizing the committees and the revision of the house rules and this will be disclosed during the inaugural session on July 1.

He also assured that the 18th Provincial Board will remain independent to maintain the checks and balances.

More surprises for 3rd Higalaay Volleyball Open

By Lynde Salgados

LAST year, Cagayan de Oro's volleyball fans were treated with much grit and fanfare when the good-looking Myla Pablo led the Pocari Sweat-backed Philippine Air Force in winning the 2nd Higalaay Festival Volleyball Women's Open.

Organizer Alex Adeva said the fans can expect more surprises in this year's edition as the City Government will be staking around P400,000 in total cash prizes for the country's top volleyball teams to come and compete anew.

"Some of the country's volleyball stars will be coming over to provide full-blast entertainment. Mabibo na usab kita ini," Adeva said.

The 3rd CDO Fiesta Volleyball Open Tournament for men and women will be slated August 23-26 in four venues, namely, Corpus Christi gymnasium, Macasandig covered court, Nazareth gym and Xavier University gym.

Awaiting the top-4 performing teams in each category are P80,000, P50,000, P30,000 and P20,000 plus trophies and medals.

1st CDO White Eagles Club bootfest, June 30


LOCAL football enthusiasts will have something to cheer on.

The 1st CDO White Eagles Club Invitational Football Cup will be held on June 30 at Westridge Sports Park in Barangay Carmen, Cagayan de Oro City.

In partnership with Magis Football Club, the day-long tourney has P1,000 entry fee, according to event coordinator Eagle Glenn Escarda Sr. who refers to tournament director Don Derrick Derequito (0927-2250106, 0998-9900106) for interested participants to channel their queries for further details.

Featuring the 35 and above Men's Open and Women's Open as main attraction, the invitational tournament will have six more categories for 8 under mix (5x5), 10-under mix (5x5), 12-under boys (7x7), 14-U boys (7x7), 16-U girls (7x7) and 16-U boys (7X7).

"We're now preparing for every single detail para maplastar kini nga torneyo uban sa among mga very supportive kuya sa CDO White Eagles Club," Escarda told SunStar Cagayan de Oro.

MisOr fisherfolk receive 100 boats from BFAR

By Ercel Maandig (PNA)

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY -- The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources in Northern Mindanao (BFAR-10) turned over 100 fiberglass-reinforced fishing boats to fisherfolk representing 200 members in Misamis Oriental Monday.

Gov. Yevgeny Vincente B. Emano, who witnessed the turnover during the weekly flag-raising ceremony at the Provincial Capitol here, said the fishing boats would "surely uplift the fishing livelihood and production of the 200 fisherfolk recipients from the 23 towns and two component cities of the province."

BFAR-10 Director Teodoro Bacolod said each fiberglass boat is worth between PHP40,000 to PHP60,000, including its 16-horsepower engine and other accessories, such as anchors.

Misamis Oriental provincial agriculturist Jose Apollo Pacamalan said the fiberglass boats are part of the commitment of Department of Agriculture Secretary Emmanuel Piñol to the province.

Pacamalan said the distribution of the fishing boats will start this week, and will regularly be monitored to ensure that these are used exclusively for fishing.

"This development can give our fisherfolk 20 to 30 percent more production and surely this will impact in reducing poverty incidence in the province, especially in the coastal areas that have the highest rate in poverty incident," he added.

Oro's new equipment in times of disaster


THE Cagayan de Oro City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Department (CDRRMD) has acquired new equipment for the search and rescue operations in times of disaster like earthquakes.

CDRRMD head Nick Jabagat said its office has just received a new set of equipment to help them in their search and rescue operations in the event when a structure collapses.

Among the newly-acquired equipment are K12 cut off saw, circular saw, reciprocating saw, concrete/steel chain saw, demolition hammer, chipping hammer, air hammer rescue, hydraulic pump, and a vibra phone and scope.

All of these are used specifically when a certain building collapses and people are trapped inside.

These equipment would increase the chances of getting the victims alive, he said.

"The vibra phone detects vibration, so it can hear anything even just a small movement as long as it produces vibration. Once we locate the victims, we will then make an inspection hole where we will place the vibra scope to see the victims and communicate with them," Jabagat said.

He said only a few of the cities all over the country have these sophisticated rescue equipment.

Jabagat said while the city is ready for these rescue operations, they are still hoping that such disaster will not happen.

"Ang importante ready lang gyud ta kay dili ta exempted sa pagtay-og. Kung ma-observe nato, nag-earthquake na sa eastern part, western part, gatuyok na sa atoa," he added.

Jabagat said aside from their modern equipment, about 40 of their personnel are also trained for the collapsed structure search and rescue operation.

City Administrator Teddy Sabuga-a said modernizing the CDRRMD is one of Mayor Oscar Moreno's priority.

He said it is only in the administration of Moreno when the rescue office was made into a department and was poured with funds for its modernization.

"Ang tuyo ni Mayor Moreno, we have to be ready always in times of disasters and be a resilient city," he added.

Popcom-10 injects sub-dermal implants to 858 moms in 1st sem

By Ercel Maandig (PNA)

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY -- The Commission on Population of Northern Mindanao (Popcom-10) on Wednesday reported that since the Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) on contraceptives was lifted in November 2017, service provision for Progestin-only Subdermal Implants (PSIs) has been accelerated.

Popcom-10 Regional Director Jeremias Gupit said that during the first semester of this year, 858 women were provided with implants as their method of choice for delaying pregnancy or limiting their number of children.

Gupit had requested additional stocks of implant from the Department of Health (DoH) in Region 11 as stocks here in Region 10 already ran out due to the increased demand for the service.

"The commodities that arrived from Davao Region were used during the outreach program in the different towns of Misamis Occidental, Misamis Oriental and Bukidnon Provinces," the official said.

The Popcom-10 outreach team was able to consume all of the PSIs given by DOH-11 prior to its expiration this month of June. The last batch was used last May 31 during the PSI insertion to 46 clients in the town of Claveria in Misamis Oriental province.

The partnership between Popcom and DOH has become even stronger with the signing of the Joint Memorandum Circular on National Program on Population and Family Planning (NPPFP) which mandates the two agencies to co-manage the Family Planning and Population programs.

Gupit said that through this memorandum, Contraceptive Prevalence Rate (CPR) is expected to rise because of the strengthened mobilization and engagement with the local government units (LGUs), civil society organizations and other partner organizations for demand generation activities and service.

To ensure smooth implementation of the Responsible Parenthood and Family Planning Program of Northern Mindanao, Popcom-10 coordinates closely with DOH for the PSIs as well as for pills, injectables and intrauterine device (IUD).

Meanwhile, Popcom-10 also announced that the Bilateral Tubal Ligation (BTL) and No Scalpel Vasectomy (NSV) Outreach program for this month is set on June 25 to 27 in Kauswagan Provincial Hospital and Baroy Provincial Hospital, both in Lanao del Norte province.

According to these hospitals, there are at least 90 women of reproductive age who signified intention to avail of BTL and one male who will undergo NSV.

CDO hits targets, goes beyond boundaries

By Recthie T. Paculba (RTP/PIA10)

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY (PIA)--Noting the significant accomplishments of the city, Mayor Oscar Moreno stressed the importance of looking beyond boundaries in attaining such, as there are no boundaries in health, education, and peace and order.

In the 69th Charter Day celebration of the city, June 15 at Kiosko Kagawasan, here, Moreno presented his Term Report 2016-2019 showing remarkable statistics in poverty alleviation, peace and order and public safety, revenue generation, infrastructure and investment employment, metropolization, education and environmental protection, housing, health and hospital services, agricultural productivity, and traffic and tourism (PRIMEHAT).

"We have been able to do so many things in the service for the people of the city," the mayor said emphasizing the CDO today has transformed itself given its many distinct advantages even compared to other local government units in Mindanao.

Revamped social services

With about 16,063 beneficiaries provided with P118 million worth of livelihood assistance, 4,041 persons with disability (PWDs) registered and provided with identification cards, and 38,890 senior citizens provided with IDs and booklets and 18 centenarians awarded with cash incentives, Moreno said the whole gamut of social services now embarked by the city government is comprised of womb to tomb assistance.

Moreover, about 2,390 solo parents are now registered and provided with IDs, 12,463 households were relocated to newly established resettlement sites, and 65,000 indigent beneficiaries are enrolled under PhilHealth.

Aside from providing scholarship support to 1,309 students and putting up of 275 more classrooms in 26 new school buildings built, the city is set to organize a jobs assistance center where companies can easily tap the LGU for job posting to ensure employment of graduates. Such will also connect the employers and the job seekers.

"The poverty alleviation agenda involved the provision of affordable, accessible, adequate and quality social services along social welfare, education, heath, housing and resettlement, employment assistance, skills trainings, direct livelihood support, and agricultural/fishery support," Moreno said.

Boost in revenue generation

Recording P3.4 billion of revenues from all sources in 2018, P1.78 billion collected from taxes and non-tax sources, the city government's total revenues from local and external sources grew by 13 percent annually during the last three years.

"The city has also registered 26,352 businesses by the end of 2018, its highest ever, including those owned by companies whose buildings dramatically altered the city's urban landscape," the mayor said.

With such development, the city backed necessary infrastructure support such as the concreting of 73.6 kilometers of roads, installing of 22,440 linear meters of flood control/mitigation structures worth P377.5 million, redeveloping the 30-year old, hazardous dumpsite, and getting rid of hanging spaghetti wires and redundant poles.

Making a mark

In the city's quest to make a mark, Moreno said the city has earned the Galing Pook Award twice in succession, Seal of Good Local Governance of the Department of the Interior and Local Government, 2017 National Championship and Best in Digital Payment award, and the Seal of Good Financial Housekeeping for 2016 and 2017.

Cagayan de Oro also maintained its Top 10 ranking among the most competitive cities in the country aside from being the Most Resilient City nationwide.

Furthermore, the city government was adjudged as one of the finalists of the 2018 Most Business-Friendly LGUs as it exemplifies commendable initiatives towards good governance reforms that promote trade and investments significantly contributing to local economic development.

On top of such achievements, Moreno stressed "growth cannot just be internally generated. One has to look for a wider network because together, people can do a lot of things for the better."

To this, he seeks for the intervention of the national government to help the city in prioritizing projects and to fully bring the government closer to the people.

ATI-10 to launch ‘Gastronomica:’ food from NorMin

By Jasper Marie O. Rucat (JMOR/PIA10)

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY (PIA)--The Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) region 10 is set to launch two books this month, success story “From Arms to Farms” featuring rebel returnees from Lanao del Norte and Plaridel Misamis Occidental and the second book, Gastronomica, a feature of food products by ATI’s learning sites in Northern Mindanao.

Maria Lydia A. Echavez, OIC-Center Director, ATI regional training center during Talakayan sa PIA, said there is a need to promote agriculture and ensure young ones to engage and develop love for agriculture.

Based on statistics, average age of farmers now are 57 years old.

According to her, farming is not really that hard.

“You don’t need a big space to be able to plant your own food,” she added. Especially living in cities, there are new technologies such as vertical gardening and container gardening to allow even with the smallest space to produce their own food, she said.

Among the advantages of urban agriculture is that families will be assured of the quality of food they will put on their table. Further, families can also earn income if they have more than enough vegetables in their backyard.

She emphasized that as they are promoting agriculture, they are also developing farms in Northern Mindanao.

ATI’s approach is ladderized. This means, Echavez explained trainings are not just for production but for farmers to go into marketing, processing and value adding.

First step in the ladder involves farmer leaders to develop their own farms. When this happens, ATI acknowledges the farm as learning site. The farm becomes a school and the farmer will become a teacher, she stressed.

Second, is they become school for practical agriculture. They can conduct their own trainings and to some extent become tourism destination.

In Bukidnon, learning sites developed by ATI include Alomah’s Place in Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich where owners produce organic lettuce and herbs. They also offer fresh salad, 7-in-1 locally produced tea, horseback riding and overnight stay.

Second is Kumaykay river farm which features rustic ambiance; next is Binahon agroforestry farm in Lantapan Bukidnon, accredited by Department of Tourism as farm tourism site. They produce their own organic vegetables and fruits and also have ATV for adventure.

Mt. Kitanglad Agro-Eco Farm owned by Mr. Benjamin Maputi, Malaybalay City is a tourist destination in Malaybalay Bukidnon which features hobbit houses.

Jaya Secret Garden also lies in the heart of Malaybalay. According to ATI, this farm used to be a garbage dumping area but now it has a beautiful landscape with only 200sqms land area. They have pig, chicken, vegetables and growing healthy food free from insecticide and chemicals.

In Misamis Oriental, Buhian Diversified Farm in Initao also offer organic food. Meanwhile Iligan City features Balay sa Jardin. They offer fresh vegetables with outdoor nature ambiance. People eat here leisurely, they do not rush while eating.

ATI advises tourists not only promote products of the farmer but to patronize organically grown. She said, we should eat food that are safe from pesticide and inorganic fertilizer.

Cagayan de Oro's land use plan gets a go


THE Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB) has given a green light to the city's proposed Comprehensive and Land Use Plan (Clup).

Mayor Oscar Moreno announced the approval during the City Development Council meeting on Tuesday, June 18.

Councilor Ian Mark Nacaya, chairperson of the committee on planning and development, said he was elated with the development and hopes that work will now begin.

Nacaya was the one who pushed for an "overhaul" of the city's land use plan in an aim to adapt to the metropolization of Cagayan de Oro.

The 15-year land use plan identifies suitable areas of development in the city. He said this will give the city direction and boost the economic activity of Cagayan de Oro.

Nacaya's version of the plan is "inclusive, interconnects issues, and will serve as a public policy guide for development."

"Ideally, Clup must be revisited every 10 years. It is the basis for the local government units as far as development plan is concerned. I am happy that finally our roadmap is approved. More works ahead for us," Nacaya said in a statement.

The Local Government Code provides that local government units shall, in conformity with existing laws, continue to prepare their respective land use plans through zoning ordinance, which shall be the primary and dominant bases for the future use of land resources.

2 Liceo graduates hired as lab technicians in US


AT LEAST two graduates of Liceo de Cagayan University were hired to work as lab technicians in a hospital in Orange City, Northwest Iowa in the United States (US).

Previously employed at Madonna and Child Hospital in Cagayan de Oro City for five years, Kathleen Gaabucayan and Dara Daynos are now working as lab technicians at the Orange City Area Health System, a hospital that has been named as one of the Top Critical Access Hospitals in the nation.

It is also one of “50 Critical Access Hospitals to Know” in the US and a Women’s Choice Award recipient for Outstanding Patient Experience for three consecutive years.

Kathleen is the only daughter of former beauty queen Tina, the widow of former Ballpals president Ed Gaabucayan who died some years ago from prostate cancer.

According to a feature story published by The N’West Iowa REVIEW, the flagship paper of Iowa Information Publishers and Printers, Gaabucayan and Daynos were recruited after the hospital did not receive applicants for open positions in the lab.

In the article, Donna Morehead, the hospital lab manager, said with the help of the lab manager at Floyd Valley Healthcare in LeMars - which previously hired four lab scientists from the Philippines - they were able to make contact with the recruiter around April 2018.

Four months later, Gaabucayan, a Kagay-anon, came to Orange City from the Philippines, and Daynos, originally from Gingoog City, followed suit after the hospital, again, did not receive applicants when another position opened in the lab.

The two Filipinas’ work in the lab includes a range of duties and differs day to day, such as drawing blood from patients who needed to be tested for illnesses, and maintaining various machines in the lab.

Gaabucayan and Daynos’ work visas will last for three years, Morehead said according to N’West Iowa REVIEW’s feature article. It was also said that Morehead will be speaking to both of them if they will be interested to renew their visas for an additional three years.

The Filipinas were hoping to renew their visas and continue working in Orange City.

Orange City Area Health System is a comprehensive health system encompassing four family medicine clinics, sports medicine clinic, behavioral health clinic, award-winning hospital, birth center, surgical center, radiology and laboratory services, occupational health services, specialty outreach services, physical and aquatic therapy, home health and hospice, a retirement community, and a senior care center.

Oro's new source of quality native items


THE City Government of Cagayan de Oro, in partnership with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the local community of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), opened its One-Town-One-Product (OTOP) pasalubong store located at Gaston Park on Saturday, June 15.

OTOP.Ph Ginamâ is a one-stop-hub for quality native products, from food to crafts, of Northern Mindanao.

Ginamâ is rooted in three main motives: to empower micro entrepreneurs in marketing their goods, to give significance to authentic local products and to evoke a sense of support and appreciation of handcrafted products.

According to City Investments and Promotions officer Eileen San Juan, the eproject is one way of helping the MSMEs to have an avenue to display and sell their products as part of the alleviation program of the City Government.

San Juan said the products displayed in the pasalubong center are from entrepreneurs who have undergone the training program of DTI-Northern Mindanao.

"Gipili gyud sad ni sila kay they have gone to different levels of trainings sa business, how they will manage their business, ang ilahang financial training, ang ilang packaging, so parang naa na gyud sya'y presentation sad, it's not just any products," San Juan said.

"Amo pa sad bantayan kun unsaon namo ma-sustain gyud sad ang ilang production," she added.

DTI Assistant Secretary Demphna Du-Naga, who was present during the soft opening and launching, said they will continue helping the MSMEs in marketing their products through the Ginama.

"Kung ano ang naitulong namin, dapat ma-display dyan para makita naming kung may market. Kung may market na, eh di ok na yun. Pag hindi pa, ibabalik namin ulit, tutulungan pa rin, hindi kami magsasawa tumulong para maging maganda na yung produkto nila," Du-Naga said.

The products displayed in the pasalubong center are affordable, according to Du-Naga, as they made sure that they are reasonably priced for both the Filipino and tourist market.

At present, the initial suppliers for Ginama reached 16, however they are still accepting more entrepreneurs who are interested to sell their products through Ginama.

"Yung requirements dapat may produkto sila, and they must be involved in OTOP para ma-assess sila sa packaging, sa leveling and design ng kanilang package, para maaya-aya naman, yung maganda tingnan sa tao at mabenta sa merkado," Du-Naga said.

The opening of Ginama is in line with the celebration of the Cagayan de Oro City's Charter Day. Present during the opening, apart from San Juan and Du-Naga, were Leon Flores of the Regional Operations Group, DTI Regional Director Linda Boniao, and several City Government officials.

Flair Challenge and Latte Art Throwdown


FLAIRTENDERS and baristas from all over Mindanao gathered at Limketkai Mall's rotunda on Sunday, June 16 to compete in Rancilio Specialty Road Show and Mindanao Flair Rockstar: Flair Challenge and Latte Art Throwdown.

Spearheaded by Rey Sumania, chairman and founder of the Filipino Bartending and Barista Innovators, the event showcased the different techniques and skills of bartenders and baristas from Mindanao.

"We level up the type of competition. Not the regular one using the traditional machine, this one using high technology machine [for baristas]," Sumania said.

"Hindi sya karaniwan na machine. Yung temperature profiling nya maganda na, pwede syang hawakan kahit nag-steam ka. Special talaga sya," he added.

The flair challenge of the competition was also different as instead of having the participants perform solo, they made it into a head-to-head showdown of two flairtenders.

"So far maganda naman ang result kasi parang mas nagkaron sila ng motivation na kailangan pala silang mag-improve," Sumania said.

The Latte Art Throwdown has two categories, professional (30 participants) and non-professional which was participated by 24 students and non-practicing baristas.

Amer Hassan Batua-an won as champion in the non-professional category of Latte Art Throwdown, followed by Jerry Donato as first placer; Joy Camille Dablio as second placer; Janiel Anajao as third placer; Allen Bercero as fourth placer; and Froilan Estoque as fifth placer.

Each of them received a trophy and certificate.

In the professional category, on the other hand, Arnel Banuag was declared champion with Jundie Jumanog in the first place; Rachelle Roa in the second place; James Ucat in the third place; Rolly dela Cruz in the fourth place; and Aga Marcholo in the fifth place.

The champion, first placer and second placer received P10,000, P3,000 and P2,000 worth of cash prizes, respectively, also products, trophy and certificate.

Meanwhile, of the 10 competitors in the flair challenge, three were declared winners, namely: Alfe Balen from Cagayan de Oro City as the champion; Ferland Daayata from Cagayan de Oro City as the second placer and Nathan Niel Carumba from Siargao Island as the third placer.

Rancilio Specialty Road Show and Mindanao Flair Rockstar: Flair Challenge and Latte Art Throwdown, according to Sumania, is a competition organized to encourage more people to undergo education on barista and bartending.

Sumania said the next competition will be in August for the Kumbira Masters.

CDO basks in achievement 'unparalleled in city's history'


THE City Government marked Cagayan de Oro's 69th Charter Day celebration with Mayor Oscar Moreno's second term report, boasting achievements "unparalleled in the city's history."

During Moreno's 2nd term, over 65,000 indigent beneficiaries are already enrolled in PhilHealth, while 12,463 households or about a fourth of the total estimated informal settlers in the city were relocated to newly established resettlement sites.

In 2018 alone, a total of P3.4 billion of revenues from all sources are recorded, the highest the city government ever reaced. About P1.78 billion were also collected from taxes and non-tax sources in 2018, the highest ever recorded.

The number of business establishments also rose, now at 26,352 businesses registered by the end of 2018. It is also the highest ever recorded, including those owned by companies whose buildings dramatically altered the city's urban landscape.

In education, 275 more classrooms and 26 new school buildings were built, 18 child development centers, 39 barangay health centers renovated, all have secured PhilHealth accreditation as point of care centers.

Under his administration, the city upgraded the JR Bprja General Hospital from a previous state of neglect to a top choice health facility. The average bed occupancy rate of the city hospital has increased to 245 percent.

Mayor Moreno meanwhile credited his achievements with the 18th City Council, led by Vice Mayor Raineir Joaquin Uy, whom he called a "game changer."

"We were happy with what we achieved but we are still not contented, we have to do more. We will strive to make Cagayan de Oro as a strategic prime city. We shall continue to work harder," Moreno urged City Hall employees.

RTF-ELCAC-10 kicks off prov'l consultation workshops for CAPDev


CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY (PIA)--The Regional Task Force on Ending Local Communist Armed Conflict Technical Working Group (RTF-ELCAC TWG) in Northern Mindanao commenced a series of Provincial Cascading on Executive Order 70 and Validation of Needs and Programs, Projects and Activities (PPAs) Workshop for the Convergence Areas for Peace and Development (CAPDev), May 22, starting with the Province of Bukidnon.

The activity aims to orient and increase awareness of local stakeholders on EO 70 (s. 2018) and the CAPDev program, the region’s banner program to address the root causes of insurgencies, internal disturbances and tensions, and other armed conflicts and threats for inclusive development.

Furthermore, the program shall institutionalize the “Whole-of-Nation Approach” through focused, coordinated, and sustained delivery of basic services and social development packages by government in poor, conflict-affected, and geographically isolated and disadvantaged areas in the region.

It is also the objective of the workshop to enlist the support of local government units (LGUs) at the provincial/municipality/city and barangay levels, government agencies, and civil society organizations in the entire CAPDev program implementation.

The activity serves as a venue to validate the needs of ELCAC/CAPDev areas and the corresponding programs, projects and activities (PPAs) proposed by regional line agencies for FY 2020 for these areas.

Regional Development Council (RDC)-X Chairperson and Bukidnon Governor Jose Ma. Zubiri expressed his full support for EO 70 and CAPDev and thanked the regional partners, LGUs, the security sector, and other stakeholders for their strong commitment to achieve peace and development in the province.

National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA)-X Regional Director Mylah Aurora Faye B. Cariño shared the CAPDev program’s objectives, focus areas, stakeholders, and implementing mechanisms. She said Bukidnon accounted for the largest share (59 percent or PhP25.26 billion) of the proposed FY 2020 budget for the focus areas.

The activity had two parts: a) plenary presentation on the salient features of EO 70, NTF/RTF-ELCAC, CAPDev, and the role of LGUs in localizing EO 70; and the province’s peace and security situationer; and b) workshop session to identify and validate community needs and proposed PPAs of the ELCAC/CAPDev areas.

Provincial Cascading on EO 70 and CAPDev to the provinces of Misamis Occidental, Lanao del Norte and Misamis Oriental are set on 30 and 31 May and 3 June 2019, respectively.

The Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG)-led Line of Efforts (LoEs) namely Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP) and Amnesty, Sectoral Unification, Capacity-Building, Empowerment and Mobilization, Basic Services, Local Government Empowerment and Local Peace Agenda will also conduct series of meetings in June 2019 to operationalize EO 70 in the region.

Socialized housing for informal settlers breaks ground in CDO

By Ercel Maandig (PNA)

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY -- Reelected Senator Cynthia Villar led the groundbreaking of a socialized housing project in the village of Balubal here Tuesday (May 28) under the City Housing and Urban Development Department (CHUDD) of the local government.

"There are about 40 two-story buildings that will be built in a lot owned by the city government in this hinterland village east of the city, wherein 24 units out of 40 has a floor area of 24 square meters from the total of 46,000 square-meter lot area," CHUDD department head, Engr. Ermin Stan Pimentel said.

Pimentel said the socialized housing program is intended for 960 informal settler families in the city, in partnership with the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board's (HLURB) BALAI program. BALAI stands for Building Adequate, Affordable, and Inclusive Filipino communities.

In his speech, Mayor Oscar Moreno expressed his gratitude to Villar for facilitating the project through the latter's socialized housing initiatives in the Senate.

OYDO welcomes applicants for leadership program


THE Oro Youth Development Office (Oydo) in Cagayan de Oro welcomed applicants for its leadership development program this year that aims to develop and empower the youth.

The Oro Youth Leadership Academy (Oyl), the primary leadership development program of the Oydo, is conducted through a series of modular workshops and trainings with a desired goal to develop the youth to become engaged citizens who are equipped to critically analyze social conditions, develop evidence-based and sustainable programs and policies, and organize constituencies and sectors towards a more progressive and equitable Cagayan de Oro.

According to the Oydo, the Oyla program is open to all emerging youth leaders in Cagayan de Oro City such as SK officials and sectoral youth leaders (in-school, out of school, faith-based, special advocacy-based, community-based, cultural identity-based and youth professionals).

Applicants should be from ages 17 to 25 years old, a resident of Cagayan de Oro, able to understand and communicate in English, Filipino and Bisaya, must have held a leadership position or have led a community activity/event, have strong interest in civic engagement and policy making, and have commitment to lead a project in their community or organization after the program.

The Oyla program is free of charge and its workshops and trainings will be conducted on selected weekend starting July until December of this year.

Interested and qualified applicants can submit their requirements, the accomplished application form and project brief and certification from competent authority certifying that the applicant is a bone fide member of the organization or company, to their email address: or send the hard copies to the Oro Youth Center located at the roofdeck of the City Hall.

Application form can be downloaded in the following link: Deadline for the submission is until May 31.

Oro athletes aim for golds in Batang Pinoy National Finals

(LLS with reports from PNA)

QUALIFIED athletes from the City of Gold are raring to see action in the National Finals of the Batang Pinoy Meet.

To be spearheaded by its formidable pugs and chess players, Cagayan de Oro city sports chief Jaymar Rivera is confident for the gold quest of Mayor Oscar Moreno's young wards in the multifarious event.

"We took the overall championship in boxing during the Mindanao qualifier in Davao del Norte wherein nangharos sab ang chess among other events. Of course, we're optimistic nga maka-deliver gihapon ang mga bata sa national finals," Rivera said.

The Palawan's capital city of Puerto Princesa will host the National Finals of the Batang Pinoy, according to the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC).

PSC Chairman William "Butch" Ramirez said the Batang Pinoy national secretariat have already discussed with Puerto Princesa Mayor Lucilo Bayron to finalize the details of the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for the tournament, which was scheduled from August 25 to 31 this year.

"We have happily accepted the offer of Puerto Prinsesa to host the national finals," said Ramirez in a statement.

An estimated 10,000 athletes, who took part in the qualifying legs held in Tagum City, Iloilo City and Ilagan City, will see action in 21 sports.

Participants in billiards, cycling, gymnastics, judo and muay thai were given automatic slots in the National Finals.

Last year's National Finals was co-hosted by Baguio City and the province of Benguet.

Thousands get free medical, dental service


SM FOUNDATION Inc., the charitable arm of the SM Supermalls, gave free medical and dental services to 1,000 patients in its Gamot Para sa Kapwa caravan held last Friday, May 24, at the upper third level parking area of SM CDO Downtown Premier.

The beneficiaries were residents of Barangays 22, 24 and 26 in Cagayan de Oro City.

Gamot Para sa Kapwa is a comprehensive medical and dental mission initiated by SM Foundation in response to the need of the indigent families to be provided with complete healthcare.

"We conduct medical missions yearly sa tanan (to all) SM Malls all over the country, Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao, and naka schedule kami dito sa (we have scheduled here in CDO) Premier," Doctor Blessie Bertos, the in-house doctor for medical and dental mission of SM Foundation, said.

"For medical mission, we tap the local government health unit, mga city health offices and then yung (the) medical societies at kung sino pang gustong mag join sa amin na (anyone who wishes to join along with their) organizations," she added.

SM Foundation has offered free X-ray, ECG, blood sugar screening, blood pressure monitoring, test for cholesterol, uric acid and hemoglobin, medical consultation, and dental services.

According to Bertos, most of the patients have high blood sugar levels or are diabetic. There are also some who were seen symptoms of hypertension.

After the consultation, the patients also received proper and complete dosage of medicines and vitamins.

SM Foundation’s Gamot Para sa Kapwa aims to provide ancillary services to communities which have limited or no access to such services, to give literacy programs to enable communities and individuals to prevent and manage diseases and illnesses after the medical mission, and to provide an avenue to encourage health advocacy, multi-sectoral coordination and community participation.

500 join free agri seminar


MORE than 500 farmers and agriculture enthusiasts have gathered at the event center of SM CDO Downtown Premier for a one-day seminar on urban agriculture last Friday, May 24.

A collaboration of Agricultural Training Institute (ATI), Manila Bulletin, Bureau of Agricultural Research and SM Corporation, AgriTalk 2019 is a free one-day seminar intended to highlight opportunities in in agribusiness by featuring experts and success stories in various agricultural fields.

"Importante gyud ning AgriTalk kay para lang ma-abri bitaw nato ang huna-huna, maka-inspire sa uban, dili lang gyud para sa mga farmers kun dili pati tong mga gusto nga mag venture kay kami sa Agricultural Training Institute, as the training arm of the Department of Agriculture, dili gyud namo ma reach tanan," Maria Lydia Echavez, OIC center director of ATI, said.

(AgriTalk is important so that our minds would open up to many possibilities and would serve as an inspiration to others. This is not only for the farmers, but also to those who wish to venture in agriculture business. Because we at the Agricultural Training Institute, as the training arm of the Department of Agriculture, we could not reach everyone given our own capacity)

Three topics were discussed during the AgriTalk, namely: Mushroom Production, Squarefoot Gardening and Beekeeping.

The aforementioned topics were presented by resource persons such as Honorio Cervantes, a Ten Outstanding Farmers awardee and the owner of a 300 square meter farm devoted to squarefoot gardening which has been a popular destination for ari-enthusiasts; and Dr. Maria Dulce Mostoles of Central Bicol State University Regional Agriculture Center, who is an active advocate in the promotion of beekeeping using stingless bees.

"Isa sa among pangandoy nga mahikayat nato ang mga (one of our aim is to invite) young professionals, ang mga (our) young generations to go into agriculture, to go into farming or gardening," Echavez said.

"Even if you will not become a farmer, you are not enrolled in agriculture, but don't forget to plant para nga ma (to the) garden or para makatabang sad sa atong mga (in order to help) farmers," she added.

Last Friday's event in Cagayan de Oro City was the second AgriTalk conducted this year, Echavez said. The first one was held in March at SM Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

Two more AgriTalks are scheduled in the third and fourth quarters of this year, in Cebu City and Dasmariñas, Cavite, respectively.

ATI is the extension and training arm of the Department of Agriculture, mandated to train agricultural extension workers and their clientele and lead in the delivery of e-extension services for agriculture and fisheries.

Garbage segregation dry run set


THE City Local Environment and Natural Resources Office (Clenro) will hold a one month dry run to prepare for the full implementation of its the No Segregation, No Collection policy on July 1.

The dry run will run from June 1 to June 30 and will be implemented only in barangays 1-40.

Clenro chief Engineer Armen Cuenca said this policy is mandated under the city ordinance Integrated Ecological Solid Waste Management.

This policy directs business establishments and households to segregate otherwise their trash won't be collected.

The ordinance also mandates that each households have different kinds of trash bins for recyclable waste, biodegradable waste, non-biodegradable waste, among others.

The biodegradable wastes will only be collected from 6am to 12 noon everyday, while non-biodegradable wastes will be collected from 6pm to 12 midnight everday.

Clenro also reminds the public to place biodegradable wastes in containers with covers, and not in plastic cellophane or even trash bags.

Cuenca said by 2020, they envision that all 80 barangays are already compliant to the policy.

The Clenro is also looking into imposing penalties for violators of the No Segregation, No Collection policy.

Food tourism cooking up in Oro


THROUGHOUT the years, food has become one of the reasons why people travel. The thought of the mouth-watering and tasty local food and beverages is one of the main motivating factors for travel.

The Department of Tourism (DOT) has been scouring the country to find the taste of the Philippines and every region, its cities, its culture, has its own unique cuisine.

Showcasing a wide variety of local restaurants that offer the best of the taste in Northern Mindanao, the SM CDO Downtown Premier, in partnership with the regional office of DOT, launched an event called “Malling is More Fun in the Philippines: The Flavors of Northern Mindanao” last Friday, May 17.

Located at the Sky Park in the fifth floor of the said mall, the event features the flavors and delicacies of Northern Mindanao through the food prepared by SM CDO Downtown Premier’s tenants, namely: Bigby’s Cafe and Restaurant, Hanabel, Hungry Plate, Arturo’s, Bingsoo, Ribs & Bibs, Dear Manok, Bucket O’ Shrimps, Panagatan, among others.

Nutcracker, Hinam-is, Cacao de Davao, Goldilocks, Mercedes Bakery, Slers, and others also displayed their products as part of the event’s regional food fair.

“We are proud of the variety of offers our tenants have and as such, it is but essential to showcase them in one momentous event,” SM CDO Downtown Premier Mall Manager Evangeline Ditona said.

The DOT-Northern Mindanao director Marie Elaine Unchuan, for her part, expressed her gratitude to the SM CDO Downtown Premier for promoting culinary tourism.

“I think food is one of the reasons why people travel and that’s why the Department of Tourism has really promoted culinary tourism as one of our major highlight. Not ot mention also that our secretary (Secretary Bernadette Romulo-Puyat) is a foodie and one of her missions is to really promote Filipino cuisine and Filipino products, especially during food festivals,” Unchuan said.

The DOT regional director also said that the tourism secretary has emphasized the local food as one of the attraction in the Philippines and will propel the inclusive growth not just of the country but also the local communities.

“It will propel inclusive growth since our local communities have the chance now to showcase their products and also their skills and talents. They will also be earning from tourism as part of their enterprise,” Unchuan said.

Apart from the regional food fair, which will run from May 17 to 25, the SM CDO Downtown Premier will also be having special dining deals in its participating tenants for the whole duration of the event and a culinary demo of Kagay-anon’s renowned dishes with Chef Ed Dychauco on May 19 at the Sky Park.

“We invite you to tell your family and your friends to visit SM CDO Downtown Premier and enjoy the many offerings of our tenants because indeed malling is more fun in the Philippines,” Ditona said.

DOF: Trash exported to Cagayan de Oro to be shipped back to South Korea

By Ben O. de Vera (Reporter, Philippine Daily Inquirer)

MANILA, Philippines — Illegally imported garbage that arrived in Cagayan de Oro City last year will be returned to South Korea after Seoul committed to shoulder the cost of shipping the trash back, the Department of Finance (DOF) said Wednesday.

Quoting a recent report of Customs Commissioner Rey Leonardo B. Guerrero to Finance Secretary Carlos G. Dominguez III, DOF said a total of 5,176 metric tons of waste materials currently stored within Phividec Industrial Authority premises in Misamis Oriental province entered the country in July and October 2018.

Guerrero said the plastic synthetic flakes were “unlawfully imported” by the Cebu-based Verde Soko Philippines Industrial Corp.

“An order of forfeiture and order of re-exportation were issued by the Port of Cagayan de Oro against these waste materials, which arrived here in bulk and containerized shipments,” Guerrero said.

As the trash came from South Korea, Guerrero said its government already “expressed its commitment in collaborating with the Philippine government to execute the repatriation of these materials should Verde Soko fail to follow the notice of repatriation order which it issued, and its willingness to shoulder the shipping cost without the arrastre and demurrage charges.”

In fact, a separate shipment of waste material in 51 x 40 container vans were returned to South Korea in January through cargo vessel MV Kalireo, according to Guerrero.

“The remaining 5,176.9 metric tons of waste materials still stored at the Verde Soko compound within the Phividec Industrial Authority premises in Tagoloan, Misamis Oriental will soon be balled and compacted to prepare them for shipment back to South Korea,” he said.

“The Port of Cagayan de Oro’s district collector informed that Phividec has already applied for power supply with the Cagayan de Oro Electric Power Light Co. (Ceralco) in order that the balling and compacting machine, which are already in place, can be used in the compacting and bagging of the waste materials prior to their shipment to South Korea,” he added.

CDO river basin council proposes Payment for Ecological Services

By Jasper Marie O. Rucat (JMOR/PIA10)

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY (PIA) – Catastrophic flooding especially for people living downstream is what urged Cagayan de Oro City River Basin Management Council (CDORBMC) to propose for a rewards system dubbed Payment for Ecological Services (PES).

In a meeting with CDORBMC technical working group, it was revealed that many areas in the river basin and watersheds in the city have already been degraded, and that its ability to absorb water has lessened.

According to Dr. Hilly Ann Roa-Quiaoit, executive director of CDORBMC, the high volume of rain will become surface run-off that will result to catastrophic flooding especially to communities downstream.

Cagayan de Oro has one major river basin and six watershed areas, namely: Iponan, Alae, Agusan, Gusa, Cugman and Bigaan watersheds; and three sub-watersheds areas, namely: Tignapoloan, Dansolihon, and Besigan.

These landscapes play a vital role in the delivery of the environmental services to the city such as water provision, climate regulation, and biodiversity.

A study by Rosalina Palanca-Tan of Ateneo de Manila University in 2003 entitled "Watershed and Groundwater Depletion in the Philippines: The Cagayan de Oro Experience" showed physical indicators of depletion of groundwater.

There is a fall in static water level and fall in pumping water level: Brgy Macasandig, 3 ft./year; Bugo, 1 ft./year; and Calaanan, 7 to 14 ft./year.

Causes to the groundwater depletion have been identified, such as Cagayan de Oro groundwater abstractions, Growth Urbanization, and Aquifer groundwater or salt water intrusion and sea level rise.

The proposed ordinance, “An Ordinance Imposing for an Ecological Service and Protection Fee, Providing for the Management and Use Thereof, and for Other Purposes," otherwise known as “Ecological Services and Protection Fee Ordinance of 2019," is a cost-effective and sustainable means to improve environmental management and restoration program in the city.

Based on the proposed ordinance, ecological service fees and agreements will be imposed on all water users in the city.

Meanwhile, sectors who are required to contribute to PES are commercial, household with own deep wells, industrial, land developers, water recreational facilities, water service providers, and water tourism.

Further, land developers, industries, and water service providers shall adopt a watershed within the identified High Risk Areas within watersheds in Cagayan de Oro and its river basin particularly Besigan, Dansolihon, Tignapoloan, FS Catanico Bayanga, Indahag, and Balulang.

The fund to be created under PES shall be utilized for the conservation, protection, and restoration of CDO river basin, its watersheds, and sub-watersheds.

Quiaoit said there is a need to take care of the watershed to continue water security and prevent flooding.

MisOr agriculture office to start giving seeds


AN OFFICIAL of the Provincial Agriculture Office (PAO) of Misamis Oriental Tuesday, May 21, said the capitol will begin distributing seeds to around 5,000 farmers affected by the dry spell, after the province experienced rains for several occasions recently.

PAO head Jose Apollo Pacamalan said seeds for corn, rice, vegetables and other crops have been pre-positioned and ready for distribution in towns affected by the El Nino.

“Nag-change nami karon og priority kay ulan-ulan naman since last week so ato karon is prepositioning sa mga binhi dayon land preparation ug pag-identify aha ang area nga sugod na ang ulan like sa Claveria tulo na ka adlaw ang ulan-ulan,” Pacamalan said.

(We have changed our priority now because rainy season is coming back since last week, so we are now prepositioning our seeds, and then to the land preparation, and identify them what area the rain will begin its landfall; like in Claveria where it rained for three days)

He said that most of the seeds come from the Department of Agriculture, but the provincial government also has its buffer stocks as well.

Pacamalan said before the recent downpours, a total of 1,200 hectares of corn were affected by the dry spell in the entire province. Badly hit was Claveria town.

Other affected municipalities were Tagoloan, Villanueva, Balingasag, Opol, Laguindingan, Alubjid, Libertad, Gitagum down to Lugait.

Pacamalan said the damage of El Nino on all crops in the province reached to P40-P60 million.

He said only Tagoloan was able to declare a state of calamity after the damage reached to P27 million.

“Ang Tagoloan lang ang naka-declare og state of calamity kay ang uban naapsan na siguro sa election and karon basin dili na priority kay sugod naman sad ang ulan,” Pacamalan said.

(Tagoloan is the only municipality to be declared under state of calamity, because the others might have caught up with the election season, and maybe now it’s no longer their priority because the rainy season has arrived)

Pacamalan added the state weather bureau said the onset of rainy season is middle of June but farmers in the province believed that the recent downpours are signal that rains season is about to start.

Corpus Christi School wins Allianz Futsal Minda crown

By Jack Biantan (PNA)

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY -- Corpus Christi School’s dominance in local football has spilled over to Davao City when they topped the Boys 16 division of the Allianz National Invitational Futsal Mindanao championship, which was held Saturday at the Davao National High School Futsal court.

The Corpus Christians won the title with a convincing 4-1 victory over PCT Aligators of Davao City in the championship match led by MVP Josh Go and CDO’s top young footballers, Mj Hojas, Geo Tacandong, Emilio Rubio, Mhel Tado Xavier Estrella, Jesse Bajarla, Andre Ebuña and reinforced by two Rosevale School players Dale Anoya and John Gementiza.

The lads of father and son coaching tandem of Wilbert and Marc Racines were undefeated from the elimination en route to the championship. They won over Lianga, 6-1, and Crocs Davao, 2-0, in the elimination round and then whipped Holy Cross of Camp Philips, Bukidnon, 3-1, in the semis to advance to the final.

The great applause of the night went to the son of football supporters Regner and Mercy, Josh Go. The former National U16 team player was key in all their matches, winning the MVP award.

However, a greater applause was reserved for goalkeeper Andre Ebuña, son of another football fanatic Pinky Ebuña, who was named to represent the Philippines in the 2019 Allianz Explorer Camp in Munich, Germany.

He was selected by select members of the Philippine Football Federation (PFF), coaches, organizers and sponsor Allianz PNB Insurance Inc.

19 Spots To Visit In And Around Cagayan De Oro In 2019

By Darleen Sy

Anyone down for an adventure?

Cagayan de Oro isn’t tagged as the “City of Golden Friendship” for nothing. Besides the fact that Kagay-anons are extremely friendly and hospitable, most of the tourist spots and activities in the city are best enjoyed with the company of your BFFs. Bonus: There are also several gorgeous views to see outside of this bustling city! Here are 19 places to visit in CDO as well as in its neighboring areas.

1. Seven Seas Waterpark

If you’ve ever dreamt of visiting Dubai and Florida’s famous waterparks, you can make them come true at Seven Seas Waterpark. Located within minutes away from the bustling metropolis of Cagayan De Oro, it’s the first and largest world-class pirate-themed waterpark in the Philippines. Although it’s most known for ‘The Cyclone’ and ‘Plank Drop’—both of which are thrilling rides—there are also other options for those who prefer a laid-back experience.

2. Cagayan River

A trip to Cagayan de Oro isn’t complete without facing the rapids of Cagayan River. You can brave the river throughout the whole year but to get the full white water rafting experience, it’s best to plan your trip from July to December. During these months, the rapids are more challenging and are sure to get your heart pumping.

3. High Ridge

After a jam-packed day of activities, a chill night out over dinner and the twinkling city lights of Cagayan de Oro is the perfect way to relax and cap off the day. High Ridge, one of the most visited restaurants in the city, offers a delectable variety of food with a view that overlooks the city.

4. Macahambus Adventure Park

Macahambus Adventure Park is one of the more well-preserved nature parks in the city. There, you can immerse yourself within the glory of nature while riding through a zip line and crossing sky bridges. It’s also the home of the historical Makahambus Cave and 150 ft. tall gorge.

5. Dahilayan Adventure Park

Home to Asia’s longest dual zipline at 840 meters, Dahilayan Adventure Park is every adrenaline junkie’s dream. Located in Bukidnon, it has quickly become one of the go-to destinations for extreme sports and activities. The park has a total of eight attractions thrill-seekers can choose from.

6. Dahilayan Forest Park

For those who prefer family-friendly activities compared to Dahilayan Adventure Park’s, Dahilayan Forest Park offers activities that are suitable for all ages. Risk-averse people will be more comfortable exploring and trying out its attractions including the bumper boats, ATV adventure, mini golf, and the first and only luge carts (part go-cart, part toboggan ride) in the Philippines that were originally from New Zealand.

7. Mapawa Nature Park

Mapawa Nature Park is an ideal place for people who are looking to get away from the city buzz. It's a 2500-hectare eco-tourism destination that makes for a go-to spot for hiking and canyoneering enthusiasts. You’ll get to rappel alongside a 65-foot-tall waterfall or even try the waterfall slide.

8. Chingkeetea

If you thought the milk tea hype stops in Manila, think again. Cagayan de Oro has its very own local milk tea shop that is claimed to have the best Wintermelon Milk Tea according to Kagay-anons. Apart from offering authentic Taiwanese fruit and milk teas and their aesthetically pleasing interiors, Chingkeetea occasionally holds events such as mini markets and live music performances for local artists.

9. Eden’s Solace

Eden’s Solace is a lowkey hilltop spot that offers a 180-degree view of the whole city. Most tourists visit during the afternoon to catch the sunset and have picnics or dinner over the city lights. While you’re there, take it as an opportunity to catch up with your family or friends as you admire the breathtaking view of Cagayan de Oro.

10. Amaya View

If you love the feeling of free flying, then you’re in for a treat at Amaya View. Experience a full aerial view of the city by paragliding from the highest peak of Cagayan de Oro. It’s another great way to go out of your comfort zone and have a once in a lifetime experience that will surely be one for the books.

11. Mai’s Playground

Though a picture of a junkyard might come into mind when you mention the words "tire wanderland," Mai’s Playground is the exact opposite of what you might imagine it to be. Tires in the playground are upcycled and used as whimsical decor and interactive objects that kids and families can enjoy. While most of the activities on site cater to kids, the place is also filled with colorful Instagram-worthy spots that are perfect for your feed.

12. Panimahawa Ridge

If you have the extra time to spare, then a side trip to Panimahawa Ridge should be in order; it's just in Bukidnon, after all. Trekking to the summit requires little to no experience. But while it’s only approximately a two-hour climb, you’ll be rewarded with an incredible view of the mountain ridges and sea of clouds despite being an easy hike.

13. Mt. Kitanglad Agro-Eco Farm

Contrary to popular belief, Lord of the Ring’s Hobbiton was actually shot in Bukidnon. Just kidding! The Hobbit-inspired houses located in Mt. Kitanglad Agro-Eco Farm look too damn real that any LOTR fan would think they’re actually in Middle Earth. That’s not the only thing you can find in the eco-farm though. If you’ve never been to Bali, no problem! Now’s your chance to take Baliesque photos on their swing and manmade nests.

14. Museum of Three Cultures

Museum of Three Cultures as the name suggests is a museum that focuses on the Christian, Muslim, and Tribal cultures in Mindanao. The museum was created by Madame Laureana San Pedro Rosales in the hopes of preserving the heritage and culture among the tri-people. Inside, there are a total of five rooms or galleries that consists of artifacts such as indigenous crafts and photos.

15. Gardens of Malasag Eco-Tourism

Gardens of Malasag showcases the rich culture of the Northern Mindanao Tribe. As soon as you enter the site, you are welcomed by native dancers playing their instruments in colorful costumes and jewelry. Apart from the conscious effort to preserve the Mindanaoan culture, it’s where you can also enjoy a panoramic view of Macalajar bay. After a day of exploring the mini bird sanctuary, hanging bridge, and eco trails, treat yourself to a hot kawa bath at the Garden of Joy.

16. Larry’s Hill Adventure Hub

Unlike other mazes, Larry’s Hill Adventure Hub’s Maze Adventure is an upward maze that will test your strength and agility. Some other activities you can enjoy on the site are wall climbing and bungee trampoline. It is also home to the largest ball pit in the country and where kids and adults alike could enjoy. You’ll even spot life-size figurines of Bumblebee and Optimus Prime.

17. Divine Mercy Shrine

Above Macajalar Bay stands a 50-foot-tall statue of Jesus. Located in El Salvador, it has quickly become a pilgrimage site for many Divine Mercy devotees and considered one of the most miraculous shrines in the country.

18. Tubajon Aquamarine Park

Found in Laguindingan, Misamis Oriental, the Tubajon Aquamarine Park is best known for its white sands and 22-hectare mangrove plantation. Although the cottages and mangroves surrounding the swimming area in itself is already a sight to behold, kayaking through the bamboo pathways and mangrove forest make for an even better experience.

19. Tinago Falls

Tinago Falls is one of the most visited waterfalls in Iligan City, despite its name. While it takes two and a half hours to get to the waterfall from the heart Cagayan de Oro, travelers who frequent CDO make it a point to include Tinago in their itineraries and with good reason. The waterfall is at 240 feet high and is hidden in a deep ravine that is only accessible through the 500-step winding case. If you’re looking for some more adventure, locals recommend cliff diving off the perch of some of the rocks.

Misamis Oriental remains with 'Padayon' dominion

By Alwen Saliring

THE regional party Padayon Pilipino still dominates in Misamis Oriental after majority of its candidates in the towns and provincial positions were hailed victorious in the recently concluded midterm elections.

All Provincial Board members-elect for the second district and reelected congresswoman Juliette Uy were proclaimed by the Provincial Board of Canvassers (PBOC) around 5:30 p.m. Thursday, May 16. The rest of the winners were proclaimed around 9 p.m.

Governor-elect Yevgeny Emano won his third and final term with 248,847 votes, a difference of 51,641 votes from his rival Julio Uy.

Padayon bets Saysay Emano, Nancy Madjos, Boboy Sabal, Dexter Yasay, Win Militante and candidates from allied party Erik Khu, Bebing Dumadag, and Enteng Pelaez made it in the Provincial Board.

Jerry Khu and Jessa Mugot are likely to seat in the opposition in the Capitol's legislative body.

Sabal said the Provincial Board needs improvement and its house rules must be revisited and reviewed like attendance of the members, among others.

"Dunay kailangan i-improve sa SP (Provincial Board) ug dunay angay usabon sa house rules (there's a need to improve in the Provincial Board)," he said.

Yasay, for his part, has assured that the checks and balances will be maintained.

He said one of the committees he wanted to hold is peace and order.

Saysay Emano, another administration board member who topped the race in the Second District, said she will not fail the people who trusted her by making good of her promises during the campaign.

"Bisan bag-o kita sa SP pero maningkamot kita nga maserbisyohan ang katawhan (Even if we are new in the Provincial Board, we will do our best to give service to the people)," she said.

Meanwhile, congressional candidate in the First District, Christian Unabia, whom the Padayon Pilipino supported, won against Joey Pelaez with a difference of 17,268 votes.

However, Padayon's bet for vice governor, President Elipe, lost to his opponent, Jigjag Pelaez, by 28,633 votes, while the party's candidate for congressman in the Second District, Benjo Benaldo, lost to Uy with a wide margin of 84,343 votes.

Of the 23 municipalities and two component cities, eight mayors under the party won, six from allied party Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan, while 10 from opposing party National Unity Party.

Database for planning development pushed


THE Mindanao Migrants Center for Empowering Actions Inc. (MMCEAI) is pushing for a comprehensive profiling and sustainable database for local migrants in the country that would help in planning development strategies in Northern Mindanao.

MMCEAI executive director Inorisa Elento said that according to the figure provided by the National Economic and Development Authority (Neda) regional office, Northern Mindanao has a population growth rate of 1.92 percent, a bit higher than the country's growth rate of 1.84 percent.

Local migration, Elento said, plays a part in the increasing number of population in the region.

"If there are more people coming in to Northern Mindanao, it affects the host region. Kung pag-usapan natin yung (if we talked about) in-migration, people outside the region coming to Northern Mindanao. So meaning daghan na kaayo ang tao dinhi sa (there are many people in) Northern Mindanao. So what are they doing here?" Elento said.

"It's also a competition now of resources, job opportunities, facilities and services of the government," she said, adding that in a congested area, criminality rate will also be a consideration.

Another concern are the Indigenous Peoples (IP) or the Lumads.

Elento said the IP communities in the region are starting to dwindle.

At present, there are no available data for local migrants coming in and going out of each regions.

"Data is very powerful. If you really would like to deliver good services, effective services, create mechanisms to be more effective in terms of governance," Elento said.

"We have to look at migration not just a problem but it's also a solution of the problem. What is a challenge now is how do we make migration safe. How do we make migration as issue of development, not just a problem," she added.

The MMCEAI executive director said it is now a challenge how to make migration a safe option to people who would like to be developed or survive in other areas.

She said if people are so keen to ensure the safety of the migrants translating the movement of people into development, the government should have numbers, figures or data.

"It's not just an issue of peace and order. It's an issue of the whole development context. To come up with a data on how many people are coming in and migrating out of the city or region is to look into safe migration," Elento said.

DOST to hold food safety seminar for 30 street vendors in CDO

By Ma. Cristina Arayata (PNA)

MANILA -- The Department of Science and Technology - Region 10 (DOST-10) will organize a food safety seminar for 30 street vendors on May 28, a project assistant told the Philippine News Agency (PNA) on Wednesday.

This will be held at SEARSOLIN, Masterson Avenue, Cagayan De Oro City.

"The slots are limited, and we have tapped the municipal government for the invitation," said Stephanie Ibarra, DOST-Food Safety Human Resource Development Project (DOST-FS HRDP) assistant.

She added that a letter was already sent to the City administration, and that DOST-10 is just waiting for its response.

"Through this workshop, DOST-10 aims to provide the street food vendors more knowledge on the principles of food safety, requirements of current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), and the importance of providing safe food to consumers," Ibarra explained.

Those who will train the street vendors are the participants of the food safety workshop that DOST-10 also organized last April 29-30.

With 39 attendees, the workshop last month aimed to produce food safety trainers that DOST can tap to train micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

The participants were from DOST-10 Food Safety Team, as well as one participant each from 20 stakeholders from the Northern Mindanao- Food Safety Regulation Coordinating Board (NorthMin- FSRCB), according to Ibarra.

"We wanted to enhance first the capacity of the NorthMin-FSRCB and the DOST-10 Food Safety Team to become trainers of the MSMEs, street vendors, restaurants and other food handlers to improve the compliance and competitiveness, and increase the awareness of street vendors about food safety," she added.

Ibarra noted that 80 percent of MSMEs assisted through DOST's Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program (SETUP) in the region are engaged in food processing. However, only 20-30 percent of them have a license to operate from the Food and Drug Administration.

"Food borne and water borne illnesses continue to be a concern in Northern Mindanao," she added.

Meanwhile, Ibarra said this was not the first time that DOST-10 held a workshop on food safety.

"DOST-10 has been doing food safety trainings as early as 2002. This (particular) project, the DOST-FS HRDP, just started last February."

The project's goal is to have a harmonized training manual that will capacitate food safety stakeholders in the use of science and risk-based analysis in compliance to food safety regulations, she added.

Aside from food safety workshops, DOST-10 has been conducting workshops on cGMP for Standard Sanitation Operating Procedures (SSOP) to help MSMEs get their license to operate, Ibarra said.

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