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List of Properties for Sale in Mapandan, Pangasinan

For Sale 388 square meters in Poblacion, Mapandan

  • PROPERTY LAND (RESIDENTIAL) - With Certificate of Tittle
  • PROPERTY: LAND AREA 388 square meter
  • PROPERTY ADDRESS: Poblacion , Mapandan
  • Price of Property:Php 750,000 pesos
  • Contact name: CESAR and RACHEL SARABIA (owner)
  • Contact
  • Contact number:(0064)220184805


Mapandan Business Property on Pandan Ave (click this link to see images of the property)

Are you looking for a property in Mapandan, Pangasinan to live and do business at the same time? Are you looking for a good location where the investment potential is better than buying a condominium? If you are, you should consider this place. For many years our parents, Mr. and Mrs Benigno Tambaoan, sheltered their eight children in this place we called home. It is located in a very busy location in Barangay Poblacion, Mapandan, Pangasinan, very close to the Public Market.

It faces Pandan Avenue, a main street where commerce and business is bustling with economic activities. Our parents were government employees (Mom, elementary school teacher; Dad, municipal treasurer) and both found time to operate a bakery and grocery store in this location. Because of the added income the property, all eight of us were able to finish college and find good jobs here and abroad.

Now that our parents are gone (RIP) and most of us live overseas, this place we used to call home needs a new owner. We do not want to let go of this property but we all believe that we cannot hold on to anything permanently here on earth. The structure of the building needs a good amount of repair so what you are buying is a prime location.


  • 239.72 square meters
  • Two stories
  • 1st Floor: bakery, barber shop, tailoring shop
  • 2nd Floor: 3 bedrooms and 1 big living room
  • Asking Price: 4 Million Pesos

---Contact Us---

If you're interested, please contact us:


Name: Almeda V. Tambaoan-Barizo


Cell Phone: #09272040501 (globe), #09205160718 (smart)

-United States-

Name: Atty. Wilfredo V. Tambaoan


Cell Phone: 001-562-708-6454

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