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  1. To list your commercial or residential property for sale, go to the "search or go" entry point and type in your title.
  2. Remember to use the address of your property as the title.
    Example: "Street, City, State, Country" format.
    Then click on "go".
    You can also list this way:
    Street, Community, City, State, Country
  3. If this page does not exist in the Wiki, you may then click on "create this page".
  4. You must insert this code in your page: {{realty}}
  5. The {{realty}} code in your page, guarantees that your property listings will show up in the Realty Category.
  6. A human editor will make sure that your property for sale will be listed in the right category. The full address of the property for sale must be the TITLE.
  • You can also just do the following:
    • When you are done with #3,
      just Copy and paste the code below into the blank space. Then save.


==Street, City, State, Country==
*Propery type:
*Description of Property:
*Price of Property:
*Contact Name:
*Contact Phone Number:
*Contact Email:

Poblacion Barangay 4, Tanauan City, Batangas, Philippines

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