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Create an extension program for the wiki to generate a Photo Slide Show by clicking on "next" or "previous".

1. Fact: The wiki allows photo uploads one at a time. The wiki stores the photo file but also generates a "photo file page" and this page allows the user to insert description within the summary section of the page as he/she uploads the picture.

2. created categories of photo galleries. Whenever a photo is uploaded the user adds the category codes to the summary section of the file uploaded.

3. Example:

  • Do the following so your photo upload will be properly categorized for Purok Matias (Pob.).
  • Copy and paste the code below in "GREEN" to the body or "Summary" of the image file that you are uploading.

{{zadheader pictures}}
[[Category:Purok Matias (Pob.), Talavera Photo and Image Gallery]]
[[Category:Talavera, Nueva Ecija, Philippines Photo Gallery]]
[[Category:Nueva Ecija, Philippines Photo Gallery]]
*[[Purok Matias (Pob.), Talavera, Nueva Ecija, Philippines]]

3. As the users upload pictures for the above particular community, the user places the above codes in the summary section. This makes the wiki categorize the picture for the specific community.

4. In the above instance the codes create 3 categories for the photo uploaded. Here is an example:,_Bamboo.jpg

5. Click on the link and you will notice that the 3 categories are enumerated at the bottom of the page.

6. Recently added this to the body of the page file sample above.

7. This manual coding allows the browser to view the "next" or "previous" picture just as he/she would in a Photo Slide Software.

8. The Need: Write a php script (wiki extension) that would as soon as a photo file is clicked on, would read the summary section of the photo file to see if it is categorized, and if so, the script will go ahead and read the category file to locate the position of the photo in the category.

9. Once the position of the picture is located within the category, the program will then assign the Photo behind as the "previous" and the one ahead as the "next".

10. The program will then proceed to show the page with the clickable "Previous" and "Next" showing right below the picture.

11. If the photo is not categorized or if it is the only one within the category, then the clickable "Previous" and "Next" will not show below the picture.