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Entrance to the Curuan High School
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Curuan School Square
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Curuan quiniput mountain.JPG
Mt. Palingpin Curuan/Quiniput

Curuan National High School
Also known as: CNHS

History of Curuan High School

  • Introduction

The need for establishing a high school in every barrio that is far from urban areas is a long awaited reality in the lives of barrio folks who have the dreams of sending their children to a little farther field of education in order to enhance their learning which may bring about improvements to alleviate their day to day lives. Children could not be sent to high school then due to financial difficulties as barrio folks depended on farming and fishing as their livelihood which generates meager earnings so to say.


In the 1960's in the barrios of Urdaneta, Pangasinan barrio high schools were established and as this unfolds, the dream of the people in Curuan of putting up one in due time to further educate children who finished grade VI was put into action.

In 1964 a plan of establishing a high school came into view. An unofficial survey was conducted in Curuan and other neighboring barrios to at least know the number of children who have graduated from elementary school and could be possible students for opening a school. This plan caught the attention of the City Government and school authorities in the city. Mr. Roberto Villares who was then the Principal of Zamboanga City High School together with Honorable City Councilors Evangelista and Natividad conducted a consultation on the desire of the people of Curuan and other communities to put up said school.

On June 29, 1965 the Barrio and City Councils held a joint regular session at Buenavista Elementary School where problems affecting the communities were discussed and the main agenda was the putting up a barrio high school. But the problem on budget appropriation was a hindrance and so the plan was not immediately realized. However, at the start of School Year 1966-1967, the school opened specifically on August 1, where enrollment for First Year students began. By August 15, 89 students have been enrolled and classes started on that day.

The students were divided into two sections which were named after our National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal and former President Manuel Quezon. Section Rizal was made up of above average intelligence students while Section Quezon is of average and below average intelligence.

The mentors when the school started were Mrs. Anastasia Imbuido who taught Pilipino and at the same time Teacher In-charge and Mr. Jimmy Jacinto who taught Science. And due to lack of teachers, two teachers from the elementary were tapped to augment the teaching staff. Mrs. Leticia Esperat taught English while Mrs. Rizalina Popera taught arithmetic as part time teachers. Classes then were held under the Home Economics building of the elementary school since the high school had no building of its own yet. The first high school building was built in late 1967 of which the funds were generated from the first beauty contest on November 12, l967.

The prime movers of putting up of the high school were Mr. Catalino Pagotaisidro who was the Barrio Captain at that time and Mr. Feliciano De Leon also a Barrio Councilor.

The lot where supposedly donated, but then it was found out that the lot was still a part of the area of Curuan Central School which was a government property. Later during the tenure of Mr. Expedito Francisco as Curuan District School Supervisor and Mr. Constantino Ramos as the High School Principal, the lot where it stand was officially given to the school in finality.

Location of Curuan High School

  • Poblacion,Curuan
  • 300 meters approx. from the National Highway
  • 50 kilometers from City Proper
  • East Coast of the City

Curuan National High School Alumni Association

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Links to the Alumni/Alumnae Pages

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Batches Graduated on the following years
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Officers and Staff of Curuan High School

  • Principals:
    • 1966-1971- Mrs. Anastacia D. Imbuido
    • 1971-1980- Mr. Jimmy F. Jacinto
    • 1980-1991- Mr. Constantino A. Ramos
    • 1991-2000- Mrs. Melanie A. Minez
    • 2000-2007- Mrs. Maria Pilar N. Gregorio
    • 2007-20??- Mrs. Larmie C. Abad

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Mission Statement of Curuan High School

The Mission Statement of Curuan High School is ...

Valedictorian, Salutatorian and Honor Students of each Graduating year

Curuan High School Photo Album

Curuan High School Random Contribution

From the Webmaster:
Here is a letter from Amado Ledesma, a graduate of Curuan High School who prompted the creation of this Webpage:

CBHS, stand for Curuan Barangay High School. That was the name of the high school during our time in the 70's. An old man from an old school. I love and so proud of that school yet I don't know how to give back of what ever extra little things I have. And probably there are hundreds like me out there who wish to give back, yet afraid, shy or for any other reason are not giving. However if given the chance or a little push thousands will come forward to give.

 This section removed (private information)

My wish is to have like a WebSite for Curuan High School Alumni/nae because most of the successful are out of Curuan, out of Zamboanga City, out of the country. So we can share what ever ideas to help our Alma Mater grow as it should be. It's so frustrating because I don't how to start or to put it on motion.

I am thankful of your positive response and I hope you have extra patience in your pocket to bear with me on this effort.

I have attached a picture of Mt. Palingpin. This view is when you are leaving Curuan and going to the City. It is the most known scenery of Curuan plus it looks calm and green. If you go to the top you can see the whole Curuan, neighboring barangays and most of the eleven islands. The sunrise is the most spectacular scene. Very few people went there and most of them kept the beauty for themselves, like a jealous boyfriend.

I like to write more about Curuan but I am not a good writer, so just pick up some good points and you rewrite them to make them look and sound good. I have to go. hear from you in little while.---