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"Drunkard" in Chavacano or chabacano of Zamboanga: Borrachon-

English Chavacano
  1. I am already drunk.
  2. If a man drinks too much, he becomes a drunk.
  3. The drunk is already wobbly when he walks.
  4. You can't reason with a drunk.
  5. If the drunk tells a story, it does not end.
  6. I remember the stories of the drunkards at the local tubaan (tavern for tuba).
  1. Borracho ya yo.
  2. Si el gente ta toma mucho, ay queda le borrachon.
  3. El borrachon lenge-lenge ya ta camina.
  4. No puede man rason(razon) con el borrachon.
  5. Si man istoria el borrachon, hinde ta acaba.
  6. Ta acorda yo el maga cuento del maga borrachon alla na tubaan.

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