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Epsilon zeta

From Philippines
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Epsilon Zeta
Alpha Phi Omega
Southern City Colleges
Zamboanga City, Philippines
APO Fraternity Recognition date: 30-Sep-79, APO Sorority Recognition date: 18-Jul-98

History of Epsilon Zeta

The EPSILON ZETA was the second ALPHA PHI OMEGA International-Philippines organized in the City of Zamboanga (Asia's Latin City). It was founded by Bro Jesus V. Tiamson (Psi- Centro Escolar University) on October 5, 1969 at Southern City College, Pilar Street, Zamboanga City. The chapter was recognized on September 30, 1979 with Code: 0506 of Regon: NMAR. Thereafter, different batches which composed the charter members of Epsilon Zeta were the following:

  1. Mursaid Abdurahman 0506 19852 1993B
  2. Edgar Perez
  3. Nurkiram Ditti
  4. Rashdy Hasim
  5. Idris Majani
  6. Ismael Chiong
  7. Nur Hassan Pakanna
  8. Willy Malli
  9. Farouk U. Ampatuan
  10. Bonifacio Alcazar
  11. Mustapha Lumbayan
  12. Bacri Bondon
  13. Primitivo O. Suizon
  14. Maximo Abasa

A Sorority for said chapter was also recognized on July 18, 1998 by NAO APO.

Activities of Epsilon Zeta

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APO Epsilon Zeta members

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ID NumberNameCommentBatch Yr
# 19852Abdurahman, MursaidMember1993-B
# numberAbasa, MaximoMember ?
# numberAlcazar, BonifacioMember?
# numberAmpatuan, FaroukMember ?
# numberBondon, BacriMember?
# numberCastillo, Jessie1969
# numberCaliolio Jr., Marcelino1969
# numberChiong, IsmaelMember ?
# numberde Mesa, Rolando M.?1969
# 23056Bensulan, ReyMember1994-A
# numberDitti, NurkiramMember ?
# numberDyanca, RyanMember1997-A
# numberEbojo, John LuigiMember1996-A
# 23055Faunilla, LeoMember1994-A
# numberHasim, RashdyMember ?
# NumberHingie, Albinazhar N.Member1993-B
# numberLumbayan, MustaphaMember?
# numberMajani, Idrismember ?
# numberMalli, WillyMember?
# numberMunsayac, WillieMember?
# numberNur, Abdulpasa?1969
# numberPakanna, Nur-HassanMember?
# numberOlaerl, ManuelMember?
# numberParchamento, ReynanteMember1996-A
# 23057PomesaMember1994-B
# numberPerez, Edgar L.Member  ?
# numberRambulan, PeterMember1990A
# numberRivera, MargaritaMember1999-A
# 23058Salih, Asann-HarMember1995A
# numberSecretoMember1997A
# numberSuizo, Primitivo O.Member ?
# numberTulfo, Felix?1969
# numberUndug, Tawasil?1969
# numberVictoria, Rosendo?1969

APO Epsilon Zeta Random comments

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