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Gamma zeta

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Home of Gamma Zeta
Alpha Phi Omega
Zamboanga AE Colleges, now Universidad de Zamboanga
Zamboanga City, Philippines
Fraternity Recognized: 3-May-77
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Chartered Members

Apo crest.gif
Pacsymar Abubakar
Apo crest.gif
Bill Ali Abdulajim
Apo crest.gif
Engr. Kirah Edding
Profession: Civil Engineer
Lacerna Pic.jpg
Engr. Aderito Lacerna Jr.
Profession: Civil Engineer
Retired Police Superintendent (Lt.Colonel)
Apo crest.gif
Arolas Abdul
Profession: MSU-Tawi Tawi HS Teacher
Apo crest.gif
Atty. Macmod Sangka 8/30/1970 "Maxie"
Romero 0508.jpg
Francisco Romero
Profession: businessman-Cavite
Organized: APO Muntinlupa AA
Apo crest.gif
Muhammad Ali
Apo crest.gif
Arsad Jamali
Apo crest.gif
Manuel Abong
Apo crest.gif
Cayetano Tubohan
Amerigo Jumalon.PNG
Engr. Amerigo Jumalon
Profession: Civil Engineer
WMSU Retired Professor
Valentino Suarez.JPG
Valentino Suarez
Manick A.jpg
Abdulkadil Manick
Admin Officer, BFAR9
Eliezar A Eslao.jpg
Eleazar A. Eslao
Profession: Civil Engineer
Apo crest.gif
Carlito Varias
Sammuel Francisco.PNG
Engr. Samuel Francisco
Profession: Civil Engineer
Apo crest.gif
Engr. Hadji Omar Hassiman
Profession: ?

History of Gamma Zeta

The year was 1972 and brother Carpenter Arpa III of Beta Nu Chapter, Ateneo de Zamboanga, came to the Zamboanga AE College (now Universidad de Zamboanga) and introduced the ideals of Alpha Phil Omega. With the invaluable help of Bro Oskar Enriquez of Southern City Colleges and Bro. Nonoy Paulas of Siliman Univ., Gamma Zeta came to be what it is now today.

A Genome for Gamma Zeta:

The first organizational meeting to put up the ZAEC chapter was made on September 19, 1972 from 9:00 to 10:30 a.m. at the place of Sis Rose Ungab (Beta Nu, AdeZ.) Members present were Bros. Sonny Arpa, Max Sangca, Yahiya "Tabs" Daud, Arsad "Paco" Jamali and Ali Mohammad.

The second meeting involving the interview of applicants was made on September 21, 1972. It was in the afternoon that members learned officially that Martial Law was in effect throughout the country. Members present were the same ones aforementioned, joined by Bros. Amerigo Jumalon and Sammy Francisco.

Martial Law notwithstanding, the presentation, lecture and baptism of accepted applicants was made on September 22, 1972 (Sunday) at Caragasan Beach.

Pre-session was made at Pasonanca Park on October 22, 1972. Beta Nu brods and sis were also present.

Final initiation was done in Kawit on October 29, 1972 producing the first batch - The 5-Man Army (in commemoration of Martial Law).

December 19, 1972 saw a joint Christmas party attended by members from ZAEC and Ateneo, the first ever. This was followed on March 29, 1973 with a friendly inter-chapter basketball game between ZAEC and Ateneo brods.

January 13, 1973 - First election of officers.

The rest is history.

(source: minutes of meetings and historical notes of Bro. Sonny Arpa)

Gamma Zeta Members

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I. The core group were ZAEC members initially affiliated with the chapter at Ateneo de Zamboanga. These were:

  1. Omar Hassiman
  2. Arsad Jamali
  3. Ali Muhammad

(Ritualized: January 24, 1970)

  1. Macmod Sangca
  2. Amerigo Jumalon
  3. Samuel Francisco

(Ritualized: September 21, 1970)

Gamma zeta pics 2 001.jpg
Gamma Zeta
Gamma zeta pics 3 001.jpg
Gamma Zeta
Gamma pics 4 001.jpg
Gamma Zeta
Gamma zeta pic 5 001.jpg
Gamma Zeta
Gamma zeta pic 6 001.jpg
Gamma Zeta
Gamma zeta pic 7 001.jpg
Gamma Zeta

II. The next batches were purely ZAEC chapter:

  1. Batch '72: The 5-Man Army (ritualized- March 24, 1973)
    • (a) Abdulajim 'Bill' Ali
    • (b) Shariff Abdurajak Abubakar (Pacsymar)
    • (c) Kirah Edding (+)
    • (d) Arolas Abdul
    • (e) Aderito Lacerna Jr.
  2. Batch '73-A: Six-By-Six Drop One (ritualized: September 16, 1973)
    • (a) Francisco Romero
    • (b) Valentino Suarez
    • (c) Manuel Abong
    • (d) Carlito Varias
    • (e) Cayetano Tubohan
  3. Batch '73-B: Dos Caballeros (ritualized: December 16, 1973)
    • (a) Abdulkadil Manick
    • (b) Eleazar Eslao
  4. Batch '73-C: (only known as "Ben"; unritualized)
  5. Batch '74-A: D' Six Crying Heroes (ritualized: December 16, 1974)
    • (a) Amiril Gomoc
    • (b) Nasib Adam
    • (c) Noel Malana
    • (d) Abdilnasser Abidin
    • (e) Teng Hadjal
    • (f) Flordelinda Carpio Romero *1974
    • (g) Marilou Doroja * **(we were starting the sorority here)
  6. Batch '74-B: (only known as "Shango")
  7. Batch '74-C: (no batch name)
    • (a) Alvin Alvea
    • (b) Pritchie Corpuz
  8. Batch '75-A: D' Builders (ritualized: December 15, 1975)
    • (a) Elizabeth Gapasin
    • (b) Lilibeth
    • (c) Danny
    • (d) Brutus
    • (e) Pidor (unritualized)
  9. Batch '76-A: The Pentagram (ritualized: March 7, 1976)
    • (a) Shirley Furigay
    • (b) Moh. Nur N. Harun - initiated in December 1976 and ritualized in march 1977. Was a master initiatiator then later grand chancellor of the chapter in 1977-78
    • (c) Ramir Ali
    • (d) Ibrahim Abidin
    • (e) Ibnosuod Isa
    • (f) Elsie G dela Cruz- ‘76A, BapN-Jimel1, BN-Miradz (12 pledgees)
  10. Other members in 1976 and 1977:
    • (a) Aydani Janjani (Could this be Danny in No. 8 (c)?
    • (b) Idris Madjani
    • (c) Alfredo Ofiana
    • (d) Lacson Sangkula
    • (e) Talib Hassan
    • (f) Musin Tiblani
    • (g) Saudi Hassiman
    • (h) Ibrahim Sera
    • (i) Abraham Sali
    • (J) Ernesto Majid
    • (K) Faisal Aharuddin
    • (l) Medardo Jamiro, Jr.
    • (m) Isnirajil Nasser
  11. 1978
    • (a) Delmar A. Alamia -0306-78-327000, Btach name -Engrg Survive; Baptismal name-Playboy

Gama Zeta Batch 1980

    • (a) Naser S. Usman-’80, Bap N-Baden Powel 1st, BN-Engrng Survivor II (ID-0306-80-35068)-issued at Jolo, Sulu
    • (b) Bino Daniel

Gama Zeta Batch 1983

    • (a) Muktar Junaid- Baptismal Name : Pusong
    • (b) Ahmad Hassan - 0306-83-6529 - BName-Dirty Dozen

Gama Zeta Batch 1985

    • (a) Al Hasan A Sadjari –ID #0306-85-42646- BN-Centiped. BapN-Cracker

Gama Zeta Batch 1988

(Revival Batch)

    • (a) Bro. Engr.Rhamjan P. Lahaba (cp Nr. 09169455852)-Bap N-Lancelot 2nd
    • (b) Bro. Engr. Arnulfo Jawel
    • (c) Bro. Nestor Balsita
    • (d) Bro. Kindar Hamid

Gama Zeta Batch 1989

    • (a) Bro. Ruben J Mustafa (CP Nr. 09169073427)-Magelan ‘1st, 89B, ID# 22395, Baptismal name:RAM 89

Gama Zeta Batch 1990

    • (a) Yusop Ammad ‘90B, BapN-Desert Storm
    • (b) Iskandar N Sarahan ‘90B

Gama Zeta Batch 1991

    • (a) Saiyadi H Jimlani –(ID# 19872)-Crazy Avenger 91
    • (b) Wahab J Talib- Bp N-Abraham Lincoln 1st-, Bap Date: Jan 31, 1991, ID# 0306-38203 (Cp Nr-09195881888
    • (c) Leonardo Velza- 91A, id# 23052
    • (d) Sulbi Sherwin -1991-B; Bap Name- Pido Dido

Gama Zeta Batch 1992

Roller Boys ‘92A

  1. (a) Roland Patino
  2. (b) Jayton Patino
  3. (c) Omar Jordan Lahaba
  4. (d) Razel Anaani -
  5. (e) Aldrin Salim
  6. (f) Haris Bangahan
  7. (g) Shawfee Jul

Batch 92B

  1. Carsen Lee
  2. Boy Samiddin
  3. Margani Samiddin

Gama Zeta Batch 1993

  1. 1993 - Mohicans 93A
    • (a) Nurhakim Paraja -0306-93-19813
    • (b) Arkiemedis HadjirUlla
    • (c) Devina joy Belcena
    • (d) Khaizar S Jamad – Devil Boy-0306-93-19814
  1. 1993 - Batch Name---Survivour Series 93B
    • (a) Alvin Ajuji
    • (b) Dennis Alsid
    • (c) Kirul Maddas --- not Ritual

Batch 93-B you can confirm from Bro.Kaizhar Jamad and Mursaid Abdurahman (Epsilon Zeta)

Gama Zeta Batch 1994

  1. 1994 Batch 94-A: (Ritualized March 25, 1995 @ cecile's Pension House)
    • (a) Harris Bangahan ?
    • (b) Joseph hamsiri ?
    • (c) Janiya Malum Najal ?
    • (D) Richard Mobida ?
      • Note: this names were given by Brod Mustapha Hans aka "Bro Mos"??

Gama Zeta Batch 1995

  1. Hanapia,Farsaudi Apah
  2. T. Ibrahim
  3. Halid, Lydia J.

Gama Zeta Batch 1999

  1. 1999
    • (a) Jose jay G Escamillan - 199B - ID# 31606

Gama Zeta Batch 2000

  1. 2000
    • (a) Abdulatip Lingkon
    • (b) Allan A. Usman - ID# 31610

Gama Zeta Batch 2001

  1. 2001
    • (a) Bro Carter Munir – 0306-2001-42046 (cp Nr. 09359503625)

Gama Zeta Batch 2002

  1. 2002
    • (a) Mursaid K. Hashim, BY-2002A, Bat name-Stick n Stone, Bap Name- Anghello...Frmr GC of Gamma Zeta

Gama Zeta Batch 2003

  1. 2003
    • (a) Bro Malik Milahad : Id# 41890:Batch year: 2003B, Baptismal name: Bungkak, Batch name: Maskuladus, Ritual dates: December 18, #2004

Work: OFW: Mbr; WRKSS AA

Gama Zeta Batch 2006

  1. 2006 - Mutiny 06
    • (a) Peter U. Sawabi –, BapN-Joecacker-BY-dec 10, 2006 (id# 0306-2006-41557)
    • (b) Bino Danial-,
    • (c) Moh. Kadir Jaafar –BapN- Mohammad Ali . D’ Greatest, Baptsmal yr: Dec 10, 2006-ID#0306 -2006-41557
    • (d) Rasul Salahuddin Sappal - ID NR. 41509

Gama Zeta Batch 2010

  1. Batch 2010-A: Corbucky Batch (Ritualized December 12, 2010 @ Cecile's Restaurant, Tumaga, ZC)
    • (a) Raden S. Alamuddin - Astroboy - BSCE
    • (b) Mohamad Raffy A. Naruto - BSCrim
    • (c) Mohammad Saydee T. Kadil Edward Cullen - BSCE
    • (d) Al-Raouf K. Jakiram Flyingman D'3rd - Computer programng
    • (e) Mirqad H. Hamid Zuko - BSCE
    • (f) Murshaik V. Kadil Kamagong II - BS Pharmacy

Gama Zeta Batch 2011

?? Who are they?

Gama Zeta Batch 2012

?? Who are they?

Activities of Gamma Zeta

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APO Gamma Zeta Random comments

From: Carpenter Arpa III <>
Sent: Thursday, April 09, 2009 9:44 AM
Subject: Re: good to hear from you.

Hello, Bro Frank;

Got into the website for APO Beta NU and Gamma Zeta Chapters. As additional info on Gamma Zeta's founding, it would be apt to mention I had the invaluable help of Bro Oskar Enriquez of Southern City Colleges and Bro. Nonoy Paulas of Siliman. There are some corrections on the names of some of its chartered members. Their names and surnames should be: Pacsymar Abubakar, Arolas Abdul, Bill Ali Abdulajim and Estanislao Eslao.

Although Bro Macmod Sangka is known as "Maxie", I recall his initiation name as "Ram" also. The initiation name of Valentino Suarez is "Kamagong". I can't recall yet the initiation names of the other chartered members. I cannot recall also Edgar Kunti which is not to say that he is not a member. But we should add Bro Noel Malana as one unless the latter is with APO in Southern City College.

Bro Valentino Suarez was the next Grand Chancellor after me. He signed into "law" the Initiation Code and Code of Conduct of APO Gamma Zeta in 1976. These handsomely bound code books were turned over to the Chapter's Historian for safekeeping, together with the gold and blue history book of the chapter. Like Beta Nu's history book, it is replete with pictures of chapter activities, frolics, initiations and the rituals. Gamma Zeta's rituals were done with black robes and capes with the trefoil on the forehead. The ritual team carried torches of course, hence APO's journalistic appellation, Torch and Trefoil!

Our brothers and sisters in Gamma Zeta should know about this and be proud. Gamma Zeta was organized just after martial law was declared and when assemblies of more than 5 persons were against the law. We prevailed to be what we are today.

So it was, and so may we always be!

Historical Notes:

1. January 3, 1974 - Formal petition for recognition is filed with the APO National Office

2. March 2, 1977 - Full compliance with all necessary requirements are made.

3. May 3, 1977 - Officially recognized as Gamma Zeta Chapter and officially entered as such in the National Record.

4. May 23, 1977 - Official letter of recognition sent to Founder/Organizer.

Picture album of Gamma Zeta

Photo Gallery from June Lacerna

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Alpha Phi Omega International (Philippines), Inc.
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270 Ermin Garcia, Brgy Silangan, Cubao, QC
Tel.# 011-63-2-439-7603