Zamboanga City Properties: Farm Lot in Gulud Rd., Pamucutan, Zamboanga City, Philippines

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Zamboanga City Properties - Details About the property:

The city is near its completion of the cross-over road from (Culianan and Cabaluay) to San Ramon (Talisayan). This road will cut to about 200 meters south of this property. A great potential for any development.

  • 134 meter Cemented government Road Frontage.
  • The newly built cross-over hwy (east to west) passes by the property at a distance of less than 200 meters.
  • 35,561 square meters. 3.5 hectares.
  • Has a Natural Spring - Water supply all year long even during draught or "el niño".
  • Lots of mature trees (timber).
  • Currently operating as a farm with Mangoes, Coconuts, Papayas, Bananas, Cassava, Malunggay(Moringa), Cacao, Ginger and Monggo (Mung Beans). Land can be inspected with ease. Vehicles can drive in.
  • The farm is fully FENCED in. No squatters. We have our workers living there. Not on commission. They are salaried employees.
  • Asking 300 pesos per square meter or 10,668,300 pesos
    • Buyer pays all transfer taxes, attorney's fees and cost to transfer title from owner to buyer. The 10,668,300 pesos is net to the seller.
      • Note to Agents: Seller will pay agent the 10% commission on sales price. Do not attempt to over price. (10,668,300 x .10 = 1,066,830.00 pesos is your commission)
      • If buyer agrees on price or wants to negotiate on the price. Buyer must present letter of "intent to buy" with the price listed. We will not entertain verbal negotiation.
  • Local Government Resolution approved for farming such as Piggery and Poultry. Barangay Resolution approved.
    • Approved by the City zoning department and the city health department.
    • The Culianan-Patalon by-pass road is about 200 hundred meters from this property.
  • email:
  • text Jerwin at: 011-63-965-374-0208
  • or text James Kwan at: 011-63-926-825-3888
  • Facebook message:

The Map, Sketch plan and Title

  • Potential for a Great Resort or Housing development

This property is on top of a hill that overlooks the great plains of Zamboanga City. Over 2 hectares of the 3.5 hectares is on top flat side of the hill. The hill is not steep. You can easily walk down or back up again.

The cross over access road is only less than half a kilometer away from this property. The roads around it are all cemented.

Pamucutan title sketch plan.png
Pamucutan new sketch plan 2017.jpg
Pamucutan title.png