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"Herramientas" in English: Tools-

Ejemplo del palabra "HERRAMIENTAS" na lenguaje del chavacano(chabacano)

Herramientas del Carpintero: Tools of the carpenter.

  1. Bisagra - Hinge
  2. Cepillo - Plane
  3. Clabo - Nail
  4. Escoplo - Chisel
  5. Lapis - Pencil
  6. Lima - File
  7. Martillo - Hammer
  8. Nawi - Tie-out for the nipa made out of ratan.
  9. Nipa - Shingles for the roof made out of Palm leaves
  10. Sawali - Woven bamboo used as wall sidings or ceilings. Comes in 4x8.
  11. Nivel - Level
  12. Pulgadera - Tape Measure
  13. Papel de lija - Sand Paper
  14. Sierra - Saw
  15. Achita - Small ax (hatchet)
  16. Tornillo - Screw

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