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Iloilo City - Archived News

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How to get the best out of the Malunggay
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Values per 100gm. edible portion
Nutrient Moringa Leaves Other Foods
Vitamin A 6780 mcg Carrots: 1890 mcg
Vitamin C 220 mg Oranges: 30 mg
Calcium 440 mg Cow's milk: 120 mg
Potassium 259 mg Bananas: 88 mg
Protein 6.7 gm Cow's milk: 3.2 gm
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Molo Church, Iloilo City
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The Dinagyang is a religious and cultural festival in Iloilo City, Philippines held on the fourth Sunday of January, or right after the Sinulog In Cebu and the Ati-Atihan in Aklan.
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A Barangay Clearance is NEEDED in order to get a Business License.
So why is the barangay name not in most business addresses?
Ask your Barangay Captain/Chairman to create a Resolution to make it mandatory to put the barangay name in all Business addresses.


Iloilo City to create permanent housing for indigenous peoples

By Tara Yap

Homeless kept out of sight of APEC delegates

Iloilo City – After keeping local tribal Aetas out of the sight of delegates to ongoing Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meetings here, the Iloilo city government vowed it will expend efforts in providing them with permanent housing.

Iloilo City Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog said the city government is looking at formalizing the existing housing of a group of Aetas in Lanit village, Jaro district.

The Aeta community there is near the relocation site of former informal settlers displaced by various development projects.

According to Mabilog, the Iloilo city government is now conducting dialogues with property owners and hopes to reach an agreement for land where the permanent housing for idigenous peoples will stand.

Aside from talking to property owners, the city government is coordinating with the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) and the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) to help in the program.

Mabilog gave assurances that the city government is not taking for granted the native Aetas locally known as “Atis.”

The Iloilo City mayor pointed out that in fact, the annual Dinagyang Festival, which is held every January, actually pays homage to the Aetas.

Aside from the Aetas, also kept from the APEC delegates’ sight were native Badjaos from Mindanao and homeless street children begging on Iloilo City streets.

A number of these homeless children roaming the streets of the city were gathered and taken to the Crisis Intervention Center run by the Iloilo City Social Welfare and Development Office.

The APEC ministerial meetings here will go on until October 6.

Heritage jewelry captures Iloilo’s rich culture and history


ILOILO CITY, Sept 29 (PNA) -- Iloilo’s famous landmarks found their way among the intricate designs developed by Sarabia Jewelry, Iloilo’s trusted jewelry maker that has been in the industry for 70 years and been passed on to three generations.

Kathy and Kathy Bespoke – a keepsake jewelry brand formed under the partnership of Kathy Sarabia-Babst and Kathy Gregorio Añover- designed the collection as a tribute to Iloilo.

“They were specifically made for this APEC event,” said Babst, who belongs to the third generations of the Sarabias.

The limited “Panubli-on” collection was inspired by the neo-gothic St. Anne Church in Molo district; beaux-art inspired Nelly Garden Mansion of the Lopezes in Jaro district; century-old Miagao church; Jaro Cathedral and the historical art deco, Calle Real.

“They are individually hand-carved to create a realistic pattern of the leaves and the colors are cascading from white to light green to green,” said Añover as she described the Tree of Life Medallion inspired by the Miagao Church, which is a UNESCO heritage site.

The two best of friends flew to Iloilo from Manila to join an activity that was dedicated to the spouses of ministers attending the series of meetings of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC).

The spouses program chaired by Iloilo City First Lady Marivic Mabilog, Iloilo Province First Lady Cosette Defensor and Ms. Gina Sarabia-Espinosa, wife of city vice-mayor Joe Espinosa III, organized a Heritage Jewelry Fashion Show: The Ilonggo Story in Gold to entertain the spouses while their husbands are busy attending high-level meetings.

Some of the collections were paraded alongside a “hablon” fashion show held at the Iloilo Convention Center (ICC) and at the Royal Garden during welcome dinners for delegates of the 22nd Small and Medium Enterprises Ministerial Meeting (SMEMM) and related activities.

An intimate lunch held at the residence of Gina Sarabia-Espinosa, however, showed a bigger collection of the jewelry that was on display at the Sarabia museum that also featured designs made by Gina Sarabia-Espinosa, Regine Espinosa and Mila Imson.

Everything about the designs of Kathy and Kathy Bespoke is personalized, said Babst who handles the logistics and production. Añover takes care of creative and marketing.

“Every time you buy our product you help preserve the art of handcrafted jewelry. Right now, everything is stamped, molded and mass-produced. So, with us, workers really make everything without these machines,” Añover said.

Aside from the Ilonggo heritage collections, Kathy and Kathy Bespoke had already developed other keepsake collections.

Babst said interested customers may choose the materials that they would like to form part of their personalized jewelry.

Disaster ‘text alerts’ prepare Ilonggos


ILOILO City – Have you subscribed to the Iloilo BLAST Project?

It is a mobile phone-based alert system that informs the public about possible impending calamities through text messages.

In the Iloilo BLAST Project, important announcements from the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council and other line agencies are gathered, verified then “blasted” to the public.

According to Sangguniang Panlalawigan member Carmen Rita Monfort-Bautista, a “BLAST team” verifies the information then broadcasts it through the Smart Inforboard.

The chairperson of the Provincial Board’s science and technology committee, Monfort-Bautista worked out this text arrangement with Smart Communications.

Information dissemination is important in disaster preparedness, stressed Monfort-Bautista on Reklamo Publiko program yesterday.

“It was my personal choice to take the committee chairmanship because I really wanted a different take on it,” said Monfort-Bautista who represents Iloilo’s 4th District in the Provincial Board.

Now, she said, Ilonggos can be informed of weather disturbances and other important announcements.

Those who want to receive text alerts just need to subscribe online for free or through text for a P1 fee.

Currently, the Iloilo BLAST Project has close to 3,000 subscribers, said Monfort.

She urged more Ilonggos to take advantage of this disaster preparedness alert scheme.

Meanwhile, Monfort-Bautista said her “Tulay sa Kinabukasan” adopt-a-school project has brought Internet access to students of the 4th District.

“Schools in the district were given Internet connectivity for two years,” she said.

The project is in partnership with the Department of Education, Guevara Foundation and Radiowealth Finance Company, Inc.

Schools in the 4th District also received a multimedia system composed of a flat screen television, digital video disc player, sound system, laptop, public address system, amplifier, and microphones.

Project beneficiaries included the national high school in Anilao town, Banate National Science High School, Barotac Nuevo National Comprehensive High School, Dingle National High School, Dumangas National High School, P.D. Monfort National Science High School, Don Jose Sustiger Monfort National High School, Dueñas National High School, Passi National High School, and San Enrique National High School.

Monfort-Bautista also chairs the Provincial Board’s committee on health and sanitation, and committee on youth affairs and sports development.

‘2 APEC meetings successful’


ILOILO City – The two ministerial meetings of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) held here were successful, according to Ariel Castañeda, head of security and local APEC liaison officer.

The APEC Small and Medium Enterprise Meeting was from Sept. 21 to 25 while the Senior Disaster Management Officials Forum was from Sept. 22 to 23.

The venue was the Iloilo Convention Center.

The APEC National Organizing Committee commended the Iloilo Organizing Committee for a job well done, said Castañeda.

There’s one more APEC meeting to be held here – the High Level Policy Dialogue on Food Security and the Blue Economy from Sept. 28 to Oct. 6, also at the Iloilo Convention Center.

The expected guests for next week’s meeting are more or less 300, said Castañeda.

“We will do our best to do better,” he said.

APEC is a forum for 21 Pacific Rim member economies. It promotes free trade throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

APEC was established in 1989 in response to the growing interdependence of Asia-Pacific economies.

An annual APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting is attended by the heads of government of all APEC members. The location of the meeting rotates annually among the member economies.

This year, the Philippines hosts the APEC Economic Leaders’ Meeting and its ministerial meetings.

Apec adopts 'Iloilo iniative'

By Lydia C. Pendon

ASIA Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) ministers adopted on Friday the Apec Iloilo Initiative which seeks to give access to Micro Small Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in international trade.

The APEC Iloilo Initiative: Growing Global MSMEs for Inclusive Development is the result of Apec Small and Medium Enterprise Ministerial Meeting held in Iloilo on September 21-24.

Apec ministers affirmed in a statement that the importance of addressing trade and investment barriers and implementing trade facilitation measures in order to provide a better business environment for the MSMEs.

They agreed that corruption and unethical business practices act as a significant market access barrier for MSMEs which disproportionately impact on their ability to succeed.

"We agree that APEC economies must continue to address these barriers, as they undermine innovation, job growth, economic stability and cross-border trade," the statement reads.

The ministers also acknowledged the important role that the digital economy plays in enhancing access to the global market and driving innovation for MSMEs and the importance of leveraging the digital economy to expand internationalization opportunities by widening access to the internet.

"We agree to launch the 'APEC MSME Marketplace' as a one-stop portal to facilitate access to information related to doing business in the region and to inform on projects and activities that promote MSMEs’ integration to international trade," the statement reads.

The ministers affirmed that they will work to implement the initiatives under this framework to maximize the benefits of cooperation.

Iloilo City to put up IP community

By Lilibeth A. French (JCM/LAF/PIA6-Iloilo)

ILOILO CITY (PIA6) - - The city government sees to it that the welfare of the Indigenous Peoples (IPs) in this city are taken care of.

Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog, in a recent press conference held at the APEC International Media Center here, said that the city is now into its plan of creating a cultural community for IPs.

“As a matter of fact, it is existing in one of the districts here, the district of Jaro. We are developing an IP community where in they will be provided with their own cultural houses,” said Mabilog.

About 60 of the IPs who used to be on the city’s streets are already living in this community.

Mabilog said the usufruct agreement with the owners of the property is now being processed so that the city government can put in some funds for the infrastructure needed.

Concerned agencies like the National Commission on Indigenous People, Department of Social Welfare and Development and the Commission on Human Rights and the University of the Philippines in the Visayas were also tapped to help in the preparation and provide necessary support for the project.

“With CHR we would like to provide assurance to those beneficiaries that their rights are protected and at the same time their culture shall be preserved and protected as well,” said Mabilog.

The unique culture and heritage of the IPs are also given due recognition in the city’s annual festivity popularly known as Dinagyang Festival.

“The very famous Dinagyang which we hold every 4th Sunday of January wherein there are cheographed dances that follow takes into consideration their culture and heritage,” said Mabilog.

Some of the Dinagyang Festival costumes are currently exhibited at the dearture area of the Iloilo Airport.

Also, ongoing at the lobby of the Iloilo Convention Center is the

APEC Artisanal Exhibit featuring premier artisanal handicrafts in the city and the province of Iloilo. The event intends to showcase the cultural diversity and masterful craftsmanship of local artisan craft makers to local and foreign guests attending the APEC events here.

Iloilo City's secrets for being chosen as 'most livable city in the Philippines' revealed


ILOILO CITY, Sept 24 (PNA) -- What is the secret of this city for being adjudged as the most livable city in the Philippines?

According to Iloilo City Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog, they have several pillars of good governance that has brought and made Iloilo City livable.

First, Mayor Mabilog revealed during a media briefing in the sidelines of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meetings held here this week, is unity. This has enabled the local government to conduct and implement programs without any hurdles.

"Everybody in the local scene, the leadership especially the mayor, vice mayor, congressmen has the support of the provincial government of iloilo," he said.

"It is not difficult to implement whatever programs there are, that is before a political season," the mayor added. "We do strategic developmental plans, we have a very comprehensive land use plan we are implementing."

Second is political will to implement "what is morally right rather than what is politically correct."

"We have a cradle of great programs, meaning that this city government has plans and has a program that would be for the start from the time a child is conceived by the mother until the time this person dies there is complete social, education and even housing program that is already in place," said Mabilog. "All they have to do is fit into the program of the city government of Iloilo."

After the city's hosting of several APEC related meetings, Mabilog said the global strategies that they will learn and which will be formulated, "we, as host city, should maintain same status, we should adopt whatever policy that will be agreed upon."

With regards to the best practices during natural disaster that Iloilo City can share with APEC member economies, the mayor proudly shared them with APEC delegates.

"We have learned from experience during the devastation of typhoon Frank (international name: Fengshen) in 2008 that within 15 minutes time, water rose 10 feet and covered almost the entire half of the city," he said.

Out of the city's expereince, the city created a floodway that would handle the volume of water and bring it down the mountains and out to the sea .

Second, said Mabilog, they have observed most causes of flood is because of man himself throwing garbage everywhere.

"We have to do regular cleanups like every Saturday. we do weekly volunteer cleanups," he disclosed. "One of the biggest chalenge is a clogged river full of informal settlers. There were also fish cages that impeded the flow of water."

Mayor Mabilog said they "seriously went into the removal and relocation of informal settlers plus these illegal fish cages."

"Now we have free flowing river," he said. "Each time when there's heavy rain, within an hour water will subside because of clean drainage and waterways including a structure-free river."

Iloilo City is currently hosting APEC meetings on disaster risk reduction, small and medium enterprises, food security and agriculture.

Apec forum on disaster management opens in Iloilo


OFFICIALS from Asia-Pacific are in Iloilo City to discuss various disasters risk reduction topics and discuss best practices in disaster management.

More than 400 participants attended the opening two-day 9th Senior Disaster Management of the 2015 Asia-Pacific Economic Forum (Apec) on Tuesday, September 22, at Iloilo Convention Center.

This is one of the meetings held in Iloilo in which the Philippines is the host country.

Specialist topics will be presented by subject-matter experts on disaster risk reduction management hailing from international DRR agencies, more particularly the Asean Centre for Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Management and the United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction.

The National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council and the Office of Civil Defense are the host agency of the said forum.

Civil Defense Administrator Undersecretary Alexander Pama said there is a need for an inter-economy cooperation in dealing with disasters to ensure sustainable economic growth in the Asia-Pacific Region.

2015 National MSME summit opens Monday in Iloilo


ILOILO CITY, Sept. 21 (PNA) -- The 2015 National Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Summit opened Monday in Iloilo.

The summit aims to create greater awareness on the MSME development initiatives in the country as well as empower MSMEs to become more competitive and innovative to foster their participation in the global markets.

Iloilo City Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog said during the opening session that the MSMEs will easily fuel the nation’s nonstop drive for a better future.

“I am confident that the national MSME summit 2015 will unite, will encourage everyone to plan and have a political will in the national MSME community to do what is right rather than what is politically correct,” Mabilog said.

Around 600 participants from the different parts of the country gathered for the summit. Discussions that include the existing MSME development initiatives being implemented and proposed by the Philippine Government in collaboration with the private sector and development partners will be tackled during the summit.

Mabilog said that they are currently continuing to take the initiative and to partner to both the public and private sectors to come up with the MSMEs compete in the global competitive market.

Specifically, Mabilog pointed out that many of the graduates in Iloilo City have already put up their micro, small and medium enterprises and now playing important roles in the socio-economic development of the country.

“We maintained the growth of the MSME sector because we believe that the sector is not only a constituent of the economy but is also playing a crucial role in realizing our goal to make Iloilo city one of the top destinations and one of the best livable cities in the Philippines,” Mabilog added.

On Tuesday, the participants will be divided into two groups wherein the activities will be held in Bacolod City and Guimaras to expand the opportunities within Western Visayas.

The MSME Summit 2015 is part of the 22nd Asia Pacific and Economic Cooperation (APEC) Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) Ministerial Meeting and Related Activities held in Iloilo starting this September 21 until September 25.

Two-day fish holiday in Iloilo City

By Lydia C. Pendon

ILOILO CITY: Some 20 big commercial fishing boat operators based in Western Visayas are slated to hold a two-day fish holiday starting on Tuesday to protest the proposed amendments to the Fisheries Code of the Philippines or Republic Act No. 10564.

However, Philippine Fishing Port Development Authority (PFDA) port manager Edgar Deysolong allayed fears of fish shortage in Iloilo and the rest of the region. He said the fish holiday will not in anyway affect the delivery of fish products from the aquaculture sector and from the municipal fishing industry.

Deysolong added that fish prices will not go up as commercial fish still dominate public markets and supermarkets here.

Jun Borres, president of the commercial fishing vessel association, said they decided to stage the protest over what they call unreasonable demands in the proposed amendments. Some of the amendments include penalties for erring commercial fishing vessels from a low P30,000 to P1 million.

The commercial fishing boat operators are also protesting the mandated installation of global positioning system or GPS in all fishing boats.

September is Development Policy Research Month


ILOILO CITY, Sept. 19 (PIA6) -- The month of September of every year is declared as Development Policy Research Month (DPRM) per Malacañang Proclamation No. 247 dated September 2, 2002.

The declaration aims to promote and draw nationwide awareness on the importance of policy research in the formulation of national development plans, programs, and policies.

The theme of this year’s 13th DPRM is “Effective Regulations for Sustainable Growth” or “Tamang Regulasyon para sa Patuloy na Pag-ahon”. The theme was chosen to highlight regulatory issues particularly the need to build strong regulatory management system backed by research evidence and systematic assessment of proposed policies and regulations before they are implemented.

The Philippine Institute for Development Studies (PIDS) which is the lead agency for the celebration of the DPRM was created on September 26, 1977 and was established to respond to the critical and growing need for research for planning and policy formulation.

It was envisioned to help government planners and policy-makers in the executive and legislative branches of government with its primary clientele consisting of the network of agencies which make up the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA).

The month-long celebration of the DPRM hopes to influence policymakers to take action in adopting explicit standards for regulatory quality that ensures the integrity and quality of regulations.

In Western Visayas region, NEDA, Region VI celebrates this month-long activity, with the conduct of the Regional Research Utilization Forum on September 15 and the Value-Chain Analysis Workshop on September 16, both at the NEDA Regional Development Council (RDC) Conference Hall here.

MSMEs summit to kick off in Iloilo City on Monday


ILOILO CITY, Sept. 18 (PNA) -- About 500 policy makers, private sector representatives, development partners and entrepreneurs are expected to gather in the city for a two-day national micro, small and medium entrepreneurs summit which will kick off on Monday.

The summit will “discuss how to further maximize the potential of Philippine MSMEs as engines of economic growth,” said Ruby Melliza, information officer of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in Western Visayas.

The activity, with the theme “Mainstreaming Philippine MSMEs in the Global Market” seeks to create awareness on the development initiatives of MSMEs in the country.

Likewise, it aims to empower them to become more competitive and innovative to foster their participation in the global markets either as direct exporters of goods and services or as part of a global supply chain.

This is in line with the APEC Boracay Action Agenda, a Philippine-led initiative which aims to encourage the participation of MSMEs in the global and regional trade.

The first day of the summit consists of four panel sessions on pathways to global trade, the role of technology and innovation in leveling up MSMEs, navigating challenges and opportunities in global trade, and the government’s role in MSME financing –all in recognition of the need to provide more economic opportunities for MSMEs beyond Philippine shores.

On the second day, participants will be divided into two groups with one going to Bacolod for an MSME learning visit and another attending an APEC Business Continuity Planning Workshop.

The summit reiterates the commitment of policymakers, development partners and the private sector to enhancing MSME competitiveness and supporting their growth.

The summit is held on the sidelines of the 22nd Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) SME Ministerial Meeting, 40th SME Working Group Meeting and other related workshops.

Int'l body lauds Iloilo City environmental initiatives


ILOILO CITY, Sept. 17 (PNA) -– The Urban Environmental Accord (UEA), a recognized international organization based in the city of Gwangju in South Korea, has lauded the efforts of the Iloilo City government in effecting best practices on renewable energy, efficiency, conservation and the environment to the total efforts of making a greener and livable city.

UEA Secretary General Nak Pyong Lim said this year is very crucial in the field of environmental protection and the United Nations (UN) will announce the Sustainable Development Goals to achieve by 2030.

Iloilo City is hosting the 2015 UEA environmental summit Sept. 15-17, 2015. It is one of those member cities to “think big and act fast” in order to respond to climate change and create low carbon global communities, the UEA secretary general said.

UEA co-president Janghyun Yoon, Gwangju City mayor, said that Iloilo City succeeded in making its communities green and livable which aptly represents the theme “Green City, Livable City.”

The gathering recognized the cities as keys to saving the earth and it can be done only if the cities do it together.

As of August 2015, the UEA was able to gather 159 cities from 53 countries as member cities covering 63 cities from 18 countries in Asia, 2 cities from 2 countries in Oceania, 35 cities from 16 countries in Europe, 38 cities from 2 countries in North America and 14 cities from 8 countries in South America.

Iloilo City Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog reported to the delegates that the city hall is the first green technology building in the Visayas using solar panels and rain water harvesting facilities used in the seven-storey building.

Through a city ordinance, the city also embarked on renewable energy initiatives by providing a 20 percent discount on real property tax for residential units using solar energy panels.

Other energy efficiency initiatives include the retrofitting from chloroflourescent lights (CFL) to light emitting diode (LED) lighting of buildings, city street lights and national road lighting. This way, the green house gas emission reduction totaled 911 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year.

The low emission strategy was also implemented by five schools, five shopping malls and hotels and four power and water utilities based in the city.

The city is also home to 87 hectares of mangroves, particularly in cooperation with the Panay Energy Development Corporation which protects the mangroves as bird sanctuary and oxygen provider.

DOH-6 raises public awareness on generic drugs


ILOILO CITY, Sept. 16 (PNA) –- The Department of Health Regional Office 6 is joining the observance of Generic Awareness Month this September by raising public awareness.

DOH-6 division chief for Regulation, Licensing and Enforcement Division, Delia D. Tarrosa, said there is still a need for the public to change their mentality that the effectiveness of a medicine depends on its brand and cost.

She said that as a government response to the inadequate provision of good quality essential drugs, the Generics Act of 1988 was passed to make professionals and consumers more aware of the intrinsic value of drug according to its generic name rather than the artificial extrinsic considerations such as brand names, fancy packaging and marketing campaigns.

The Generic Act aimed to promote, require and ensure the production of an adequate supply, distribution, use and acceptance of drugs and medicines identified by their generic names.

Tarrosa also said that as part of the observance, they are reminding drug outlets to post conspicuously a list of products with the same generic names and their corresponding prices for the public.

Added to this, all private medical practitioners shall prescribe in generic name but brand name may be included if so desired.

The DOH-6, being a government agency, uses generic names in all transactions.

There are also corresponding penalties for violations to the law and its amended version.

2015 Western Visayas Regional Invention Contests and Exhibits open


ILOILO CITY, Sept. 15 (PNA) -- The 2015 Regional Invention Contests and Exhibits opened with 86 entries from all over Western Visayas at SM City here today, September 15.

Department of Science and Technology Assistant Secretary for Countryside Development Dr. Urdujah A. Tejada said that such activity is very important as through the inventions, the Philippines is able to attain global competitiveness.

“The DOST encourages such activities for they help our country to be at par with others,” she said.

Tejada said that the innovations, aside from keeping the country from poverty, also generates jobs for other people. “Keep on innovating and sharing with others,” the lady official said.

Engr. Edgar I. Garcia, Director of DOST’s Technology Application and Promotion Institute, said the Philippines based on the Global Competitiveness Index is now ranked 52 from the formerly 59th place. He said that this is because of the innovations that had been come up with.” DOST promotes and gives incentives to innovators,” he said.

He said that cash prizes are at stake for the best inventions aside from them being able to join the national contests.

The regional contest is open for both the public and private sector inventors and researchers. There are six categories which are the Outstanding Invention (TuklasAward), Outstanding Utility Model, Outstanding Industrial Design, Outstanding Creative Research (Likha Award), and Outstanding Student Creative Research (Sibol Award) for high school and college students.

The results of the contests will be rendered by the judges on September 17 during the awarding.

Among the Creative Research Category entries for high school are Programmable Pill Dispenser with Alarm and Voice Recorder, Noise Receptor and Alarm System, Rice Straw as Aircon Filter.

Peter Louise D. Garnace of the Regional Science High School for Region VI in Kalibo, Aklan said that he was motivated to do research on Efficient Energy Source for Led Lights from Rootcrops because of the abundance of rootcrops in their area that could possibly be topped as alternative source of energy.

He said that they are frequently experiencing brownout in Kalibo. Those who could afford resort to using solar power but he said he wants to innovate a less expensive electric source.

Garnace said he also has a prototype eco-house innovation to show the lighting.

His adviser Maria Cherry L. Rafailes said that this is their first time to join the contest and she and her students are very eager to go into science innovations despite the lack in support and resources.

Intl environmental summit takes off in Iloilo City


ILOILO CITY, Sept. 14 (PNA) -– This southern city will play host to some 600 national and international delegates to the Urban Environmental Accords (UEA) Iloilo Summit on September 15-17, 2015 to be held at the Sarabia Manor and Convention Center here with participation of 200 cities in 53 countries in Asia and the Pacific region including some countries in Europe and the western hemisphere.

Philippine industrialist Manuel V. Pangilinan, chairman of the Philippine Long Distance Telephone (PLDT) Group of Companies, will give the keynote message that specifically calls for protection of the urban environment of the world and facing the challenges of climate change.

City Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog will welcome the delegates composed mostly of environmental scientists and advocates of environmental protection. Iloilo City is a signatory to UEA. Mayor Mabilog was elected member to the UEA Board as the only Filipino mayor serving such position.

Other speakers in the opening program are Dr. Jang Hyun Yoon, co-president of UAE and Mayor of Gwangju Metropolitan City, Korea, Richard Bakeswell, Economic Officer of the US Embassy in Manila, Iloilo Governor Arthur Defensor Sr., and Sabin Basnyat, Regional Coordinator-Resource Efficiency of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).

Plenary session speakers include UEA Secretary General Nak Pyong Lim, Dr. Sang In Kang of the Korea Environmental Institute, Dr. Byoung Chull Oh and Sang Kap Kim of UEA, Elisea Gozun of Be Secure Project of USAID, Young Pyo Cho, chair of Gwangju City Council, His Excellency Datuk Seri Ir. Hj. Idris bin Hj. Haron, Chief Minister of Melaka, Malaysia, Victorino Aquitania of the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) and Mabilog presenting the Iloilo City-USAID Low Carbon Development Initiatives.

The environmental summit is expected to boost the city's growing potentials as ideal convention destination as well as to attract tourists and prospective investors to an urban center. The city will share its own environmental protection programs and showcase successful initiatives such as the Iloilo River, wetland and bird sanctuary and preservation of cultural heritage.

Mayor Mabilog said the UEA Summit held every three years is a follow-up of the city’s highly successful hosting of the 1st International River Summit in 2012 in encouraging environmental protection and preservation of urban centers.

The last summit in 2013 was held in Texas, United States of America.

The delegates will be treated to parallel field trips at the Iloilo wetland, Iloilo River and Iloilo cultural heritage tour. Similarly, some 200 youth delegates will have a parallel environment summit at the Diamond Jubilee Hall on September 15-17.

A signing of a memorandum of understanding between Gwangju Metropolitan Council of Korea and the Iloilo City Council will be held at the SP session hall on September 16 while a special meeting between Melaka and Iloilo City officials will be held at the city mayor’s office on September 16.

President Aquino visits IloIlo City on Monday


MANILA, Sept. 13 (PNA) -- President Aquino embarks on another provincial trip to begin his activities this week with a visit to Iloilo City on Monday to grace the inauguration of new establishments there.

The President will lead the ceremonial launch of Megaworld Corporation’s Iloilo Business Park, as well as the inauguration of Richmonde Hotel and the Iloilo Convention Center (ICC), an official media advisory stated.

The Iloilo Business Park is a 72-hectare township envisioned by Megaworld to be ‘the next central business district’ in Iloilo City with the 12-storey Richmonde Hotel and ICC serving as its initial developments.

The company has invested a total of P35-billion for the development of the entire complex over the next 10 years, according to their official website.

President Aquino will open the highly-anticipated ICC, which is going to be used as one of the venues for some high-level ministerial meetings of the APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) Summit.

The ICC is a state-of-the-art convention facility that sits on a 1.7-hectare lot in Iloilo Business Park, Mandurriao, Iloilo City. Its construction began in 2013 with an estimated total project cost of P740-million.

It is two stories high with a floor area of 11,832 square meters that can accommodate over 3,000 guests. Renowned architect William Coscoluella designed the project inspired by Iloilo’s Dinagyang and Paraw festivals.

Capitol to plant 5T trees in Maasin


ILOILO – The provincial government is embarking on another tree planting activity today in Maasin town.

Some 5,000 tree seedlings will be planted at Mahogany Park in Barangay Daja, according to Gov. Arthur Defensor Sr.

The activity is part of the provincial government’s Action for Regreening and Transformation for Climate Change Adaptation (ART for CCA) program and the 16th Piyesta sa Kakahuyan.

Around 2,000 participants are expected to join the tree planting. These include provincial government officials and employees, those from the local government of Maasin, government agencies, and nongovernment organizations.

Since 2010, reforestation is one of Governor Defensor’s priorities. The provincial government targets to plant 1.5 million trees a year through ART for CCA.

ART for CCA is the province’s contribution to President Benigno Aquino III’s National Greening Program that aims to mobilize the public to plant 1.5 billion trees by 2016.

ART for CCA uses the “ridge-to-reef” approach, which refers to the planting of tree seedlings in upland areas and planting of mangrove propagules in coastal areas.

In 2013, ART for CCA overshot its 2012 target despite the onslaught of super typhoon “Yolanda.” It was able to plant 1,775,707 seedlings, surpassing its 1.5-million target.

This year and next year, however, the governor doubted if the target of 1.5 million will be reached considering the El Niño phenomenon that is expected to set in next month.

With this, he said they will focus on mangrove planting in coastal areas of the province.

DA 6 gears up for the strongest El Niño


ILOILO CITY, Sept 11 (PNA) -- Department of Agriculture DA Region 6 gears up for the strongest El Niño in the history of the Philippines as assessed by PAGASA.

The effects of this phenomenon will be felt by October of this year until April 2016 and it will strongly affect the Agricultural sector in the region.

On Thursday, September 10, DA 6 discussed the mitigation plan that they are creating with the Agricultural Provincial Coordinating Officers during their meeting.

“Since El Niño was anticipated as early as last year, we had already done some initial preparations. First, we had this information campaign informing all the farmers that we will have serious water shortage for them to be prepared”, said Director Roy Abaya of DA 6.

Furthermore, the farmers were advised to look for alternative crops to plant for this season.

Also, among the strategies prepared were the cloud seeding, distribution of drought tolerant varieties of seeds and the small scale irrigation project.

The irrigation projects have the most allotted proposed budget. “We are making all the strategies on how to produce water given that El Nino is the major problem in the region,"Abaya said.

To implement the mitigation plan, DA 6 proposes a supplemental budget of around Php187 million. “There is a possibility that the budget will increase since we have not yet considered other concerned agencies when we planned this out,” Abaya said.

“Hopefully we are targeting to submit the consolidated mitigation plan to the central office on September 25 for it to be approved early and for the strategies to be soon implemented”, he added.

Iloilo’s Dinagyang Festival goes to Tokyo, Japan


ILOILO CITY, Sept 10 (PNA) -– World-acclaimed Dinagyang Festival will bring one of its winning tribes to perform in Tokyo upon the invitation of the Japanese government and the Filipino community there during the Philippine Festival slated September 18-20 this year.

City OIC tourism officer Junel Ann Divinagracia said that Tribu Panayanon, the champion for this year’s Dinagyang Festival, was chosen to parade and perform in Tokyo streets.

“We will also be there to invite them for the Dinagyang 2016,” she added, saying that it will also be an opportunity to market the city in Japan.

She shared that she was informed that the Filipino community was excited to take a glimpse of this city’s festival that has already performed in various places abroad.

The Dinagyang Festival, the highlight of which is slated every fourth Sunday of January in honor of Señor Santo Niño, through the years has evolved from just a simple religious observance to a grandiose celebration that infuses the culture and tradition of the early Ilonggo settlers to its modern state.

It has been cited as top 10 best local governance practice awardee by the Galing Pook in 2012, Hall of Fame awardee as best tourism event by the Association of Tourism Officers of the Philippines, silver awardee by the International Awards for Livable Communities (LivCom), best practice awardee by the Asian Development Bank for Public Private Partnership and vehicle for promotion of the Millennium Development Goals.

It has embarked in various goodwill tours, the latest was in 2014 by joining the Philippine Independence Day parade in Hong Kong.

In 2013 it represented Philippines to DOT’s “It’s More Fun” campaign in New York and Los Angeles, joined the Philippine Independence Day parades along Madison Avenue, New York and Temple Street, Los Angeles in 2013.

New convention center to drive tourism, bring jobs for Ilonggos


Iloilo City Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog said that the newly-constructed Iloilo Convention Center is expected to boost the local economy, tourism and job-creating economic development not only for the city and province of Iloilo but also for the whole Western Visayas region.

Mabilog said the ICC is like a magnet to big ticket investors and business locators.

Local business leaders see the convention center as, “Iloilo’s ticket to being the prime convention and events destination in the region.”

A P20 billion development in the city from the private and government sectors is currently in and some P150 billion in investments are committed to the city in the next five years.

Mabilog said the ICC will attract local and international guests for large-scale conventions, summits, congresses, trade fairs and exhibits, and other important events and put the country, particularly Western Visayas, on the business tourism map.

President Benigno Aquino III will lead the inauguration of the convention center on Monday, Septemeber 14.

ICC will be the venue three major Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) meetings which will be hosted by Iloilo City.

These are the Senior Disaster Management Officials Forum from September 22 to 23; the Ministerial Meeting on Small and Medium Enterprises from September 21 to 25; and the Ministerial Meeting on Food Security and Blue Economy from September 28 to October 6.

Bizmen enjoy good business climate in Iloilo City


ILOILO CITY, Sept. 8 (PNA) -– Business climate has been good in Iloilo City with investors surveyed claiming that the government can be run without corruption.

The results of the 2014-2015 Annual Enterprise Survey on Corruption (AESC) by the Social Weather Station (SWS) held January 26 to February 26 this year showed that 86 percent of those surveyed declared that the local government unit here has been giving them good business climate and 69 percent believed that they can transact in government without corruption.

Iloilo is one of the seven areas chosen for the survey that gathered 966 samples nationwide with 100 respondents coming from this part of the country.

A high 77 percent said that it is easier to renew license in Iloilo against the nine percent that said they found it hard to do so.

Norman Tabud, head of the city business process and licensing office (BPLO), meantime, said that the survey result was “an affirmation of the city government efforts that have gone well.”

He stated that the streamlining of the process of permits and licensing has created a positive impact on businesses.

Nonetheless, he said that there is still a need to improve on the issuance of clearances by the city planning and development office for the locational clearance and fire clearance from the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP).

“There are certain requirements that cause difficulty if not delay on business permits. The requirements to be complied with are very strict to ensure the integrity of the structures of business establishments,” he explained.

He added that once clearances are available then securing a business permit will not take more than an hour.

Meanwhile, 76 percent of the respondents said that they are satisfied with the national government as far as providing business climate is concerned.

Moreover, 82 percent of those surveyed expressed optimism over a very favorable business environment in Iloilo in the next two years.

The survey, the 12th in its series of surveys, was held the third time in Iloilo, according to Dr. Mahar Mangahas, president of SWS.

It is being conducted with the support of the National Competitiveness Council (NCC) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

PESO-Iloilo is best in Western Visayas region


ILOILO CITY, Sept. 7 (PNA) -– The province's Public Employment Service Office (PESO) turned out to be the best in Western Visayas because of its strength on its core services which are the registration, referral and placement.

Francisco Heler of PESO-Iloilo said that last year, the job fairs conducted by the PESO were able to help 2,225 people get hired at jobs both local and abroad.

He said that the Search for Best PESO is a program of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Regional Office 6 to recognize what the PESO has done so far to help those looking for employment.

With Iloilo PESO’s recognition last week, it has now been automatically nominated for the ongoing national search.

Heler further said that because of the recognition of Iloilo's PESO, it is now in the process of being institutionalized.

Iloilo bags P7-M prize for good governance

By Jezza A. Nepomoceno (Capitol News/PN)

ILOILO – This province has bagged the P7-million Performance Challenge Fund. It passed the criteria of the 2015 Seal of Good Local Governance (SGLG), a sought-after award for performing local government units.

Concepcion, Miag-ao, Lemery, New Lucena, Banate, and Passi City were likewise cited as 2015 SGLG awardees and would be getting P3 million each from the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG).

According to Gov. Arthur Defensor Sr., aside from the Performance Challenge Fund, the province can also secure the Good Financial Housekeeping Certification for loan purposes and avail itself of other national program windows like Bottom-Up Budgeting and Salintubig Program.

SGLG requires local governments to meet three core components such as good financial housekeeping, disaster preparedness and social protection, and at least one of the essential components like business-friendliness and competitiveness, environment management and peace and order.

DILG-6 regional director Anthony Nuyda commended the provincial government for having met majority of the SGLG criteria.

But he said the province must consider the other indicators it failed to meet in crafting its future plans so it can respond to the remaining “performance gaps.”

These gaps that must addressed were the lack of care facility for children, women, persons with disability or senior citizens, logistical and financial support provided to local police stations and for Iloilo to earn the Most Business-Friendly Award and National Gawad Kalasag.

Camella Iloilo’s Savannah City keeps on shining at 15 years


ILOILO City – Savannah City, Camella’s flagship residential community that spans across a massive 500-hectare development covering three municipalities in Iloilo – Oton, Pavia and San Miguel – celebrates 15 successful years with month-long activities.

Starting Sept. 5, homeowners, stakeholders and business partners will enjoy various activities such as the Weekend Market, Food Fest with Live Band, Comedy Shows and Bike Fest. Moreover, the community will celebrate the feast of St. Pio of Pietrelcina, patron saint of the St. Pio Church in Savannah City, on Sept. 23.

Savannah City, being a master-planned community, was designed to raise its residents’ lifestyle to a level beyond expectation, while making living easy and convenient. Beyond the bewitching homes offered by the wonderfully themed communities; here, one will live a life filled with magic and fun, delight and incredible adventure, amidst the splendid facilities families need to live the life and style they’ve always dreamed of.

For 38 years, Camella has built a selection of quality homes in master-planned communities across the country – each one carrying Vista Land’s expertise in space planning, carefully thought-out and sustainable architecture, and an innate knack for selecting the most accessible and attractive locations that are always close to schools, business centers, transport hubs, and places of worship, entertainment, and culture. The group has built more than 250,000 homes to date, and maintains a powerful presence in Mega Manila and 38 other key provincial destinations and 65 cities and municipalities.

For further inquiries, call Camella Iloilo at (033) 337-7699 local 6301 and 0999-886-4204, or visit the office at the Ground Floor of Adelina Building, corner Jalandoni and General Luna Streets, Iloilo City.

Also, keep up with the latest Camella info, events and announcements through; or like “Camella Official” and “Camella Visayas” on Facebook.

Iloilo City PESO reminds agencies to comply with ordinance on anti-age discrimination in job hiring


ILOILO CITY, Sept. 4 (PNA) -- The city government reminded establishments and agencies to comply with its anti-age discrimination in job-hiring ordinance.

Ma. Elena A.C. Benitez, manager of the Public Employment Service Office (PESO), said while agencies were always briefed of the ordinance, some establishments still violated it.

The ordinance prohibits “public announcement to job hiring or notice which requires age limits, other than when required for a position or job” unless otherwise there is a law mandating the age requirement.

Authored by former city councilor David Raymund C. Jamora in 2012, any employer found violating the ordinance will have their business permit revoked and will pay a fine of Php 5,000 as maximum penalty.

Benitez said that the ordinance was unique in Iloilo City, which is a reflection of a fair treatment afforded by the city government to all job seekers, especially if they are qualified.

The city PESO has been cited by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) as the top performing employment facilitation office in Western Visayas with 5,263 job applicants placed from January to August this year.

President Aquino to grace inauguration of Iloilo Convention Center


ILOILO CITY, Sept. 3 (PNA) -– President Benigno Aquino III will lead the inaugural rites of the Php700-million Iloilo Convention Center (ICC) on September 14 in Iloilo City.

This was confirmed recently by Department of Public Works and Highways Regional Director Edilberto Tayao after receiving word from Ilonggo Senate President Franklin M. Drilon.

The Iloilo Convention Center is part of the effort to ensure the development and promotion of tourism in the province of Iloilo, in particular, and in Region 6 and the other Visayas provinces. It aims to draw local and international guests for large-scale conventions and other important events and put the country on the business tourism map.

The site of the convention center covering an area of 1.70 hectares was donated by the Megaworld which is within its 54-hectare property, formerly the site of the Old Iloilo Airport.

The ICC has a total floor area of 11,349.96 square meters comprising the ground floor, second floor, mezzanine and roof deck.

It has a capacity of more than 3,700 guests and the ground floor accommodates the main convention hall and the second floor with seven function rooms at 80-guest capacity per room and museum and souvenir shop.

The state-of-the-art convention center was constructed by Hilmarc’s Construction Corp. based on a design by world-class Ilonggo architect William Coscoluella and inspired by Iloilo’s Dinagyang and Paraw festivals.

The two-storey ICC will be the main venue of the three important meetings of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) here in Iloilo City slated to start September 21 until October 6, 2015.

Iloilo City is scheduled to host the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) ministerial meeting on September 21-25, the Senior Disaster Management Officials Forum on September 22-23, the High-Level Policy Dialogue on Food Security and the Blue Economy and Related Meetings on September 28 to October 6.

Tayao said that Phase II of the project is soon to be completed with furniture and furnishing already in place.

As of August 31, the whole building is already completed including the painting, plumbing and installation of electrical and mechanical features.

Tayao said that aside from the ICC, President Aquino will also inaugurate the new bridge linking Lapuz district and the new ferry and fast craft terminal to the city proper.

Iloilo City PESO facilitates hiring of 5,263 job applicants


ILOILO CITY, Sept. 2 (PNA) -- Around 5,263 job applicants for various local and overseas works have found jobs after seeking the assistance of the Public Employment Service Office (PESO) of the city government here.

PESO manager Ma. Elena A.C. Benitez said that from January until August this year, they have assisted 3,731 male and 1,532 female applicants in finding jobs.

Some found jobs through the job fairs being conducted by the city government, walk-in or referred clients and through the Trabaho sa Barangay program.

”We’re very proud that we are number one in Western Visayas in terms of jobs referred that’s why our city mayor (Jed Patrick Mabilog) was awarded by the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE),” she said.

She added that as much as possible, the city mayor would like to conduct a monthly job fair to be able to help those who are needing jobs.

ICTO connects 55 NGA offices, 2 LGUs in Iloilo with fiber optic cable

By Perla G. Lena [(PNA), CTB/AJP/PGL/CBF]

ILOILO CITY, Sept 1 (PNA) -- The province and city governments of Iloilo and offices of 55 national government agencies (NGAs) based in Iloilo will be the first recipients of the fiber optic cabling project of the Information and Communication Technology Office (ICTO), attached office of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST).

ICTO director for Visayas 1 cluster Frederick D. Amores said that the million-peso project has been opened to bidding that is undertaken by their central office.

The initiative that was already rolled out in Cebu will also be implemented in San Fernando, Pampanga; Tuguegarao and central offices in Manila.

Iloilo will be the first project recipient in the Visayas 1 cluster that is composed of Western Visayas, Negros Island Region and Siquijor, he added.

The fiber optic cabling project will allow faster internet and at the same time will provide a more efficient communication, Amores cited.

Aside from connecting the NGAs based in Iloilo, they will also link up the offices to their key offices in Manila.

The implementation of the project that stretches to around 38 kilometer of fiber optic connection may start towards last quarter of 2015 and may cross over next year.