Iloilo City lot in Pavia sold to highest bidder

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By Lydia C. Pendon

THE 6.9 hectare lot owned by the Iloilo City Government located in Barangay Ungka, Pavia, Iloilo was finally sold to the highest bidder at P3,167 per square meter way above the Commission on Audit suggested price of P2,500 per square meter.

The total bid price of P220.8 million of International Builders Corporation (IBC) chaired by businessman Alfonso Tan was also over the bid price of P215.2 million of SM Prime Holdings Inc. at P3,088 per square meter in a negotiated bid opening held December 7, 2015.

City Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog signed the deed of sale with IBC as bid winner through a resolution passed by the City Council last December 24, 2015.

The Pavia lot was a site of a former City Government low cost housing project earmarked for City Hall employees.

The project was scuttled during the time of former city mayor Jerry Trenas after the contractor abandoned the P135 million project. It was found out that the materials used in the housing construction were substandard.

The City Council rescinded the contract during the tenure of Mabilog and efforts failed locate the contractor.

Mabilog, with the help of the City Council, started negotiations for the sale of the lot in Pavia with the help of COA. Two biddings failed and the City Government resorted to negotiated sale.

Mabilog said the lot sale proceeds will mostly go to construction of development projects and payment of past city loans.