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Barangays of Labason, in the Zamboanga del Norte Province within Region IX in the Republic of The Philippines
AntoninoBalasBobonganDansalanGabuGil SanchezImeldaImmaculadaKipitLa UnionLapatanLawaganLawiganLopocMalintuboanNew SalvacionOsukanPatawagSan IsidroUbay

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  • This page is for employers in Labason Zamboanga del Norte
    • If you have a job available and that job is within Labason Zamboanga del Norte, you may post it here.
Jobs available in Labason Zamboanga del Norte

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Fund Raisers or Sponsorhsip Recruitment Coordinators

Project BOSS is looking for fund raisers or sponsorship recruitment coordinators. Part Time or Full Time

  • We are hiring coordinators for every province in the Philippines. Not volunteers! This is a PAID position.
    No expiration date for this job posting. We are always interviewing and hiring.
  • Fundraising is a great job. You get to meet important people.
  • Job Description:
    • Approach Sponsors or advertisers for the charitable bicycle race Tour de Zamboanga. A 4 day 510 kilometer bicycle race for charity.
    • Not a volunteer Job. This is a paid position.

B.O.S.S. = Brotherhood Operation Sweet Smiles

A Non-Profit Charitable organization for surgical restoration. Registered with the Security and Exchange Commission of the Philippines
  • Bel T. Yenko: email:
  • Babes C. Rota: email:
  • cellphone:
    • +63-920-950-1925 or
    • +63-917-635-1925 or
    • +63-920-955-1925 or
    • +63-922-832-1925
  • For your donation please click Here