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Maletsky, Franklin Harry

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Frank 0509.JPG
Frank Maletsky
January 5, 1951 to present
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Frank Maletsky's Philosophy in Life

Franklin Harry Maletsky is a 3rd generation Ramon Gaganting Cruz family member. Born: 1951

  • 1. Ramon Gaganting Cruz Born: 1860's - Died: 1960's
    • 2. Juliana Ramillano Born: Sunday, 02/16/1913 - Died: September 8, 1988
      • 3. Franklin Harry Maletsky is a 3rd generation Cruz Family member

Franklin Harry Maletsky is a 5th generation Pawel Malecki Family member.

Franklin Harry Maletsky

Franklin Harry Maletsky is from Tumaga, Zamboanga City, Philippines.- Born: 1951

  1. Sean Franklin Maletsky - Born: 1976 married to Lisa Cavalin
    1. Zoe Dawn Maletsky - Born: 2001
    2. Cayden Sean Maletsky - Born: 2007
  2. Paul Michael Maletsky - Born: 1978
    1. Corrina Marie Maletsky - Born: 1999
  3. Kyle Maletsky - Born: 1980 died: 1980
  4. Ryan William Maletsky - Born: 1982


  • Grade School: Tumaga Elementary School: From 1st grade through 4th grade 1957-61
  • Grade School: Ateneo de Zamboanga: From 5th grade through 6th grade: 1961-63
  • High School: Ateneo de Zamboanga: 1-4 graduated in 1967
  • College: Ateneo de Zamboanga: BSC-Bachelor of Science in Commerce 1972
    • Fraternity: 1970 Beta nu - Alpha Phi Omega - Prime Chancellor
    • APO ID#0213-1970-4420
    • Ritualized: 3/14/1970
    • Baptismal Name: Phantom
    • Beta Nu: Chartered Member #12
  • Beux Brotherhood Karate
    • Hssss
    • 1960 to 1966: Trained in Boxing and Arnis
    • 1966 to 1972 - 3rd degree black belt Kyokushinkai karate
      • 1972 to 1974: Took up Tiger Crane Kung Fu - San Francisco, Trained under master Dong Ki Shin for Hapkido located at Grand Ave., Oakland, CA.
    • 1974 - 1976: Operated a Karate Club in Walnut Creek California with Bigoy Ledesma. - Bajak Karate, Affiliated with Philippine Karate Association. Promoted to 5th degree black belt in 1979 by Johnny Karanza, then president of PKA.
    • 1998 - Attained 8th degree black belt. Presented by Jaime Makasiar (Beaux Brotherhood)

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