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Maria Clara L. Lobregat

From Philippines
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Maria Clara Lorenzo Lobregat
Maria Clara L. Lobregat was born in "communinty", April 26, 1921 and Died in January 2, 2004

Their children:

  1. Remedios "Ditos" Concepcion Lobregat - born: "Year"
  2. Celso L. Lobregat II - born: "Year"
  3. Pablo Lobregat
  4. Jose Lobregat
  5. Lourdes "Ditas" Lobregat
  6. Jerome Lobregat

History about Maria Clara Lorenzo Lobregat:

  1. Witness to the signing of incorporation and chartering of Zamboanga City
  2. Congresswoman of Zamboanga City 1987 - 2001
  3. Mayor of Zamboanga City 2001 - January 2, 2004