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Zamboanga.com has a question. Who is the oldest living person in the Philippines? Zamboanga.com is starting this inquiry in order to honor the older generation of the Philippines.

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To insert the name of the oldest man or woman in the Philippines.
Remember to provide the Full Name, Address, Birthdate, and other pertinent information.

The Oldest Living Man in the Philippines

If you think that your uncle or grandfather or great-grandfather or any male member of your family is the oldest man in your community go ahead and post his name here. Remember to state his full name, date of birth, and current residence.

Candidates for the Oldest Man in the Philippines
  • Victoriano Sejesmundo Bermejo - February 17, 1917 (93) ,Molave, Zamboanga del sur
    • Need more information.
  • Mr. Jose Bactad Lopez of Barangobong, Luna, La Union, Philippines. He was born on May 5 1900, during the first outbreak of cholera in the Philippines. He was recognized by the Municipality of Luna as the oldest living person in our town and also in the province of La Union. He just survived a second life at 112 yrs old from a severe pneumonia. He was incapacitated for 2 days, his body rejected all IV's and medicine, just rOxygen was restoring his life. Until July 13, 2011 when he woke up and started telling stories about his long journey on his sleep. His life is a miracle. Jose B. Lopez is a living legend.
  • Zacarias dela Cruz Guillermo - 89 years old, of Baluga, Talavera, Nueva Ecija, Philippines Born on September 6, 1923, married to Emilia Sebastian(deceased). Read more.
  • Apolinario Dayao born on: Dec. 26, 1918 Age: 93 of San Vicente, Cabiao, Nueva Ecija, Philippines
  • Mr. FLAVIANO C. JUBANE of Poblacion, Antequera, Bohol is the oldest living man in the Philippines. His age nowadays is over 103 yrs. old. His date of birth is December 22, 1909. He is still a healthy man.
  • Hello, I wanted to put my grandfather name on here. He's going to be 101 years old by end of this month. His name is Balbeno Omedos Campanon lives in Cambuntan Carcar City. D.O.B 3-31-1912. I hope to hear from you soon.
  • Felipe Vilches - Born May 26,1916 from: San Enrique (Lebas), San Lorenzo, Guimaras, Philippines
  • The Oldest Man in Rogongon, Iligan City is living at Sitio Limunsudan. He is Mr. Jose Decaldo Dimdim. Age 102 years old born on January 20, 1914

The oldest Living person (Woman) in the Philippines

If you think that your aunt or grandmother or great-grandmother or any female member of your family is the oldest woman in your community go ahead and post her name here. Remember to state her full name, date of birth, and current residence.

  • Juana Ramillano Flores - Living in Tumaga Por Centro, Zamboanga City is 92 years (in 2014) old living in Tumaga, Zamboanga City
  • Teofila Bayot Dulaca was born on November 3rd, 1912 is 100 years old (in 2012) and currently resides in Tumaga Interior, Zamboanga City, Philippines.
  • Carolina Carpio Delfin - is a Zamboanguena but now residing at Pasig City, Metro Manila. She would be 96 years old on November 20, 2015. She was born on November 20, 1919. Her former residence is Baliwasan Moret.
  • Honorata Maglaque Pangilinan born on: May 20, 1920 Age: 92 of San Vicente, Cabiao, Nueva Ecija, Philippines.
  • The oldest of woman of San Clemente, Tarlac, Philippines is "Mrs Vanlintina Martin Dumlao and she was born in July 10 1910 Nagsabaran, San Clement....She is the wife of Mr Gregorio Dancil Dumlao born in November 15, 1900 a retired US Army....He died in July 1995....they are the firs generation of Sab Clement Tarlac.....Mrs Valintina Martin Dumlao reside now in Kamuning Quezon City...she's still in good health....Happy Birthday (entry date: 31 July 2010)
  • Irene Javier-Cañada: Born, October 20, 1921 will be 94 this year of 2015. She is from San Vicente, Gumaca, Quezon, Philippines.
  • Cristita Beberino Casundo who is fondly called as "Titang" known to be the oldest woman residing at Barangay Fabio, Tagana-An, Surigao del Norte, Philippines. She was born on April 21, 1918. Titang married to Estelito Corvera Casundo (+) and they blessed with seven children. She is still able to talk although have difficulties in hearing and seeing. She never drink milk but the calcium she gained from the food she has eaten might sustain her bones capabilities. Titang used to walk oftentimes especially at morning just make her body energetic and lively. She even could still recite her favorite grade school poem "Once I Saw a Little Bird".
  • Mrs. Rufina Salmorin Palanog. She is 100 years old. She was born on February 28, 1915 and lives in Solido, Nabas, Aklan

Oldest person who has ever lived in the Philippines. These folks lived a long life. God bless them.

  1. Apong Filomena "Lumen" Tadije Ordoñez, who died last 2004 at the age of 106. She used to live in Purok I of Barangay Paraoir, Balaoan, La Union, where wishes were about to come through to her through the help of GMA Kapuso Program "Wish Ko Lang". Apo Lumen died three months before the staff of Wish Ko Lang went to the barangay to coordinate the taping of the program.
  2. Mr Melchor M. Gonzales Of SONQUIL, STA BARBARA. PANGASINAN He was born January 6, 1920 . He just passed away OCT.1. 2010 . He was 90yrs old and 10 months.