PSA in Region 6 mulls re-engineering to boost service delivery

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By Perla Lena (PNA)

ILOILO CITY -- The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) eyes the re-engineering of its processes to boost the delivery of services to its clients.

PSA Regional Director Fred Sollesta said on Monday they have been continuously enhancing their services but were overwhelmed by the unprecedented number of clients this year, especially in the previous months, making an impression that they lack a system.

“Any system would break down with the huge number of transactions,” he said.

He said their future direction would make a difference in their transactions.

“Soon we will be opening in provinces where we have no outlets,” he said, citing that they now have offices in Kalibo, Bacolod, and Iloilo.

PSA also hopes to sign more agreements with other local government units so clients can just request their needed forms at the town’s local civil registrar, which in turn, will process the documents at the regional office.

Sollesta said these strategies can help decongest transactions at their regional office, though this is just gradual and not immediate. However, he said that processing is different now compared during their NSO (National Statistics Office) days.

“It goes in the entire bureaucracy of the government. If people observe there are already changes because of technology and enabling law such as the Anti-Red Tape Act of 2007 that enables agencies to be aware, to be customer-focused,” he said.

Sollesta said the increase this year was unprecedented because of enrolment, especially there are new college entrants who graduated from the senior high school and renewal of documents by the military.

Another factor, he said, is more of “cultural” for Filipinos who will not move until the last minute they need the document.

The PSA's busy months happened from January to May but the peak period was in May where personnel processed more than 4,000 documents daily and around 2,000 people were accommodated.

He advised the public to apply for their needed document earlier and not wait for the time that they already need it.

“PSA does not set expiration; it is the end-user that demands,” he said as in the case of birth certificates.

He said the information in the said documents does not change.