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Paseo del Mar, Zone IV

Paseo Del Mar

Paseo del Mar is located in Zamboanga City. Construction of this seafront parkway took over four years. Moving and relocating the squatters in the area took a long time. There were over 280 families that had to be relocated.

Paseo del Mar is within the barangay of Zone IV and is only about 100 feet from Fort Pilar. There are several cement benches at the park and there is long walkway along the shoreline or break-water. In the afternoon when there are visitors, the bajao kids in their bancas paddle along the breakwater walkways and entice the visitors to throw coins into the sea water. It's fun to watch the badjaos dive and fetch the coin before it hits bottom.

To the south you can see the two santa cruz islands and the big Basilan Island.

At night Paseo del Mar is well lit and usually there are police officers around for security.

Lantaka Hotel is also only about 150 feet to the west of Paseo del Mar.

Paseo del Mar Dancing Fountain

  • The first ever Dancing Fountain of Zamboanga City

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