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Register as a User

Help us provide this community service by registering as a collaborative wiki user.

  • Due to Spammers and Hackers, the auto registration has been disabled.
  • We will still allow you to register.
  • However, you will have to email me at this email address:
Include the following in your request:
Full Name:
Desired User Name: No need. Your email ID will be used:
Desired Password:
Name of Barangay and municipality/City you are/were from or want to adopt:
Your official position with the barangay:
  • Once registered, a link will be sent to your email address and you may edit or add any article.
  • If you have an auto-responder that requires pre-approval make sure you add my email address ( to your list of approved contacts.
  • If you have something to contribute but do not wish to register as a user, you may send your information or pictures via email. Email your information contribution or pictures to