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Sustainable Stewardship of God's Creation and the Prosperity of Humanity with Accountability

What have we done to our children? What are we doing to our educational system? What have we done to Mother Earth? What are we doing to sustain her? We are failing in our responsibility as stewards of our home. We continue to have dominion over creation, we utilized what God has given us to build our prosperity without accountability. This prosperity gave some the power and wealth and many have fallen into the path of greed and are consumed in the deprivation of others to expand their empire and wealth.

As our civilization progresses, the majority of our population fail to achieve their dreams. Always at the edge of reaching but barely touching success, kept hungry for achievements and used by the those who have already achieved. The powerful continue to stay powerful. Greed kept them strong to continue DEPRIVING those who are always in need. They have created an educational systems geared and fashioned after greed with the illusion of chasing success. The prosperity of businesses, of the world or that of a nation is built upon the prosperity of the individual.

It is a fact that our abilities and talents are never equal. There will always be entrepreneurs, employees, politicians, soldiers, scientists, explorers, artists, educators, clerics et cetera. However, the current educational system is geared to creating servants for the powerful. The educational system, has no emphasis on prudence, respect, kindness, gratitude, sharing, or love. The emphasis is on personal material success, power and control.

Economically, the more prosperous countries siphon the talent from impoverished countries off of their talented and productive people. People who can help build their country are being pulled out to prosper the already prosperous countries. A generation of people in poor countries begin to think that the only way to advance is to immigrate. The mentality of abandonment is created instead of the mentality of building prosperity from within. Who or what makes people think this way? Definitely not instinct. The antiquated educational system is the culprit. So, how can humanity bail out from this cycle of vicious deprivation?

The answer is to create a new educational system that breaks away from the foundation of greed, an educational system that is based on the principles of universal Stewardship. The Association shall take the responsibility to help educate humanity.

  1. Start with respect and kindness.
  2. Start a school system. The principles of universal stewardship will be its mission and vision. Focus of the school will be to build confidence in each student so they may face the challenges ahead of them. The school will create "learners" instead of "finishers". The school will not be a "diploma mill". Academically, the school will follow all the requirements of all international school systems. Credits are all transferable.
  3. There will be no religious connotations or associations within the school campus. No religious uniforms or laws or traditions are to be followed within the campus. No political or "special interest groups" advocacies will be allowed. Religions, creed, politics, special interest group policies will simply be regarded as a subject for discussion.
    • There will be freedom of religion, the freedom of speech and the freedom of choice but the parents or guardians of the students will be made to sign an agreement that students will not be allowed to coerce, convince, intimidate or insinuate others towards their religious beliefs or personal ideologies within the campus. Warnings will be issued to violators upon first violation, a meeting with the guardian or parent will ensue upon the second violation, a third violation will result in the expulsion of the student from the school and the transfer to a different school will be arranged at the choice and expense of the parent or guardian.
  4. Bullies will not be tolerated. First violation will receive a written warning given to the student to be given to the parent or guardian and for that same notice to be returned with the parent's/guardian's signature of receipt. Second violation will require the guardian/parent to meet with the school counselor. Third violation will result in the expulsion of the student from the school and the transfer to a different school will be arranged at the choice and expense of the parent or guardian.
    • At the entrance of every school will be a large foundation rock with these words engraved: "treat others the way you want others to treat you." and "Don't do unto others that you don't want others to do unto you."
    • At the entrance to every classroom will be this plaque: " Love, Share, Do not Cheat, Do not Insult, Do not Deprive".
    • In front of every classroom will be these words in big bold letters: "GIVE RESPECT, BE CORDIAL, BE KIND"
  5. All students before the start of the school day will recite the pledge of allegiance: "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the (name of country), and to its constitution, for which it stands as one nation, united under God."
  6. The school will be divided into 3 categories:
    Grade school - Kindergarten to 4th grade
    Middle school - 5th grade to 8th grade
    High School - 9th grade to 12th grade
    Every student will be groomed for success. Quarterly evaluations will be made to determine the successes of students and why some students are behind or failing. To determine where a student needs help and encouragement. To continue to teach students how to put emphasis on focus in their daily lives.
    • Gifted students in Math, Writing, Music, Arts, Sports, and Trade will be provided with assistance to encourage the development of their talent. This does not affect the classroom designation of the student.
    • For every grade level there will be one class that comprises of the top 30 performers of the performance test given at the start of every year. The rest of the classrooms will be mixed.
    • Emphasis will be given to Reading, Writing, and Math. Besides academics, students will have compulsory course in Home Economics which will deal in DIY maintenance around the house, finance management, balancing a money(bank) account, understanding liability vs assets, Cooking, gardening, and a simple understanding of backyard animal care.
    • Students will have the opportunity to learn the skill of proper communication, public speaking, and the art of family bonding.
    • The school will have counselors available to help students identify their strengths and talents, and to help students make proper choices without coercion or persuasion.
  7. School Activities:
    • Students will be able to participate in classes for Music, Art, and sports. Regular sports will be available but the official sport of the school system will be T‘ai-chi ch‘üan(Tai-Chi-Chuan).
    • Scouting will be available to all students. Membership will not be mandatory. Scouting will be a mainstream activity of the school. The school will be affiliated with the National Scouting Organization of the country it is in and it will be designated as a scout troop.
  8. The school motto will be: "Good thoughts, good words, good deeds". Try to do a good deed daily, if not for others at least for yourself. If you can't do a good deed, then at least say something good about others. If there's nobody around, then say something good to yourself. Ultimately, always think good things for yourself and others.
  9. The school will have 3 official advocacies. There are many environmental concerns that the school will teach about getting involved with to help maintain and keep mother nature healthy. Universal stewardship will always be the focus of the school. The bottom three will be what the school will concentrate on.
    • Saving the rivers, lakes, oceans and aquifer.
    • Saving and planting trees and plants.
    • Saving the reef, save the endangered species.

A virtuous and well rounded universal educational system will break away the chains of poverty

  • To be free is to be educated, to be skilled, to be informed of facts..

What is the common denominator of every single poverty stricken village, town, municipality, city, province, region, state, or Country? It is the lack of virtuous and well rounded universal education.

Who has the responsibility to educate?

  1. The beginning of education comes from the parents or guardians.
  2. From there it goes to the school system.
  3. As soon as the individual develops needs, he/she must also develop the need to be educated.
  4. The association or the community will seldom volunteer to impart knowledge. Knowledge is there to be taken but it must be taken by the individual
  5. The government must continue with the education via information dissemination. A government that withholds outside information in its educational system creates bondage. A well informed citizen helps create a prosperous nation.
  • Mission: Guarantee the continuity of a great educational system to:
    1. Teach the virtues of Respect and Kindness.
    2. Develop good moral character.
    3. Develop a bright mind.
    4. Develop a healthy body.
    5. Develop a sense of responsibility.
    6. Maintain academic and non-academic programs that follows the principles of universal stewardship while always keeping up with technological advancements.

How will the association earn to support, protect itself and be able to help others?

  • The tuition from students will support and sustain the school system.
    • Donations and grants from alumni will also help.
    • Children of employees of the association (or employees themselves) will have free scholarship. No tuition to be paid.
  • The association will own farms and practice sustainable farming. This will generate income and help provide organic food to the human race.
    • Lease or own lands for forestry and lumber.
  • The association will create sustainable energy for the public. Sold to governments.
    • Solar and wind generators.
    • Tidal wave and sea current power generators.
    • Alternative sustainable energies.
  • The association will own and build shelters for the public to rent at reasonable and affordable rates.
  • The association will have its own security staff to protect itself from predators, by ways of laws and physical force.
  • The association will own logistics and transportation companies using sustainable fuels instead of fossil fuel.