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Category:Barangays of the Philippines

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:*Take the time to read the 76 pages of: [ The Local Government Code of The Philippines(Barangay)]
:*Another must to read is the 130 page [ R.A. 7160 (AN ACT PROVIDING FOR A LOCAL GOVERNMENT CODE OF 1991) ]
**The barangay is divided into Puroks (English: District), also known as zone. It is a political subdivision of a barangay. It is the smallest unit of governance in the Philippines led by a barangay councilor appointed to lead the purok. It is not considered as a local government unit.
**It is unfortunate that the Dept of Tourism(DOT) and other governmental agencies do not promote the name of the barangay. Only the name of the municipality/city or province is mentioned.
**Even most business do not put the name of the barangay on their webpages, business cards, business letters and banners. What they seem to forget is the fact that they can't get or renew a business license without first getting a barangay clearance. Yes even companies like PLDT, BPI, SMmall or PAL. Now that is a shame.

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