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The human soul. Life after death, continuity and the connectivity (joining) and clarity

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When a loved one dies, we grieve. We dream. We still yearn for his/her presence. We set up a grave stone, a marker or keep trinkets to commemorate the memory of our loved one. In some cultures, there is cremation. Ashes are kept or simply tossed to the winds to spread and join the wonders of the universe.

We visit this site and "talk" to our loved one, instinctively believing that his/her soul is listening to us. Sometimes this presence after death is felt. We then began to get a hint of life after death. A hint that the human body has a soul. When a fellow human dies in an accident and we caused that accident, we feel remorse. We feel guilt. We feel the deprivation that we have caused.

Loved ones want to keep the memory of the ones who passed away for as long as they can. We keep objects or any old belongings to remind us of the presence of our lost loved one. A small community or village feel the same way for the loss of their protector or leader. Even before humans settled down in one location and they were still nomads, they kept mementos and tell stories of their great leader. There is always that attempt to reach out and gather strength from the dead.

Over the years, when the communication or link is strong and faith overshadows everything, the dead loved one communicates with the living. The living then gets these revelation and a sense of CLARITY. This experience of clarity of wondrous connection became embedded in the soul and it must be shared. This was shared and many believed. This was passed on down through the generations.

Recorded history revealed or manifested the "REVERENCE" that humans had for their dead loved ones, ancestors, or past charismatic leaders. Reverence towards dead warriors or heroes who died for others. These heroes or martyrs were revered. The longer the reverence the stronger the connection, and the path or connectivity becomes more fluid and the joining becomes easier. Monuments are erected, statues are carved, messages on walls, books are written, and objects made to keep the memory alive. Always maintaining connectivity. Unexplained miracles have occurred which were attributed to the dead. These verified miracles strengthened FAITH. And faith touches the soul.

This connectivity can only be maintained or strengthened by focusing our thoughts. The human spirit exists in the mix of time, space and matter just as our thoughts do. It defies gravity and dimensions. The ancients did not have much of technology to rely on. Their daily lives where much more geared towards the spirit world. Day and night were precise and the rhythm of life had clarity. More time went to the development of the discipline of the mind.

The mind that is disciplined, is clear from distractions. The human mind is the engine for our thoughts. The disciplined mind helps focus our thoughts. Two things can help an individual focus: Emotion and Tranquility. Emotion is split by love and hate. Purity of either one creates intensified focus. Tranquility which is the hardest to attain, disciplines the mind to achieve universality. However, love can piggyback tranquility whereas hate stands alone. Love allows the advanced disciplined mind to focus with clarity and to wield its ultimate power of travelling beyond the dimensions of time, space, gravity and matter with the simple power of thought. Imagination is a complex thought process. It mixes reality with fantasy. However, imagination when tempered and forged with disciplined "will power", can become a reality.

The conglomerate of our thoughts is our SOUL. When we die, our soul leaves the dead body and is joined with God in the spirit "world" which binds the universe.

There are many accounted events of humans dying and coming back to life. They have stories to tell about the joining. Some experience only of reaching the spirit world but not that of actually meeting a spirit of a loved one. There are others who actually felt the joining, felt the clarity and actually communicated with the spirit of the dead.

Many religions believe in the communications with the dead. Catholics do not use the word dead for the revered persons, the word saint is used. It has been accounted for that praying to the saints have produced miracles. These miracles are only achieved when there is clarity, when connectivity is made and a joining is established. When the soul of the living touches the soul of the dead the joining is accomplished, then miracles happen. So the dead does not need your help. You need the help from the dead. People claim that they have been "touched" by the holy spirit when the joining is experienced. Touching the spirit world where time, space and matter is inconsequential, it is not the same as meeting, touching or connecting with a particular spirit. You are a step closer, you will feel the peace and tranquility of God. You are getting closer to the intensity of God where the spirits dwell. The spirit of the living must touch the spirit of the saint in order for miracles to happen.

All living creatures of God have souls. However, only sentient beings have the ability to be one in clarity with the soul while still living. God created us to be sentient beings with this great potential for clarity and connectivity. These experiences are glimpses into a way of life that humans are destined for. The destiny or evolution of humanity into its apex is for the living to be capable of touching the spirit world and with greater discipline and focus also actually touch and connect with the soul of the dead. The positive and the negative or the good and the bad exist in the world of the living as well as in the spirit world. Be careful who you touch. Wallow in the spirit world and soak in God's strength before you venture into touching the spirits of the dead. Remember it is their realm and not yours.

If you love someone try to maintain the connection, strengthen the bond of your love while you are still alive. Take the time to be with the people you care. Time among the living is limited. Once wasted, it can never be regained. Don't make excuses. Take the time to attain and maintain tranquility in your life. Mix it with love then share it. You will then experience clarity.

When your loved one passes away, and after the sorrow, the loss, and the feeling of deprivation is gone, clarity will come. The bond that you have developed and strengthened while your loved one was still alive will help guide your path to the joining and feeling of his/her tranquil presence and love.

The modern technologies that we have developed, steered us away from this "connectivity" with the spirit world and henceforth to the souls (spirits) of those who died. Distraction became the norm. The development of the "connectivity" has been stagnated.

Bear in mind that your thoughts, words, and deeds have accountability. Accountability does not end with death. One of the greatest gift of God continues into our spirit world, and that is the "freedom of choice", our "free will". Our death does not take us to a "final" destination. Even in the spirit world our journey continues. The good and the bad exists in the spirit world, the path of the good and the bad crosses. The good being can become bad and the bad being can become good. We can choose and we will be held accountable for our choices. "Heaven" or "Hell" as depicted by religious books are not one way destinations. An "angel" in heaven can fall and a "devil" in hell can rise, depending on choices made. We are the stewards of the universe.