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Theta, APO, Alpha Phi Omega, Philippines

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Chapter #0008
Alpha Phi Omega

University of the Philippines
Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines
APO Fraternity Recognition date: 14-Feb-58, Sorority Recognition Date:

History of Theta APO Chapter

In 1956, a group of energetic young men, all students of the College of Agriculture, founded the Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity at the University of the Philippines at Los Banos under the leadership of Bro. Eduardo Z. Corpuz. On October 30 of the same year, the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) of the University formally recognized Alpha Phi Omega as a student organization. University recognition is not enough for an APO chapter to flourish. Hence, for almost two years, APO in UPLB proved to be worthy of recognition of the National Council of APO.

On October 14, 1958, its Chapter name was granted, Theta, the 8th Chapter of APO Philippines.

With the birth of the fraternity in 1956, the sorority on record to be associated with APO was the Kappa Phi Omega (KPO) that was founded in on August 1, 1957.

Independently, the sorority was blazing its trail in the world of Leadership, Friendship, and Service. Before its recognition in the National Council of APO, it changed its name to Alpha Phi Sigma between 1965-1966 and on January 14, 1970, it was agreed that it be named Alpha Phi Omega Auxiliary Sorority along with other university APO sororities seeking recognition of the National Council.

With the efforts of its members, this name was carried to the 8th Biennial Convention held in in UPLB on December 14, 1971 where Alpha Phi Omega Auxiliary Sorority was officially recognized as the name of APO sorority and the Theta sorority was likewise recognized.

This name however, suggested dependence on the fraternity, which did not exist in reality. Without altering the essence of brotherhood, the sorority strived for its own identity. Eventually on April 1, 1979, during the 10th Biennial Convention, the National Code of By-laws of the APO was amended and Alpha Phi Omega Service Sorority came into being.

Owing to the dynamism of its founders, resident members and alumni/alumnae, Alpha Phi Omega, Theta Chapter, became famous in the campus and in other chapters of Alpha Phi Omega within a short time span. It has always been involved in various campus activities, as initiators, organizers, and participants.

Being faithful to its legacy and upholding its principles of Leadership, Friendship, and Service, chapters of Alpha Phi Omega bonded to render service to all sectors of society, using their resourcefullness and creativity.

From the most humble to the most ambitious, Theta Chapter has been responding to the challenges of the time and thus earned its mark of distinction from its experiences, not only of its achievements but also its shortcomings. Independently and collectively, the fraternity and sorority have maintained its worth in UPLB campus that a student and a graduate would never forget in terms of service projects.

Alpha Phi Omega in UPLB campus prides itself in its capacity in bringing out the best in young men and women. It has produced leaders and capable individuals who are responsible, dignified, and sensitive to the needs of their society. It has molded its members into a cohesive group who believes in the same ideals and principles. They share the same past and future, and work together in attaining common goals.

Today, the men and women of Theta Chapter keep its valued traditions to be relevant and responsive at all times. Their strength is anchored on the conviction that their quest of freedom lies in service.

Activities of Theta APO Chapter

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Current Officers of Theta APO Chapter

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Theta APO Chapter Members

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ID NumberLastName, FirstNameCommentBatch Yr
# numberBueno, Gerry?YEAR
# numberBugante, GerryYEAR
# numberCadiz, Victor1969
# numberDumlao, Dunbar1971
# numberDumlao, Marlyn1966
# numberDumlao, Nap1968
# numberLim, Luis Ramiro1969
# numberRivera, SamuelComment197?
# numberVillafuerte, Danilo1969
# numberVillafuerte, Reynaldo1966
# numberLastName, FirstNameCommentYEAR

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