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  1. Start a school system, an academy, that revolves its education around respect and kindness.
  2. Focus of the academy will be to build self-respect in each student so they may face the challenges ahead of them with confidence and dignity. The academy will create "learners" instead of "finishers". The academy will not be a "diploma mill". Academically, the school will follow all the requirements of all international school systems. Credits are all transferable.
  3. There will be no religious connotations or associations within the academy's campus. No religious uniforms or laws or traditions are to be followed within the campus. No political or "special interest groups" advocacies will be allowed. Religions, creed, politics, special interest group policies will simply be regarded as a subject for discussion.
    • There will be freedom of religion, the freedom of speech and the freedom of choice but the parents or guardians of the students will be made to sign an agreement that students will not be allowed to coerce, convince, intimidate or insinuate others towards their religious beliefs, political affiliations or personal ideologies within the campus. Warnings will be issued to violators upon first violation, a meeting with the guardian or parent will ensue upon the second violation, a third violation will result in the expulsion of the student from the academy and the transfer to a different school will be arranged at the choice and expense of the parent or guardian.
  4. Bullies will not be tolerated. There are consequences for bullying. First and foremost a student counselor will address the incident and speak to witnesses if there are any. The counselor will determine whose fault it is and if fault can't be determined at least get the facts as to how it came about. First violation will receive a written warning given to the student to be given to the parent or guardian and for that same notice to be returned with the parent's/guardian's signature of receipt. Second violation will require the guardian/parent to meet with the academy's counselor. Third violation will result in the expulsion of the student from the academy and the transfer to a different school will be arranged at the choice and expense of the parent or guardian.
    • Consequences for bullying besides the above:
      1. The incident will be on permanent school record.
      2. Guilty students will be made to do "clean-up" duty in school. Length of time will depend on the grievousness of the offense.
      3. Guilty students will be made to apologize to the victim verbally and in writing.
    • If the target of the bullying wasn't the one that got hurt but the bully instead, it will be classified as "self-defense". The counselor will still talk to the bullied student to find out why the occurrences were not reported when they first started.
    • If the offense warrants a police report, then the authorities will be called.
    • Bullying will not be enabled by the school system. Indifference or tolerance will not be extended to bullies.
    • At the entrance of every academy will be a large foundation rock with these words engraved: "treat others the way you want others to treat you." and "Don't do unto others what you don't want others to do unto you."
    • At the entrance to every classroom will be this plaque: " Love, Share, Do not Cheat, Do not Insult, Do not Deprive".
    • In front of every classroom will be these words in big bold letters: "RESPECT, KINDNESS, GRATITUDE, APOLOGY, FORGIVENESS"
  5. All students before the start of the school day will recite the pledge of allegiance: "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the (name of country), and to its constitution, for which it stands as one nation, united under God."
  6. The academy will be divided into 3 categories:
    Grade school - Kindergarten to 4th grade
    Middle school - 5th grade to 8th grade
    High School - 9th grade to 12th grade
    Every student will be groomed for success. Quarterly evaluations will be made to determine the successes of students and why some students are behind or failing. To determine where a student needs help and encouragement. To continue to teach students how to put emphasis on focus in their daily lives.
    • Gifted students in Math, Writing, Music, Arts, Sports, Business, Mechanics, Crafts or Trade will be provided with assistance to encourage the development of their talent. This does not affect the classroom designation of the student.
      • Music(sound/vibrations), Math and Art (visual or felt dynamic/static energy) are the languages of the universe. The character and personality of the students with these talents will be specially cared for to instill prudence and love in their hearts.
    • Emphasis will be given to Reading, Writing, Math, and Behavioral communication. Besides academics, students will have compulsory course in Home Economics which will deal in DIY maintenance around the house, finance management, balancing a money(bank) account, understanding liability vs assets, Cooking, gardening, and a simple understanding of backyard animal care.
    • Students will have the opportunity to learn the skill of proper communication, public speaking, and the art of family bonding.
    • The academy will have counselors available to help students identify their strengths and talents, and to help students make proper choices without coercion or persuasion. Each grade level will have a special counselor. Another focus of the counselor will be to help develop the "want to" or the "desire to learn", the "desire to succeed" and not to "give up" in each student. Through the help of teachers, counselors will monitor the “mood swings” of students. Prudence will be exercised to address the “mood swings”.
  7. School Activities:
    • Students will be able to participate in classes for Music, Math, Art, Crafts and sports. There will be intramural and students will also be encouraged to participate regionally, nationally and internationally in those 5 activities.
    • The school will provide a sub academy in sports. The Martial Arts Academy. Depending on the financial and population growth of the school system, the types of martial arts will increase. It will start with T‘ai-chi ch‘üan(Tai-Chi-Chuan), then move on to taekwondo, Judo, wrestling, jujitsu, karate and WuShu (kung-fu).
      • Self-defense will be emphasized in both physical and mental. Every participant will be taught how to verbally and mentally defend themselves. The martial arts academy will put emphasis on the development of physical, mental and spiritual discipline. The art of fighting, inherently teaches discipline and respect. It teaches students to overcome and counter self-righteousness and ignorance, which allows them to overcome fear.
      • The mental and spiritual training will be mentored by a specialized master since there is no “style” in this category.
    • Scouting will be available to all students. Membership will not be mandatory. Scouting will be a mainstream activity of the school. The school will be affiliated with the National Scouting Organization of the country it is in and it will be designated as a scout troop.
  8. The school motto will be: "Good thoughts, good words, good deeds". Try to do a good deed daily, if not for others at least for yourself. If you can't do a good deed, then at least say something good about others. If there's nobody around, then say something good to yourself. Ultimately, always think good things for yourself and others. Be kind.
  9. The academy will have 4 official advocacies. There are many environmental concerns that the academy will teach about getting involved with to help maintain and keep mother nature healthy. Universal stewardship will always be the focus of the school. The bottom four will be what the academy will concentrate on. The Universal Stewardship Association will always be there to help the academy.
    1. Saving the rivers, lakes, oceans and aquifer.
    2. Saving and planting trees and plants.
    3. Saving the reef, save the endangered species of flora and fauna.
    4. Saving Mother Earth