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As the founder of I initiated this idea of Z-Wiki. So on March 3, 2009 I uploaded MediaWiki 1.6.12. My partner added the phrase "Your global connection to relevancy". needed to grow, and the idea of making our site global came. Thinking of going global is one thing but actually doing it, is another. Creating a site that touches global topics would mean more than two editors. So, the idea of "Z-Wiki" came to me. I searched and tried a lot of wiki programs and finally decided on MediaWiki.

Navigation is going to be the key format of Z-Wiki.

  • On March 9, 2011 I changed the logo of to what you see now.
  • As of April 19,2011 moved from to There are so many issues with the yahoo server and one of them was the image file size on the upload. It was always limited to 1600x1200 or 1200x1600 or 500k only. Now with the wiki allows uploads up to 5 meg per image file.
  • Upgrading to a newer version was also impossible within yahoo. I hope it is not too late to upgrade because there are so many backwards compatibility issues. The version I am running now is MediaWiki1.6.12 it is very old. This was the only version that was installable within the yahoo server.
  • April 26, 2011: MediaWiki 1.16.4 was successfully installed
  • December 6, 2012: Mediawiki 1.19.1 was successfully installed