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From Philippines
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Jasmine: Read the instruction. Do not guess.
Most of all do not click "Save Page" immediately.
Always click "Show Preview" first. Then if all is OK click Save.

This is the extra work that I want you to do.

We have over 15,000 barangay pages done. This is more than anybody has. Not even wikipedia has this many barangay pages for the Philippines. But there are 42,025 barangays so that means we still have about 27,000 pages to go. I need your help and you can make money helping me.

What to do:

  1. To the left of our site is the list of all the provinces in the Philippines. But we also have this page Provinces of the Philippines. Go to that page. Some of the provinces will have all the barangay pages all done already and will show like this: example: Every barangay in the province of Antique has an Interactive Webpage of its own.
  2. The provinces that are incomplete, we have to work on them. I want you to work them on an Alphabetical order. Makes it easier to follow.
  3. You start with the province of Apayao Province, Philippines
  4. Some of the municipalities of Apayao already had barangay pages others don't.
  5. You work on those without barangay pages.
  6. I need you to provide with the list of names of the barangays within the municipalites in the province.
  7. To acquire the list you go this government site:
    • The provinces are listed here by regions. The region is listed in the our province page.
  8. In this case Apayao is region 14 or the cordillera.
  9. Within the NSCB page you click on cordillera or region 14. Then the list of provinces will show for that region. Click on Apayao. The list of municipalities/cities will then be listed for Apayao. You click on the Municipality name that you are working on.
  10. In this case it will Conner. Click on Conner. You will then see that there are 21 barangays for Conner. Sometimes they are not in alphabetical order.
  11. You highlight all the barangay names and copy them (Do not copy the headers). The list is in a spread sheet format. So it is best that you paste into a sheet in Microsoft excel.
  12. Once pasted in Excel, Keep only the names column and delete the other 3.
  13. After you delete the other columns sort the names so they will for sure be alphabetized. Excel has the sort option.
  14. After sorting copy the barangay names and paste them into the barangay template for that municipality of Conner. Where is this Barangay template you wonder?
  15. To easily find the barangay template: Once at the municipality page click on Edit at the tab located at the top of the page.
  16. Go to the end of the page or simply hit the "end" key. At the bottom of the page you will see "Templates used on this page:" There you will see: "Template:Barangays conner apayao" with edit to the right of it. Click on edit.
  17. Since there are no names in this page you will only see the template for news philippines or the news template for the province.
  18. This is the page where you will paste the barangay names. However, before you paste the names You need to make sure that the names are properly introduced "so to speak". So you have to empty the page and insert the code in the barangay template page for the proper introduction.
  19. Then Save the page. You are done.
  20. you repeat the process for all the other municipalities. For the "introduction" make sure you make the necessary changes to reflect the correct link to the municipality that you are working with.
  21. Once done you insert the municipality link below.
  22. This whole process takes me about 1 minute. At the beginning it might take you longer. But you will get the hang of it. I will pay you 2 pesos per barangay template of each municipality you complete.

Sample Barangay Template

  • click on edit to the right of this section to see the code of the sample below.

Barangays of Conner in the Apayao province of the Philippines
You insert the names here. Just paste it. That is all. No need to do anything else. Copy it straight from Excel and paste it in template.

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Municipalities Done